Wednesday, September 30, 2009

No "Amber Alerts" but at least we have Lakeesha.

If the story I am about to blog about is old news, please forgive me. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for things to get to me. Honestly, if it wasn't for the folks who read this blog I wouldn't know about half of the shit that I do. Lord knows I can't rely on the main stream press to learn anything.

This story came to me thanks to an e-mail from Brenda Kay. (Brenda, are you sure that this story is not a hoax?) And since you will never hear about it from Nancy Grace and those of her ilk, I thought I would share it with you. I will give it to you exactly how it was written by a blogger named Claudette Rothman:

"A 12-year-old pregnant girl and her 11-year-old sister are missing, and authorities believe they are with their stepfather, Matthew Hess.

The girls’ biological mother, Janette Hess, told reporters her husband took her girls on Thursday September 24, and she has not seen them since.

“It’s been a nightmare, I’ve been living in a nightmare,” Hess told reporters.
Authorities said Keara Hess, who hasn’t told anyone who the father of her unborn child is, was scheduled for a medical procedure the day she disappeared. Officials did not say what kind of procedure it was, but they indicated it is one that she needs right away.
Officials said Keara became pregnant when she and her younger sister, Sierra lived with their stepfather in Lincoln County while her parents were separated.
Matthew has been married to the girls’ mother for 11 years.

Authorities said an AMBER alert was not issued because the children are with a legal guardian and this case does not meet the criteria of a missing child.
Matthew Hess was last seen driving a forest green 1993 Ford Explorer with North Carolina tag YTE-8014. Authorities said the back passenger window is broken and covered with Plexiglass and duct-taped in place."

Hmmm, no "Amber Alert"? Well fuck em! I am going to go ahead and put a "Lakeesha Alert" out for these little girls as well. They can join Mitrice Richardson on my sidebar. (BTW, has anyone out in Cali heard anything else about her case?)

I see from that pic that step-dad loves NASCAR. That alone earns him strike one in my book.

But hey, that's just me.

H/T To the blog "Greenwich Diva" for the post. and the pics.


Don't_Chimp_Out said...

Damn field if you didn't want to post tonight thats ok.You could have posted about that white QB in Philly.If he wins another start than McNabb might be the one getting traded not vick.

Don't_Chimp_Out said...

"12-year-old pregnant girl"

Was the stepfather hitin' dat?

Raggy dee Ann said...

Black and missing are keeping up on it but no she has not been found yet. It's not too far from some rugged terrain and who knows in her state of mind she could have gone wondering and fall....or something more sinister.

Raggy dee Ann said...

chimp out your lonley and sad existence isn't going to get better if all you do is release your bitterness annonymously on the internet. And oh don't bring your sink fantasy of "hitin" your daughter to this blog.

Don't_Chimp_Out said...

Well lets see,

She is 12.

She hasn't said who the baby daddy is.

And look at the guy.... He looks like a chester .

They've been found safe before this post and he has been charged with child abuse and child neglect.

Mack Lyons said...

Yes, they have been found:

"An Amber Alert wasn't issued until Tuesday night because the girls were with Hess, officials said. Since he is a legal guardian, the circumstances surrounding the girls' disappearance did not meet the criteria of a missing child. Tuesday night, however, officials changed course and issued an Amber Alert.

Gibson said the decision to activate an Amber Alert was made after "serious discussions" with the pregnant teen's physician."

So they realized that the possibility of finding them dead after not issuing an Amber Alert would raise bucketloads of controversy.

Oh, and who's the father of the baby? The only answer they'll most likely get is when the baby's born. And that'll only be whether to safely rule out the stepfather IMHO.

La♥Incognita said...

What Amber alert? It's reserved.

This is so sickening, it makes me angry. It's highly possible the stepfather is the father of the baby and he unfortunately wanted to rid the hard evidence that was soon coming. He might as well have been raping the younger sister also, so now she too has to perish. It doesn't look good.

I might be wrong, but I'm willing to go out on a further limb here. I want to believe the mother is also a white female who carelessly and stupidly entrusted her girl children in the hands of a monster. My question is, where are their biological father/s? I am sure he's/they are most likely black. If he/they are not dead, why are they not in the lives of their children and protecting them. You don't have to be with the mother to be a father, or to PROTECT and love your children.

I guess picking sperm donors and being "bad mothers" isn't isolated to being black and female. I hope they find these girls unharmed. Damn.

La♥Incognita said...

"They've been found safe before this post and he has been charged with child abuse and child neglect."

There is a God. And they need to charge the mother too. I would never endanger my child, by setting her up to be so vulnerable like this.

Angela said...

How did this dude get custody of two stepchildren? Man, what is this world coming to? Yes, I'm judging, he looks like he'll sleep with his sister let alone an underaged stepdaughter. What a freakin shame.

La♥Incognita said...

Angela, the mother is probably on drugs, he looks that way too. From the looks of him, the only thing they cook is meth.

(and I haven't seen Mr. R around lately either).

Mack Lyons said...

I'm not sure if Mr. R or Franky Boy will want to touch this one. But yeah, he looks like a 5-star Meth chef and connoisseur. I'm still wondering:

1) Who the hell got this 12 year old pregnant, and...
2) where that person is, so he can receive several swift kicks in the family stones.

RainaHavock said...

Okay I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who when they saw this guy had a feeling that he is possibly the father of that girl's baby. Also Field I will admit that I saw Nancy Grace give this a spotlight last night when I was channel surfing. Also I saw it on Headline news.

RiPPa said...

12yr old pregnant? Hmm, can't say this one was bad parenting - the step-dad is white, and obviously he cares about the kids since he stole them.

field negro said...

What? Nancy Grace did something on this? Well I will be. Now I know that anything is possible.
Raina...when did you see it? You must have been watching television really late at night. :)

Seriously, I am glad that they were found. Thanks for that bit of news Mack.

Rippa, you kow you are crazy, right? :)

La~Incognita, you know what I love about you? If it's on your mind you are saying it.

