Tuesday, January 16, 2007

No Tears For The Dukies

OK I tried to hold out as long as I could on this, but since it won't go away I am compelled to comment, and I am afraid allot of people won't like what I have to say.

If you are reading this, and you have heard of Gary Neal, or Michael Cleaves, you are either a basketball junkie or you attended LaSalle University in the fall of 2005. How about Lamar Owens, have you ever heard of him? Probably not, and I will tell you why you haven't. Lamar Owens, Gary Neal, and Michael Cleaves, are not rich privileged frat boys who went to Duke University. But like Messrs Finnerty,Seligman, and Evans, they are all athletes; and that's where the similarities end. All the young men I mentioned were accused of rape on college campuses. But unlike the three men you have never heard of, the men of privilege from Duke University have had the luxury of 24 hour FAKE NEWS coverage, Sean Insanity, and other conservatives like the camel neck one-Ann Coulter- and Bill Oliely screaming in their defense and for their freedom from day one. You would think Mike Nifong was Jessie Fuc***g James for crying out loud! Oh yes, the case is unraveling now, and yes, girlfriend probably lied on the frat boys-they probably stiffed her on her tip- but you would think that all these conservative pundits, including house Negro de jure and self hater, Thomas Sowell, were in that frat house with her on that faithful night. And they are outraged, outraged that such a travesty of justice could take place in America. And outraged that these poor boys won't be able to get their lives back, and that they are scarred for life.

Give me a fu****k break please! These boys will be just fine. They are each one book deal away from being set for life. They are even suing the University for crying out loud! I hope you caught their parents on T.V. the other night. They were furious that this was allowed to happen to their children. Well just who the fu** do they think they are? News flash! This kind of sh** has been happening to allot of poor black parents children for a long time. You must not have remembered how many of our boys were hung just for looking at Missy back in the day. Oh how soon we forget! Well I didn't, so excuse me if I am not crying any tears for the Duke Lacrosse boys right about now.

By the way, the gentlemen I mentioned in the second paragraph of this post, were all black and all were accused of raping white women. And like the Dukies, they were all athletes. And like the Dukies will all eventually be, they were all acquitted of all charges. In the case of the two LaSalle basketball players, they were kicked out of school, lost their basketball scholarships, and had to spend a ton of money in legal fees, to exonerate themselves and beat the charges. Lamar Owens was a quarterback for the Naval Academy football team, and was accused of raping a "blond athletic California type" classmate. He allegedly raped her at a party while she was drunk. Never mind that witnesses said she cursed Owens when he refused a lap dance from her. Anyway, he was also acquitted and the Judge in the case was so disgusted with the prosecution, that he publicly chastised them for having such a poor witness. Which trust me, is something Judges almost never do. So where were the conservative bloggers, pundits, and the FAKE NEWS NETWORK when these boys needed them? Where was the collective outrage at an out of control prosecutor and legal system that allowed these boy's lives to be shattered? Mmmmm, is that crickets I hear?

Sorry folks, with all due respect to the likes of William Anderson, I am going with the collective over individual rights on this one. Maybe I want to punish these Dukies for some of the sh** my people had to go through, and maybe I am just sick of all the hypocrisy. But I really don't give a damn about those boys from Duke, and what they had to go through. Sorry, call me callous, and non-caring, but you and I know those boys will be just fine. There are too many of my people buried in graves all over the South who will never have the luxury of going against a political opportunistic DA like Mike Nifong, or lose their damn Lacrosse scholarship at some exclusive University. Hell, that would have been the least of their problems. No, they lost their fu****g lives for their "inappropriate behavior". Somehow I think the Duke boys will be able to put their lives back together. After all, they have so many people in their corner.


Qusan said...

Absolutely agree! None of this would have happened had they not thought they could have a good time by hiring some black strippers they could try to demean and humiliate. Since there has been no trial, we still don't know what happened. But those guys were up to no good and something bad happened to them instead.

Them punks will probably be running some company in a decade or so trying to take liberties with their secretary.

Anonymous said...

FN, where is your soul? Just because their parents have money doesn't mean that their lives will be okay. This story was all over the American media. The black guys story didn't make it no where...I had never heard of them. They are probaby happy that their story did not receive national coverage. It's time for the African American community to realize that the hooker was lying...yes hooker! she was not a stripper..a hooker! She worked for an escort service. Colin's mother was right, this young lady is troubled. This is not the first time that this hooker cried rape. I would not want my brothers to go to jail because of a lie. This hooker has ruined many lives; the DA, the boys, the parents, and herself. The DA really believed that Krystal Gale Magnum was raped!

aulelia said...

Is the woman's name going to be released?

anon 4:21am - lots of people lie in court and about things; some women want attention and others are just bored, jealous. there are a plethora of reasons. we are not in her head so we will never know. however, her credibility isn't the issue. let's be frank, their lives will be FINE because money dictates how people live. that is the harsh truth. we have to be honest with ourselves. like Field pointed out, everyone these days gets a book deal so I am sure they won't be eating crackers for a long time.

Parents will go to whatever length to protect their children and as young white males, they will move on with this whilst a black man will be tainted. i can already her the white racist anthropologists stating that this is just what runs in the blood of the those black bucks. you need to wake up. the aftermath of what happened is going to affect us. even if you don't think that is important.

remorji said...

