Sunday, March 12, 2006

Musings From My Local Paper

Yep, It's Sunday morning again and as usual, I am checking out the headlines from my home-town paper -The Philadelphia Inquirer.

I will start with the major headline of the day; the passing of Slobodan Milosevic. Now here is a guy that was single handedly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of his countrymen all in the name of nationalism. Like Hitler, he died before the relatives of the victims of his heinous acts could receive what they felt was the real justice they deserved. Seeing him suffer for his crimes against their loved ones.

Wacko Slobo's rise to power was fueled by the fall of communism in Eastern Europe. This led to the break up of Yugoslavia with all its different ethnic groups and provinces. Ultimately, a brutal and bloody civil war followed with ethnic cleansing of Muslims and Croations by his Serbian army, and para military thugs.

Now if this sounds alot like Iraq, it's because the situation is eerily similer to what is happening in that country. Tito was a communist who held Yogoslavia together after World War II. Like Sadam, he ruled over a country with different ethnic groups with strong ethnic pride. We might not have liked their methods, but their countries stayed unified and there was never a threat of civil war or uprising from the minority groups in their respective countries.

With Milosevic dead, maybe we can reflect on the history of that region and how we can prevent repeating it in other parts of the world.

Mmmm.... let's see now, Bush "shocked" by aide's arrest.
My question is why; given all that has happened to his administration lately, why should anything shock him?

What's sad, is that this negro was the number two man at the Department of Human Services who worked his way up to the inner circle of the White House. Ultimately, this house-negro threw it all away because of an alleged shop lifting problem. Come on brother Claude, you are making us all look bad. I mean how stupid can you be? Massa lets you in the house and you blow it because you couldn't stay out of Target?

Nice to see another country (Chile) step into the 21st century and elect a woman President. Could America be far behind ?

All this hoopla about border security; well they better start paying the border patrols a better salary. Otherwise, we will see more news like this:

Now some sports:

Mad props to my man Gary McNamara for his sick Big East tournament performance. Hey, it's close to St. Patty's day. "May the luck o the Irish continue to be with you mi boy".

And speaking of tournament; this is for the selection committee. Please, please, do not select nine teams from the Big East or any of the other major conferences for that matter. Give some poor mid-major that won twenty games and went 12 and 2 in their conference a shot. Forget the stupid RPI for once, and give some other kids a shot at the dance.

Finally, my take on Barry Bonds. Yes he took steroids, and so did a bunch of other major leaguers like Mark Maguire. But here is something to chew on.
He is still one of the greatest baseball players of all time. Even pre-steroid days the guy was
awesome. (Check out his stats with the Pirates) Would he have broken all those home run records without the roids? Maybe not, but he still would have been one of the top three or four players over the past twenty years.

I know the guy is a jerk with the media, but back off already, he has no obligation to you fraud sports writers who have your own agendas and built in biases. Part of it of course is good old fashion racisim. No white baseball fan in America wants to see Ruth's record broken. (One was bad enough, but two of them, nooooo) So let's stop with the pretense like it's about steroids. Here is one field-negro who will be cheering like hell for Barry. And I hope no matter
what, he will not bow to public pressure and hang up his cleats.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get ready for the Sopranos.