And Angela is not too far behind.

Monie said...

Does anyone know what ever happened to that Black news channel J.C. Watts was trying to start?

We def need our own news channel so we can hear about stuff like this and the disappearance of Mitrice Richardson.

field negro said...

Monie, I haven't heard anything else about it. Maybe one of our black republican friends can give us the scoop on that one.

focusedpurpose said...

hi FN-

i am not tryingn to be funny. i am being serious.

do you and other bm care about bw/bgs when the perpetrators are also bm?

or, are you fellas only able to get concerned when the perp is non blk?

'cause that would mean folks are NOT caring far more than they are.

for the record, white america doesn't really care what happens with bfolks. they are too focused on themselves. maybe bfolks could emulate that? why do folks keep thinking this will or should change sometime soon?

thanks for letting me share.


Anonymous said...

So she needed a c-section. It sounds like this fool has been messing around with his girls and at 11 years with them they're his girls same as blood. How could anyone do something like that to his child? I hope it's something else like marital problems + idiocy but I don't think so. What a sick, sick, world. This on top of that little boy who was locked in the closet by his momma for 4+ years...


field negro said...

Focusedpurpose,I appreciate the question. I don't know about the other BM's but I try to call them how I see them.

I have nothing but love for the BF blogs out there,but I am not sure if the feelings are mutual.

Roderick said...

Yeah these poor girls need to be placed in foster care asap.

When I heard that a 12 year-old girl was pregnant the first thing that came to mind was intra-family incest.

And whoever stated that the mom needs to go to jail also is on point. Why anyone would allow their child to go with their estranged spouse is beyond stupid.

Rich said...

Yeah I noticed the Nascar reference right away and thought...hmmm he sure looks the part but we can't always judge by what we see alone. If I were to guess I would say this guy has some cognitive issues and ADHD as well as being a Nascar fan all are strikes against him. Not defending him, just making an assumption.

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Ok so why do we have to wait for situations like this to occur in the first place.If we were not so selfish we would try to get to know our neighbors and be in a postion to reach out!

alicia banks said...

ditto fn:

tragic but no shock

most kids are 12/13 in 7th grade

talk to any 7th grade teacher
they will tell you that MANY girls
are sexually active and MANY are active with young stepfathers

the cougars are not protecting their cubs

talk to any 9th+ grade teacher and they will tell you that such toxic stepdads/resident lovers often use stepdaughters to host brothels of peers...especially if the elder bio mother works nights

when i tell you that we have lost MORE than a generation, again, like bill cosby i am being far too reticent and kind


alicia banks said...

ps fn:

i saw this on nancy g too

i think you are being really unfair to nancy g

i love her...

i would love to see a 24 black news channel do much better than nancy too...

BigmacInPittsburgh said...

Nancy Grace is not to be trusted,go look at her track record from the DA's office in Fulton County,Georgia.All that talk is just that talk from Nancy Grace!

alicia banks said...


i have never seen a noble prosecuter...the racist just-us system is nationally and hopelessly corrupt

but i love nancy's increasingly thorough cnn show...

LisaMJ said...

This is such a sad story, a pregnant 12 year old. This really knocked me for a loop b/c that girl looks a lot like me when I was 12, even the same hairstyle. What that poor child is going through is so horrible.

Brenda said...


Thank you so much for posting this story on your blog. And while it's great news that these two young sisters have been found alive and safe. My blood pressure is still at roof level, given the fact that there has been next to nothing in the national media about this story. Especially given the circumstances.

And I still don't understand why an Amber Alert was announced immediately for these two young girls. Hell, I've seen Amber Alerts flashed across the TV screens repeatedly, and the kid in question hadn't been missing for more than 15 minutes.

I just hope and pray that the proper state authorities will take whatever steps are necessary to remove these two young girls from a home situation that is clearly unsafe and perhaps criminal and abusive in nature.

Anonymous said...

Great post, field.

Black women, let this be a wake up call to you.

I guarantee you 98% of young black girls who are missing were abducted by white males, probably in situations like this.

And now we got all these women running around hooking up with these white men thinking shit going to work out. Don't come back to us when your daughter comes up missing and ol Cleatus is headin' for the Mexican border. Wouldn't have happen if you didn't turn your back on the black family.

jim2 said...

it is time to tkae back this country

copy and paste this link everywhere you go on the web.

Anonymous said...

OK, this is one of those "Doctors Jokes" you won't here on "The Doctors"...
"Watta ya call a pregnant black 12 yr old???"

"A Multip" bada boom!!!

See, a "Multips" doctor slang for "Multiparous", latin for umm "already had a baby"...isn't that FUNNY!!!!!

For the Record, every pregnant 12 yr old I've seen has been a "Primagravida", Latin for "First Baby"

And your OB/GYN will act all offended if you ask him/her about it, it's that whole Doctor Mafia thing...

and don't even ask me what "BM" stands for...


kathy said...

I am guessing that the step-father is the adoptive father, they all have the same last name, and I read somewhere that the father and children were living together, and the mother was living somewhere else.

It does seem like the father might be the one who got her pregnant, but then, why take her away the day she is suppposed to have the "medical proceedure", which sounds like code for an abortion.

i am glad that the girls were found, but i can't help worrying about what will happen to those children in social services, or if they will try to seperate the 12 year old from her baby. A good bet that they would try to do something like that.

Devona said...

Well Mitrice Richardson is still missing. But the family has hired an attorney and are holding a press conference this afternoon in LA. Apparently they now have the communications between dispatch and the restaurant in their possession. It's an interesting development, but the conclusion to this story is looking like a pretty tragic one. Here's the link

kathy said...

how about this piece of crap mother who says that it's partly the baby's fault that they didn't bond, and now is capitalizing on her shitty action of getting rid of him.

kathy said...

Thank you for the new link.

