Thursday, December 08, 2016

The crazy train has left the building.

Image result for admiral pearl harbor kneeling imagesThese are crazy times.

An Navy Admiral rips an American football player for  exercising his Fist Amendment right at a Pearl Harbor event, and he is given a standing ovation. (The president-elect, by the way, says that this same football player can leave the country if he doesn't like the national anthem.)

 The president- elect chooses a person who is opposed to raising the federal minimum wage as his labor secretary, and a climate change denier  (a man who sued the EPA) to run...wait for it....the EPA. Oh, and did I mention that his pick to run the education department is opposed to public schools?

At this point I kind of expect him to try and get Bernie Madoff on the supreme court.

And what's with all the former generals in his inner circle? I don't know about y'all, but I smell a takeover.

Anywhoo, speaking of crazy, did you hear about the player for the G Man who says that his home was vandalized with racist graffiti and images?

 "The worst thing to happen to Giants fullback Nikita Whitlock wasn’t a season-ending foot injury or being hit with a 10-game PED suspension.

Whitlock’s New Jersey home was broken into Tuesday night, and the burglars left behind some frightening reminders — including a graffiti swastika, the letters KKK and the message “Go back to Africa.”

“It just re-establishes that no matter where you are, no matter who you are, this can happen to you,” Whitlock told WCBS. “It’s about to be 2017. Oppression, violence, racism, hatred, violence, there’s no need for that.”

Whitlock said some jewelry and video game systems were stolen, but the messages left behind were as frightening as the loss of security that comes with knowing someone has invaded your home. It’s the second time they’ve been broken into, and they were already planning to move before the first incident, which happened over Thanksgiving weekend." [Source]

Some people are already saying that this story might be a hoax because of the burglary angle. But hey, all I know is that in New York alone hate crimes have gone up at least thirty five percent  since trump was elected president.

There was a fake hate crime story reported, recently, but I don't think that my alt-right friends will lie how this one turned out.

 "A New York firefighter was arrested after allegedly setting fire to his own home in an apparent attempt to smear anti-police brutality activists.

Jason Stokes pleaded not guilty Tuesday to arson in connection with the August fire at his house in Endicott, reported WBNG-TV.

A family member said at the time that they believed their home was targeted because of the “Blue Lives Matter” flag flying out front.

Investigators found the message, “lie with pigs, fry like bacon,” written on some siding outside the burned home.

The slogan apparently referenced an incident from August 2015, when some demonstrators chanted, “pigs in a blanket, fry them like bacon,” during a Black Lives Matter protest at the Minnesota State Fair that was widely reported by conservative media.

Pro-police websites blamed the fire at Stokes’ home on “terrorists” associated with the civil rights group.
Prosecutors now believe the 41-year-old Stokes wrote the message to help cover up his crime, although they’re not sure why.

“We don’t need to show a motive, we need to show intent,” said Steve Cornwell, Broome County district attorney.

Investigators also found multiple gas cans placed throughout the home, which they said appeared to be booby-trapped, but Stokes’ family escaped unharmed and no other injuries were reported." [Source]

Blaming the black guy used to be the way to go when you want to get away with a crime. Lately, though, not so much. 

Crazy times indeed.  

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Captain America?

Image result for barry arnold imagesSo I read the following story today, and after reading it I just want to remind you Negroes to be careful in donald trump's America.

Sadly, there are a lot of deplorables out there.

"A Georgia fire captain was arrested for allegedly spewing racial slurs and threatening to kill a black couple while waving his gun. But one year later, charges against the veteran firefighter were inexplicably dropped.

A judge quietly dismissed the case against Barry Arnold—a 2014 Savannah Firefighter of the Year— in September after the government failed to prosecute, online court records show.

The 42-year-old father of three faced several misdemeanors for allegedly threatening to shoot Marquist Curtis and his fiancée, Amber Phillips, at a Savannah Applebee’s one Friday night in October 2015. He was originally charged with pointing a gun at another, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

The incident remains under investigation, according to the Chatham County district attorney’s office, though no new charges have been filed. A spokeswoman told The Daily Beast the case is open and declined to comment further.

