Thursday, August 04, 2016

Open thread Thursday.

MORE DISCLAIMERSFeel free to holla at me about the latest in the presidential race and whatever else you want to write about.

And, if you are brave enough, make your prediction about the 2016 presidential race.

My prediction is that Hillary will beat trump by three percentage points in the popular vote, and that she will win Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Florida, but lose Michigan. 

I predict that she will get about 306 of the 538 electoral college votes; well over the 270 needed to win the whole thing.   

This, of course, is if things stay the way they are now, and if there are no October surprises. ( Like Hillary's e-mails turning up and there are a bunch of secrets about hidden bank accounts, or trump finally becoming even more unhinged and repeatedly dropping the n- word at one of his rallies.)


KGB said...

It bears considering that in the past week:
-There was a historic delegate rebellion at the Democrat convention
-The entire DNC leadership structure collapsed
-HRC was caught in several massive lies
-The Libyan war went hot again

If the orientation of the elite media was different, this could easily be the dominant theme right now, instead of Trump gaslighting a baby.

The elites are in panic mode because Hillary's poll internals are terrible, and their media attack dogs are unable to dig up any real dirt on him. He's rude and blunt, but he's clean.

Watch. And learn.

dinthebeast said...

I think Hillary will win, and I think Trump knows she will. That's why he's hedging hard and fast by saying the election will probably be stolen. It gives him an out for the inevitable facing up to having lost, and it does something uglier and more in line with kind of politics he is heir to: it threatens insurrection in the face of his legitimate loss, by the hate radio, Fox news, and Alex Jones consumers his base is rife with.
Believe it or not, it's hard to cheat in a presidential election, and cheating is a major tool he has used in what success he has had. It's sort of what he does.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

No comment...mums the word...

The Judge said...

If America elects Hillary the game is over and all bets are off. Whether in my lifetime or a bit longer, in America as we know it will be finished and rest of the world will begin to fragment. There is no other way this insanity can end. I welcome the end of the lies as much as I dread the coming fire. Let the judgement be handed down and the penance done. And buy lots of ammunition.

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I've tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice

Anonymous said...

It's important to not give up hope. If enough people stand up, we CAN Make America Great Again. All of us together, white and black.

Hillary PR Team said...

Do YOU have a personal tragedy Trump had nothing to do with that could nonetheless be cynically leveraged to attack him? Please contact us!

Hillary PR Team said...

If you ask us, people are reading A LOT into the timing of a secret 400 million cash payment to a country that was releasing hostages to us.

Hillary PR Team said...

There is nothing magical about the phrase "radical Islamic terrorism" or the fact that it accurately describes so many recent news stories.

Hillary PR Team said...

"This is for Syria!" is most likely a clever ruse to hide the killer's true motives, which are shrouded in mystery:

Hillary PR Team said...

We WERE gonna say only families who've lost sons in war get a say on immigration, but then we checked the demographics and uh... nevermind:

Hillary PR Team said...

Big thank you to GOP Congressman Richard Hanna for endorsing Hillary. The establishment politicians of both parties are Stronger Together!

Jim said...

There is no moderate Islam in the sense that there is no Islam where the adherent to the faith who engages in violence against non Muslims is viewed as bad, unholy, an outsider, no Islam where Jihad is not as Islamic as motherhood and apple pie are American. There is no Islam that fails to provide a favorable environment for terror. Terror is so fundamental and intrinsic to Islam, that any supposedly Muslim religion that seriously disengages from terror really is not Muslim, and any Muslim monarchy that fails to support terror gets assailed as inauthentically Muslim, as not taking Islam seriously, and it is transparently apparent that any nominally Muslim monarchy that fails to support terror is inauthentically Muslim, does not take Islam seriously.

For thirteen hundred years, no one has managed to coexist with Islam except in a state of war and near war. We will not be the first.

We have to either convert to Islam, convert to some faith capable of holding its own against Islam, or forbid Islam and expel Muslims.

Andrew Quackson said...

Benefits of Diversity:
-More Crime
-Militarized Police
-Social Trust destroyed
-Ethnic Restaurants

A Black Panther Forever said...

An open thread.... well I have two difficult topics that I know may bring second guessers to my door. These are just two of the many topics that I wish could be presented face to face.

First one will need a back story to may glean some understanding as to why one would feel a certain way. Here goes. I wish the fellow soldier would not have presented Mr. Trump with his Purple Heart. You don't win this medal and it has been given to those usually for wounds in combat. (Yes, many received them for paper cuts and etc.) It is a sacrifice that others who participated can bring solace and comfort to the receiver.

Mr. Trump had an opportunity, which he ducked. He is in the club with President Clinton, President Bush and Dick Cheney. These are men that did not step forward for their country in her time of need. Now follow me... I, as an 18 year old Black young man took Donald Trump place in the jungles of Vietnam. He was 22 with the love and backing of America. I had neither love nor backing.