I am curious if the police dept. has tapes of Mitrice being released from the jail or other tapes of her? Don't police dept.s have tapes of the things going on in jail? I bet those tapes would tell a lot more of this story. So, now, the restaurant
insisted that she be arrested? I thought they were "concerned for her" or some thing like that.

focusedpurpose said...


thanks for your response.

i ask my question because i don't know if you recall; when dunbar village happened and al sharpton came out in support of the poor victimized bmale predators NOT the bw and her son, i wrote to you and all the other bmale bloggers asking you to say something. i don't think you ever bothered. correct me if i am wrong. don't feel bad, quite a few of the black male bloggers stood mute despite their platforms. the trial is underway now...still...crickets...

which is why i asked after seeing this post if ya'll bm can get upset when bw and bgs are disrespected and denigrated by bm? or is doing the al sharpton all bm can be counted on. the al sharpton is stirring up racial tensions between bm and wm. yet, if bw mention anything about the existing tensions between bw and ww and the widely embraced and reinforced white supremacist notions surrounding femininity and beauty from which they benefit greatly---we're just jealous. lol! utter uselessness. wfolks do not owe bfolks anything. at what point do we as a people grasp that truth and redirect our energies to fixing our own problems like everyone else?

if you look at the statistics for bgs in this country, impregnating and diseasing them is in much greater number BM's favorite pasttime. bw and bgs are getting the disease from who? since there are very small numbers of bm around to protect them, bgs are often targeted. their fathers don't care and the rest of the world follows suit in not caring. did i miss the post on Karl Malone impregnating a pre-teen here? that fool has name recognition and no one makes a peep. there are many more like him without name recognition.

so...if "brothas" want to continue to pretend like white folks (scratch that---WM because ww do no wrong THEY were/are victims of sexism and can't be held responsible for anything. accountability and responsibility is a bw/bg thing. lol!) are the only ones that think sexing children is acceptable, or that wm are the only serial killers and all the other junk some bfolks tell themselves to keep from getting real...ok. that should make things better. not.

FN i love you enough to tell the truth as i understand it and to visit your blog and speak. it is all love:-)

lol @ anon 12:22 PM! bw raped, brutalized and die at the hands of BM more than anyone else. i wish it were NOT so. it is what it is.

and out of curiousity, WHERE are the mia bm? i know sistas that are stuck waiting for one, maybe you could help me help them? (i am NOT speaking of felons and serial baby daddies either. you know, bm bm) lol! you are funny. thanks for making me laugh while discussing serious issues.

blessings all,

Black Diaspora said...

Field, thanks for the sidebar honor and recognition.

focusedpurpose said...


the link you posted is nothing new. that woman just had the courage to come out and speak about it.

i call the age old practice "evidence dumping". evidence dumping today has replaced cries of rape from yesterday. it seems that in quite a few cases non bw never consider that they may produce black looking off-spring as a result of sexing bm. so these children go into the system and she coifs up and goes on her merry way in pursuit of a suitable wm to marry who will provide for her. when pressed, she will deny deny deny that she used to be THAT wgirl. i know quite a few of these women. they crack me up. they secretly were in hot pursuit of my male relatives. they now turn and go in the other direction with their whusbands when they see me. lol!

i have personally seen this scenario play out often in real life. my only gripe:

please don't keep labelling these children "black". ww, aw, hw and all other women's unwanted children with bm get added to the bw's tab when folks start talking about babies in the system. it is a lie and further tarnishes the image of bw. we have a long list of ww's children that everyone calls black. from the president to halle berry and it quite frankly gets on my nerve. it is only so because bpeople are lacking in self respect and accept what other self respecting nations reject. smh and moving on.

blessings all,

Anonymous said...

"and out of curiousity, WHERE are the mia bm? i know sistas that are stuck waiting for one"

We out here. Yall just don't see us, youd rather date the thug or Biff. Forcing good black men to settle for white and hispanic women.

My only advice to your friends is keep waiting. The white man brainwashed us to want white women and mexican and asian, but there nothing like a black woman and the black men are realizing this.

So just keep waiting even if for 100 years. If you need sex yall know we got you covered any time. Just don't turn your back on the black family. Its up to black women. Black men cant be blamed. We got our own shit.

Adam said...


I honestly I hope this is not a case where the stepfather has been sexually involved with this child.

It is very rare that I post comments on your site that are filled with emotion, but this will be those one of those rarities.

As a father of two daughters - 13 & 9, it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to stomach stories like this.

Field, I do not know if you are a parent, but when you start posting stories of little girls like this, my own emotions (as a man, as husband, as a dad) start getting volatile.

I grew up south of Chicago. My father was a police officer. I saw a lot while riding around with him in the squad car. near Chicago, I have seen a lot (period). But I have not seen anything that can help me explain what sort of sick, twisted, mental & emotional condition and/or issues that drive the members of my own race & gender (white & male) to be disproportionately represented as convicted child rapsists and molesters in this country.

Once again, I hope this is not the case.

All too often, I think a lot about the hopes of young mothers - black...Latin American (Hispanic)....white...etc....whose hope for solid and loving relationship with dashed gets dashed like pottery. As if that is not bad enough...the children are at risk of harm.

This young mother, Janette Hess, mostly likely fell in love with this man and hoped and prayed he would be a good and decent father too.

