Monday, December 17, 2018

Death at the border.

A seven year old migrant child died in American border patrol custody. And we are all , as Americans, wondering just what the hell happened to our country.

The story is heartbreaking on so many levels. The fact that her father had to bring her thousands of miles and risk danger just to seek asylum in our country is sad, but the fact that she actually made it to America only to die because of the policies of this administration should be unacceptable to all of us.

Of course this disgusting administration and their minions are trying to spin the story and blame her fate on her father, and the poor people who flee all kinds of persecution and poverty in their country for the chance to have a better life.

“This is just a very sad example of the dangers of this journey. This family chose to cross illegally,” Nielsen said on “Fox & Friends.”

“What happened was they were about 90 miles away from where we could process them,” she said. “They came in such a large crowd that it took our Border Patrol folks a couple times to get them all. 

We gave immediate care. We’ll continue to look into the situation, but again, I cannot stress enough how dangerous this journey is when migrants choose to come here illegally.”

That, of course, is a lie! The  poor girl was healthy enough to survive when she arrived,  and  border patrol agents failed to recognize her illness and failed to treat her properly. They kept her in a remote location which made it hard to get her the proper medical care she needed in a timely manner.

“Our sincerest condolences go out to the family of the child,” CBP spokesman Andrew Meehan said in a statement to the Washington Post. “Border Patrol agents took every possible step to save the child’s life under the most trying of circumstances. As fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, we empathize with the loss of any child.”     . 

The polices of the administration you serve says something totally different. 

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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Caption Saturday.

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I need a caption for this pic.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Just say no.

I always wondered why Mr. trump would crank out those early morning tweets as if he was not sleeping at all at night.

Well, as it turns out, there might be an answer for that.

"During a recent set at Gotham Comedy Club in New York, comedian Noel Casler, who worked six seasons on Celebrity Apprentice in talent logistics, claimed, among other things, that Donald Trump is a “speed freak” who has a special love for Adderall. “He’s a speed freak,” Casler told the crowd during his Dec. 1 first performance. “He crushes up his Addreall and sniffs it because he can’t read and he gets really nervous when he has to read cue cards. I’m not kidding, this is true.”

Before getting into the drug accusations, Casler explained his role on Celebrity Apprentice. “My job was taking care of the Trump family, too,” he says. “Yeah, Don Jr., Omarosa, Melania—it was like a freaking MENSA meeting every day.”

If you’re wondering at this point if Casler signed a non-disclosure agreement, which would effectively legally bar him from talking about such things, well, he absolutely did sign one. Seems Casler simply doesn’t care at this point. “I had a 24-page NDA, non-disclosure agreement,” Casler says. “I didn’t know he was becoming president. Now it’s no way, dumbass. I’m telling you everything I know.”

Casler continued with his revelations. “So he gets nervous and he crushes up these pills,” he says about President Trump. “That’s why he’s sniffing when you see him in debates or see him reading. That’s why he’s tweeting. He’s like out of his mind. It makes sense if you think about it.

Methamphetamine was invented by the Nazis to keep the fighter pilots up all night on bombing runs. So it makes sense that Trump would use it to hate-tweet in a self centered rage at 4 am on the toilet.”
Trump’s alleged abuse of Adderall flies in the face of his apparent dislike for mind-altering substances, excessive consumption of McDonald’s excluded. “I don’t drink beer,” Trump has said. “I’ve never had a beer. And I’m not saying good or bad, some people like it. I just choose not to do that for a lot of reasons.” ' {Source}

Don't just blow this off (pun intended) because it's coming from a comedian. Remember what happened to Cos?

Anyway, it turns out that there was an article back in the day from Spy Magazine which could shed some more light on this issue.

As far back as 1992 they mentioned one citizen trump in an article about taking amphetamines prescribed by a Dr. Feelgood in New York.

I don't know if the president is hooked or not, but if he is, I suspect that with all the crap coming out about his criminal enterprise over the past few days, he is going to be speeding up his use (pun intended) of certain drugs.   


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

To fund or not to fund, that is the question.

 Image result for border wall images                   I watched trump, Pelosi, and Schumer go at it in the White House today over trump's stupid wall, and it was surreal. (Was that the Vice President sitting there or was it someone auditioning for the role of Dracula? My god man get some sun? And open your mouth every now and then.)

Trump declared in no uncertain terms that if he doesn't get the funding for his wall he will shut down the government. Of course Pelosi and Schumer were not having it. They told him in no uncertain terms that they would not support the funding for his wall, because, like most of us, they believe that border security is pretty good right now.

