Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Mitt for the NABJ.

There is a large segment of folks in the majority population who do not believe that there should be separate organizations for black folks. I hear it all the time:Why do blacks have black entertainment television, a black coaches association,and a Ms. Black America pageant? There is always an association for black_______[fill in the blank]

Well there happens to be a National Association of Black Journalist and Mitt and his crew probably fall into that segment of the majority population that I mentioned above.

"The Republican National Committee and the putative GOP standard-bearer, Mitt Romney, have ceded the National Association of Black Journalists convention to the Democrats, rejecting invitations to send speakers or panelists that the Democrats eagerly accepted.

Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. addressed the convention Wednesday on its opening night, delivering his campaign's talking points. A Friday afternoon session, "A Working Journalist's Guide: Obama Administration Insiders You Need to Know," featured four press contacts in the Obama administration.
Additionally, at least three representatives from the Obama reelection campaign were available to discuss the state of the campaign, also on Friday afternoon.
"We reached out consistently and vigorously to the Romney campaign asking that he appear," Sonya Ross, a Washington editor at the Associated Press who chairs the NABJ's Political Journalism Task Force, told Journal-isms.

"We also made overtures to the Republican National Committee. We wanted to make sure we reached both political parties to ask them to participate. The DNC," she said, referring to the Democratic National Committee, "came to us and asked us, 'Can we be there?' . . . We got no such overtures from the Republican National Committee.

"If the Republican National Committee wants to come tonight or Saturday or Sunday, we would love to see them."

The absence of Republican representatives, even as audience members, was evident in a Friday morning session, "Covering Race in the 2012 Elections," moderated by Jesse Washington, Associated Press writer on race and ethnicity. Panelists were Kevin Merida, national editor at the Washington Post, and Michelle Jaconi, executive producer of CNN's Cross Platform Programming Unit." [More]

I keep warning you Negroes about segregating yourselves. Certain people believe that it's un-American, and they will not pander to you. There will be no Sister Souljah moment from Mitt when it comes to this type of stuff. The base does not want him visiting you self segregating Negroes and he will always honor their wishes. You Negroes are not going to vote fo him anyway, so why piss off the folks who will?

I wonder what Mitt will do if he becomes president? Maybe his wife will take up one of those Negro causes like urban poverty.

Still, all is not lost. From the looks of things old reliable, the NAACP, might still get a visit from Mitt.

"Republicans have captured the white vote in every presidential election since 1972, and during the recent primary season, GOP candidates were criticized for their failure to reach out to African Americans.

Still, some GOP hopefuls have courted African Americans if only to appeal to white independents who believe that a president should be accessible to all segments of society.

And while the campaign turned down NABJ, it announced that the candidate would address the NAACP convention in Houston, which runs July 7-12."

Mitt, wear cotton. It will be hot in Houston come July.




Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, white people get very testy when they see us honoring our own and doing for self. Like the trolls here they prefer the stereotypes and house negroes. Funny, we've been here for over 400 years and they know damn near nothing about us. Oh well, let the GOP keep rejecting us for their southern strategy and lets see how far that'll get them in the future. They lost the blah vote and now they're working on losing the Latino vote. But let's be real, if we were white would we be Republicans?


Mack Lyons said...

I wonder what Mitt will do if he becomes president? Maybe his wife will take up one of those Negro causes like urban poverty.

I wonder if Ann will do like Madonna and adopt a starving African kid. I hope they remember not to put the poor kid on top of the limo during the motorcade.

Anonymous said...

"I wonder what Mitt will do if he becomes president? Maybe his wife will take up one of those Negro causes like urban poverty."

That sounds good. America needs a First Lady who will stand up for urban poverty. I am sure Mitt's wife will do it without fear. Unfortunately, the Obamas can't afford to do that.

As an AA, it is clear that Blacks as well as America have a much greater chance of urban renewal from Mitt than Obama. At least he recognizes us and doesn't insult us like Obama has.

