Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Some chickens are finally coming home...

"I don't know of anybody in my administration who leaked classified information. If somebody did leak classified information, I'd like to know it, and we'll take the appropriate action."

Well frat boy, thank God it wasn't left to you to take appropriate action. That job was left to a an independent federal prosecutor. My dear mama used to say; that "if you lay down with dogs you will wake up with fleas" Scooter, I think you found you a serious dog pound by way of the White House to lay down in my man, and you have to live with that. I hear your wife was crying in the court room when the verdict was read, and I feel for her. But you know what, over 3,100 wives and mothers have been crying over the past few years thanks to this immoral and illegal war. And not because their sons will have to do some time in club fed, or pay a million dollars worth of fines, but because they will never come back. So you get no pity from the field. You were supposed to be serving the American people, but you lied to protect that evil SOB who moonlights as our Vice President. Mr Libby was the highest ranking White House official to be convicted since the eighties when that cowboy from California was pardoning the criminals involved with the Iran Contra scandal.

So let's think for a minute how we got here in the first place. When the frat boy gave that now infamous speech in Cincinnati about that imminent threat coming from Iraq, it was a lie, and it was based on doctored reports. There was a little secret cabal in the White House called the White House Iraq Group (WHIG) plotting all along to deceive all of us, the American people. And when Joe Wilson took his now famous trip to my homeland (Niger) and discovered that no yellow cake uranium was sold to the Iraqis, it sent the WHIG into a frenzy. Then when Mr. Wilson came home and went public with an oped in the...gasp, New York Times, they set out to destroy the messenger. This was classic Bush, after destroying his wife's 20 year career in the CIA, and blowing a CIA front, they set out to lie to the American people about what their real motives were.

My friends, let's be clear here, the person who should have been facing conviction today should have been dead eye Dick himself, and that little lying weasel Karl Rove. That would have brought me pure joy. Scooter was a fall guy, and Stevie Wonder can see it. But somebody had to go down, and who knows, maybe he will do like one of the dream girls and start singing. (Hey, a man can dream can't he) Unfortunately, he most likely won't, because I am sure that a pardon has already been promised, or at least it better had be, or that Scooter book will be a best seller.

I have been reading some republican blogs where they are already blaming the jury. (insert OJ jury references here) They were biased, the trial shouldn't have been in D.C. where there is a 90% democratic registration, they weren't smart enough to understand the law, blah blah blah. All I can say is that I am proud of these people that sat on the jury, someone had to punish this f****g administration. And Patrick Fitzgerald did a great job in his closing arguments by making this trial about the Bush administration, which it was. And the jurors did their job and made sure that justice was served. In the end, they didn't believe the sometimes my memory is bad defense, (speaking of defense; Scooter, a little word of advise, the next time you are faced with these types of charges, you might want to save your money. Dropping $800 an hour on the Holy Cross classmate of Uncle Clarence Thomas, Ted Wells, and still getting convicted on four out of five charges ain't gonna cut it) and like everyone else in the country, they realized what a bunch of evil lying snakes inhabit the White House, and what a pernicious effect they have had on our democracy.

So good luck Scooter, I hope your boy stands by you... whoops, that's right, he can't stand, he has a blood clot in his leg. "Oh field you are so mean." Yeah, and over 3,100 American are so dead.

I'm out.


rikyrah said...

Scooter will never see a day in jail. Not even Club Fed. He's the fall guy. The patsy. He's taking one for the team.

But, someone had to go down for this. The right people didn't go down...but someone did.

I shake my head in disgust at the GOP trying to insult the jury. Faux News Network has nearly gone crazy...LOL

Connecticut Man 1 said...

Tweety was saying on hardball last night that Fitz made it clear that Libby could call him. I guess he is hoping that the few decades of leverage he has on scooter will flip him into giving the real story and, possibly, cheney.

I think he will end up doing time because bush can't afford to pardon with 2 years out in his term, and most are saying the longest libby has on appeals and all is 1 year before he has to begin to serve.

I will not be surprised to see him in jail for a year before he gets his pardon. Just as bush is going out the door. Too early and he loses all control of the spin. Though, he has little control right now.

Then again... Maybe bush will get impeached before he can grant a pardon? (I know: Wishful thinking! lol)

C-dell said...

The Bush administration does nothing, but lie, pass blame, and basically whatever they want by lying and passing the blame. The Bush administration is a bunch of crooks. They won't take responsibilty for anything. They are a shame on the american people. I really can not stand the things that these people do for what power, self rightious attitude toward the American people.

field negro said...

I think we are all equally outraged, not at Scooter lying to the feds, but at what led to this investigation in the first place-
Deceiving the American people in order to make a case for war.

Sadly, I have already heard the spinning from the likes of the FAKE NEWS NETWORK, and the Kool Aide drinkers on the right.

plez... said...

i'm still upset that this "lying" wasn't connected to a crime (i.e. Using lies as the compelling reason for going to war against a sovereign nation that had done NOTHING to the U.S.).

"Fall Guy" Libby will probably get 2-3 years and will be out in time for his family's Thanksgiving Dinner, later this year! And those weasels Cheney and Rove are still roaming the countryside gloating over how they beat the rap. And we still have young men and women over in Iraq dying for their lying!

justice58 said...

I am outraged at The Fake News Network. Did you see their report on the Libby story?...."Scooter Libby found not guilty of lying to the FBI". They have suddenly gone soft on crime since it's one of their conservatives doing the crime. Oh My God....when will this BS stop?

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