Of course this is not good for trump, who promised his base that he would get them a wall to keep out the brown people from the South. But if you remember during his campaign trump promised us that Mexico would pay for his wall. Most of us with half of a brain knew that  he was lying, but his base ate it up, and they actually believed what the con man sold them. Now he is changing his tune, and he wants the American people to pay for it. (Or worse, the military to build it.)It's why he has been tweeting and lying that those marauders from the South are invading our borders and bringing crime and diseases to our country. This is a vile lie, made worse by the fact that some of his gullible followers will actually believe it.

Personally, I believe that this all an act. trump could care less about that stupid wall. This is something to fire up his base and distract from the the fact that any day now he could be doing like Richard Nixon and exiting stage left. (Yes, you are a crook.) I am sure that his little dust up with Pelosi and  Schumer is something that he is happy with, because it takes all the other stuff out of the headlines for awhile, and it gives him some control over the media narrative.

“I am proud to shut down the government for border security,” Trump said bluntly. “I will take the mantle. I will be the one to shut it down. I’m not going to blame you for it. The last time you shut it down, it didn’t work. I will take the mantle of shutting down. And I’m going to shut it down for border security.”

Nope, you are going to shut it down to try to change the narrative and save your miserable presidency.

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Sunday, December 09, 2018

Caption Sunday.

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I need a caption for this pic.

Example: If only I had learned to read, I could kill time like that Clinton guy is doing. 

Friday, December 07, 2018

The great American heist.

TWEET ME"When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men in a society, over the course of time they create for themselves a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”
~Frédéric Bastiat~

I think that we can all agree, that if certain leaders and elected politicians had their way, they would be plundering what little the rest of us have left, and robbing us blind.

We know this, because we can see what is being revealed about the trump crime family and the sycophants who surround them. Americans have always thought that their leaders were men and women who were called to service to help their fellow man. Men and women who felt the need to serve a higher purpose than themselves. They were people who felt a sense of duty to "serve" their country as a public servant. It's why you see all the reminiscing of the good old days with the passing of George H. Bush.

Throughout history, for the most part, they elected such people.  That is until they got hoodwinked by one Donald J. trump. He convinced them (like he has done so many time before with his many failed businesses) that he was the savior, and that he, and only he, could Make America Great Again. Now, sadly, reality is starting to set in.

Jobs are going abroad, plants are closing, interest rates are rising, and the Dow is crashing faster than a junky after an all night drug binge. Those poor farmers and trump supporters in flyover country who though that trump was their savior are all waking up to the cold reality that their lives are worse than it was before the orange con man came on the scene. They won't admit it right now, because their pride won't let them, but their families are feeling it, and pretty soon they will be forced to come to grips with reality.

Of course all of this doesn't matter to Mr. trump.  He is only in this thing to make money and to line his own pocket. He didn't run for president to serve the people and do the right thing. He ran for the office of the presidency to serve himself. When he won he saw an opportunity to enrich himself, and that's what he set about doing.

Unfortunately for him, though, America still has some checks and balances left, and those checks and balances gave us a  man named Robert Mueller. He is a man that Mr. trump is obsessed with discrediting, because he (trump) realizes that Mueller is the one person who can stop him from looting the store and getting away without having to face the music.

Sadly for all of us, it might already be too late.

Thursday, December 06, 2018

And now the White House has a green card problem.

The president once said that he would not hire one single illegal or undocumented worker. He has said that when countries like Mexico sends us their people they are not sending "the best people", and he has bolstered his political career and his base, by demonizing immigrants from certain  countries.                                                                                                                                                                 
But, as is always the case with Mr. trump, you have to watch what he does and not what he says.  Because, sadly, ninety percent of the time what he is saying is just not true.

Here is the latest case of trump saying one thing and doing another.

"Two women came forward Thursday to say they were employed at a golf resort owned by the Trump Organization, even though they were living in the country illegally.

Victorina Morales, an undocumented immigrant from Guatemala, has worked at the Trump National Golf Club in New Jersey for five years. She said she used to make his bed and clean the bathrooms. She claims her bosses knew she was not authorized to live in the U.S. but hired her anyway.

Morales said Jorge Villafuerte, identified as a club facilities manager in a photo with President Trump, later gave her money to get a fake green card and Social Security card. CBS News reached out to Villafuerte but has not received a response.

Sandra Diaz said she also worked at the club while she was undocumented.

Their attorney Anibal Romero claims at least a dozen undocumented immigrants are on the club's payroll which, if true, conflicts with the president's position on illegal immigration.

Their lawyer provided CBS News with Morales' 2017 W-2 form, which lists her employer as Lamington Farm Club, the corporate name of Mr. Trump's golf course. The address listed is Trump Tower in New York.

"My clients are willing to cooperate with federal authorities and with state authorities so they can provide details," Romero said.

In a statement, the Trump Organization said, "We have tens of thousands of employees across our properties and have very strict hiring practices. If any employee submitted false documentation in an attempt to circumvent the law, they will be terminated immediately."

