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Friday, December 28, 2012

We are not safe anywhere.

My goodness, you are not safe anywhere in America these days. Some lunatic bent on death and destruction will find you in the mall; in church; in school; and now, even in the police station for crying out loud.

"Three New Jersey cops are in the hospital after a shooter opened fire inside of their police headquarters this morning.

The three officers were shot at the Gloucester Township police headquarters by a suspect who was then shot and killed by police, Gloucester Police Chief Harry Earle told reporters today.

"Fortunately, two of those officers are in stable condition and being treated for their wounds and should be released sometime today," Earle said.
The third officer was shot at least twice and is undergoing surgery at Cooper University Hospital, the chief said.

The shooter was a suspect being held at the police station, according to the Associated Press. It is unclear how the suspect was able to obtain a weapon.
The shooting occurred inside the police station where the suspect was also killed. Medics responded to the station at around 5:30 a.m., according to ABC News' Philadelphia station WPVI-TV.

"Obviously, there is a very intense investigation regarding this back at the Gloucester Township police headquarters," Earle said." [Source]

"I'll be back." Remember that scene from The Terminator? But this is not a Hollywood movie; this is real life. It's getting harder and harder to separate the two these days.

Anyway, it seems that this nut had some type of fatal attraction thing going with his ex and he decided to commit "suicide by cop". Unfortunately for him, though, he got his wish.

What's up Chicago? I think you are number one when it comes to murders here in America this year. You hit that five hundred murder milestone today and I mourn for your city and the families of every one of those victims.

In the city of Chicago they are asking the president to come to the funeral of the 500th victim. This, of course, will not happen. Obama will no doubt lament about the killings in his hometown during a private moment with Michelle, but we all know that the killing of just another black person in Chicago is not enough to fuel up Air Force One for a trip north.    

Here in Philly we have had 329 murders so far this hyear, and I suspect that there will be more before the ball drops in Times Square.

"The police department went back and forth Friday, first verifying the 500th killing, then backing off and saying an earlier death was still being investigated.
By late Friday, police confirmed 40-year-old Nathaniel Jackson had become the 500th homicide victim when he was fatally shot in the head outside a convenience store on the city's West Side."

I don't know anything about Nathaniel Jackson, but I know this: his killer more than likely looked just like he did.

Finally, a memo to those of you who take the train on a regular basis: please watch your back. I sense a sad trend developing.