Tuesday, July 02, 2019

A birthday stunt.

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We are two days away from Mr. trump's obscene look at me gesture disguised as a 4th of July celebration in Washington.

I am not quite sure when Fascism came to America, but it's here. Showing off tanks and military equipment in the streets so that citizens can cheer on your military might is what they do in countries being run by dictators and despots. Maybe that's why Mr. trump is so dead set on turning America's birthday into something else. Something sinister, scary, and antithetical to everything that Americans believe in. Clearly he has a thing for dictators.

What he is planning for Washington is exactly what a dictator would do: Make a celebration meant to celebrate the birth of our nation a partisan event, and try to score political brownie points in the process.

The scary thing is that the event will be bad not only for the locals in Washington, but the astronomic cost of it will effect all of us taxpayers. Also, the park services, to meet the cost of Mr. trump's 4th of July stunt, will have to divert over 2.5 million in fees from parks all over the country to cover the cost of Mr. trump's 4th of July spectacle.

Mr. trump  has ordered his generals to stand by his side, and he has planned a political speech to thousands of his supporters who will be given VIP tickets to look at their hero. This, of course, is unprecedented. This day is supposed to be about America, not one political party, but try telling that to Mr. trump and his minions.

Someone might want to try telling Mr. trump that showing off a bunch of  military equipment and having a bunch of generals suck up to him in front of his cult does not a make America powerful;hat makes us powerful is our respect for that document called the Constitution, and our respect for the freedoms that comes with living here.

Military parades , phony patriotism, and a partisan political speech should be the last thing Americans see on the 4th of  July.  Instead, the crazy uncle in the attic will make an appearance, and we are all going to suffer as a result.



dinthebeast said...

Elect a narcissistic buffoon like Fergus and this is the kind of thing you get.
He'll shit all over anything he thinks anyone really cares about just to show he can.
I'm still laughing over the "brand new Sherman tank" bit, though.
Do his confederate base remember who Sherman was and what he did?
Probably not, so perhaps we should remind them.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Not only that but there's a bunch of white dudes in the military, we have to eliminate that privilege. Honkeys must be cashiered, no exceptions. No honkeys in the military.

Umpan Ikan Mas Babon said...

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PilotX said...

So many norms are being destroyed. This country may never be the same.

Anonymous said...

There’s one iron-clad rule about Trump: He never, ever keeps it classy. Everything has to be some kind of ostentatious carnival of idiocy and bad taste. It’s all gold toilets and Kristal champagne and strippers. He is our first pimp president, so tanks rolling down the streets of Washington goes with the whole over-the-top theme. Chuck Norris and Ted Nugent will probably parachute in at the end of the event, each dressed as Uncle Sam, and beat up a giant Hillary Clinton puppet, for maximum Trumpishness.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

You people are so damned stupid. It's amazing, in a sad way. Trump tells you what he is going to do, and does it. You idiots have no idea about tanks, and the treads they use. The M1A1 is the finest tank in the world. Why not parade it?

Anonymous said...

The Hypocrite Communist Field is bitching about the cost yet he never utters one word about the costs for this Illegal Invasion of Shitholers crossing our borders daily. But then why would he? I am sure welfare and free shit Army runs through his veins.

mike from iowa said...

This homage to the mangled apricot treasonous bastard in the kremlin annex should be draped in black to celebrate the death of democracy at the hands of treasonous stoopid fucking Mitch McCTurtlefuckfaces.

anotherbozo said...

On the other hand, Kamala is within two points of Biden and could be the nominee. What you call Mr. trump may have a hard time attacking her. And in any case, she is very good at that game.

mike from iowa said...

Why not parade it? Because it weighs 68 fucking tons and it will damage pavement like you won't believe, all to attempt to satiate the 69 ton ego of an illegally elected bogus potus with shit fer brains who is ruining this Nation's standing all around the fucking world.

mike from iowa said...

Took less than 24 hours to about face and lie about census, again...


mike from iowa said...

Small companies take a hit
Indeed, companies with fewer than 50,000 employees saw another setback in June, with payrolls falling by 23,000 after a decline of 52,000 the previous month. Businesses with fewer than 20 employees were particularly hard-hit, subtracting 37,000 jobs.