Morales expects that she and her colleagues will lose their jobs over this, but said they're willing to pay the price to come forward. CBS News reached out to the White House but have not heard back." [Source]

Good for those brave ladies who decided to come forward to expose a hypocrite.

They all know that they will lose their jobs and probably get deported, but they came forward anyway to help us expose our fraud of a president. ----The man isn't even following his own Buy American, Hire American executive order for crying out loud!

Still, I don't think that anyone is surprised that trump had undocumented workers working for him. It would be the cheapest way to get things done, and we all know how he loves to save a buck..

Tuesday, December 04, 2018

"Cult 45" and the big picture.

TWEET METhe following essay is from long time conservative and republican writer, John Ziegler, who had a lot to say about the Cult 45 crowd.

Whenever there is a new “bombshell” in the Russia probe, it is always important to remember that, unless Trump’s base of political support starts to leave him, none of it really matters, except to those who are heading to prison. This goes for last week’s big news regarding President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen pleading guilty to having lied to Congress about the details of his boss’s dream of finally building a Trump Tower in Moscow.

The non-“state-run” news media immediately understood the potential significance of this development and acted accordingly. However, Trump’s core backers (“Cult 45” has I have referred to them for the past two years) have no clue why this news is even remotely important, and see it as yet another sign that their fearless leader has been right to refer to the Mueller investigation as a “witch hunt.”

Obviously there are those in the cult who would not care, or would not believe their own eyes and ears, if Trump announced live on national television that he indeed colluded with Russia because they have compromising information on him, and lied about it all along. Most of “Cult 45” likes to at least pretend, however, that there are solid reasons for their 100% support of Trump on virtually every possible topic, and they honestly seem to think that the Cohen news is another big nothing-burger, which is being overhyped by the “Fake News!” media.

Intellectually, the biggest disconnect is that Trump’s biggest supporters look at every new piece of information in a vacuum (we already knew that Trump wanted to build Trump Tower Moscow, so who cares?!), while more seasoned and objective observers see the case Mueller is building as pieces in a large puzzle starting to take form. To change the metaphor slightly, Trump supporters have their faces up too close to a giant mural and they cannot, or will not, see the bigger picture.

Trump, or course, understands this reality and is an absolute master at exploiting it. His defense against Cohen’s claims appear to be scattershot and inherently contradictory (Cohen is totally lying, but what he said also perfectly matches what I told Mueller), but in actuality he is simply providing his backers a buffet table of options from which to choose their preferred alibi.

One of the keys to Trump’s manipulative mastery is that, no matter what the new revelation is, he treats it as if it is not really new (even when it absolutely is). And claims that it not only isn’t a bad thing, but that what he did was actually was quite good.  Obviously it helps greatly when your side is not remotely restricted by the truth because you have already established the expectation that lying is perfectly acceptable, and even expected.

So while I am well aware that it will fall on deaf ears, I still feel compelled to explain why the latest Cohen news, in a rational world, is indeed quite important. Interestingly, this case can be easily made even if there was no actual campaign “collusion” with Russia.

There are at least two key elements of Cohen’s plea that are unequivocally bad for Trump and that appear to have no logical or suitable explanation. The first is that Cohen lied, with at least Trump’s knowledge, about the timing of the prospective property deal with Russia, and the second is how the new timeline changes the perception of other events we already know about.

Contrary to what Trump has tried to pretend, the idea that he was still trying to do a major business deal, which may have included a direct and illegal bribe to Vladimir Putin, while he was the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, is both very new and, at best, extremely inappropriate. Had this been known during the primary campaign — when Trump was inaccurately claiming to have no deals in Russia — it could have easily prevented him from being the nominee (there is no greater proof of the neutering of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio than that neither of them have raised a stink about this outrageous new information which, if it had not been hidden, could have made them the 2016 GOP nominee).

Of course, the big question here, as it has been throughout the Mueller probe, is why lie about this, under oath, after Trump has already won the presidency? Yes, it would have been an embarrassing disclosure, but by Trump standards, as the total lack of GOP reaction to it proves, it would have been no big deal.

Quite simply, why all the lying by so many people extremely close to Trump, in a manner which risks their personal liberty? This just doesn’t happen in the real world, unless of course there is something important to be hidden.

Then there is the issue of how old information is now seen very differently through the lens of new data, which is clearly a blind spot in the way the minds of most people work these days.
First, there are the pro-Russia changes to the GOP platform at the convention that took place just after the last known contact between Cohen and the Russian government regarding the Moscow project. We now know that, at best, Trump was using the GOP platform as a way of currying favor with the Russian government, presumably (Trump basically said this himself last week) so that he could do business with them after what he assumed would be a loss in November of that year.