Still, Curtis and his supporters remain skeptical that prosecutor Meg Heap will again pursue charges against the city employee.

“We just want justice. No more, no less,” Curtis told The Daily Beast. “They’re trying to put what he did on hold.”

Curtis said the Savannah prosecutor’s office— the same that handled the jailhouse death of black college student Mathew Ajibade — never informed him they were dropping charges against Arnold. Instead, he found out through his attorney. “Nobody’s contacted us,” he said.

On the night of the encounter, Arnold was dining with his family when he became belligerent toward their waitress and called her a “nigger,” according to a police report. Then Arnold allegedly told his wife, “I don’t know how you like these niggers” and “I don’t know how they are just allowed to walk around.”

Despite Arnold’s tirades against African Americans, a staff member seated Curtis and Phillips at a booth next to him. Employees also continued to serve Arnold alcohol, Curtis claims. “He’s saying, ‘I got those black ass ribs just like those niggers,’” Curtis told The Daily Beast. “He looked over at my fiancée and said ‘I can’t stand those niggers.’”

“It really felt like he wanted us to hear him,” Curtis said, adding that he confronted Arnold when he called Phillips a “black bitch.”

When Curtis asked Arnold what his problem was, Arnold tried to kick him and tackled him into a table, injuring Curtis’s eye. That’s when Curtis and Phillips decided to leave, and Arnold allegedly followed them outside. As the couple walked to their vehicle, Arnold allegedly grabbed a gun from his own vehicle and pointed it at them.

Around the same time, Applebee’s staff locked the doors so the couple couldn’t get back inside, Curtis says.

“He’s walking over with his gun and badge, saying, ‘I’ve got the right to kill you niggers,’” Curtis told The Daily Beast.

A police report mirrors Curtis’s version of events.

Around 9:48 p.m., Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police responded to a call about a person with a gun at an Applebee’s on Abercorn Street.

According to the report, cops cuffed Arnold after he refused to comply with orders to spread his feet for a search. The arresting officer could smell the odor of alcohol on Arnold and noticed his speech was slightly slurred.

When the officer asked Arnold what happened, he allegedly replied that he “was attacked” because Curtis thought he used the “N word.”

Curtis told police that Arnold announced he was going to kill him and continued spewing the “N word” while waving his black semiautomatic pistol. A crowd began to form around the trio in the parking lot.

In his report, the police officer noted Curtis’s right eye was swollen and bloodshot, but he didn’t detect any odor of alcohol while speaking to Curtis and his fiancee.

Two bystanders corroborated Arnold’s bigoted outburst, including one woman who said she was seated next to Arnold and witnessed him calling Curtis the “N word” multiple times until Curtis eventually approached him. She said she attempted to separate the men.

The Applebee’s waitress, who did not return messages left by The Daily Beast, told police Arnold was angry over the chain’s service and began yelling the “N word” at her, so she ignored him, according to the report.

Will Claiborne, an attorney for Curtis, said both Applebee’s and the DA’s office has refused to allow him access to surveillance video of the frightening encounter.

This month, Claiborne’s firm released a YouTube video titled “How racist do you have to be to get kicked out of an Applebee’s?”

The footage, which includes a rundown of the incident, provides contact information for prosecutor Meg Heap and asks callers to demand she charge Arnold with felony aggravated assault. The video also includes numbers for Applebee’s.  

Heap’s office said it dismissed Arnold’s misdemeanor charges in state court but is investigating possible felony charges in superior court.

Meanwhile, a representative for Applebee’s said the priority of the restaurant was to ensure the safety of guests and employees.

“We have turned the video over to the police at the time of the incident. It rests solely in the authorities hands at this time,” said Neal Musmanno, director of operations at Apple American Group, which owns and operates hundreds of Applebee’s restaurants."

