Monday, September 17, 2007

The Shunning

So what are you doing on September 27, 2007, at around 9:00 PM? Well, if you are a republican candidate, running for president of these (not so) United States, I know what you won't be doing; you won't be hanging out at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. Mmmmmm, I wonder why? Could it be because this is the black folks debate hosted by that uppity Negro, Tavis Smiley, at a predominantly black University ? Gee, let me see now.....yeah, I am going to take a wild guess and speculate on this one. I am going to say that not one of the leading republican candidates would want to jeopardize his red state vote by showing up at the "live at the Apollo" debates. You see it's like this, unfortunately for Tavis, they have their own little covenant too. But unlike his, their covenant is with their white conservative base, and there is no way in hell that they are going to participate in a debate that his black behind moderates.

But if you hear my man, the potential moderator, Tavis Smiley tell it, the debate will go on. This, in spite of the fact that the republican candidates are treating him like the Dixie Chicks at a FOX NEWS picnic. So all four of the leading candidates bailed out on you huh Tavis. Hey, don't feel bad, they did it to my Hispanic brothers and sisters too. But unlike you, my Hispanic bothers and sisters told them to go and fuck themselves, and canceled their debates. But what did you expect Tavis, that the leading republican candidates for president would actually debate each other with you as host? And, at a HBC (That's historically black college for my readers who aren't in the know) no less. Come on Tavis, don't tell me you are one of these people in America that really believes that republicans care about your vote? Don't tell me you actually believe that shit? You must have lots of black republican friends; that could be the only explanation for your naivity.

"There is a pattern here. When you tell every black and brown request that you get throughout the primary process that 'no, there's a scheduling problem. That's a pattern... Are we really supposed to believe that all four of these guys couldn't make it because of scheduling?" No Tavis, you are not. And quite frankly, they don't give a damn what you think. They are republican candidates for president trying to get out of a republican primary. They won't find their Kumbaya moment until the general election rolls around. That is when they will have to convince the rest of the country that they are kind, compassionate republicans; the kind of republicans who takes pictures with little black children, and who loves to quote MLK.

"I told them I thought they were making a grave mistake and I thought they should reconsider" Yeah right Tavis, just don't hold your breath.


Lisa said...

I heard Tavis talking about this on Tom Joyner's show the other morning. He did say that the show would go on and that there would be a powerful statement made when the camera shows the empty podium where those four were to stand. he encouraged Democratic opponents to use that image (empty podium) as they continued to campaign. I think that if those images are used, they will make a powerful statement. There won't be so many of "us" duped by "our" religious leaders this time if we are inundated by these images.

The Angry Independent said...

On target once again Brother Field...

There is no incentive at this point (since it is the Primary season) for the Repubs to talk it up with Black voters. In fact, they have every incentive to stay away. They don't want to scare off their Conservative White Male base. This is especially the case when they are competing to see who can be the most Reagan-like Republican.. or perhaps I should say, Governor Wallace-like Republican. They have been talking tough on the foreign policy front...arguing about who could be the biggest warmonger...who could be the John Wayne Gun slinger that the Republican faithful are desperate for. The same is true on the domestic front. They can't be associated with a Black event.

But once the primaries are out of the way... you may see a slight turnaround... You will probably see one of the top Republicans all of a sudden get the "Holy Ghost" and you will see his face in a Black Church somewhere in America. I am willing to bet a months worth of gas money that one will pop up in a Black Church... talking that "I love you all.... no I really do" nonsense.

And i'm sure they already have a budget set aside for the purchase of a few Black trinkets... oops, I meant Preachers. And you know that these Preachers will all have their "For Sale" signs posted knowing that there will be a lot of money to be made from the candidates.
This cycle repeats itself every 4 years.

On the other hand though.. this is a reason that Black voters should stop operating alone, as if the issues facing Black folks are exclusive to so-called "Black America". Although many of the negative economic and social conditions out there are more pronounced within the Black population centers... they are not unique to Black folks. Many non-Blacks are facing the same problems.