Second bad month in a row shows the economy heading towards recession next year. Drumpf might get his economic turnaround he has been itching to get. That will be the only way he turned the economy around. He jumped on Obama's surging economic news and record high stock market and claimed them as his own.

mike from iowa said...

The diverted funds are just a small fraction of the National Park Service's $2bn plus budget.

But the agency complained in March that it is facing almost $12bn in backlogged maintenance and repair needs - exacerbated by the US government shutdown at the beginning of this year.

Trump administration officials have not disclosed how much taxpayers' money will be used for the 4 July celebration. Military flyovers alone cost tens of thousands of dollars per hour.

Moar debt and deficits for the panty waist of fiscal responsibility all for the Farce of July whiz bang for the farce in the kremlin anal exchange.

Anonymous said...

Take the money off of the Millions of Free Shit Army Negroes and Illegal invaders to pay for it all. More parades, less Negroes and Turd worlders.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpf is handing out tickets to wealthy donors and stoopid fucking wingnut VIPs only for his political spectacle in a fenced off mall. Impeach, convict and execute the treasonous bastard.

ps sounds like the Chinese made fireworks will be donated.

Moar parades? Good idea. I suggest we frog march this entire treasonous kremlin annex to the Potomac and let your imagination run wild. Just don't bother to return the filth to the shithole annex.

Mystere said...

I'm hoping Nature lends a big hand and the whole mess gets rained out. Then everyone can stay home and watch the thunderstorms instead of fireworks.

PilotX said...


PilotX said...

"Take the money off of the Millions of Free Shit Army Negroes and Illegal invaders to pay for it all. More parades, less Negroes and Turd worlders."

Don't forget the millions of whites on public aid.

Anonymous said...

This is indeed different, a 'so called' American President kissing the asses of dictators around the globe. Wow.
America usually takes the lead, we're not so used to 'following'.
What a 'butt hole'.
What does he think this is, a 'C' movie?

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Field, American Nazis have been with us for quite sometime. As I recall, there were people who opposed to going war against Hitler in the late 1930's. Here I am referencing an article regarding the Bush family. Not sure if it's all true, but it is an interesting topic to research.

George Herbert Walker And Prescott Bush
Funded And Directed The Military Industrial Complex
Behind Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Revolution

by Webster G. Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin
from George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography

The grandfather of President George Walker Bush (Skull & Bones, 1968) was Prescott Bush (Skull & Bones, 1917), and his great grand father was George Herbert Walker. Prescott Bush and George Herbert (Bert) Walker were directors of the London-affiliated New York banking house of Brown Brothers-Harriman and its various fronts, which funded and directed the military-industrial complex behind Hitler and the Nazi revolution.


Anonymous said...


dinthebeast said...

"The M1A1 is the finest tank in the world. Why not parade it?"

He didn't say anything about an Abrams, he said "brand new Sherman", seemingly oblivious to the fact that the Sherman tank, the main selling points of which were being cheap and plentiful, hasn't been in service since 1957.

Is he planning on having new ones produced for his parade? Remember, he didn't say "surplus Sherman tanks" he said "brand new Sherman tanks" so what the actual fuck?

And William Tecumseh Sherman, although personally a racist, had the right idea about dealing with the recalcitrant south.

-Doug in Oakland

Yisheng = nigger cunt said...

Trump is a global disaster.

mike from iowa said...

Ready for Round 3 on courts v Drumpfuck the dumbfuck re census question?


Judge might be getting tired of fucking with the shit fer brains Russian plant in the kremlin annex.

Paradoctor said...

"Fake News" = news about the Fake; that is, Mr. Trump.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Hope Butt Trumpet and his gang of fellow micro dicks like Putsky and Li’l Kim get their fingers blown off sometime in the near future.

mike from iowa said...

Enjoy the 4th and be safe, except for stoopid fucking hateful, racist wingnuts

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Blogger mike from iowa said...

Why not parade it? Because it weighs 68 fucking tons and it will damage pavement like you won't believe, all to attempt to satiate the 69 ton ego of an illegally elected bogus potus with shit fer brains who is ruining this Nation's standing all around the fucking world.

11:57 AM

So, Queenie...who tells you the two tanks will "damage pavement" MSNBC? CNN? Again, you have no idea of which you comment. These tanks are probably in for refurbishing, without the usual armor and weight. Using rubber tracks.