If some of you Negroes vote for Obama after the way he has treated us then you have profound low self-worth and no dignity whatsoever.

PilotX said...

Funny thing I sometimes have this conversation with white pilots who want to know why there is no Organization of White Pilots. If they are serious I inform them of the facts that white males make up over 90% of all professional pilots and then ask them if they think such an organization is even necessary, if they are honest they say no but sometimes they're like the trolls here and are immature and just want to be annoying. Reality is if things weren't so skewed in the past organizations for people of color and women wouldn't be necessary but we all know they are.

Anonymous said...

Field, "I keep warning you Negroes about segregating yourselves."

Segregation? Brother Field I think you have it wrong. We segregate ourselves from each other, which divides us from each other. This in turn weakens us a political force that is powerless. Being powerless, we end up "isolated" instead of segregatied from mainstream America.

This in turn leaves us depressed as Blacks, esp bm. It's depressing to be Black in America and isolated.

Dark Frosty said...

Watch Romney blow off even an a relatively tame org. like the NAACP. Watch, it's gonna happen. Also, field, it's already unbearably hot down in here in Houston. Mitt ought to invest in some melanin instead of cotton.

butch cassidy said...

As if we don't know the race of this shooter...

Denver police officer shot dead at outdoor jazz concert

Mon Jun 25, 2012 12:45am EDT

(Reuters) - A Denver police officer was shot and killed on Sunday after trying to break up a fight during a free jazz concert in a city park, police said.

Police responded to a call shortly after 8 p.m. MDT (0200 GMT on Monday) about a disturbance at the outdoor concert.

An officer was shot in the head while attempting to break up a fight between two groups, police said. The officer was later pronounced dead.

The Denver Post reported that concert-goers fled in panic, abandoning lawn chairs and blankets brought out for what was to be a laid-back tribute to Charlie Burrell, a local classical and jazz bassist for the Denver Symphony Orchestra.

"At first, we thought it was someone setting off fireworks," Dave Sevick wrote on the City Park Jazz Facebook page, "until, three seconds later, we heard the screams and saw the hordes of people running towards us."

association of black crayons said...

field spouts about what he doesn't understand:

Mitt, wear cotton. It will be hot in Houston come July.

The alternative to cotton is what? Surely you don't mean wool? Linen makes no sense.

Perhaps nylon? Or Polyester? Yeah, that's probably the alternative to cotton that you know. But it's made from oil, the energy source that's powered so much of America's prosperity.

To bad for you and the Church of Eternal Slavery, but cotton wasn't the commodity that created permanent wealth in this country.

Oil did. Starting in Pennsylvania in 1859.

The oil industry was a wide open business for over 100 years. Anyone could jump in.

Were any companies in the oil industry founded and/or run by blacks?

No. Not even in Africa.

But Democrats hate oil because, well, it's hard to say why they hate it because everything they do shows they love oil, but they say they hate it.

national association of black stock analysts said...

The National Association of Black Journalists are guaranteed to miss the real stories.

No matter. Almost no one pays attention to black journalists because black journalists don't report news. They write editorials, most of which make no sense.

That aside, one story they've already missed in the Warren Buffett story.

Most blacks, including black journalists, know nothing about Warren Buffett, a sad fact that speaks for itself, at least to people who know a thing or two.

Buffett supports Obama. Why? Anyone who knows Buffett's history understands.

Buffett is nearing the end of his career as an active investor. He wants to go out on a high note, and he realizes Obama will help him with that.

Buffett buys stocks when, in his view, they're cheap. Sometimes the entire market is cheap, as it was in 2009. Sometimes certain segments are cheap, like banking and finance over the last three and a half years. Other segments too.

Sometimes the government takes action that drives down stock prices. This is the ticket Buffett wants to play.

He knows Obama's leadership will continue to drive down the prices of stocks he usually buys. Thus, Buffett's in favor of another four-year term in which he can buy stocks at low prices.

Buffett knows the election of Romney would send the stock market higher, which means Buffett would have fewer opportunities to buy cheap stocks. Buffett wants to be one step ahead. He can wait for the profits to come, which they will after Obama leaves office.

Then all Americans would benefit from a broad rise in the value of all stocks.

alicia banks said...

and how is that any different from that racist flipper bankster hobama ???
hobama only visited white stops on his rock star bus tour...u recall that????
maxine waters does!

mitt knows that you hobama nazi drones will vote for hobama no matter what
so why should mitt bother?....kudos!!!

hobama knows the same.
that is why he did not bother.

ask the cbc

alicia banks said...

thank god!

that kkkiller gz is toast via the fl pd!!!

rip dm

this is now a done deal!!!!!!!

alicia banks said...

no hope
no change
nobama 2012!!!!!!

more proof that only blind racist fools will vote for hobama in nov!:

Black America's median household wealth, compared to that of whites, has sharply declined under Barack Obama. That's a change. Just not a good one.

This is a consequence of the foreclosure epidemic which began in 2007 and 2008 and has always been concentrated in black and poor neighborhoods. But the Obama administration has allowed the foreclosure wave to continue without any letup during its first three and a half years, rejecting demands for foreclosure moratoriums or other measures which would make it easier for large numbers of families to remain in their homes. Where the ratio of white to black household wealth four years ago was around 11 to one, today it is greater than 20 to 1.

African Americans still make up 12 or 13% of the nation's population, remain more than 40% of its locked down and locked up, No change there at all..

Latinos, who make up another 13%, are about 30% of the nation's prisoners and rising, a slight change, but distinctly for the worse. So seven of every ten US prisoners are from the one quarter of the nation that is black or brown, and that percentage is rising.

Colonel Corn said...

PX said..Funny, we've been here for over 400 years and they know damn near nothing about us.

Despite the media's attempts to hide the truth about black crminality, whites knew enough to leave areas that got too black.

And why should Romney go speak before a racist oragnization that is just going to give him a hard time? All any "black" group is going to want to know is "What are you going to do for for black people (aka me)?"

Romney should tell them he is not going to do a damn thing for black people, just like he is not going to do anything for white people, or hispanics, or women, or gays. Instead he is going to do things that benefit all Americans, not play the democrat identity politics game of favoring one group over another as a way to divide and conquer.

Fuck the NAACP.

Anonymous said...

PilotX said...
"Funny thing I sometimes have this conversation with white pilots who want to know why there is no Organization of White Pilots".

Oh I bet you are one of those joyful Negroes everyone just wishes they could work with and I bet they just love covering your ass when you miss things because of your attitude".

"If they are serious"

Why would your beliefs be serious and not the ones they have?

"I inform them of the facts that white males make up over 90% of all professional pilots and then ask them if they think such an organization is even necessary, if they are honest they say no but sometimes they're like the trolls here and are immature and just want to be annoying. "

Whites/Asians also make up 95% of the worlds highest intellects, so what, too bad there hasn't been an affirmative action clause that actually injects intelligence and capability yet. It does lower standards though, doesn't it. Is that fair to the world?

And yes we know, the pilots who disagree with you are immature and annoying, it's never you. Do any of the things the majority of white pilots obtain in the union representing all colors benefit you? Maybe they should take those things out and make it for whites only as you have your own small group to negotiate from.

"Reality is if things weren't so skewed in the past organizations for people of color and women wouldn't be necessary but we all know they are."

Thats cool, as long as we keep the same rules, especially considering the publicly announced government backed changing demographics of America. Time for there to be segregated White groups for everything that you certainly will not be allowed to partake. You can have your Black group, there will be hispanic groups, there will be Asian and there will be white. Forget just being American. Fair is fair, what you do should be correct for others under the same or similar circumstances right?

Tell me, how do you think not having other groups to lean on will work for you? If you really wanted to be a segregationist. Which black airline created/owned and operated and maintained will you now go work for when Whites have the mentality that you do of "Whites first and foremost" with groups formed to "honor their own and promote self" as you put it?

Soul plane Airlines hiring?

I did hear Lagos air lost a few pilots earlier this year and are looking for some replacements so you might have a shot there.

But dont try Korean air, you aren't Korean

Don't try JAL you aren't Japanes,

Don't try American, because you can't withdraw from being American into being Black and participate in both. That would be unfair and immoral.

Too bad you couldn't just be an American and had to segregate yourself on something that shouldn't matter.

field negro said...

Oh my! I think Colonel Com lost his job to one of you Negroes. Try telling him it wasn't affirmative action.

field negro said...

Butch, did the shooter kill one of his own kids? I am just trying to narrow down my choices.

Association of black crayons, WTF are you talking about?

I swear wingnuts drink moonshine in the middle of the day.

Don said...

You Negroes are not going to vote fo him anyway, so why piss off the folks who will?

Good one.

Mother Romney didn't raise no fool, afterall.

alicia banks said...

since u deleted my maxine waters/hobama white tour bus comment

i now know that u know that the blackish hobama is no more racist than mitt


healthysouls said...

Field, It is my firm belief that they take umbrage at us whenever we act autonomous. When we are "members" of majority organization 9 out of 10 times we are relegated to the metaphorical back of the bus.

Our interests and issues are not adequately addressed. Funny thing though, they do not object to Asian, Italian, Latino, Irish etc. organizations. They do not question the legitimacy of these charters -- only us and our history.

TimeForSegregation said...

More Negroes taking down another formally majority White city. Denver, used to be clean, non violent, prosperous. Now filled with the darker distant evolutionist link in the chain have made public places unsafe, parks have become Black zones where one does not venture unarmed or unprepared to face the savage beasts.

At this rate with only 13% of the population Black America is right on course to destroy that which feeds them.

Now they are assassinating police women.

Celena Hollis was shot in the head while trying to break up a fight during the free weekly jazz concert in the park.

Denver's police chief said officers arrested 21-year-old Rollin Michael Oliver for investigation of first-degree murder of Celina Hollis.

Stay away from areas with Blacks, if you see large gatherings of Blacks either leave or chamber a round and ready another clip. Violence that is inherent in their DNA will be exhibited.

Never be a good samaritin to a Black. If they are fighting, allow them to kill each other they do not know the meaning of civilization and may very likely turn on you. Even if you are successful at stopping the fight, odds are very high they will simply kill each other the next day. If you attempt to assist a black in trouble the likelihood of being assaulted, robbed, accused of something is high. Let them fend for themselves, they hate you anyway and will expect you do for them making demands and showing no appreciation.

I'm a bidness man. said...

"Let's see," said Jamel Williams, a black man. If I don't have to pay for my inventory of CDs, then I get to keep ALL money customers give me. Yeah. Okay, so I'll just take all those CDs from that clown on the street.

Career thug sentenced to 18 years for murder of immigrant in 2003


June 25, 2012

A career thug is going away for at least 18 years prison for masterminding the 2003 strangulation death and robbery of an African immigrant who sold bootleg DVDs and CDs in midtown.

Jallow Sullayman, 39, died face down on the floor of his Fifth Avenue outlet back in the days before the easy downloading of music and movies, when bootleg discs were a lucrative -- but dangerous -- underground business.

Jamel Williams, 33, masterminded the deadly plan to enter Sullayman's fifth floor outlet, rob him at gunpoint of boxes of CDs, and leave him dead, a jury found two weeks ago.

"This was a horrible end of life, and this defendant, the jury found, was part of it, and I have no doubt was part of it," Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ruth Pickholtz said.

Williams' codefendants testified against him at trial, cutting years off their own prospective sentences.

Cassie said...

Looking forward to seeing what the Romneybot 2.0 will say to the colored folks at the NAACP gathering. Should be quite amusing when he says, "You people..." by accident.