Monday, March 19, 2007

All Four Are White Males

Seems a couple of the Supremes, Uncle Clarence Thomas, and Anthony Kennedy, had to go before a house sub committee down in Washington and face some tough questions recently. Why you say? Well apparently, even the Supreme Court needs money, and in order to justify their $66.5 million budget, they have to face the music once in awhile too. Thank God for Subcommittee Chairman Jose Serrano (D) New York, who asked this tough question: "How is the court doing in recruiting minority law clerks, and are they looking beyond the ranks of Harvard, Yale, and Stanford law grads?" Which led to this little gem from the slimy, self hating, slave catcher, Thomas. " I don't think all intelligence resides in the Ivy League" Thomas went on to say that only one of his four law clerks were Ivy League grads, but he added, "all four are white males".

Yes you read that correctly, ALL FOUR ARE WHITE MALES. Gee, thanks Clarence, you are really helping to advance your race, and mentor , as well as uplift black people. ALL FOUR ARE WHITE MALES. If there is a bigger self hater in America than Clarence Thomas I have yet to meet him or her. Folks, you have to understand, that a clerkship for a Supreme Court Justice guarantees the clerk great things, and a great future. It would be analogous to a young aspiring movie director fresh out of film school, getting to be an assistant for Stephen Spielberg. Or, a young entrepreneur out of B school, getting a chance to be an apprentice for Donald Trump. And of the thousands of minorities graduating from very fine law schools all over the country every year, Clarence Thomas chooses to give his clerkship hook ups to FOUR WHITE MALES. (Ahhh field you are just jealous. Damn right I am) But why should Clarence help anybody? If you hear him tell it, he didn't get any special treatment, he didn't benefit from affirmative action. Why should he help any minority law school graduate, no one helped him. Or so his ignorant black ass thinks. Clarence, you had plenty of help, and you stood on the shoulders, and you were the beneficiary of the blood sweat and tears of many honorable and brave people. Brave souls who sacrificed to get you where your ignorant self hating ass is today.

This type pf mentality really pisses me off given the type of people that I was fortunate to hang around with this past weekend. People who are the very antithesis of what this loof (That's a backwards fool in case you were wondering) represents. People who really care about young black people and advancing our race. People who are putting their money and their time where their mouth is. Unlike Clarence who puts his mouth.....ah never mind, some of you reading this might be eating.

And don't ask my why, but I really got pissed at Clarence after almost being confronted by a little thug in South West Philly today. There I was skipping the man's job a little early, and heading to the "hood" to meet with a potential witness in one of my own cases. I visited the lady and was walking back to my car, and there is this young brother sitting on one of the steps and giving me the fuzzy eyeball. I am thinking it's one o'clock in the afternoon, and why isn't this little mother f****r in school? He has on a black hoody not going anywhere in particular, and he is just watching the block. I am guessing he is just a lookout for a drug house. Still, the little mother f****r won't stop eye balling me. ~~~Don't let this suit fool you fam I will go Kingston 12 on your ass~ I am a little annoyed, so I stare back at his little ass. (An act that can get you killed very easily here in killadelphia) In retrospect, I don't know what the f**k I was thinking? Dude could have shot me. As it turns out though, he knew the field; I had helped his older brother with a gun case about a year ago and he remembered me. "Yo what's up lawyer man" I must admit, I felt relief. "Hey, what's up young buck, why aren't you in school?" "Ahhh just chillin, I already been to that jawn" (jawn is a noun for anything you want it to be in Philly. Me and my jawn going to the movies, I am going to the jawn tomorrow, have you seen my jawn) "Early dismissal huh" He laughed, I laughed back with him, but the sh** wasn't funny. He really should have been at school instead of watching a notorious drug corner in the middle of the day. The sad thing is, he doesn't realizes that he has less of a chance to make it out of this very neighborhood alive than a U.S. soldier does in Baghdad. As I get into my car I ask him how his brother is doing. He tells me that he just got locked up on a robbery charge, but his spirits are up "cause his shorty just had a baby".

"ALL FOUR ARE WHITE MALES" I swear I hate Clarence Thomas.


Christopher Chambers said...

You are barking up the wrong tree, man. The issue is not why doesn't this douchebag have anothing but white males as clerks. The issue is: Why would any righteous black man want to work for that m-f? Push the fact that he a racial Quisling aside--the dude has ZERO legal skillz. He was woefully UNQUALIFIED for any job he's had. All have been token pay-offs. Indeed, "Mr. Charlie" hisself knows the man is an idiot. His clerks get good jobs only because (1) being a clerk is the primo resume boost (primarilybecause you get to see how the OTHER justices work) and (2) there are white right wingers who will hire them. My 411--they are chosen b/c they are right wing law students, not b/c they are sharp on the law and excellent writers.