The stupidity hurts. Thank Public Schools. Remember Kennedy and Eisenhower, and the parades they threw, using nuclear capable missiles?

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

BTW, Queenie...you have a really disgusting mouth, Why don't you try to clean up your Ubangi language a bit.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

dinthebeast said...


-Doug in Oakland

PilotX said...


PilotX said...


Anonymous said...

Like nigger dictators in Africa don't have military parades ...

God, you retards are weak and pathetic!

mike from iowa said...

Commandeered Queenie, get your bi-focals on and suck this....A small number of M1 Abrams tanks and other armored vehicles will participate in President Donald Trump’s July Fourth celebrations in Washington on Thursday, US defense officials have confirmed to CNN.

However, they will not parade down Pennsylvania Avenue due to the need to protect roads and bridges.

When your side drains the swamp of this disgusting POS bogus potus, i will clean up some of my language.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Stake Out Unit!!


Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

Trump said.when speaking about the homeless...

“It’s very sad, it’s very sad,” Trump said. “It’s a phenomenon that started two years ago. It’s disgraceful. I’m going to maybe, and I’m looking at it very seriously. We’re doing some other things, as you probably notice, like some of the very important things that we’re doing now. But we’re looking at it very seriously now, because you can’t do that.”

WOW - He's even better at word salad than Sarah Palin! Does anyone out there find any meaning in Trump's words?

Anonymous said...

"WOW - He's even better at word salad than Sarah Palin! Does anyone out there find any meaning in Trump's words?"

Trump-to-English translator:

1) Homelessness "started" two years ago, because that's when I moved to DC, so it's the first time I noticed it, having previously spent all my time in my luxurious skyscraper in Midtown Manhattan.

2) I'm gonna do some unspecific "things" to fix homelessness. As always when talking about my plans for the nation, I am incredibly vague about what exactly I'm going to do, because I have no actual ideas, because I am lazy and wholly uninterested in any aspect of public policy that does not immediately impact me personally. But I'll have my racist advisor Stephen Miller figure out for me later how I can address the problem in the most racist way possible.

All of Trump's off-the-cuff speeches work this way. He has suddenly noticed some terrible social ill facing our nation (which might or might not exist), and his administration is going to be doing wonderful unspecified "stuff" and "things" to fix it. Believe him, it's going to be great.

If a salesman used language like this, most sensible people would quickly recognize that they were dealing with a con artist, and would walk away without making a purchase. Fortunately for Trump, there are a lot of moronic redneck chumps out there who are easily fleeced, so his empty promises win them over, again and again.

The Purple Cow said...

Happy treason day.

yungdae said...

Do blacks care about 4th of July? You people are an ungrateful bunch who does nothing but piss and moan about a country that gives you everything. Try living in shithole Africa for even a week and then try complaining about America. Whiny bitches.

Gambler2 ASKA White Woman said...

yungdae said...

"Do blacks care about 4th of July? You people are an ungrateful bunch who does nothing but piss and moan about a country that gives you everything. Try living in shithole Africa for even a week and then try complaining about America. Whiny bitches."

12:26 PM
The whiny bitch currently resides in the White House. He has made an entire religion out of constantly whining.

Trump is the one who sold us out to the Russians. Black folks had nothing to do with it. So get off your high horse and stop complaining about Black people.

PilotX said...


PilotX said...

"Do blacks care about 4th of July? You people are an ungrateful bunch who does nothing but piss and moan about a country that gives you everything. Try living in shithole Africa for even a week and then try complaining about America. Whiny bitches."

Well, seems to me white conservative males are the whiniest bunch. Listen to Limbaugh or watch Hannity/Tucker it's all about grievence. Boo hoo hoo women and POC have it sooo easy and we're being replaced. Not THAT is a whiny bunch.

mike from iowa said...


Happy fascist farce of july, Drumpfuck. Keep it up, bitch.

Anonymous said...

Meth + wypeople= OD

mike from iowa said...

Does anyone, besides me, watch the unfuckingbelievasble number of k-9 dogs that refuse to listen to commands and attack women, children and innocent bystanders and won't let go?

They got drug sniffers that would rather sniff every stray molecule of air alongside a busy highway as to sniff for drugs.