Then there is what the new timing of the never-completed Moscow deal does to the perception of the infamous meeting at Trump Tower in New York, which took place when the proposal was still very much on the table. We always knew that President Trump claiming to not be fully in the loop on such a potentially juicy gathering with representatives of Russia was an absurd concept, but know we know that it is simply impossible and that, because Trump has submitted his written answers to Mueller, very likely perjury.

Even if Trump was not famously a control freak, the idea that his son, son-in-law, and his campaign chairman would meet important Russians in his own building (where he himself was apparently that day) while his dream project with Russia was still very much in play, and him not be 100% informed of every detail, is completely ludicrous. Why Trump is lying about this is still unknown, but not long ago Republicans strongly believed that a president should be impeached for acts of perjury far less momentous than that one. [Source]

Never let it be said that I don't feature writings from a republican point of view.

The 2020 election for president should be interesting.

Sunday, December 02, 2018

Fraud in the Tar Heel state.

  • *There’s something very weird going on with this House election in North Carolina
If the only thing that you have been focusing on in the news of late is the shenanigans of the trump crime family and their cronies, you might want to start paying attention to what has been happening in the state of North Carolina.

This is a good time to remind you that even though republicans (led by the ridiculous assertions of their leader) like to talk about voter fraud and the integrity of the voting process, it is republicans of late who like to suppress votes and do everything in their powers to ensure that they win by whatever mean necessary.

"Enough confusion has clouded a North Carolina congressional race that the state's Board of Elections has announced a delay to certifying Republican Mark Harris' electoral victory over Democrat Dan McCready in the state's 9th district due to "claims of irregularities and fraudulent activities."

In a 7-2 vote on Friday, the board said it will instead hold a public hearing by Dec. 21 "to assure that the election is determined without taint of fraud or corruption and without irregularities that may have changed the result." It follows a unanimous vote earlier this week to postpone election certification results.

The Friday vote fueled fresh uncertainty about the outcome of the race, and raised the possibility that a second election could ultimately be called. The two candidates are separated by 905 votes out of more than 280,000 cast, according to unofficial election results. The Associated Press originally called the race for Harris, but revoked that projection on Friday. "

Here is why they "revoked" their projections.

"In a letter sent to the board of elections, North Carolina's Democratic Party made claims of wrongdoing. The Washington Post reported that the State Board of Elections and Ethics Enforcement has already collected at least six sworn statements from voters in Bladen County alleging that people came to their doors and urged them to hand over their absentee ballots.

In Bladen and Robeson counties, some 3,400 absentee ballots failed to be mailed back to election officials, according to NPR member station WFAE.

That equates to 40 percent of mail-in ballots in Bladen County and 64 percent in Robeson, according to a News & Observer analysis.

Gerry Cohen, an elections expert in North Carolina, told WFAE that when people go through the process to request an absentee ballot, they often return them. "The return rate is usually about 80 or 90 percent," he said.

November's unreturned ballots were disproportionately associated with minorities, according to the News & Observer:
More than 40 percent of the ballots requested by African Americans and more than 60 percent of those requested by American Indians did not make it back to elections officials. For white voters, that figure was just 17 percent.
In one affidavit received by the board, a woman named Emma Shipman said she was visited by a person who claimed to be gathering absentee ballots, WFAE reported.

Shipman said she filled out the form while the woman waited outside. "She took the ballot and put it in an envelope and never sealed it or asked me to sign it. Then she left."

Collecting absentee ballots by a third party is illegal. But, Shipman said, "Because of the way she presented herself, I thought she was legitimate."

The candidates running in North Carolina's 9th Congressional District race took opposing views of the election board's postponement.

"I respect today's decision by the bipartisan Board of Elections to delay certification of our election results until a full investigation is completed," Democratic candidate McCready said. He added, "Any effort to rob a person of that right should be met with the full force of justice."

Harris opposed the decision and said, "The State Board of Elections should act immediately to certify the race while continuing to conduct their investigation. Anything else is a disservice to the people of the Ninth District."

He said he supported efforts to investigate allegations of voter fraud, "as long as it is fair and focuses on all political parties." Harris said there were not enough ballots in question to affect the outcome of the race." [Source]

As was the case in Georgia, the voter suppression apparatus was in full effect in North Carolina. Unlike Georgia, though, they might not be able to get away with it in the Tar Heel state. There is just too much that doesn't seem right there.  In Georgia they tried to be a bit more discreet and chary about it. In North Carolina, however, they were more blatant about suppressing the vote and doing what they had to do to make sure that they didn't get swept up by the blue wave.

So remember what's going on in states like North Carolina and Georgia when you hear Mr. trump and members of his party talking about voter fraud. From the look of things, it's a lame attempt to distract you while they pick your pocket. Or, in this case, steal your vote.

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Saturday, December 01, 2018

Caption Saturday.

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