When racists become embolden like this it makes it tough for all of us.

Anyway here is an UPDATE about this story, and it's  a bit of good news. It seems that pressure from The Daily Beast has forced the hands of the authorities in Georgia to finally act on this sad matter.

Editor's Note: A Georgia firefighter was indicted Wednesday for allegedly spewing racial slurs and aiming a handgun at a black couple at an Applebee’s last year.

The announcement came hours after The Daily Beast revealed initial misdemeanor charges against former Savannah fire captain Barry Arnold were quietly dropped.

Arnold is charged with felony aggravated assault for pointing his weapon at Marquist Curtis and Amber Phillips in the parking lot, following a bigoted tirade inside the restaurant where he allegedly called his waitress a “nigger.” [Source]


So what did he do when he was called to a fire in the home of a black family? Let it burn?

Hopefully this jerk will get everything he deserves.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

President- elect Pinocchio.

Image result for pinocchio trumpToday the president- elect announced a "huge" deal with a Japanese company that will bring over fifty billion dollars in investments to America, as well as fifty thousand jobs.....

Then, in very trump like fashion, he declared that the Japanese told him that the deal would not have been done if he was not elected president.

 "Masa said he would never do this had we (Trump) not won the election!"

No Donald, that's a lie, and you know it.

Here is the real story.

"The company, SoftBank, hasn't given details. But in October, weeks before the election, SoftBank and the government of Saudi Arabia agreed to form a $100 billion fund to invest in technology companies around the world.

Trump tweeted the news Tuesday afternoon: "Masa (SoftBank) of Japan has agreed to invest $50 billion in the U.S. toward businesses and 50,000 new jobs," he wrote. "Masa said he would never do this had we (Trump) not won the election!"

At about the same time, the president-elect made a brief appearance with SoftBank (SFTBF) CEO Masayoshi Son at Trump Tower. " [Source]

Yes folks, if you are keeping score at home (it's hard to keep up with trump's lies and his horde of fake news junkies) the real story is that this deal was in the works long before trump became president- elect trump.

But just like with Carrier , trump uses spin more than facts to make himself look good.

"The Secret Service agents told the Carrier workers to stay put, so Chuck Jones sat in the factory conference room for nearly three hours, waiting for president-elect Donald Trump. He’d grown used to this suspense.

Seven months earlier, at a campaign rally in Indianapolis, Trump had pledged to save the plant’s jobs, most of which were slated to move to Mexico. Then the businessman won the election, and the 1,350 workers whose paychecks were on the line wondered if he’d keep his promise.

Jones, president of the United Steelworkers 1999, which represents Carrier employees, felt optimistic when Trump announced last week that he’d reached a deal with the factory’s parent company, United Technologies, to preserve 1,100 of the Indianapolis jobs — until the union leader heard from Carrier that only 730 of the production jobs would stay and 550 of his members would lose their livelihoods, after all.

At the Dec. 1 meeting, where Trump was supposed to lay out the details, Jones hoped he would explain himself.

“But he got up there,” Jones said Tuesday, “and, for whatever reason, lied his a-- off.”

In front of a crowd of about 150 supervisors, production workers and reporters, Trump praised Carrier and its parent company, United Technologies. "Now they’re keeping — actually the number’s over 1,100 people,” he said, “which is so great.”

Jones wondered why the president-elect appeared to be inflating the victory. Trump and Pence, he said, could take credit for rescuing 800 of the Carrier jobs, including non-union positions

 Of the nearly 1,700 workers at the Indianapolis plant, however, 350 in research and development were never scheduled to leave, Jones said. Another 80 jobs, which Trump seemed to include in his figure, were non-union clerical and supervisory positions. (A Carrier spokesperson confirmed that 800 factory jobs once earmarked for Mexico are staying.) And now the president-elect was applauding the company and giving it millions of dollars in tax breaks, even as hundreds of Indianapolis workers prepared to be laid off." [Source]

Don't feel bad, Chuck, it's what he does. He tells lies and spins the truth for his own personal gain. It's a shame that now that he has such a  huge opportunity to gain personally, he will hurt so many others in the process.  