Kuma The Dog said...

People who are actually getting angry about the racial origins of a fish with tits in a cartoon need to sort their fucking lives out.

mike from iowa said...


Drumpfuck's 5-6% GDP is never gonna happen and Obama wins hands down on economy. Obama had a hostile congress to deal with for the majority of his two terms. Drumpf has had to deral with his own dumbfuckery which will ensure he is the worst bogus potus ever.

mike from iowa said...

Mother Nature's display of fireworks started early this morning and culminated in an inch of rain and moar natural and free pyrotechnics on the docket. Fuck Drumpf, the dumbest fucking dumbfucker ever to roam the Earth.

Even lightning bugs are a better show than dumbfuck could get the government to spring for in his honor. What a fucking disgraceful, deplorably despicable dumbfucker he is.

mike from iowa said...

Sounds like it could be raining heavily on Drumpfuck's fast ass homage to his orange grateness.

Meanwhile, lie-fe in Drumpfuckistan goes on. He will be busily tweeting how the media caused it to rain and try to spoil his fun. He will definitely act like the least pcedential precedent this nation has ever had to stomach.

Then he will just proceed to go play golf and cheat some more while charging the US government for rooms and cart rentals for his secret service details.

mike from iowa said...

On a somber note- MAD Magazine Is Basically Dead

To cease publication.

Anonymous said...

The reason why the Demorats, NeoLiberals, and fake Anti-Trump Resistance(TM) hate Trump in general and this little military parade in particular is because Trump has inadvertently shown the true face of America and its militaristic values.

Caitlin Johnstone, an Australian, tells it like it is:

All this parade is, actually, is just one of the many, many, many many times over the last two and a half years that Trump has shown America its true face, and Americans haven’t liked what they’ve seen.

“That’s not my reflection!” the Americans scream at the mirror he holds up for them. “That’s Putin!”

“That’s not my reflection!” they protest. “That’s North Korea!”

“That’s not my reflection!” they say. “That’s a banana republic!”

No, America. That’s you. It’s been you all along.

This is the same country, after all, in which someone simply mentioning that they were in the armed forces often elicits a reverent “Oh, thank you for your service!” from whoever happens to hear them, as though spending four years protecting Raytheon profit margins and crude oil is something ordinary civilians should be grateful for. You guys know no other country does that, right? In Australia if you tell someone you were in the army they’ll tell you “Aww, bonza mate. I’m a plumber meself.” It’s not a thing, because when you’re not part of the most powerful military force in the history of civilization, powerful people don’t have nearly as much invested in making a thing out of it.

This is the same country where every second house and every single McDonald’s has its flag flying over it, a cult of idolatry that’s become so ubiquitous that a football player choosing to kneel instead of stand before that stupid piece of cloth generates national outrage. The same country where simply bleating “Support the troops!” or “Freedom isn’t free!” was in and of itself seen as a be-all, end-all debate-winning argument for the rape of Iraq. The same country that spent weeks on end mourning the death of bloodthirsty psychopath John McCain on the grounds that he’s a “war hero” when they should have loaded his heartless cadaver onto a trebuchet and launched it into the nearest tire fire as part of a telethon benefit for Syria.

All that’s considered perfectly normal by mainstream America, and liberals are getting their knickers in a knot over a few tanks and “Blue Angels” (another ridiculous yet perfectly normalized American spectacle)? Hell, it’s not even like Trump invented presidential parades full of instruments of mass military slaughter. Check out this photo from JFK’s inaugural parade:


And the fact that it’s mostly Democrats kvetching about this parade is especially absurd, given that in 2019 they’ve somehow managed to become even more hawkish and jingoistic than the Republicans. This is the same crowd that just the other day was attacking Trump for having the audacity to meet with Kim Jong-Un, the same crowd that’s constantly accusing Trump of being weak on Syria and Afghanistan, the same crowd that’s made heroes of the US intelligence community and the “grownups in the room” generals in the administration, and the same crowd that’s been shrieking hysterically for the last three years demanding greater and greater escalations against a nuclear superpower because something-something Putin’s cock holster. The biggest problem with Trump’s tank parade will be that male Democrats in attendance will have trouble hiding their erections.

Jingoistic Military Fetishization Is As American As Bald Eagle McNuggets

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