He and Tio Tomas henry Gonzales (Tio Tomas is Spanish know) are the same. FYI, Speedy Gonzales has got to go. I unload on his ass in my blog...

Tafari said...

Dont yall be talkin' bout mista Thomas, he be a good man & he really helps out us nigras' and he be givin' us a good name.

Christopher Cambers "Why would any righteous black man want to work for that m-f?" I know that's right, who in the world would want to. You would be under the microscope like nobody's business Shit, I'm getting a racial tension headache just thinking about working under his guidance.

That stare down sounded treacherous , it's funny that we (in the large sense) can go from professional all about our business to I was a mutha would at the drop of a dime.

I swear I do not know how your spirits can be up when yo baby momma just had your baby & you locked up (what a peculiar mentality some young people have).


Liz Dwyer said...

Just when I was wondering what to do with that voodoo doll I picked up in NOLA... merci bien, Field. You have definitely given me some ideas.

Anonymous said...

He's a Lawn Jockey.

Plain and Simple.

A self-hating, sellout handkerchief head.

I don't think he's EVER had a Black clerk, has he?

I don't think so.

I mean, he couldn't even hire fellow GOP sellouts like himself?


You can hate on him all you want.

Especially after I read the report about how much Supreme Court Clerks are getting from private law firms RIGHT OUT THE GATE. Enough to make you sick.

Anonymous said...

PS- What always bothered me most about Uncle Remus Thomas is that,

Not only was he NOT "the most qualified person for the job "(STFU, Bush 41)...

He wasn't qualified to empty the garbage can of the very QUALIFIED BLACK REPUBLICAN JUDGES that got passed over for this clown.

Francis Holland said...

It IS disgusting, but them I'm sure Clarence Thomas just picks the best white men for the job, regardless of their gender or skin color!

Francis Holland said...

But Christopher is right. Applying for or accepting a clerkship with Clarence Thomas is the sort of badge of disgrace that could follow a young Black lawyer throughout his career, marking him as "another Clarence Thomas" no matter what the young lawyer might say or do to the contrary. Who would trust someone who had clerked for Clarence Thomas?

And if you were a Black woman, can you imagine working in the same rooms as Clarence after all that Anita Hill had to say about him?

We're better off without Clarence Thomas' "help", but the killer is the "opportunity cost" of having Thomas on the Court. So many good lawyers could have worked with and learned from a genuinely Black justice.

Anonymous said...

I agree that not many of us would want to work for Uncle Clarence (how could we in good conscience?)But that's just us. I am sure that there are brothers and sisters out there who would jump at a Sp. Court clerkship. The problem is, that Uncle Clarence would never give them the chance, and that's just sad.

Anonymous said...

what is happening with the youth of today? that incident you mentioned in the second half of your blog makes me wonder what the future children of the idle kids will be doing!

as for clarence thomas - i am not too current with US politics > is he a republican or does he not represent african-american interests properly?

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 21 07

For all of the railing about Justice Thomas, what say you about his legal opinions? Given the strong community based reponses of this blog audience, I would have expected you all to like his Kelo dissent, which really is in the interests of Black folk. Now I know that many people think of him as an Uncle Tom, but why? I still don't see the flaws in his judicial philosophy, nor do I see any case he has decided that would act to the detriment of Black Americans.

I also feel that you have set up a catch-22 situation FN, for any up and coming attorney with ambition. Cuz on the one hand, if one wanted to work for Justice Thomas, wouldn't he or she be labelled as an Uncle Tom, no matter their intentions? Then Justice Thomas gets railed on for NOT having any Black clerks. Hmmm seems like he just can't win. I feel like the left does to Justice Thomas what the right is trying to do to Mr. Obama, which is straight up WRONG.

Regarding his qualifications, he met the minimum standards that all other justices before him and since have met. From what I can tell, The Constitution does NOT detail requirements for Supreme Court Justice, at least not educationally...

At this point, we have an opportunity to come together regardless of party affliation, but instead all I see is more of a divide. Field, tell me where you think the flaw in his opinions are and I will listen, but up to this point I have not seen any of his legal opinions that I think are detrimental to us.

Anonymous said...

My dear mahndisa, surely you kid about Justice Thomas. Anyway,I will tell you why I think he is a bad jurist, and a self hater who is bad for black people.

First and foremost, the man is an originalist, which means he does not believe in Stare decisis, (settled law) and he would actually over-turn well settled law if he thought it went contrary with what the original framers meant.