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Monday, December 05, 2016

Blow at his best.

Image result for charles blow images     Ladies and gents, once again I give you one of the few columnist I will give the cut and paste treatment in the age of trump: Charles Blow.

 "Last week when Donald Trump began his so-called Thank You Tour in Cincinnati, he had yet another opportunity to be magnanimous and conciliatory, to step beyond the division and acrimony of his campaign and into the unity and healing necessary to be president of a strained nation.

As is his wont, he declined, instead gloating and boasting, playing to the minority of American voters who chose him, relishing his own impenitence.

He is choosing to push America further apart rather than bring it closer together.

And be clear: It is not the job of the defiant to conform to a future president who makes them completely uncomfortable. The burden of unity lies with Trump, not his detractors.

“Just wait and see.” “Give him a chance.” But what if what you’ve already seen is so beyond the pale that it’s irrevocable? What if Trump has already squandered more chances than most of us will ever have?

What if Trump has shown himself beyond doubt and with absolute certainty to be a demagogue and bigot and xenophobe and has given space and voice to concordant voices in the country and in his emerging Legion of Doom cabinet? In that reality, resistance isn’t about mindless obstruction by people blinded by the pain of ideological defeat or people gorging on sour grapes. To the contrary, resistance then is an act of radical, even revolutionary, patriotism. Resistance isn’t about damaging the country, but protecting it.

There is no Electoral College clause that blunts ferocious opposition to the demeaning of women and racial, ethnic and religious minorities in this country; there is no Election Day reset on the coddling of white supremacy.

Furthermore, the emergence of Donald Trump as a political figure has threatened to kill many of the ideals that we hold dear: decency and decorum, inclusion and empathy, truth and facts themselves.
Trump and his agents of idiocracy are now engaged in an all-out crusade to exaggerate the scope of his victory, rewrite racial history, justify their vendettas and hostilities and erase the very distinction between true and false. 

At a fiery exchange during a  panel at Harvard, Hillary Clinton’s communications director, Jennifer Palmieri, rightly accused the Trump campaign of emboldening “white supremacists and white nationalists.”

The Trump campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, barked back: “Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform? You’re going to look me in the face and tell me that?”
“It did. Kellyanne, it did,” said Palmieri. Yes Kellyanne, that is exactly what you did and no amount of personal outrage about being called out on it is going to rewrite that history. Furthermore, everyone who sees you should say that to your face at every opportunity.

Resistance is not about some sort of clairvoyant condemnation of acts yet uncommitted, but rather about the resilience of memory, the rigidity of morality and the depth of wounds.
The truest measure of a leader is as much about how he or she attains power as how he or she wields it; while the latter is yet to be determined, the former has been revealed in devastating clarity.

A Pew Research Poll released last month found that “voters’ ‘grades’ for the way Trump conducted himself during the campaign are the lowest for any victorious candidate in 28 years.” The report continued: “For the first time in Pew Research Center post-election surveys, voters give the losing candidate higher grades than the winner.”

Furthermore, as Nate Silver responded to one of Conway’s tweets, “Trump will soon become the first president who failed to win a majority of the vote either in the general election or in his primary,” meaning the Republican primaries. He added: “That is to say, since 1972. Primaries weren’t widespread before that. 45/46% of the vote can go a long way under the right circumstances.”
And there are disturbing signs about how a Trump administration will conduct itself, from the early diplomatic blunders that signal a worrisome break in the continuity of protocol, to his team nursing vendettas and continuing to dangle the threat of jail in front of his opponents. Last week Conway appeared to waffle on whether Trump or a federal agency during his term might still pursue prosecution of Clinton; the Trump lackey Corey Lewandowski forthrightly said of the executive editor of The New York Times: “He should be in jail.”