If I die not having accomplished anything memorable or meaningful in this life, I hope that I will have died knowning that I have been a good husband to my wife and my three children.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 5:44 PM-


there was another word i wanted to put in front of please. heavy conditioning to be lady-like prevented my doing so. you owe great thanks to my parents.

go back and re-read what you had the audacity to write. bw don't need to be sexed. they need to be partnered with men that are capable of managing their "shit" and doing what needs to be done to uplift the family. you know that is the MAN'S job. it is NOT up to bw. you are seeing the effects of bw trying to sustain and live that lie. any bw foolish enough to buy that bs at this point DESERVES to suffer. i was in agreement with bill cosby until he got to that crappy line of reason. dating out is the only sensible conclusion to reach. after all, people are just people right? bm in their selfish, self serving stupor can't bring themselves to tell that simple truth. bw MUST stop acting like black skin=friend or mate. it does not.

all the sexing with no honor or commitment is evidenced by bw being synonymous with baby mamas. the decent bm's refusal to call it is yet another reason we see black folks headed to permanent underclass in this nation. men regulate the behavior of men. yes, trifling low life men exist in ALL colors. peep the laws and tell me you cannot see that wm have provided for this very fact. while bm keep making excuses....and babies they have no intention of providing for nor protecting...IT IS SOMEONE ELSE'S FAULT!

my sisters i tell you help is NOT on the way. leave these clowns alone post haste. if you listen, they will show and tell you EXACTLY where they are coming from. and true to form, it is in THEIR best interest for you waste your time here on earth with their trifling ill adjusted behinds. wait a hundred years this one WROTE. lol! hold your breath on that one buddy! ALL folks have struggles. bm need to take their minds off of their penises and put it on handling their business by any means necessary. handling their business means handling the business of meeting the needs of the black nation. if bm don't care or have given up, bw can't afford to care. despite what folks try to say, the beauty of bw has ALWAYS been appreciated by others. ww know this and THIS is why quite a few behave, in large numbers, so relentlessly in their dealings with bw. but if we say it we are just jealous. maybe bm are jealous of wm too. God knows bm have no problem with oppression and exploitation. look at how bw/bgs are routinely treated. it seems bm are envious that they haven't figured out how to do it big and reap great financial wm? no?

for the record, bw have also been taught through images and other non stop messages that white is what time it is. DESPITE this, until most recently, bw have stood, believing in bm to get their poop in a group. why are bm so feeble minded and incapable of resisting the same indoctrination that bw do regularly in greater numbers? aren't men supposed to be stronger than women? bm are coddled to their demise. those that don't care either way will shine you on. those that love you will tell you the truth. the truth isn't always pretty.

sisters...WAKE UP. PAY ATTENTION. DO WHAT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST AT ALL TIMES. babies with negroes with this mentality will create hell on earth for you and your children. DON'T HAVE BABIES WITH FOLKS THAT SPEAK AND IDENTIFY THEMSELVES AS FOOLS. THE FRIENDS OF FOOLS SHALL SUFFER. the women and children of fools shall suffer and die. ask the right questions. save yourself. heaven and hell exists on earth! which do you want to experience in this life?

i am focusedpurpose and i approve of this message.


focusedpurpose said...

to the apologetic white guy-

i have a question for you.

have you ever considered that it might be beneficial to some to depict white men in this light?

THAT is why i asked the questions i did of the blog host. if you are committed to al sharptoning that makes sense. stir up the tensions and stereotypes. i think sharpton pimps corporations for his efforts. he stirs racial tensions to eat, though if you look, you can see it is not as profitable as it used to be.

have you or anyone else noticed that when bm do something heinous or stupid, folks start talking about their MOTHER? ever wondered why when wm show out---and they do regularly, make no mistake---NO ONE ever talks about their MOTHERS?

lol! it is hilarious at this point to me. when folks get a chance, start reading and researching who are the gatekeepers that make the decisions about a lot of the images we see. connect the dots folks. i believe it is done for the same reason bw are much maligned by bm. when bm finish "settling" for non bw they want to have their veritable harems in tact. when ww finish being sexually liberated, bashing the hell out of wm, they want their good ole trusty providers right there...waiting. lol. peep the game.

folks can only be brainwashed if they allow themselves to be. much like anything else. played? you allowed it. emasculated? you allowed it. impregnated? you allowed it....

ok, i am done over in the fields today. i am headed back out to the swamps, maroon that i am. the field and house negro are BOTH still slaves on the plantation. give me free.


La♥Incognita said...

Thanks field, I really appreciate your respect and understanding.

Bravo FP at 4:56 pm.

"lol @ anon 12:22 PM! bw raped, brutalized and die at the hands of BM more than anyone else. i wish it were NOT so. it is what it is. '

Thank you. And I'm convinced he/she was being a troll with that pathetic whopper. Interesting, the father/s of those girls sure wasn't thinking about the "black family" when he dropped and neglected his seeds in the meth park.

"other women's unwanted children with bm get added to the bw's tab when folks start talking about babies in the system. it is a lie and further tarnishes the image of bw."

You made a great observation. I agree. I too am slowly changing the views I had on claiming black biracials (particularly the ones who don't want to be claimed). Which brings me to your next point below...

"it is only so because bpeople are lacking in self respect and accept what other self respecting nations reject.'

I've been struggling with mix feelings on this for some time. Especially seeing that there are black people who mentally detach themselves from the black race anyway. So I always figured if someone has a non-black/white parent, they might as well be given the benefit regardless (even if it was based on visual appearance). I think for some black biracial people, being "black" or not, tends to lean on personal experiences, a particular frame of mind towards blackness, or/and home influence. So that partly is where my open arms mentality geared from. I think I might also have bias or confusion because I have a parent who is black/white biracial (and who has openly claimed blackness all his life).

"it seems that in quite a few cases non bw never consider that they may produce black looking off-spring as a result of sexing bm.'

Exactly. And then there are others, who sometimes make me wary when they insist their blackish children are to be called "blracial". As if to separate and "protect" their children from "blackness". All while also mentally avoiding the "black" association for themselves.

Forgive me for babbling, I have to refine or re-evaluate my thoughts a little more on these issues..

btw Alicia, young girls are not being "sexually active" with their stepfathers, they are being raped, period.

kathy said...

Focused Purpose,

"the link you posted is nothing new. that woman just had the courage to come out and speak about it."

maybe i posted the wrong link, mine was about a woman who adopted a baby, didn't want the baby anymore,found him a new home, and is now capitalizing on this experience.

Anonymous said...