So in his world, cases like Loving v. Virginia which criminalized interracial marriages would still be around, as would Pa.Coal v. Molton [sic] which would have allowed states to regulate the value of property down to nothing without just compensation. In other words, states rights would prevail in most instances, and all of us black folks should know what that means.

And that's not the field negro calling Thomas an originalist, that's none other than his buddy, Anthony Scalia saying that about him.

But where do I begin with how this man has and continues to hurt black folks with his poor rulings? I could give you the Michigan affirmative action case, where he sided with Scalia and Rehnquist to do away with considering race in admissions for the law school. Thank God for Justice O'Conner, which was the swing voter in a 5-4 decision which allowed UM to keep race as a consideration.(Way to try to keep more minorities out of the legal field Clarence)

How about his disdain for the Commerce clause. (U.S. v. Lopez and U.S. v. Morrison)Before we forget, the Commerce clause is what allows that feds to regulate commerce among the states, and has been used to protect the civil rights of individuals in interstate lodging etc.If Uncle Clarence was allowed to have his way, states would regain the right to do what they want in these instances. (Jim Crow anyone?)

Uncle Clarence, and of course, his two partners in crime, Scalia, and Rehnquist, were also the only ones who dissented when the supremes denied the frat boy the right to set up military tribunals.

More? He opposes limits to the use of the death penalty. (Roper v. Simmons, Atkins v. Virginia) and we all know how fair the criminal justice system can be. I wonder how many innocent minorities have died as a result of being put to death by one state or another?

Mahndisa I could go on all day about Uncle Clarence and his faulty opinions, but I really don't have time right now.I am at work,peeped your post,and I just had to respond.

BTW, i agree with you about coming together, but I am sorry, I just can't come together over this guy. We will just have to find other common goals to unite around.

But I still love you like a sister ;)

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

03 21 07

OK FN fair enough. I am about to take a rest from the computer myself. But I will say that you and I may have a fundamental difference of approach regarding his philosophy because I agree with his thoughts about affirmative action, for different reasons. I also feel like his disdain for the commerce clause makes sense in light of some of the consequences of its interpretation and in Raich v. Gonzales he pushes one helluva dissent.

In principle, I also support the death penalty, though go around moral circles from time to time. I also feel like his thoughts on the Casey v. Planned Parenthood case were spot on. Perhaps this disagreement is about his motives as well as his actions. I believe his motives are clear and are to help us, while you believe the opposite.

I suppose history will be the greatest judge. Thanks for the response. I think I will do a review of some of his more recent rulings for a post later this week. If you have the time, please weigh in on it from legal standpoint.Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Cool! I look forward to your post.I also think you are right about our philosophical differences on some of these issues affecting us in our judgement of Thomas.

But hey, at the end of the day, I do appreciate our dabates, and I look forward to more.

I am going to bring you from the datk side :)

Christopher Chambers said...

I would venture to say that a bit of conscience and real analysis does percolate up every now and then. Perhaps he is learning by osmosis? I know for a fact Scalia had to coach the bastard at first. Damn everyone needs a mentor...but Scalia? It is rumored he still helps him along. Talk about wetnursing the token! I'm sorry, as usual, were the shoe on the other foot the right wingers would be trippin'

dnA said...

Ok so, I am revealing the extent of my bouginess at this moment, but my uncle was a lawyer for the NAACP and went on to teach at yale, and he had Thomas as a student. I asked him what he was like at the time, and all he said was "He was already lost".

Anonymous said...

dna, thanks for that insight. I don't know your uncle, but I am sure he could not have accomplished so much without being able to read people. Nuff said!

Cynthia said...

Clarence Thomas is a disgrace. These types of house negroes prevent us from advancing.

plez... said...


That was a two-fer (Buy One Get One Free)... clarence thomas just happens to be Black and will NEVER see that at least part of his ascension is due to his race. my lapse in judgement aside, justice thomas will continue to be Our Token Black on the Supreme Court and his significance is only enhanced because "frat boy" was able to create a right wing majority with his two selections to the court. without roberts and alito, thomas would've continued to be a mere footnote.

i'm not sure why your encounter with that hoodrat got you more upset with uncle clarence?!? i'm sure you understand that he probably won't live long enough to clerk for any of the supreme court justices!

Anonymous said...

Clarence Thomas is whiter than my semen.

-=Topper=- said...

I'll say this about Clarence Thomas and his choice of white clerks. He was playing a political high road in that.

There is a lexicon amongst bigoted whites and that is "reverse discrimination" they actually believe in such a thing, and Clarence knows it. And took no chances. Sad, really, really , sad.


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