And to add insult to injury, Trump surrogate Scottie Nell Hughes uttered this jaw-dropping line last week on The Diane Rehm Show:

“One thing that has been interesting this entire campaign season to watch is that people that say facts are facts; they’re not really facts. Everybody has a way, it’s kind of like looking at ratings or looking at a glass of half-full water. Everybody has a way of interpreting them to be the truth or not true.” She continued: “There’s no such thing, unfortunately, anymore of facts.” Folks, Dimwit-ism is a disease easily spread and denigrators of the absolutism of truth are its vectors.

This is why resistance isn’t only principled, but essential and even existential.

We are not in an ordinary post-election period of national unity and rapprochement. We are facing the potential abrogation of fundamental American ideals. We stand at the precipice, staring into an abyss that grows darker by the day." [Source]

Tip the waitress folks, he will be here all week. 

Sunday, December 04, 2016

When "membership has its privileges."

Image result for joe mcKnight shooter images I am not a New York Jets fan , so I know very little about Joe McKnight's NFL career. Apparently he was a decent runner who had issues holding on to the football. In the Not For Long league you will not last long if you can't hold on to the football. I don't care how fast and elusive you are.

Lately Joe McKnight has been in the news for very tragic reasons that have nothing to do with football. He lost his life on a Jefferson Parish street after a road rage incident with another motorist.

This would be just another tragic story of a person (albeit a somewhat famous one) losing his life to the mean streets and because of the culture of guns in this country. But sadly, the real story here took place after the killing.

"On Thursday afternoon, former college football star, and onetime NFL running back Joe McKnight was shot to death in what law enforcement officials describe as a “possible road rage incident” in Jefferson Parish, LA.

One day later, the white man who admitted to authorities that he’d fired the bullet responsible for killing McKnight walked out of a police station a free man. No charges had been filed.

Ronald Gasser, 54, was released from custody on Friday morning, and has “not been formally charged as of yet in the shooting death of Joe McKnight,” Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Col. John N. Fortunato told reporters.

The decision to release Gasser has baffled many, who saw McKnight’s death as a fairly 

straightforward case. According to, an unnamed witness described seeing Gasser shoot McKnight at Behrman Highway and Holmes Boulevard in Terrytown, LA, just outside New Orleans. The witness claimed that McKnight appeared to be trying to apologize while Gasser raised his voice at him. Following the shooting, the witness said, Gasser stood over McKnight and said “I told you don’t you fuck with me” before shooting McKnight once more.

According to law enforcement officials, once officers arrived, they “began CPR [on McKnight] as they awaited the arrival of [emergency medical services]. Soon thereafter, Mr. McKnight was pronounced dead on the scene.” Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand told that McKnight appeared to be entirely unarmed. Gasser admitted he had been the shooter." [Source]

The portions of this story that says the shooter stood over McKnight and said "I told you don't you fuck with me" is in dispute. Gasser, of course, says that he never left his car.

The point is that once again there seems to be unequal treatment being handed out by certain folks in law enforcement when it comes to how people of different races are treated

Consider a similar case in New Orleans, recently. Another road rage incident involving a former football player with a totally different outcome.

Will Smith's killer was black. He is still in jail. Joe McKnight's killer is a free man as of me writing this post.

Just like with American Express, when it comes to the white male race, "membership has its privileges."

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Saturday, December 03, 2016


Image result for IMAGE TRUMP

I need a caption for this pic.

Example: The president elect tries to start a new fashion trend for men wearing ties.  He swears that his Scotch Tape was not made in China. 

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Friday, December 02, 2016

My lying eyes.

Image result for slager imagesY'all remember that joke about the dead black man and the Southern sheriff?

The sheriff drives up to a crime scene. He sees a black man lying face down, handcuffed, with a rope around his neck, and bullet holes in his back.

The old sheriff shakes his head, spits out some chewing tobacco, and then he says: "This is the worst case of suicide I done ever seen."    

I was thinking about that joke when I heard about the deadlocked jury in the Walter Scott case today.

