Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Say It Aint So Joe"

"....a mainstream African American who is articulate bright and clean..."

That quote came from my man, the prattler extraordinaire, Joe Biden, while he was talking about his opponent for the Democratic party nod for President, Barack Obama. Now first, I am glad to know Obama is clean, God forbid we have a dirty senator mixing with his colleagues every day. "Hey did that Obama fellow take a bath today? I think so, I don't smell him anymore" No seriously folks, I hope you are not surprised by this little faux paux. Biden is, after all, an old white man. And whether they be democrat,republican, or independent; old white men tend to think this way. You know, if a black mother f****r can put two words together-see Colin Powell-he is a f*****g rocket scientist. So please forgive old Joe, it's just that his mouth moves so fast at times, that he just slips and says what many of his ilk think, but don't dare say.

The sad thing about Joe's latest slip of the tongue, is that it's is going to give some gasoline to the republicans fire. See we aren't the only ones who make racially insensitive remarks, your guys do it too. -See Senator Robert C. Byrd- republicans love to play gotcha with this type of sh** as if it excuses all the crap they do. And of course, there are some of those conservative republican bloggers, defending Biden's comments, and declaring them to be true. So say what you will, at least Joe's comments brings the slime to the surface and out of hiding once again.

Anyway, here is one field negro who hopes Biden stays in the race, we need stuff like this. We need this type of honesty and openness on matters of race throughout the campaign. I see where Biden called Obama and apologized. And it seems Obama issued a statement to the effect that many other blacks have run for President and have articulated a positive and important message, blah blah blah, or something like that' I am paraphrasing here. But Obama's answer seemed to rise above the fray. Kind of like Tiger Woods did when Fuzzy made his black folks and fried chicken comments. (What is it with these half and half brothers ? So graceful, so classy. Damn the field wishes he could be like that!)
So on the eve of our month, (February) the field would like to thank Joe for saying what he really feels-even he took it back- America needs that type of honesty, I just wish more people would be like Joe and say what's on their minds.


we saw that... said...

we wonder where ol' joe the plagiarist stole his material from.

field negro said...


remorji said...

They hate us. That is why we have to remember the words from the famous "Ballot or Bullet," speech given by Malcolm X. It is not the time to bid our stake in the next election to either the democratic or republican parties, We must find a way to make our vote count. We must combine our might at the ballot box, and demand things we care for! No more giving our vote to the democrats, and all we get is a thank you kindly and a pat on the back. Lets demand action for our vote. If it is too late to start the fire, let it simmer until its good and hot. You know what happens when the lids pops off, don't you?

rikyrah said...

This was so wrong. Just so wrong. Yeah, once again, Black folk just ' misinterpreted' what White folk said...

Uh huh.

Bygbaby said...

I wonder what the next statement about BO will be. They keep coming up with some of the worst things to say about/to a Negro.

They (white people) obviously don't get!

The Angry Independent said...

I've been trying to warn folks about this man.

He's a wolf in sheeps clothing.
Don't let the "D" by his name fool you.

This is why I was disappointed about Kerry not entering the race. Because that left few viable Democrats.

There are 2 or 3 and that's it!

Tasha said...

I'm patiently waiting the next verbal "oops" in regards to Barack. It's going to be a looong campaign season.

CreativeTDF said...

I have been talking about this early, what people don't understand is that the remarks about his appeareance were inappropriate PERIOD. If he had been a whitre candidiate it wouldhave never been mentioned but in this case it was, because well he is BLACK and we know how us Black folks get down with me unclean, inarticulate and fairly grim

aulelia said...

i am offended that he used the word ''mainstream'' -- doesn't this imply that AA's are supposedly closed off and isolated which from what I hear is because of how the US political system suppresses them?

some1 educate me please as to why this man is chatting rubbish!

C-dell said...

Racism never went away and never will I guess he showed his true colors. His action are unexcusable. Like I said in my post "Lessons" we didn't learn to be less racist just more PC. To quote one of the few rappers I listen to "Racism is still alive they just be concealing it" truer words.

Sally Hemings in Paris said...

Mr. Biden, please pick up your John Kerry Award.
Be sure to leave your box of donuts at your seat...

field said...

"i am offended that he used the word ''mainstream'' -- doesn't this imply that AA's are supposedly closed off and isolated which from what I hear is because of how the US political system suppresses them?"

Very good oservation aulelia,but not oly does it imply so, it happens to be fact. So Ole Joe was basically stating the obvious with his little slip up.

Chris said...

I don't get the hype. I'll take a guy like Biden who actually has a coherent foreign policy, doesn't live in Washington, and lives in a greatly run state than some of these other schlubs. Obama's really the only other one out there that interests me, and his ideas on Iraq are almost inane.

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