Focused Purpose,

It's within black men's self interest to keep black women in their box. One of those ways is to up play dangerous, racist, white men and down play black men who are out of control. For example, this is article in contrast to something like Dunbar Village. Sharpton does the same thing. Black women are the backbone of the community. If they are allowed to divest it would be the end of black men's gravy train: No more single and easy sex toys; no more misled black women supporting the church; no more shock troops for marches that defend black men and their issues and leave behind black women and the rampant sexism they experience.

field negro said...

Devona, thanks for the info.

Devona said...

Can't help but say I am astonished at the nerve of a black man saying black woman are too busy chasing after thugs and Biffs. And that's why they are dating white and Asian woman. What world does this brother live in?

The Dunbar Village story is a tragic one. And since FN is the only one willing to say it, yeah what is up with black male responsibility, for the children they make, for the violence they put out in the world and for the ignorance they spew!

There are some good people out there of all colors and genders but black woman have historically been and still continue to carry the weight of the black family. And the message I keep getting from all these stories about juvenile crime, gang violence, is that they just can't do it by themselves much longer.

Anonymous said...


I just got to say, You have put the Field Negro and the House Negro in their place. I got to "Give you Free." Go on, you got your Freedom paper.

Devona said...

I meant white and Hispanic women. And Focused Purpose, just when I thought the brothers had all the sisters fooled. Damn, I like this blog

kathy said...

focused purpose, i know that you are really Alicia Banks posing, i figured that out by something you said, black men are just as good as any other man, what i want to say, i won't. asshhole.

focusedpurpose said...

hey Kathy-

lol! did i spill the beans and all you can do in the face of truth names? lol! hope your petulant immature display makes you feel better. my message was not for you sweetie. don't be offended. it's all good:-) integration has served me well. studying behavior puts me ahead of the game. wish more of my black brothers and sisters would get some of that.

La, i understand why ww insist their babies born to non white men are biracial. it is called self respect. bfolks would do well to get some.

i say this with biracial folks in my family as well. IF they could claim white they already have. the rest are stuck and we open our arms and accept them. only to watch them flip and flop, which is their right mind you, when it proves advantageous to do so. IF one was to study the uses of this group in this country and around the world, they would see that embracing them and acting like we are one and the same is the lunacy that only the black folks have indulged in.

still laughing at kathy...thank you. laughter is good for the soul.

" black men are just as good as any other man"

as evidenced by the overwhelming condition of their women and children. and rather than make change, they make excuses. ok, if you insist.

girl, if you are in white skin, you don't need to reach so far nor try so hard, you are already at the front of the line regardless of WHAT else is going on with you. lol! come and get 'em! hilarity at its finest. breathe and know that it is alright already. lol!

for the record, AB and i are like-minded in many ways, however, we are two VERY DIFFERENT people. nice try though.

Anon @ 7:45 PM we are saying the same thing sis and thanks for my papers. i wasn't asking though, i seized them awhile ago. folks won't give you freedom, you have to take it. don't ask permission or apologize for taking your freedom. oppression sucks and it really doesn't matter who is oppressing you imo. more bw MUST get this. stat.

Devona, i, too, love this blog:-) obviously. lol!

focusedpurpose said...

another thought...

sometimes, i have learned, it pisses ww off that bw are NOT pissed off by their unions w/ bm. the very thought that bw are not perceiving ww's presence as a threat but a favor...omg! they can't handle it. they only want it if they think we do.

this cracks me up.

now, i am familiar with what i wrote and am still unclear as to why the good Kathy would be offended. unless she is a thin skinned, sensibilities of a little girl, can't handle grown convos nor the truth bm. lol!

we all know, if we will have the courage to tell it, that the most out of shape, run down, uneducated ww will receive 5 star treatment from the average brainwashed bm just because she is white skinned, so what difference does it make to ww if i hip other sisters to the game? oh, that's right, if more sisters lost the screw face when they saw these couples and went for the BEST MAN for them rather than the best BM for them, then THAT switches up the game.

lol! Kathy you are cute.

thanks for making me laugh so hard and the teachable moment. you rock!

blessings to you in abundance dear,

Devona said...

The thing I like most about this blog is you guys go all over the place and come right back to race. It's pretty damn impressive how layered the conversation gets.

I have my own theory of biracial though. I am not biracial but I was thinking about this interview I saw with Mia (not sure the spelling) Rudolph of SNL. You know she is the clearly biracial woman on the show. Usually does the sister girl as well as Jewish girl bits. Well she is the daughter of Minnie Ripperton, a really beautful black singer from the seventies who died from cancer at the height of her career. Her daughter was raised entirely by her white husband. He remarried and, according to her, she never felt at home in either cultures. White folks and black folks treated her strangely. As an adult, she has been crit. by black folks for not choosing. And she's just not having it.

The reason I bring her up is I am from Seattle, and there is no less a sister friendly place (in the eyes of brothers) than Seattle. I actually think black men form the south move there just to date white women. The consequence of that: There are a hell of a lot of white women raising black kids by themselves. So, should we really take offense as black people when these biracial people don't automatically identify as being black. Many are not being raised in black homes and many are certainly not being raised by black men. How are they automatically suppose to know who they are? And why should we assumed they must be denying their identity because they don't try to adapt to a foreign culture simply because that is how they are perceived by society.

After all, even B.O. confesses he had to learn as an adult what it meant to be a black man.

Anonymous said...

In Texas we issue an AMber Alert even if their with a parent, if their over due it gets put out ;=)

alicia banks said...

li/kola & katty:

both of you ignorant bitches are insane

i NEVER EVER post as anon or under ANY name other than my birth name of "alicia banks"...ANYWHERE!!!

i clearly stated that race and class had nothing to do with this bs

how many millions of people/posters herein missed r. kelly raping a baby girl who "consented" on tape and was so "sexually active" until he is still scott free????

millions of elder scrubs/pedophile dogs are sexing pre-teen girls who happen to be their "stepdaughters"...legally ot common law

and all you 2 trifling bimbos can fret about is splitting hairs over vocab/race mixing????


Anonymous said...