The jury is in their third day of deliberations, and they cannot come to a unanimous decision about  whether the police officer (who we watched shoot an unarmed Walter Scott in the back numerous times while he was running away) is guilty or not.

 "I cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict," the holdout juror told Judge Clifton Newman in a note, adding, "At the same time, my heart does not want to tell the Scott family that the man who killed their son, brother and father is innocent." 

Stunning! Just can't in "good conscience" find Scott's killer guilty. What does that even mean?

Keep in mind, that if the jury finds that Slager did not act with malice, they case can also find him guilty of manslaughter. And  yet, still, at least one juror in this case is saying that they can't find him guilty of anything.

Sadly, I guess this is how they get down in South Carolina.Kill a black man, no biggie.

And people wonder why we have to keep reminding them that black lives matter as well.

*Don't worry Field Negro, if the state doesn't get him for this crime, the feds will.*

No they won't.

 In fact, I  am pretty sure that AG Jeff Sessions and president trump will not aggressively pursue charges against officer Slager.

"Worst case of suicide I done ever seen." 

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Thursday, December 01, 2016


Image result for field negro image You can holla at me about trump's victory tour, that wingnut reporter from FOX sticking his foot in that college president's door to get a story, or the trump supporter and surrogate declaring that there is no longer any such thing as facts. 

Of course, as always, you can tell me damn near anything that's on your mind.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Populism? Or "Revolutionary-era elitism drawn along racist lines"?

Image result for bannon imagesThe first thing that struck me when I read the article that I am about to drop on you is this:

Looking at Steve Bannon, how could he even think that he is genetically superior to anybody? I mean just look at him. He is the before guy in a before and after gym membership commercial.

So now to the aforementioned article written by Laurel Raymond for Think Progress.

" Former Breitbart head Steve Bannon has been a national lightning rod ever since he was appointed CEO of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. At-issue: Bannon’s deep ties to the growing white nationalist movement, which provided some of Trump’s earliest and most fervent supporters.

On Sunday the New York Times published a profile on Bannon, casting him as a “combative populist.” Buried deep within the profile is an account of Bannon talking about his belief in the “genetic superiority” of certain people and his support for restricting voting rights to only property owners.

A former colleague of Bannon’s, Julia Jones, recounted her interactions with Bannon to reporter Scott Shane:
Ms. Jones, the film colleague, said that in their years working together, Mr. Bannon occasionally talked about the genetic superiority of some people and once mused about the desirability of limiting the vote to property owners.
“I said, ‘That would exclude a lot of African-Americans,’” Ms. Jones recalled. “He said, ‘Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.’ I said, ‘But what about Wendy?’” referring to Mr. Bannon’s executive assistant. “He said, ‘She’s different. She’s family.’”
Jones also previously described Bannon’s comments about voting to The Daily Beast.
Restricting voting to only property holders would take the country back centuries to its founding — when only white, male property holders could vote in most states. Today, such a restriction would disenfranchise huge swaths of people, including students, people of color, young Americans, many city dwellers, and low-income populations.

Far from populism, this is Revolutionary-era elitism drawn along racist lines. And for white nationalists, it’s a familiar goal.

Former KKK wizard David Duke, for example, has been proclaiming on Twitter that Trump’s election and cabinet picks are the first steps toward “taking America back” — that is, taking America “back” from anyone who isn’t descended from fair-skinned Europeans. In white nationalist ideology, only white Americans have a true right to the country — and the rights that go along with citizenship, like voting.

Bannon’s musings on voting restrictions are a dog-whistle to white nationalists. The same goes for his reference to “genetic superiority,” a view that Donald Trump also has said he shares.
Trump has repeatedly connected his success to his “good genes,” as ThinkProgress previously reported. He’s said that his children “don’t need adversity” to build character or skills, because they share his good genetics. In an interview once, he went so far as to compare himself to a “racehorse” and discussing his “breeding” at length.

The belief in the genetic predisposition of qualities like intelligence are a hallmark of white nationalism.