I totally feel you on this one Field. This story if reversed would hardly register with white people. It is not about rape anymore for me it is about race. I hate that the victims story is losing its foundation, but we must not let it account for our inability to speak out and speak up against the unbalanced media coverage.

Tasha said...

Great post Field. I completely agree with you, aulelia, and remorji. Those Duke boys will be fine. More than likely they were already set for life before entering the University. If the situations were reversed, this wouldn't even make last-page news.

denise said...

100% to the right on this one.
They were deemed innocent from the beginning... and I don't know what happened or how it all went down - but something went down... and I am not mad at the woman... if this was the reverse... their asses would be in jail. . . and all of us would be decrying "...What beasts they are..."


Julie said...

Yes, that stripper was wrong for making false accusations. Yes, she should be punished. But as for feeling sorry for the Duke boys, I can't. This type of thing has been happening to black males in America forever. But they never got/get one ounce of sympathy. These white guys are lucky, they are still alive. How many black males got lynched due to false accusations of rape by white women? It's hard for me to feel sorry for the Duke boys when we've got stuff like Emmett Till in our history.

plez... said...

Once again, I have to go out to the Field to hear him tell it like it is. Great post, man!

rikyrah said...

I thought the case should have been over when the DNA tests came back negative. But, all in all, I could care less, and see no reason for all the outrage.

FN, good post.

Unsane said...

I csan certainly understand why a woman would want to go through the humiliation of making a false rape accusation, and repreating all the humilating details just to feel better about herself.

yes, women and their manipulative powers! Beware

asabagna said...

Nice Post FN, however I don’t share your sentiments (and I guess those of everyone else’s by default). Why? Exactly because of the reasons you stated! The very fact that historically those of us of African descent have been falsely accused and killed in this same society. Also, since I am in law enforcement, I have seen the repercussion and trauma on the falsely accused and their families myself, especially in a case of sexual assault!

I have 3 other quick points to make why I don’t/can’t rejoice at their plight. One, someone once stated that the philosophy of “an eye for an eye” leads to the “Kingdom of the Blind”. Two, I am not one who believes in comparing the effects of oppression. I have heard many people (white people primarily), state that the history of Africans in North America wasn’t as bad as what happened to the Native Americans, and/or the ordeals of other groups or people in history. Or they may compare what we go through today with what others are going through in other parts of the world. I always found this to be insulting, condescending and almost an argument on their part to justify the discrimination we are facing today (and therefore their “white”privilege). Third, I have never been one who aspired to be “equal” to “white” people, especially when it came to their way of thinking and their attitudes, morals and values. I strive to be better! I found that a certain attitude of white/western/eurocentric society, can be summed up as “F*ck em’… they are not our colour or in our economic class!” If I took your position, I would feel that instead of being “better” than them, I would be just like them.

Is it unfair that they are receiving supportive press. Yes! Life isn’t fair. ESPECIALLY FOR US! So for me it comes down to empathy. I do empathize with those who are false accused, regardless of colour or economic class.


Shouting Thomas said...

Another black racist.

That's a big surprise. And, you don't even have the sense to know what a jackass you are making of yourself.

No surprise there either.

Native Son said...

I clearly understand that this steamed from the ongoing racial tension in North Carolina, but the former prosecutor was way out of line. Hopefully, maybe now America will understand how black people feel, when black men are released from prison after serving 17 years for crimes of rape and other crimes they never committed. They were falsely accused and prosecuted because they were easy targets.

Maybe now, America can begin to understand when black people say that they are weary of the justice system, because over the history of this country, many black men, have had to rot in prison cells for years and years for crimes they did not commit.

So to the 3 young men in the Duke case, I say use this experience, not to say that black people are over sensitive, but use it to understand that the feelings that they have right now, are the same feelings many people of color have experienced and feel about the justice system; and rightfully so.

Future MD said...

"girlfriend probably lied on the frat boys-they probably stiffed her on her tip". WTF? Yes, women go through the machinations of their sexual history being paraded on the stand, nurses sticking painful instruments in their crotches, and being called a lying whore on every conservative newsstand because they got shorted a few bucks. Be real. I know you were trying to make a point about the disparity between Black males and white folk, and for that I appreciate your blog. But please, hold the insensitivity about the sistahs. Black women have been traditionally portrayed as liars and whores since slavery. The impossibility of a Black woman being sexually hurt has been the belief in the Black community for too long. I work in critical care at a trauma hospital, and every day, I see Black women mutilated, hurt and sexually exploited, and BLACK PEOPLE with the attitude that she did something to deserve it. We need to stop. Our daughters have a false sense of self, not simply because of some Video Diva's in some stupid rappers video of BET, but because that are not treated as lesser women; able to bare the burden of exploitation by the white community AND the black community. We don't need to give lip service to "Black Queen" or "Cherish your sister": We need to ACT LIKE we care, but not saying insensitive and hurtful statements about women who accuse men of rape. One out of four women are sexually molested and raped before the age of 25. Some studies suggest that statistic is worst for women of color. My mother was raped. My best friend was raped by frat boys. Neither got justice.

It's just not funny.

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Anonymous said...

This was so true it took me Michael cleaves to really let it go and get on with my life. The truth about that night will be out soon. Thanks for the love and if you want to talk to me look me up on facebook Mike cleaves.

Anonymous said...

You, like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Sidney Harr are a black racist, nothing more.