Sunday, March 04, 2007

The Field Negroes Take On The News

I swear I wanted to blog about Barack again today but.....hey, I still don't know what to say about the brother.

Still, there is lots to take about given all the stuff in the news over the past few days.

I want to start with my man the frat boy, and his visit down into the heart of Dixie yesterday. (I told you so) There he was getting in the invariable hug with a suffering black person or family, (See Kanye, George Bush really does care about black people) and making sure all the news papers caught him giving that oh so endearing and christian like hug. I feel your pain, I really do, even if you are black. Give me a fu****g break, why didn't he go down to New Orleans like that? And don't tell me about all the water down below. He is the f*****g President, he could have landed on top of the Superdome if he wanted to. So yeah, that pissed me off. But hey, I guess we all know whose President he really is. Unless of course you want a picture. Say cheese black folks!

I see white supremacist gangs are on the rise, especially out in Cali. Now that's some scary sh**. Where are the Panthers when you need them? And speaking of white supremacist gangs, I am sure every one has heard by now what the "camel neck" one said to a group of republican conservatives over the weekend. Seems she dropped the "F" word to applause while referring to Senator John Edwards. (I wonder if Tim Hardaway was there?) Now there is so much I could say about the "camel neck one", but I won't, I am sure other bloggers have and will continue to take her to task for her ignorant ass homophobic rant. So enough of her. Besides, I think she is just a whore for publicity. She gets off on this stuff more than I hear she likes to get off on... I better stop, I don't want to get sued by the camel neck one. You have to prove malice when you are suing as a public official, and with me, that standard won't be hard for her to meet.

Laugh at Al. Gore and ignore global warming at your own risk. And now a story from Alaska, where it seems the oyster beds are being assailed by bacteria that was previously only found in warm waters. Yes I agree with Al. Gore, global warming is a real threat, and it is primarily caused by mans abuse of the planet. So call me a tree hugging weenie if you want to, but I want the world to be here in 100 years, and I don't even have any fu****g kids.

So let me get this straight, anti- Kremlin protesters are beaten in St. Petersburg, yet another Russian critic is shot (the third to be either shot or poisoned recently)this time right here in the United States. Putin continues to centralize power, strip away human rights and build the Russian army. All the while the frat boy and this administration sleeps at the wheel, and acts as if the only threat we face is from islamo terrorist.

Oh, and did I mention that the Taliban is gaining strength in Afghanistan?And now we seem to be feuding with our main partners in the region, the Pakistanis. Apparently a U.S. General, Douglas Lute, said that our forces can chase the Taliban into Pakistan. Not so, said Pakistani Major Genral Waheed Arshad on behalf of the Pakistan army. "There is no authorization for hot pursuit" Mmmmm. Advise to the frat boy, dead eye Dick, and the bad perm lady: Get the hell out of Iraq, and refocus on other hot spots in the world before it's too late.

One of the things I hate most is a hypocrite. Which is why I tend to despise conservatives and the flag wavers from the republican party. Now consider the conditions at Walter Reed, and the deplorable conditions that these brave soldiers have been having to endure after their great sacrifice for this country. Now the republicans and those in the frat boy's administration are acting as if they didn't realize that the conditions were so bad. Yeah give me a break. Walter Reed was one of the bases scheduled for closing, and the facilities were to be privatized for profit. Now the frat boy is scheduled to set up a bi-partisan commission to investigate, the secretary of the Army has been fired, and there is enough outrage to go around for everybody. ~~~that sound you hear is me puking~~ Give me a fu****g break with this. I have read a couple of good stories on blogs about this, and I have spoken about my brother in law before on this blog, and about all the suffering he has had to go through since he returned with an injury from Iraq. And I am sure there are many other stories like his. But the flag wavers and chicken hawks didn't want to hear these stories, because it didn't fit their talking points about the war effort. All I can say is; thank you Washington Post for exposing this story. And folks, the next time you think the so called main stream media is obsolete, just imagine what kind of world we would have if only the likes of Fox News and Drudge gave us our news.

I see both Barack and Hilary gave nice speeches today in Selma. Both courting the black vote, both hoping they can pole well going into states like South Carolina where there is a huge percentage of black votes in the democratic primary. I think Barack ought to thank that lying ignoramus, Sean Insanity, over at the Fake News network,and that house negro, Erik Rush he trotted out last week. You remember Erik don't you. Mr. Rush was the one who said Barack belonged to a separatist church and Mr. Insanity, who has never seen a lie that he doesn't like, was quick to jump on a faux story. This helped to mobilize blacks behind Barack because they saw it as an unnecessary attack on one of their own, and because damn near 90% of black folks belong to a church exactly like the one Obama is a member of. Poor Hilary, she must really hate those right wingers over at Fox now, because they just gave Barack a serious bump in the poles. Memo to my so called progressive friends, this is what happens when you don't really know black folks.

Glad they caught the guy in Michigan who cut up his wife, and said she left with some guy in a dark sedan. Hey, at least he didn't say she left with a dark guy in a sedan. Remember that Smith lady in South Carolina, and that guy up in Boston? Both high profile cases where the perp lied on us brothers.

I just saw the video where these ignorant ass Negroes down in Texas were teaching a two year old and a five year old how to smoke the ganja. Are you kidding me? Sometimes I swear we don't love our children.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

About Shrub, who gives a rat's heiney if he can find someone Black to hug on. Ask that pitiful excuse for a CIC as to WHY the government HAS NOT WAIVED Louisiana's 10% requirement for payment like he's done for every other major disaster.


You didn't give the kicker about the White Supremacist gang's name:

That's so frought with irony, I don't know where to begin.

BUt, you can be damn sure, if they were Black?
Puleeze. The streets would be littered with Black men shot in the back ' resisting arrest'.

So, because they can't see them for the urban terrorists that they are...the police will have to live with the consequences of their inaction.

Al Gore was right. Even Ray Charles from the grave can see that.


If this were in a novel, we'd say '
it could only happen in a novel.' But, this is REAL, PEOPLE.

Scary and Real.

But, let's be honest...the man is one of the top men at the KGB. For him, this is business as usual.

Yeah, the Taliban is coming back strong, and we're in Iraq because???????

Walter Reed is just the tip of the iceberg. The entire VA system has been under assault by those so-called ' protectors of freedom' and ' defenders of our men in uniform'. Talking out both sides of their mouth....uttering platitudes about the troops, all the while GUTTING the VA system. They make me sick.

As for the Selma speeches, I was able to watch both of them unfiltered on C-Span. (unlike the ALL WHITE commentary on CNN -but, that's another post).

I have to admit that both speeches were good.

I don't like The Borg Queen, but her speech was way better than I thought it would be. Gotta give the devil her due.

As for Obama, I had to smile at his speech. He took all the arrows slung at him over the past few weeks, and he melted them all down, and made his own sculpture. FN, he's got skills.

C-dell said...

So much to talk about. Two things that caught my eye are the afganistan/Pakistan story and the Barack. Clinton story. I have known for a long time that the real fight was in Afganistan, but so much was investied in Iraq it was all, but forgot. Trouble like roaches hide from the light. Right now there is a spotlight on Iraq/Iran. Hilary to be in the same party seem like stark opposites. The more that this thing goes on the more Hilary seems like a rep to me, and thriveing off the ill informed who only see the last name clinton.
I am doing a post on the Pres's visit to alabama soon.

Anonymous said...


Chris said...

I thought white people were leaving Cali for Colorado and Nevada in droves.

field negro said...

Yes rikyrah the irony of using the name PE is rich.

Chris,it's the white folks that are staying in Cali that I am worried about :)

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