Bannon’s musings on white nationalists are a dog-whistle to white nationalists. The same goes for his reference to “genetic superiority,” a view that Donald Trump also has said he shares.

Trump has repeatedly connected his success to his “good genes,” as ThinkProgress previously reported. He’s said that his children “don’t need adversity” to build character or skills, because they share his good genetics. In an interview once, he went so far as to compare himself to a “racehorse” and discussing his “breeding” at length.

The belief in the genetic predisposition of qualities like intelligence are a hallmark of white nationalism." [More here]

Hmmm, "intelligence". I am looking at some of the picks for his administration, and all I can say is that Donald trump is giving intelligence a bad name.  

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

To burn or not to burn......

Image result for burn flags images   No long post tonight, field hands. I just need your opinion about something.

Do you agree with Donald trump that people who burn the flag should lose their citizenship and spend up to a year in jail?

Keep in mind that what Herr trump is proposing is against the law and a violation of the 1st Amendment, but I just wondered what your thoughts were on the subject.

As someone said earlier on twitter: It's kind of ironic that trump has a problem with flag burning, but has a man who is cool with cross burning sitting at this right hand.

Carry on.

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Last night's post.

*The following is an updated version of the second part of my post from last night. 

Sorry about the glitches. 

This might be a good time for you to read the following essay from Roger Guffey. A man from Lexington, Kentucky no less. (There might be still hope for fly-over country.)

" Psychologists have long recognized rationalization as a defense mechanism that people use to excuse unacceptable or offensive behaviors by offering some pseudo-logical reasoning or self-serving explanations.

Perhaps we justify that sumptuous dessert because we have earned a reward for sticking to our diet. Or we tell our boss we are sick, when we really want to go to the last game of the season. Some of these excuses are harmless, but far too often they are not.

For the last eight years, people who have mounted despicable attacks on President Obama and his family have tried to rationalize their bigotries. Consider these examples:

A Republican candidate here in Kentucky won a legislative seat, even though he had posted images of the Obama family as a band of monkeys, but he says he is not a racist.

A public official in West Virginia said she will be glad to have a dignified white first lady, instead of seeing an ape in high heels. But she says she is not a racist.

Yes, you are.

In Sheridan, Ind., people made a parade float of President Obama in a toilet, but said they are not racists.

Yes, you are.

A mayor in Pennsylvania ran a picture of Michele Obama on a wagon of orangutans under the caption ‘Move-in day at the White House’, but denied being a racist.

Yes, you are.

The people who insist that President Obama is not a native-born American deny they are racists.

Yes, you are.

A candidate in Tennessee posted a billboard with the caption “MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN,” but he denied that he is a racist.

Yes, you are.

A mayor in Washington State ran an image of Michelle Obama as a gorilla, saying she could be attractive only to another monkey like her husband. Of course, he says he is not a racist.

Yes, you are.

When a gorilla escaped from a zoo in South Carolina, a GOP politician in South Carolina posted a Facebook page telling people to be on the lookout for Michelle Obama’s ancestor, but he says he is not racist.

Yes, you are.

After the 2008 election, some right-wing extremists circulated bumper stickers, quoting Psalm 109, that pray for God to kill President Obama, leaving his wife a widow and his children orphans, but they denied they are racists.

Yes, you are.

One of my favorite Abraham Lincoln stories relates his encounter with an elitist lawyer who, during a trial, dismissed him as a rustic bumpkin. Lincoln posed him a simple riddle. “If we call a tail a leg, how many legs does a horse have?’ The smug lawyer replied, “Five.” Lincoln corrected him. “No, he still has four legs, because calling a tail a leg does not make it one.”

People are free to engage in self-delusion if they wish, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it is a duck, and these comments are racist. But perhaps these bigots should heed the poet Robert Burns’ advice in the poem “To A Louse. 'O would some power the gift give us to see ourselves as others see us.’'' [Source]

There is more. But I think we all get the point.