Alicia Banks needs some serious meds.

alicia banks said...


there is no med for courage that would help you grow the spine needed to buck up and show your face/name...

so you and your selective bs are hopelessly irrelevant and invisible herein

it is always toxic cowards like you who post anonymously/in other's names as you accuse others of doing the same weak gaming herein...

alicia banks said...


say wha????

why are you dogging black men???
especially in this post about a wm kidnapper????

fp and i sound NOTHING alike anyway!!!


i do not mention race mixing nor do i hate black men

i DO hate bimbo shrews like you!!!!

focusedpurpose said...


i don't think biracials have to choose. they are both. it is sheer lunacy and utter lack of self respect that makes bfolks feel they must choose black. that craziness also lacks historical perspective.

you said:

"...I actually think black men form the south move there just to date white women. The consequence of that: There are a hell of a lot of white women raising black kids by themselves..."

yep. maybe these ww are "psycho" or are not "letting" these males be men, or are "keeping them from seeing their children", or pick anyone of the MANY excuses that we hear for why bw are parenting solo when it comes to bm's children.


folks could get real and recognize who is more times than not mia when it comes to shouldering the responsibility for their sexual choices and actively participating in the lives of the children that result from those choices. but then that convo has been taken off the table because anyone doing it is accused of "bashing", "demonizing" and/or "victimizing" bm. it seems folks are too cowardly to have those convos.

on a different note, as bw mate out more, they may consider how their non blk mates feel about their babies automatically being labelled blk. other self respecting people may take offense to that just as i have taken offense to the long list of ww's babies that have come to represent blackness thanks to the media.

bw birth the blk nation.
ww birth the wht nation.

when folks choose to mix it up, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it as far as i am concerned, those babies are a mixture of both. and both deserve to be acknowledged. that was my original point.


hi sis. i am without apology focused and purposeful about discussing what is in the best interests of bw. i see you do the same for interests of homosexuals. you don't need to adjust that nor apologize for it.

i read clearly when you stated that it was not about race, but bad parenting across the board. thank God for reading comprehension.

i deliberately mentioned race because i am no longer going to be quiet when i see clearly that bm only seem to care about what is happening to bw/bg when they can take yet another jab at wm, while BM out rape and out murder wm as it relates to bw/bg.

bm do this while writing passes for and jumping through every hoop to secure the affections of white-er skinned women. so their hostilities are not about justice or concern for bw/bg AT ALL. it is not my job to make folks comfortable while they insult my intelligence. i.see.clearly.

far be it from me NOT to call it out.

i am not sure why there is so much rancor and name calling on the thread. i can see clearly that picking on AB is a recurring theme though. you hold your own sis. i am not mad at you.

for the record, i took it as a compliment that i was mistaken for you:-) i think you are smart and your contributions make this blog more interesting.

alicia banks said...



i respect you even when we disagree...

and i despise katty's super fake jungle fevered missionary teena marie meets mother theresa bs herein always


focusedpurpose said...


be REAL clear. i don't hate bm. at all.

i love bm. i know they are capable of MUCH more than what we are seeing presently.

it is my love for bm that prompts me to speak as i do. it is a disgraceful shame that the provider/protectors of the bnation are being used to TAKE IT OUT.

don't have a problem with race mixing either. lol! i like men. all colors. they simply need to be decent and demonstrate that they know what their two primary roles are. it is for this reason i have not experienced this so-called man shortgage that so many sistas are talking about.

and i think in the emotion of it all you misread something along the way. my new fan Kathy was not dogging bm either:-) i think she was racing to rescue them from all the straight talk i offered up.

create a beautiful day AB. that's my plan.


alicia banks said...


i completely understand your valid points!

and katty's fabrication was an accidental/backhanded compliment to me too!

i am trilingual and a formal comnm FN, i can name call with the best!


i wonder if eminem (enema) had dissed beyonce the way that kanye dissed taylor, would bm have TRULY protected bey the way wm did taylor?...NOT

i agree with you!...
i will never let a played out wf trick like katty or a global stray rabid female mutt like li/kola play you and i against each other?

nahmean sista?

much love and respect

alicia banks said...


i love real bm too

but only the real kings
never the court jesters as those you righteously lament...

and i agree with you on biracials too...they ARE both races!...i hate those who diss obama's SWF mom by calling him black!...

i also feature an ongoing tribute to "men i love" of all races at
my blog:

see more on biracials and bm i love here:


chris reid of "kid 'n play" has been on
a media tour about being biracial too...he has some really wise and deep things to say about his jamaican single dad and the irish mom/kin who rejected him...

alicia banks said...


see new info on domestic abuse and bfs

wonder if chris brown and his fans have seen it yet?

may god bless us all

focusedpurpose said...

hi AB-

i don't spend time fighting with folks. i can count on one hand those significant enough to me to really dig in and go to war with or on behalf of. lol! i conserve my energy the rest of the time:-)

when i was younger, i was taught that plain talk was bad manners, however, in some situations, it HAD to be done. i do it when i visit this and other blogs and feel compelled to comment.

bfolks are dying in alarming numbers because folks refuse to plain talk it. the protectors of the community can ONLY get riled up when they get to take jabs at the wm, while the bm has become a raping, murdering, criminal monstrosity. bw/bg a dishonored collective mess. ON OUR WATCH. our demise as a people is entertainment for others. yet, we keep making excuses and refusing to call it. when wfolks get fed up or their security threatened by the criminal madness that for some (blk, wht and all colors) is synonymous with blkness, just watch what happens next. decent blk folks better grow some we owe it to our ancestors, our children and ourselves.

so, no worries, i refuse to be played or pitted against another sista or brotha for that matter. from your comment it seemed that i need to clarify, that's all.

not sure what your beef with La is, hopefully you guys can work it out. sistas bickering is not a good look. Kathy tickles me. how can anyone become angry with her incoherent comments? lol! though you said:

"and i despise katty's super fake jungle fevered missionary teena marie meets mother theresa bs herein always"

and i have to tell you, that was priceless. lmbao! oooohhh AB is showing out. lol!

as it relates to eminem marshall mathers. he has ALREADY dissed bw BEFORE he became a household name. he went don imus with it and made a record while doing it. bfolks helped him get on in an even bigger way as a way to register their disapproval. most bfolks are suffering from what Dr. Bobby Wright termed mentacide.

it is my position and i don't apologize for it...