I was a medic in the war... so I have an unique feel for the Purple Heart. I am aware that it is his to give. But maybe he could have given Mr. Trump some knowledge about war as well as the Purple Heart. I heard a statement where he used the word "won". Little did he know how one receive this medal. AND he want to send YOUR CHILDREN to places were he was too chicken to go. So just maybe he should be thanking all the RVN veterans instead of making light of the Purple Heart.

Now to my other topic. How to talk to other Africans Americans in your daily living about the present state of affairs. Truly I am tire of the other races trying to "fix" us. After 400 years here, we should be on top of the game of America. In my 65 years I can only say that I am tired of having to have a conversation about race. I am truly tired of seeing so many recycled stories and pictures with the police giving Black children movie passes, basketballs, picnics and that damn ice-cream.

Being PC has been a back door to keep Blacks oblivious to living in America. Yes, I know that the typical AA on this site may feel the same way. I say this because I saw where Mr Steve Harvey had on his show mothers of the victims of homicide; also on the show was rappers that sang about "life in the hood". Mr. Harvey had to cut short the dialog between the groups because all of them may live in the same "hood" but their goals are not the same.

Now that is my dilemma, My hood has experienced white flight and I too have place my house up for sale. Going back to my roots in Carolina and forget it! I have no time for talking.

Flying Junior said...

I live in a city where Muslims, Christians, Jews, Sufis, differing nationalities of Buddhists, Hindi, Sikhs, maybe certain Japanese sects, atheists and even worshippers of the almighty dollar all seem to get along and thrive without any visible conflict.

We just go about our business. We are not afraid to speak to each other. Though, as you can imagine, mostly people stick to their own kind. Still, civility is universal. It's just the norm. Strange or anti-social behavior would bring about unwanted attention, perhaps from law enforcement. There is no ranting about race or religion at town hall or state commission meetings. People save their prejudices for their online alter egos.

The Tooth said...

This country is fucked either way.

I Hate Spics, Gooks, Kikes, and Faggots said...

Hillary in a landslide!

The Purple Cow said...

"This country is fucked either way."

True Mr. Truth, but if HRC gets elected only America gets fucked, if Trump is elected the entire planet is fucked.

So if you don't mind, the 7 billion of us who are not Americans will be rooting for Hillary.

Puerto Rican food is nasty shit said...

I think ultimately Hillary will win, albeit in a closer race than we will want. Fortunately it is the general election, and not the primaries, so a win by something like 1% is still a win.

Anonymous said...

Why has the gold star Khan story gone away?

Anonymous said...

Doug typed...

"Believe it or not, it's hard to cheat in a presidential election"

According to leftist it's quite easy. All you need are "hanging chads".

PilotX said...

I predict Dr. Jill Stein will win in a landslide ushering in a new age of prosperity, goodwill and universal healthcare.

Limpbaugh said...

Hillary is a shoe in. We might as well crown her and start bombing Iran now. Specifics of Clinton Foundation pay to play corruption are already documented, but the media protects her. The establishment media is her ace in the hole. The IRS investigation of the Clinton Foundation will make the news, but who knows when that will be completed. I would say that arranging weapons deals for rogue county donors is worse than offshore bank accounts myself, but her supporters won't care. A lot of Hillary supporters didn't seem to mind the theft of the primary election.

I think Trump's best chance is the debates. He is pretty brainwashed by media lies himself though. When he talks about Obama creating ISIS, I think he is referring to things like Obama pulling troops out of Iraq. If he talked about the CIA recruiting, training, and arming ISIS, in a debate the media would have to cover it. He should site sources, use quotes from the leaked email, and point out that the lying media told us the exact opposite of what was going on. He focuses more on the media lying about him than their support of widespread establishment corruption, war, and greed.

Mark said...

My prediction is that it won't be so close. Trump will continue to refuse to release his tax returns, and this will cost him, and if he does release them, it will cost him even more. He'll also fuss about the debates, because he's probably afraid of Hillary's knowledge and intellect. But he'll probably agree to debate and try to reduce it to "Crooked Hillary," which is a little tougher than what happened in the Republican debates, where he could win simply be repeating "Low energy Jeb," "Little Marco," "Lyin' Ted," etc. One hopes that at some point journalists will start to be a little tougher with him, quit with the Chuck Todd "both sides do it" nonsense, and challenge him on his fabrications. So Hillary by a slightly bigger margin than what you predict, maybe five points.

Theophilus said...

We live in a strange age. The Khan flap s a great example. They trot the guy out and the media started cooing. I thought nothing of it. Then all of the sudden they were outraged over something Trump said about him. Yet, I can't figure out what he said. The best I can tell is he asked about the wife, but it was nothing to lose your mind over. It seems like they all got a memo instructing them to be outraged at whatever Trump said about Khan. When he said nothing, they went and asked him directly about Khan so that then they would have something to be properly outraged about.

I've had a dozen people ask me "What did Trump say?" and I have no answer. I don't know. It's as if it is so bad, it can never be repeated. Ask anyone who is outraged over this and they won't be able to tell exactly why they are outraged, or they will say something they think Trump said but actually didn't.

We've reached a point where absolutely nothing in the national consciousness is real. This cannot lead anywhere but disaster.

michelle said...

