Tuesday, April 23, 2013

What's on your mind?

I will holla at you tomorrow field hands.

But please feel free to holla at me.



Anonymous said...

The Factor is on my mind because Bill O'Reilly delivers hard hitting infallible news about the Obama Administration. I worry about whether the Obama Admin can withstand the weight of O'Reilly's powerful reporting about the wrongs of the WH.

Also, I am very worried about what Glenn Beck will say when he exposes Obama. That in itself will be a very powerful moment.

Anonymous said...


Rob L said...

Yes, the found it absolutely withering in the last election. And tgat's great news...for John McCain!

Anonymous said...

It's Tuesday and I missed Glenn Beck's proclamation that would bring down President Obama, would someone give me the cliff notes?


Anonymous said...

I can't believe no one on this blog has no knowledge of what Beck revealed on Monday. The ignorance of posters on this blog about Beck is astonishing.

Beck is an honorable man with integrity beyond reproach. But I understand the nature of posters here on FN....you have no appreciation for integrity.

Mark my words, Beck will receive one day a Nobel prize for his humanity.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Sturgeon is on my mind Field, it's been too long since I've hauled in a dinosaur. I love the meat, but the caviar is like butter. Last one I caught was a 4ft hen full of egg-sacks. It took a lot of work, almost 8 hours of stripping and washing and picking, but I got almost 3 lbs of creamy caviar that even after I gave away most, we sill slathered on rye-toast almost a month. Abalone too, I've been thinking a lot about that most delicious creature of the sea, the best way to eat it is sliced thin, pounded tender, dipped in eggmilk, rolled in ritz crackers and fried in butter. You ever try abalone Field? They have anything like that in Jamaica? Its like $300/lb fresh for the farmed stuff, but we cook about a pound a person for dinner after a day of diving. because it'as like eating popcorn or crisps, you just can't stop until it's gone.

A Black Panther Forever said...

How the press continues to pick winner and losers in our society. Who gets the "full strength" government response and who doesn't. How I saw the Placating President continue to insure safety for one group of people , but not another. Designate some portions of various cities " battle zones" to insure their safety as well. A country that is broke sure threw the bank vault open this week to insure some total safety.Who is valuable and who a throwaway. The good and decent citizens of these battle zones need some federal help as well. Oh yeah.... That same aforementioned president can have an Executive Oder to END THE WAR ON DRUGS. The casualties have mainly been the poor and minorities. Alas, the War on Drugs was created by an executive order. Writing from experience...StillaPanther2

Bob said...

What if Tsarnaev announced he bombed to protest abortion? & the FBI discovered an unpublished manifesto in his apt stating that? Would he then become, like unrepentant killer Eric Rudolph, an admirable person to many on the far right? Including Sarah Palin, who does not consider Rudolph a "terrorist."

field negro said...

*nodding head as I read comments*

field negro said...

Oh wait...beck will "receive a Nobel prize"? Is there a doctor in the house? Anon. needs some meds and psychiatric treatment.

Black Sage said...

Co-signing with Field Negro here, Anon's doctor needs to increase his dosage of meds immediately!

Anonymous said...

Diss be on my mind yo:


Da sustaz know how ta run thangz!

Palli said...

Well, I have a hard time seeing that the death of first responders (community volonteer firefighters) in West Texas made essentially no impression on the American public.
The corporate farmer/industrialists Donald R. & Wanda Adair operated the plant that produced and stored a dangerous product across the street from a playground of tetter toters and swings and neighboring houses. These owners deliberately defied the few but crucial regulations the government requires. Albeit in a sleepy small town, this is a crime on the order of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire or the Deepwater Horizon explosion.

America's contribution to the world is a warped capitalism that is little different than Medieval feudalism. Palli

Anonymous said...

Palli12:31 PM
operated the plant that produced and stored a dangerous product across the street from a playground of tetter toters and swings and neighboring houses..
But did these neighbors protest or say anything a out this? They should have

Anonymous said...

Everybody still fighting huh? Yeah, Well I'm going to the mall. *sticks tongue out*

(Love this new format!)