...if folks got the nerves to do it, i have the nerves to tell them exactly what i think about it.

if it gets me labelled so that folks can process, sobeit. their labels are for them to process my truth as i understand it. the label becomes valid ONLY should i accept it. it is my practice to reject labels in this journey. the ones folks have selected for bw/bg benefits OTHERS more than us. i reject them all day without apology nor asking permission.

ok, off to handle more biz. thanks for the dialogue sis. stay up!

blessings in abundance,

alicia banks said...


ditto my sista!
eloquenlty stated as always...
and ditto to all!

i do pick my battles, but i also admit that the leo/lioness in me can never pass on a chance to sharpen my lethal fangs...

i truly consider li/kola and katty and their entire rabid ab hater posse herein bona fide stalkers...i learned long ago, especially as a radio star, that totally ignoring stalkers may always prove fatal...

have a regal weekend like the queen that you are!

much respect and warrior love!

kathy said...

Focused Purpose, here is what you wrote the other night:
"i was talking to my new beau who happens to be a russian jew about what i see around me so clearly. he freely acknowledged that the reality for bw and bpeople is laid bare for the world to witness and shake their heads at and asked a simple question which shut my mouth. my mouth will FOREVER remain shut to bm on the subject. i will open my mouth only to bw/bgs that demonstrate their understanding that help is NOT on the way and seek to save themselves.

his question, “who/what do you expect to save you when it is your own men that destroy you?”

the rest of the men of the world are focused on saving their women, children and themselves…"

blessings all,

8:27 PM"


I took a lookie at your website too, and it seems kinda weird, you don't like Jewish people on your website, but you dating a Russian Jewish man, which is it?

La♥Incognita said...

Hey FP, I don't see how adamantly refusing your black-looking children to be labeled as "black" has anything to do with white self-respect. As I've hinted above, it may have deeper discrimination or fear connotations behind of it - at least for some. That too is not realistic, if not lunacy.

Why not tell your children to be proud of both heritages, but tell them to understand that society will perceive them as just black - and why not let them know that, that too is ok? Well here is where that black fear association and protectionism from the white (and at times black) parent comes in to play. In other words, if "black" was the supremacy, and "white" was the race denigrated world wide instead, how many of those same white parents (or biracials) would be so adamant to correct people if they or their child was perceived as being just black? Notice how the white parent are not so desperately adamant when their child is half Asian. Like I said, it's not about the parent having white self-respect, they already have that and the privileges that comes with it. They coherently want to "protect" and deliberately disassociate their children from blackness (not saying all white parents). All while hoping that child acquires whatever inherent benefits their white skin association can offer them in society. It's that calculating and deep seeded than just having white self-respect. However sis, I do respect your opinion and view point.

For the record, I'm now understanding why some people feel black biracials should be the one to determine their own racial identity, be it "biracial" or be it just "black". I think it's reasonably based on that person's appearance, personal experiences, as well as environment etc. No matter what, they can never stop others from assuming, and they will not be exempt from the "black treatment" or disdain given by our society towards blackness. Ask Obama and many other black biracials who don't look as ambiguous as Miriah Carrey etc. Also, I have met more black biracial people who have more concern, and love for the black race than many "black" people.

La♥Incognita said...

btw FP... As for Alicia, she does not hold her own. She will have the ultimate meltdown when she can't have her way, or can't induce tyranny others. She's a joke, a self-important fraud. This is her M.O. in order to keep others from challenging her, she tries to intimidate with juvenile attacks and vulgarity. She displays classic bully behavior - smoke screening at best. She knows nothing about "debate", she copies and paste anything that might appear collective. if you notice, when challenged by certain individuals, her thoughts/post are usually spastic and scattered. She doesn't really know how to come back with finesse or anything thought provoking. Her comments then become derailed with the vulgarity, followed by her self-importance and delusional victoriousness.

No one is picking on Alicia. She is way too sensitive for grown conversation and constructive scrutiny. I will not, will not allow her attempt at bullying (she calls it slaying), and her annoying thread dominating to stop me from calling her out on her judgmental hypocrisies etc. - if I so choose. No one fears Alicia, they just don't want to expend the energy fighting or engaging with someone who has proven themselves to be unstable.

I honestly think she needs clinical help, she seems to be between being bi-polar and being schizophrenic. I will prove it to you. She will come after this post and show how sick she is with her name calling tantrums, paranoia, and a million unorganized comments behind each other. And all while she accuses me of being Kola Boof out of the thin blue air. Imagine that. That alone is certifiable. To sum it up, no respectable thought provoking view points will be found, she will then call it "slaying" and "fang" sharpening - akin to an animal. Go figure.

Now, I'm hope I'm proven wrong, I will praise Jeezus and haliluuurya.

focusedpurpose said...

Kathy Kathy Kathy-

you are fuuuuuunny!

so...i too, visited your website and found you over there pondering deep thoughts...