Black voters would be in a stronger position if they allied themselves with other disinfranchised groups... poor and working class Whites, Hispanics, create a more powerful voting block or coalition. Blacks are not even the biggest minority group in the Country anymore... which makes it easy for these candidates to walk away without fear of political consequences.

Black issues are Americas issues... and the Black elite have to figure that out real soon. If not, Black voters will continue to be written off.

Of course the fundamental underlying problem is not race politics at all... The issue is the inherently undemocratic 2 party system that we live under. As long as American voters (red, black, red, yellow, etc) lack a viable 3rd and 4th option... they will continue to be taken for granted, disrespected, disinfranchised and for the most part ignored. This is what allows things like Iraq to happen...and it is allowing the War in Iraq to continue with no end in sight. The U.S. will have troops there for decades because the Republicans and Democrats will collude and make it so, despite public opposition. Since voters don't have a 3rd or 4th major party to turn to... they will have to shut up and go along. The politicians in Washington are well aware that voters lack the political leverage in a 2 party dictatorship to do much of anything about the decisions that are being made.

The American voter is essentially left without any real representation.

This is especially the case for most Black voters. Few are advocating for them...and the politicians who are advocating for Black voters are quickly shut out by the elites from both Parties... and legislation seldom even gets past the Committee stage, let alone to the floor of the House and Senate for a Vote.

If Americans want Democracy it will require fundamental changes to the current system- something that I don't see anywhere on the horizon.

Jazzylady said...

well, at least they aren't going to be phony about wanting the black vote because they know they ain't gonna get it.

Woozie said...

Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for ol' DC!

Run or pass and score -- we want a lot more!
Beat 'em, Swamp 'em,
Touchdown! -- Let the points soar!
Fight on, fight on 'Til you have won
Sons of Wash-ing-ton. Rah!, Rah!, Rah!

Hail to the Redskins!
Hail Victory!
Braves on the Warpath!
Fight for ol' DC!

Anonymous said...

It's time for Tavis to stop chasing around Massa waiting and wanting him to recognize the needs of the people. DO you think anyone will gave a damn that there is going to be four empty podiums? I can careless about someone coming along to debate with lip service and faux promises. The Republican party did not have my vote from the start.

Let's not forget what they did to Lennox Yearwood!!!


field negro said...

"And i'm sure they already have a budget set aside for the purchase of a few Black trinkets... oops, I meant Preachers. And you know that these Preachers will all have their "For Sale" signs posted knowing that there will be a lot of money to be made from the candidates.
This cycle repeats itself every 4 years."

Amend A.I., and the beat goes on.

I hope lisa is right about Tavis making an issue of the empty podiums, maybe that imagery would make a statement. Nah...I take that back, at the end of the day, it won't mean squat.

woozie, dem dere is fighten words sir! I hate every one of you stinkin skins fans today.

Oh what the hell: "fly Eagles fly on the road to victory......" ah f*&k it! I can't even do that today.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Tavis is very successfully making the same point with white Republicans that I was making with whitosphere bloggers. They don't want us, and it's no accident that there are none of us participating. Only by very publicly knocking on the door can we prove how very shut the door actually is.

I don't think he should call of the debate. Continuing to publicize it is good street theatre, precisely because it shows - in practice - that working with Republicans is a lost cause.

In spite of their kumbaya rhetoric, the Republicans are no more likely to reach out to Blacks than the blogs that are supporting John Edwards are going to put Black bloggers on their blog lists.

Anonymous said...

Well, if these Republicans purchase a few black prosperity pimps, oops sorry, I meant preachers, like they did the years prior, We should take the time to expose the preachers on the hypocrisy, distribute flyers to his congregation, and boycott their arses!

AKA Lynn

Christopher Chambers said...