GrannyStandingforTruth said...

Rush Limbaugh compared the bomber to Trayvon Martin. Rush really needs to be locked up in a rehab institution along with Beck. Drugs and alcohol do not mixed. "This is an egg and that is their brains."

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
*nodding head as I read comments*

5:08 AM
Wow, thanks Field. I have been posting on FN for years and this is the first time you have given me a 'nod'. Thanks...you have made my day. there is love in my heart for you.

Anon, '12:59, right on time'

Anonymous said...

Field, "Oh wait...beck will "receive a Nobel prize"? Is there a doctor in the house? Anon. needs some meds and psychiatric treatment."

5:11 AM
First you send me a nice comment and then you call me crazy? WTF? You must be bi-polar? Forget the 'love in my heart' statement for you.

It's YOU and Black Sage(Black Moron) who need treatment.

MinneB said...

Field Negro,

I've been fascinated about the debate white people are having with one another about "who is white" and who is not. if the Boston bombing brothers should be considered "white" people or not? As I suspected, white people do determine who is white and who is not.

Reading about CISPA and the repeal of the Stock Act. Field hands need to organize themselves, because the RWS and their HN are not about the whole country.

Thinking about how hostile and ignorant the trolls are on your blog.

ThatDeborahGirl said...

Anyone depending on Bill O'Reilly for anything but getting an abortion doctor killed is short on brain power.

I have issues with the Obama Administration. None of them are ever addressed by the likes of trash like Bill O'Reilly.

healthysouls said...

Have you reached Boston Marathon Bombing media fatigue yet?

The corporate owned media seems to be milking BMB -- blanket wall-to-wall coverage --for all that it's worth and ignoring other stories.

Tragic and sad as the BMB was, my god there is other news worthy stories that need more coverage.

Dare I say, MSNBC, FOX, CNN have provided scant coverage, at best, to the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

In this tragedy more people died, more people were injured and more property damage occurred. To be clear, the Texas explosion had more corruption, carnage and death, yet it was significantly lower on the news food chain.http://harveysglobalpolitics.blogspot.com/2013/04/the-texas-fertilizer-plant-explosion.html

Anonymous said...

healthysouls said...

"Have you reached Boston Marathon Bombing media fatigue yet?

In this tragedy more people died, more people were injured and more property damage occurred."

Not yet.

Nobody cares about a explosions in plants,happens all the time.

alicia banks said...
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alicia banks said...

hobama and his nazis' sudden silences
ndaa/false flags/wwiii/africom/layoffs/hobamacare casinos etc

what will hobama nazis tell their children???...

what will that legendary bankster house nig global warlord warlock hobama tell sasha and malia when they are literate adults too???...

shame on the fooled fleeced deaf blind doomed sheeple!!!!!!!




MatanzasGV said...

Brother Field:

Asked ~Whats on your mind:

I did not get a chance to answer this before we left but its never to late..
My thoughts
There is nothing like leaving the land of ghost and goblins or amerikkka! , to think and share quality time with other thinkers.

Be that as it may, anyone who knows me knows that i love the law and everything about it YES! Even the Miranda law ;) and or the lack thereof in some cases hint hint hehehe Which is what really makes me THINK

i put on my isolation headphones and thought, wrote and processed in a way that i can’t when i’m in my normal ( did i say that?), hyper connected mode. The same is true of my King

While on this viaje we agreed that we would not talk about the law nor would we discuss anything involving law UNLESS it affected us personally as people.

Ps El Rey allowed me to twitter Field though lol

Back to the question whats on your mind ? Sadly
Right now its

1 Who will be next to catch a bullet in lovely amerikkka?

2 How many adults, children, immigrants Muslims etc

3 Who will it be next And who will La Pierre and his band of stale pale neocons defend?

4 Who will the stale pale and ole aucasoids drop off of a cliff next?

And last but not least my thoughts are :

5 What can Barak Hussein Obama do about it and what should he try to do?

PS No small U's or big eyes!

Just saying