Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Meeting

Hi everyone, it's Sunday morning but unfortunately the field-negro can't give you his take on the news. It seems massa didn't throw out his paper, so no reading today for the field-negro.

Anyway, while doing some chores on the plantation, I heard a commotion coming from one of massa's cabins hidden way in the back. So I did what any curious field-negro would do, and went and checked it out. The first thing that I noticed was a big red and white sign hanging over the door. It had five big bold letters on it which spelled NAFPA, and underneath those letters in smaller writing, were the words: National Association For A Pure America. It seemed interesting, so the field-negro decided to get a closer look.

I snuck over to the window and took a peek inside There was a big American flag partially blocking my view, but I could cleary see a lot of white people gathered in the room. There were a lot of bibles and a lot of smaller American flags too. At first I was thinking maybe it's a church service, but I have never heard of a denomination by that name [NAFPA] Mmmm...and there isn't any singing, no praying, no collection plate; so no, it couldn't be a church. Wait, there is someone going to the podium, he looks like he might be the leader of this group of white people. He is going to speak; shhhhh let's listen:

My fellow Americans and members of NAFPA, we have called this emergency meeting to discuss the immigration issue. An issue that is threatening the very fabric of this great nation of ours. I for one, would like to say, that this crap has gone on long enough. What is it going to take for us to stand up for our democracy? This is not what our founding fathers envisioned when they framed the declaration of independence. A nation full of brown people, taking us down the path of so many other dirty third world countries.

It was bad enough when we gave our former second class citizens and slaves all these civil rights they now enjoy. We allowed them to vote, to own homes, to get educated, and to even marry into our race; and yet, we are supposed to be the racist. I mean the nerve of these people. Well I say enough , [Loud cheers] it's time to take back our country, it's time to let all these brown and black people know that this is our country. It aint Africa, it aint Mexico, it's America. And the only thing we have in common with them there people are some of the letters in the name of our countries. It's time to go back to true white rule, we have beant over backwards long enough, we already lost one battle with the blacks, let's not lose this one to the browns. [Loud cheers]
Heck, soon they will want Spanish to be the official language of our country. Like the blacks, they already have their own T.V. stations, magazines, and newspapers. They even have an organization like the NAACP that they call La Raza for crying out loud! My friends, it won't be long before they want Cinco De Mayo to be a national holiday. Well I say enough; my fellow pure Americans, it's time to stand up for our country and defend our borders. It's time to mobilize the army and our various brotherhood organizations, it's time to take things into our own hands if the government won't do it for us. I refuse to be a minority in my own country. Our fore fathers built this country for us, not for them, and we were here first. Now are there any questions or suggestions? Yes brother O Rourke I saw your hand.

Well sir, we could get those blacks who are sympathetic to our cause to openly come out against the immigrants and brown people. We could use some of the same ones that we used in the past who tried to help us with the affirmative action debate.

Not a bad idea O Rourke, I like where your head is on this thing. But why would these blacks do that for us?

They hate themselves sir, and besides, they are doing alright now for themselves, they might have as much to lose as we do if the brown people get too much power.

You know what O Rourke, that just might work, we would be weakening the black and brown coalition from within, fracture them, so that they won't ever unite. Because as we all know, that would be potentially devastating to us if they did. If these people were to combine as a common group and vote and organize for common causes , we would be the minorities in many instances and would lose so much of the power we took years to build and now enjoy.

Exactly sir, this way we can at least keep them at each other's throats for awhile until we can rope in some of our rogue groups like the Aryan Nation, and the Nationalist Socialist Movement (NSM) . We have the numbers sir, we just have to get these people to tone down the rhetoric a little. If they don't, race traitors like Moris Dees, and those senators that voted for that terrible bill [Secure Americans and Orderly Immigrant Act of 2005" (S.1033/H.R.2330)] John McCain,and Edward Kennedy will convince some Americans in the middle that we are too extreme.

Good point; just the other day one of our heroes, Laine Lawless was sending emails to our people all over telling them how to get rid of the immigrants by scaring their children, and stealing their money. That can't help our cause. They have to learn to rope in their passion. That Hal Turner was even calling for their mass murder, and the assassination of any U.S. sanator who supports guest worker programs. I mean they are killing me, the PR part of this is hard enough as it is.

Yes sir, but you have to love people like Roy Warden, who confronted those brown people and told them this to their faces: "We will not permit you the ignorant, the savages, the unwashed to overthrow us.." Now that took courage.

Yes, yes, and listen, I admire all these people and groups like Mr. Sweeney from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and Jeff Schoep from the NSM. But we can't be openly associated with them right now because of the backlash we might get. That's why I like your idea O Rourke, about using some main stream people and even some of their own to attack them. Who else do we have? Yes brother Vizzi I saw your hand up.

Well we could use that brown person Michelle Malkin, she really gives it to them.

But is she Mexican or black? I can't tell anymore with all this race mixing going on.

No sir, I think she is from the Phillipines, but she looks brown; and an attack from her will help. We also have old reliables like Thomas Sowell, Ward Connerly, Larry Elder, and Walter Williams; they have been paid and they are ready to weigh in. Not to mention all our conservative blacks bloggers on the internet sir, they have been paid too, and are ready to go.

Well why did it take them so long?

I think they were just waiting for the checks to clear sir.

I don't know about the blog thing, does it really work?

Sir, as long as we pay them, they will say what we want.

What about some of the main stream white people and congressmen?

We have them too sir, we have congressman Kyl of Arizona, and Cornyn of Texas working on a bill right now. It's called the Comprehensive Enforcement & Immigration Reform Act, (CEIRA,S.1438) and it's much tougher than that other weak bill congress is trying to pass. It offers more enforcement and it calls for the deputization of local law enforcement. It's not much, but it's a start.

Alright everyone, so we kind of have everything in place, and I like our message, but how are we going to get our message to millions of American homes? Yes Pozlowski I see your hand.

Sir, what about FOX News?

Brilliant! Ok everybody, lets turn our attention to the flag and pledge our allegiance before we adjourn our meeting.... hey, what's that over there by the window? Is that one of them nigras from the field?

Oh s*#%! Sorry folks I gotta go they made me. The field-negro is ghost like casper....see ya next time.


Asabagna said...

hee hee

denise said...

when the book comin' out Bro?

Ryan said...

Hi there... could you please fix the 'Previous' link in your blackblogz ring code please? It doesn't link to anything.

Ta very much

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