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Propaganda Nation said...

"We've reached a point where absolutely nothing in the national consciousness is real."

Latest polls have Trump getting 2% of he black vote.

Ex-Klansman David Duke is getting 16%.

anotherbozo said...

@A Black Panther Forever: Racism isn't your problem, you don't need to stay in the "conversation," it's OUR problem, a white problem, and it's ever contained it'll be because we finally figured out cause and effect (racism > poverty + despair > crime) and have been shamed by a few too many unambiguous videos. I'm 73 and have seen the ball inch forward... ever so gradually.

Oh, Hillary will win all right, but never by enough margin for me. She may be indebted to Wall Street and//or Clinton Foundation donors, but the alternative is a narcissistic demagogue wannabe with zero experience too lazy to read the Constitution or anything else. And who thinks Melania would be a good pick for his Cabinet. He's too inept to be another Mussolini, would probably be a pawn for McConnell and Ryan to abolish Medicare and the ACA and concvince him to stack the Supremes with reactionaries, just so he can preen in the White House mirror and dream of a second term. He would be bored with the Presidency, except when he met heads of state and could really humiliate us big-time.

But he will lose big, even bigger if the congressional probe into his Russian connection goes forward. That would be fun, relatively speaking. He hasn't been stroking Putin for nothing. But Putin knows he's a putz.

Anonymous said...

Duke is a fringe guy who is only getting publicity because he can be used to discredit Trump. By falsely linking them together, the bogus "raciss" meme will seep into the heads of some more low information voters.

Watch - he'll be put on TV more and more as we approach November.

Anonymous said...

anotherbozo said...
"But he will lose big, even bigger if the congressional probe into his Russian connection goes forward."

Trump's Russian "connection"? What would that be?

Is it anything like Hillary's, who used the State Department to set up a "Russian Silicon Valley" that resulted in the transfer of militarily-significant technology to Russia and netted The Clinton Foundation tens of millions of dollars in donations from 17 of the companies involved? Or the time she brokered the deal to sell 20% of America's uranium reserves to Russia for another $26 million in Clinton Foundation donations plus several million in direct payments to her husband for speaking fees for speeches that were mostly not even given?

You really are a fucking clown.

Everyone is American said...

Tonight as the nations of earth converge atop a smoldering mass of fecal matter and despair, swarming with Zika-laden mosquitos and semi-competent muggers, remember: The Olympics are fucking dumb.

dinthebeast said...

Theophilus: He implied that Mrs. Khan couldn't speak because of her religion, when she can't speak publicly about her dead son in the presence of his pictures without breaking down emotionally. That's what pissed a lot of people off.

-Doug in Oakland

anotherbozo said...

@Anonymous @1:55: "Trump's Russian "connection"? What would that be?"

Suggest you get your head out of your right-wing ass and pick up a newspaper. The Washington Post broke this story, but it's all over. Hardly a big scoop for anyone.

Theophilus said...

"Theophilus: He implied that Mrs. Khan couldn't speak because of her religion, when she can't speak publicly about her dead son in the presence of his pictures without breaking down emotionally"

That is the "vicious attack" the media went ape-shit over for a week? That's it?

I thought maybe he had implied she was lying, like Hillary just did to the mother of Sean Smith.

Anonymous said...

anotherbozo said...
"Suggest you get your head out of your right-wing ass and pick up a newspaper. The Washington Post broke this story, but it's all over. Hardly a big scoop for anyone."

Read that story. Maybe you ought to actually read it. Basically it said Trump wanted to build a Trump Tower in Moscow, tried a couple of times but couldn't make a deal without getting into the local bribery game, so he walked. How is that in any way "espionage" or even unethical? How does that compare to Hillary using her position as Secretary of State to sell US military technology and uranium reserves to Russia?

Please explain.

dinthebeast said...

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Well, there goes the Eiffel Tower too I guess! xD

The Purple Cow said...

If Trump wins there will be hell Toupee.

anotherbozo said...

@Anonymous at 3:06:

OK, I'll spell it out for you. The article does not suggest that Trump's business interest in Russia is a thing of the past, even though he hasn't actually built there yet. His hiring of Paul Manafort*, his curiously flattering words toward a vicious dictator, his denial of Russia being in Ukraine (ignorance or pretend-ignorance?), his disparagement of NATO—you think all that's a coincidence? Sound like a businessman who still wants to butter up a client, doesn't want to cut bait? Now imagine a President whose foreign policy toward a hostile government is shaped by business interests that may be resumed after he leaves office. Hello? Nixon's political delay of the Paris peace talks is patty-cake compared to this conflict of interest, which has juicy potential for high treason.

Give me a respectable source on the Hillary-uranium story, now. I'm all ears.

anotherbozo said...

What am I saying, "may be resumed after he leaves office"? The Trump Organization would continue to flourish while Papa is in office.

Anonymous said...

"Give me a respectable source on the Hillary-uranium story, now. I'm all ears."

I did, but Field deleted it. Little too much truth. Here it is again: