Tuesday, April 16, 2013

There was nothing false about what happened in Boston.

It's been a little over 24 hours since the terrorist attack in Boston, and already the inmates in America's insane asylums have found a way to communicate with the rest of us.

They have declared that this is a "false flag" event, and that it was staged by the government to take over our lives and strengthen their power.

"During the Boston Police Department's final press conference of a confounding and deadly day, someone in the audience asked if Monday's bombing was a "false flag" attack. We can both explain and answer that question.

The questioner — who appears to be Dan Bidondi, a radio host for InfoWars — asked:
'Why were the loud speakers telling people in the audience to be calm moments before the bombs went off? Is this another false flag staged attack to take our civil liberties and promote homeland security while sticking their hands down our pants on the streets?'
To which Governor Deval Patrick, at the mic to field questions, flatly responded:
Of course Alex isn't alone in the asylum.

"Monday night during his BlazeTV show, Glenn Beck offered his thoughts on the Boston Marathon bombings and who might have been responsible. He rejected the notion suggested by some that the attack was perpetrated by an American citizen “all hacked off at the government.” Instead, he suggested that “Middle Eastern” terrorists had to be behind the attack because “when our crazies go off, they target the government.”

“No American citizen blows up random people,” Beck asserted, “that’s a Middle Eastern scene.” He went on to express his wariness of the Obama administration in the wake of the attack, alluding to the “workplace shooting” designation that was given to the 2009 Fort Hood rampage. “Do you believe we will know the true story of what really happened today?” Beck asked.

Beck called out President Obama for saying “there’s no such thing as terrorism… there’s no such thing as Al Qaeda, all of this bull crap.” While the president did hesitate to call the Bostom bombings an “act of terror” yesterday until he knew more information, he did use those words during an address today. “How does the government that’s been in denial spin this?” Beck wondered."

Well Glenn, those children who died at Oklahoma City were not a part of the "evil government."

That "evil government" will have their hands full over the next few days. While I write this post there is breaking news that the deadly poison ricin was just found at the Capitol mail facility.

At a time when the government needs the people to persevere and make the country -and their government- stronger, there are those among us who would tear down the government and try to make it weaker.

The terrorist make bombs that kill and maim and cause destruction, but the long term impact of the actions of some of these types of people can be just as terrifying.


Anonymous said...

"At a time when the government needs the people to persevere and make the country -and their government- stronger, there are those among us who would tear down the government and try to make it weaker."

Making the government stronger means making the country weaker.

Power needs to be with the people. I do not trust a government that is undermining the Constitution refuses to uphold the rule of law.

I put nothing past our current rulers, who never let a crisis go to waste.

The Future is Unwritten said...

Joe Biden announced today that he "guarantees" they will catch whoever did this bombing.

What does Joe know?

Yavor said...

Conspiracy theories that try to conceptually work their way back from an undesirable outcome (from the conspiracy theorist's point of view) to a cause a la "follow the money" are analogous to intelligent design theories. It is very anti-Occam's Razor ...

Whatever happens in the world ends up benefitting someone the most (in relative terms - this is true even in non-zero sum situations) to the detriment of someone else (individual or group). This doesn't necessarily presuppose foresight, planning, or organization.

Intelligent design is appealing because we can't help but feel privileged as species - almost like someone conspired to arrange everything just so.

Conspiracy theories are appealing because anyone on the losing side of a phenomenon or a trend can't help but think someone has been out to get him. This could, of course, be true but the burden of proof weighs on the theorist.

If average Americans don't actively protect their status against degradation and dispossession, it is only natural that it will erode due to competition from other groups who do pay the costs of organization and vigilance. This is a race to the bottom among busybodies and politicos. Since such a vigilance seems to be a full time job just to keep up with the organized interests, it seems that it defies the very purpose of having carved a comfortable life for oneself - being able to enjoy it and concentrate on well-being and family.

This is why, I think, the best protection (in terms of effort expanded and outcome achieved) is conservatism. Conservatism in this sense means automatically saying "no" to policies and initiatives until they are proven absolutely necessary and/or beneficial for the average American.

Anonymous said...

As I recall from when I was a youngster in the late 60's early 70's. " All power to the People" . Obviously you, FN, are a supporter of the Establishment looking to suppress the people. Pretty disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Obama has proven again and again that what he says is untrustworthy. The way things are going Obama might end up with another term because of extenuating circumstances like more bombings in our cities. Would that make you and your FN Negroes like Black Sage and MantanzasGV happy?

It 'feels' like this 'might' happen. America and Congress have become comfortably addicted to Obama.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

I smell whiteboy all over this "patriots day" bombing with re-loading powder.

Anonymous said...

frm the previous thread:

Field Negro responded: “Black Sage, you give these losers way too much credit. They are frustrated losers who troll websites to fire up people and get their rocks off. That's it.”

Black Sage replied, "That’s quite true, it’s also the actions of empty lives and disturbed minded cretins as well!"

What does disturbed minded cretins mean? I never heard of a cretin and I graduated.

field negro said...

The Future...Joe knows that It's almost impossible to commit the perfect crime.

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


Those are the people whose names cannot even come from my mouth I refuse to give any of the neocons or wingnut HAWKS an inch. I would rather put my spike heel in a culo

We need volunteers and the city wants all of those with skills to come Vol are coming from as far away as Canada as far as i have been told

I am here because i grew up here and worked here for yrs..I believe I owe not only my fam mi tiempo but the comm also my compassion


LaCubanadeMatanzas said...

Someone said:

Know the facts before you speak. You won't look like such a fool.

I Milagros asked

Did they pay attn to their words? Why do some people piss some people off so easily? All that is being done here spktruth2power and passing along the science?

i am a sistah and thus i do not have to worry about having a small package..I do not need VIAGRA a pump or a jail house jump..So why get angry with people when all that needs to be done is to ASK THAT MIRAGE CALLED GOD? i am told that he/she is a miracle maker

Ps Milagros Garcia Villamil said this and no one else

Just sayin while LMAO

Anonymous said...

This would be a more believable post if the author of it was not a raycizzum chasing conspiracy theorist himself. By the way Field-Homey, that "aryan brotherhood of texas" thing turned out not to be responsible for that Texas official's murder. Doesn't that suck?

Anonymous said...

What Yavor said above. I'd add that we seem to be watching natural selection at work with those having the traits leading to law abidingness and hard work being done in by those who are in possession of other traits. The results of polls are quite manipulated by the pollsters, of course. Most Americans recoil at the thought that lawbreakers can one day become citizens. Hell, they recoil at the idea of anchor babies getting citizenship as well, yet these same Americans, which must include most of us here, have not taken to the streets, have we. The traits that have in the past helped create a productive, cohesive society are now working against our survival.

Anonymous said...

Which only begs the question: Who's doing the all the brainwashing? And why is it the same message - more or less - everywhere in MSM?

It the absolute conformity to a single narrative that is so disconcerting.

keisha said...

Well america is on to the MSM. It all about guns and terrorism. I find it funny that only a day after the bombing, Peter King was talking about 'we will get these terrorists, they hater America'. How dumb can one get. WHo told him it was terrorists. Watch them turn this into another 911.


Anonymous said...

keisha said...
Well america is on to the MSM. It all about guns and terrorism

And gay marriage and immigration, apparently. Do you really think America is "on to the MSM"?

Conspiracies don't have to involve secret meetings and explicit plots. It is enough to control the media if you want to get your agenda through.

There are conspiracies to inflame racial acrimony, open our borders, disarm ordinary citizens, redistribute wealth, and redefine fundamental human relationships.

Anon @ 10:06 said: "Most Americans recoil at the thought that lawbreakers can one day become citizens."

So why is this being pushed by the MSM as an inevitability? Is there a conspiracy afoot?

If Catholics said NO to this 'conspiracy' and opposed it, it would still go on.

If conservatives said NO to this 'conspiracy', it would still go on.

If blacks said NO to this 'conspiracy', it would still go on.

If labor unions said NO to this 'conspiracy', it would still go on.

If white middle class said NO to this 'conspiracy', it would still go on.

If American Indians said NO to this 'conspiracy', it would still go on.

If Muslim-Americans and Asian-Americans said NO to this conspiracy, it would still go on.

But if Jewish-Americans said NO to this 'conspiracy' and opposed it, it would end.

Only Jews have the interconnecting nexus of power among big business, media, Wall Street, Washington, law firms, academia, courts, and think thanks to push or end this issue.

In any kind of movement or action, there are leaders and followers. Just because many people go along doesn't mean they are all in on the conspiracy. They could be just following the small number of conspirators since the latter have so much power to reward the good dogs that obey and destroy the bad dogs that don't obey. Carrots and sticks. Republican biggies can reap huge fortunes and advantages by playing along. If they refuse, they'll be attacked and defunded as 'hate-filled xenophobes'.

It's like when Germany invaded USSR. Yes, all of Germany lined up behind it and German officers and soldiers all took part, but who made the decision? Who pushed the button? Hitler and his coterie of insiders. So, the conspiracy to invade Russia was small but the collaboracy was huge. If Hitler had decided NO, there would have been no invasion and the German people would have gone along with that decision.

America did not want to invade Iraq, but there we went. Why?

If Jews really wanted to end this immigration stuff, they could overnight for they control the politicians, media, thinktanks, courts, and entertainment, etc. And because Jewish money is all over American politics from left to right.

But Jews will push it, and no one will call Jews out on it because it'd be 'antisemitic' and you'll be blacklisted faster than you can say 'Rick Sanchez'

Same with 'gay marriage'. Does anyone think it would gained so much traction if not for the advocacy among Jews? Even so called conservative media outlets like Fox are really just collabocrats. They follow or don't resist orders from top, just like German officers during WWII. If they follow, there are so many candies and prizes. If not, they'll be hounded and reviled by MSM which has just become the propaganda wing of globalist Jewish power.

Frustrated negro said...

You sure do know how to take a tragedy , and make sure theres Racial Politricks going....

Right Wing vs Progressives...

Dem vs Libs....

White vs Black.....

Ohhh look at the scary reactionaries...... LOL

anyway... Heres Glen Ford's Take on drinking the Kool Aid....

“ObamaL'aid is a mind-altering substance, a hallucinogen. It makes Black people see progress when they are actually facing disaster. Obama-on-the-brain also behaves like an opiate, blocking out pain. African Americans’ ability to apprehend political and economic danger is compromised by Obama-induced delusion, while the opiate effect prevents Blacks from knowing where and how badly they have been hurt. That’s a fatal combination.”

field negro said...

"You sure do know how to take a tragedy , and make sure theres Racial Politricks going....

Right Wing vs Progressives...

Dem vs Libs....

White vs Black....."

I promise I will leave it alone if you admit that Beck and Jones are crazy.

Anonymous said...

Well, the gun background check bill was defeated. Just goes to show the government could give a shit what 90% of the people want. We are no longer a free country. It's more along the lines of a dictatorship by the NRA and politicians in Washington. The 'people' no longer have any power or voice..

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Jones may be crazy but Bekkk knows exactly what he's doing.

Frustrated Negro said...

Crazy like Foxes... Glen Beck is hardly crazy....

Hes a 40 million dollar liar...
but hey thats capitalism no?

Jones has theories,and im sure he makes a good amount of money as well..

Hes definitely not crazy , Informative...
(Because I get my news from all sources)
but he goes way too deep for my tastes on certain issues...

I found out about Jones watchin somethin KRS-1 was doin years ago...

The gun thing, They gay thing,

The race thing, unless its about certain things ...(Disenfranchisement, of wealth resources, freedoms)

Anything else and these are wedge issues that serve no purpose but to divide , and conquer...

Plus we still dont even know who did it..
Yet while you bash Jones for his theory ...
You wink wink ... nod nod towards the crazy reactionary, racist, right wingers...

They may be all those things.. but lets for the benefit of the doubt assume they aren't bombers...

alicia banks said...

u blind hobama nazis petrify all who are awake

u all prove that u r that u love hobama more than u love your own progeny and u r growing more suicidal daily...amazing!

cc the real bombers
hobama and craft international

cc osama too

shame on the fooled fleeced deaf blind doomed sheeple!!!!!!!






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