...should you take pics of strangers' fat arses or not...

that too was hilarious. you have blessed me with the gift of laughter. thank you. however, i realized then, that we were not in the same book, much less on the same page:-) i for one cannot get angry with you. it would be like fist fighting with an infant. wrong.

you seem to have a problem understanding that when someone points out a valid observation that it does NOT mean all that fall within that collective are hated by the observer. this is true for me with bm, jews, ww, etc.

i don't hate jews. i do reserve the right to notice that they, collectively, have walked through the blood of bm, bw and bchildren to get through the white door which they promptly slammed and proceeded to perpetuate racist stereotypes about bp as if they had never joined us in the honor of discrimination and lynching in this country. i notice the awful racist stereotypes they perpetuate ALL day through the powerful medium of the media/hollywood. i see clearly the sovereign carnage they leave in their wake in israel/palenstine on america's dime. it does not mean i hate jews. i simply, without apology, hate injustice. i strongly believe that the acceptance of injustice ANYWHERE is a threat to justice EVERYWHERE. it seems rather elementary to me.

my beau is friends with the truth and doesn't flip out as you do when he hears it. he is evolved to the degree that others' valid observations do not render them anti-semitic. THIS is in part how he made it to be my beau.

now...what is interesting to me is how you took all that i wrote and fixated ONLY on my beau being a russian jew and your misguided notions of me hating jews. but then, of all that is happening in the world, you are busy having deep incoherent thoughts about taking pics of strangers' fat arses. lol! at least you are consistently playing out in left field. have fun sis, i don't have time to join you. hope my generous efforts to clarify were helpful. don't expect me to indulge you further. i.will.not.

blessings to you,

focusedpurpose said...


hi sis. let me start out the gate with this:

whatever your issues with AB, i suggest you guys work it out. whether you do or not, i will not become involved. i appreciate both of your voices. period.

you said:

"Hey FP, I don't see how adamantly refusing your black-looking children to be labeled as "black" has anything to do with white self-respect. As I've hinted above, it may have deeper discrimination or fear connotations behind of it - at least for some. That too is not realistic, if not lunacy."

La, i do believe it has to do with self respect. ww know they do not birth bbabies. as much as some of them love sexing bm, ww too, in addition to wm, have been taught that by virtue of their whiteness they are superior to black. so yes, there is some of the regular 'ole white supremacy in full effect. the rest is gold ole self respect.

they are ww, they do not birth bbabies. they birth bi-racial babies when they are so inclined. now... they will teach these babies to claim that which is more accepting and where they fit. this directive prompts the babies to go in BOTH directions. they flip around when it is advantageous. i have seen it often and expect it to happen in greater numbers in the future. bfloks lack self respect as evidenced by the mad rush to claim folks that do not even want to be claimed. bfolks' posture has pathetically been, please please be black oh tiger woods. what kind of ish is THAT???!!!

bfolks would do well to study the uses of this group of people. the biracials that used to be called mulattos (Roslyn i am using historical terms, so please don't trip chocolate chip:-) were very good at acting as the buffer race. in some instances they also held black slaves. we are not one and the same people. we are all beautiful and deserving to live freely.

that is all i was saying.

kathy, i do not hate biracial people. lol!


Nik said...

Keara Hess, a missing and pregnant North Carolina 12-year-old, was found Wednesday by Tennessee authorities. According to, an Amber Alert that had been
Keara Hess,
issued for Keara Hess and her 11-year-old sister, Sierra, was canceled when a Tennessee Highway Patrol officer pulled over a truck fitting the description of the one for which Tennessee law enforcement had been searching. Both girls and the driver, stepfather Matthew Hess, appeared in good health. Keara and Sierra Hess were taken to a hospital for treatment. Keara, who is nine months pregnant, was at risk of delivering the baby at any time and her mother, Janette, had stressed the importance of finding her. Matthew Hess was taken to the Smith County Jail, but, considering that he is the adopted father of the girls and a legal guardian, it is doubtful he will be charged with a crime (except perhaps for endangerment).

Matthew, Keara, and Sierra Hess went missing Thursday morning. Janette Hess said that she last saw them Wednesday night and found a note that stated Matthew was taking the girls to school, and he was going to buy some supplies. When Keara missed her doctor's appointment later that day, Janette grew suspicious. She soon found out the girls had not made it to school.

North Carolina social services will now take custody of the 12-year-old and her sister. It is not clear why they have not been -- or even if they actually have been -- more involved in the lives the Hess children given the circumstances of Keara Hess' youth.

HLN's Nancy Grace highlighted the story on her show Tuesday evening, talking with various officials and a neighbor, Annette Regula, in an attempt to get a better angle on the story. The focus of the story, of course, was the pregnant 12-year-old. Nancy Grace and her guests tap-danced around who might be the father of the baby and kept from speculating.

alicia banks said...

ditto fp:

li/kola is the perfect example of the classic psycho hater who projects her own bs onto others

who is more vulgar than her own posse herein who all vulgarly attack me/my wife/our imagined sex life regularly???
i have never done the same!!!

who is more juvenile than a whiny lying international veneral diseased bitch who accuses me and osama bin laden of wooing her when neither of us has EVER done so???

what is more childish than daring to call someone a coward when you are too afraid to even make up an id/photo???

who would attack me for pasting what always proves to be a superior argument than her own drivel and is often my own column/research???

li/kola is a psychotic stalker
who wishes she could ever be me/debate like me/slay me...

how many people has this wounded shrew attacked herein in addition to me with the same bs she accuses me of engaging???

i get that

and i pity her
and every envious illiterate hater sexually frustrated dl female canine clone who looks like her...



a bully is someone who attacks the weak

a warrior is one who slays weaker fools who dare to attack them

i am no bully

i am an eternal warrior
handle that you whore

i am unfazed by your fleas herein you slimy dog

and i will continue to slay you EVERYWHERE!!!


alicia banks said...


what could be more juvenile than your furby bs/posting in my name/ccing my posts to other posts herein...ETC!!!!!

you hypocretin!!!!

alicia banks said...

what is more transparent than your blatantly dismissing ALL of the knowledge i bring to this blog/pasted or not???


i see u hater bimbo!

alicia banks said...


i meant


the "do do" was a freudian slip spurred by al of the feces you always post

alicia banks said...

ko-la = la

incognito = incognita

la incognita = kola incognito

the gig is up
i see u shrew!

how fitting for a painted letch to use a phallic tube of lipstick for her avatar...yuk!

RainaHavock said...

Field here's an update! We were right! The stepfather did rape the poor child. SMH

Missy 2 U said...

This is so sad Why can't children be safe on ths sinful planet.
The court should be ashame, of giving a Step Dad that look like Trash, these beautfuil girls of color.

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