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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Notre Shame!

I think Manti Te'o's girlfriend was at the RNC this past summer. That was her in Clint Eastwood's chair. Let me stop. This is not funny. You can't even trust your heroes anymore. First Lance Armstrong and now this dude.

I love how Notre Dame is in full spin mode. Why didn't they let us know about this alleged "catfishing" hoax weeks ago? Shout out to Deadspin for breaking a story that the so called "real" journalist in this country were afraid to touch.

And then, of course, there is Lance. He will be on Oprah's couch tonight crying a river and coming clean to America. (At least we hope he does. He certainly didn't come clean to his staff.) He is hoping that Americans will be in a forgiving mode and that all the  good things he did to raise money for cancer research will overshadow the fact that he is a fraud who made millions on a lie.

Let these stories be a lesson to you gullible souls out there: nothing is ever as it seems.

And this just in: It seems that Lance did confess to Ms. O. I have to catch that on my tele tonight. Now if I could just find her network.

Finally, happy birthday Mrs. First Lady! I hope that you have many more. Hopefully your husband will be around to enjoy them with you. Unfortunately if these wingnuts have their way he will not.