First off, FN, what is up with Donovan and your boys? It's goodto see jason Campbell holding up the end for black QBs, and Washington DC, as my boy up the parkway Steve McNair sucks ass and your boy a little farther up 95 needs to retire. Maybe they'll suit up Marky Mark like in Invincible...

Now to the meat. I do understand that there's some powerful imagery to be had from the empty podiums. It's a photo op that one can use to beat the living f##ck out of folks like Michael Steele or Booker Rising (yeah I said it!) or these black preachers taking this faith based money. But I think even the most ignorant thug or strident church lady now knows the GOP is full of it and the only thing now is to register folk to vote and make sure the machines aren't rigged. Thus the long term value of this image is questionable. I think you take the photo, you cancel the thing. You tell them to kiss your black ass and you call up the Hispanics (the legal ones hahahaha...sorry) and say we need to sponsor a joint TV commercial. You attack Fox News at every turn with this and force their racist hands with the image. They wil pop. They always do when backed into a corner and then the supposed "thinking white people" who sometimes vote GOP will be put on the spot. Do I throw in with these NASCAR rednecks and anti abortion loonies and Elizabeth Hassleback and Wal mart stockholders who think China is our friend...and now they are outwardly calling folk niggers...or do I man up and vote the rest of these fools out of office? I think that barring another terrorist attack more of these types than you think will vote for a Democrat. hell some will even vote for Hillary-- I think that is the level of "fed up-edness among some whitefolks."

Anonymous said...

That's some racist bullshit, and I hope you were only joking.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

While Tavis was trying to be fair, please remember that what Tavis does, benefits TAVIS; we Black folk get any side benefit that comes out of it.

That Democratic Debate at Howard was nothing more than Showtime At The Apollo, and he tried to repeat it at Morgan State. But like Rikyrah has asked, "Where all the Black Republicans on this? Why are they so silent, you can hear mice pissing on cotton about this snub?"

Only Mike "I love puppies" Steele has come out and called out his Black Republican bretheren.

Where is Star Parker? Angela McGowan? Amy Holmes? LaShawn Barber? Armstrong Williams? Ron Christie? Jason Whitlock? Why haven't they called out their white ReThug and Black ReThug friends on this snub?

The GOP says they want to include minorities in their party. But only if Jose is watering and cutting their grass, while Jemima and Uncle Ben are throwin' down on the grill.

What?! You think they want us at the table discussion of real politics? Hell, NO!

So when my ReThug friends try to persuade me that I have a better chance at getting my issues heard from the GOP, I merely will respond: "Like they were so willing to listen to Tavis Smiley?"

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

And the Negroes I listed are too busy being well-compensated House Negroes who don't want to raise a fuss and get their gigs cancelled by Massa (aka Rupert Murdoch).

Christopher Chambers said...

CPL, be nice to Whitlock. He's not really in that crew. He's NOT a Republican. He's just a professional grumbler and I'm glad he's at least out there to call out rampant gehtto behavior. Is he a creep? Hell yeah. A Republican? Hell no.

rikyrah said...

Well, let's just say that they're actually 'sincere' in wanting to ' reach out'...I have an idea...

Why don't THEY take the place of the Dems in theCBC/Fox News Debate?

Can't be anymore fixed than that.

changeagent said...

I agree with Lisa. I think that it is significant that Tavis has decided to move forward with the debate because, truth be told, quite a few Black people voted Republican in the last Presidential election, believing that the Republicans were "morally" more on target. I think that moreso than worrying about Republicans, the white man and all that stuff though, we need to have more town hall meetings among ourselves to talk about "what the hell is going on". True, all black people are not the same and won't think the same, believe the same, etc., but there has got to be some commonality in moving forwarding economically and politically with the understanding that we are perceived as people equal to others-- mainly whites-- therefore, our strategies and struggles need to encompass a greater sense of unity and recognition of how it affects the whole.
I would love to add my blog to the wonderful list of blogs you have on the right.

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