Wednesday, August 24, 2016

When cops don't get it right, and when a presidential candidate is caught in another lie.

Image result for police 10 year old newark LegendSome of our boys in blue across the country are really going to have to start doing a better job when it comes to some things.

Field's Exhibit A is this case from Newark New Jersey:

"On August 11, a ten-year-old in Newark, New Jersey, named Legend Preston was chased by the police....

... and he claimed that the cops had drawn their guns as they chased the child, who had been in the street retrieving a basketball, according to his mother. The Newark Police Department claimed to WABC 7 that weapons were drawn, but never pointed at the child. In the end, the family says the police did not apologize to them, even when they caught the suspect that they had been sure Preston resembled. The suspect is 20 years old with a beard and dreadlocks. Preston is 10 with a baby face and short hair.

Solomon recorded the aftermath of the incident because she “knew [she] had to get some type of documentation.” She told the New York Daily News that she thinks it’s important to always keep phones charged in case a need to document an encounter with an officer arises. The merits of recording police interactions have been a hot topic this summer, especially, in the wake of a woman livestreamingthe death of her boyfriend, Philando Castile, at the hands of police officers in Minnesota.
In their latest piece on the incident, the New York Daily News is reporting that Solomon doesn’t want an apology from the department at all. She explained that she never wanted to be an activist of any kind but now sees no other option. She said this:
What option have they given me but to speak out? I didn’t ask for any of this. My prime concern is not an apology. My concern is reform of this system. I want to see accountability and responsibility.
She also spoke with the paper about how upset she gets, even two weeks later, thinking of what could have happened to her son if he had tripped or reached for a toy as he ran.
The incident is reminiscent of what happened to Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old who was playing with a toy gun in a public park in the open-carry state of Ohio in 2014. Officers shot and killed him “one-and-a-half to two seconds” after pulling up to the park." [See video and story here]
And if you think it's only black folks catching it, you would be wrong.
Field's Exhibit B is a tragic story as well:
"Daniel Kevin Harris, 29, was shot and killed by North Carolina state trooper Jermaine Saunders Thursday after a pursuit that ended at Harris' home, authorities said.
"Daniel's death is just a shock — what is it for? It's definitely worthy, it has value, and I'm angry about it," Harris' brother, Sam Harris, who is also deaf, told mourners using sign language at a memorial service Tuesday.
"You know that night, he was driving home, he was excited, he had a new job … and he died just a few yards from home," Sam Harris said.
The North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation is conducting a criminal probe into the shooting. The district attorney's office will also review the shooting.
The director of the state Department of Public Safety, which oversees the highway patrol, called the deadly shooting "tragic" but urged the public not to rush to judgment before investigations are finished.
"Any loss of life regardless of the circumstances is truly a tragic and sad event for all involved," DPS Secretary Frank L. Perry said in a statement Tuesday.
"While the Highway Patrol, the State Bureau of investigation and the District Attorney's Office conduct their respective reviews, we are keeping all those affected by this tragedy in our thoughts and prayers," he said.
The National Association of the Deaf said police need more training in dealing with the deaf and officers sometimes act aggressively when verbal commands aren't immediately followed." [Source]
Finally, speaking of the police, it turns out that Donald was caught in yet another lie about a meeting he had (in his twisted mind) with the Chicago police department.
"Earlier this week, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trumprecounted, in great detail, a conversation he says he had with a top police source in Chicago. According to the Chicago Police Department, however, that conversation never happened.
On Monday’s episode of The O’Reilly Factor, Trump explained to host Bill O’Reilly just how quickly a Trump administration could restore law and order by relating a conversation he’d had with a “top police officer”:
I went to a top police officer in Chicago, who is not the police chief, and he—I could see by the way he was dealing with his people, he was a rough, tough guy. They respected him greatly, he said. I said, ‘How do you think you do it?’ He said, ‘Mr. Trump, within one week, we could stop much of this horror show that’s going on.’
On Tuesday, the Chicago Police Department refuted Trump’s accountin a statement to the local NBC station:
We’ve discredited this claim months ago,” CPD spokesperson Frank Giancamilli said in a statement. “No one in the senior command at CPD has ever met with Donald Trump or a member of his campaign.”
…”Beyond that, the best way to address crime is through a commitment to community policing and a commitment to stronger laws to keep illegal guns and repeat violent offenders off the street,” Giancamilli added.
Perhaps the CPD should check their visitor’s logs for an entry indicating a visit from Trump spokesman John Miller." [Source]
Yes, the man is a liar. 
But this too shall pass. know....e-mails and stuff.
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Anonymous said...

Trump didn't lie and you know it.

You are a terrible lawyer.

Anonymous said...

The Clinton Foundation is the charity that makes sure you get the best return on your contribution investment.

Anonymous said...

Field Negro for years: "GOP needs outreach to black voters."

Trump reaches out.

Field Negro: "It's a racist move!

Porter said...

2020: A hundred million refugees have turned Europe into the kind of shit hole they fled from.

2030: Fleeing European pioneers resettle land vacated by African migrants gone to Europe.

2040: Blacks risk their lives in rafts crossing the Mediterranean to reach Africa.

Harambe said...

The Leslie Jones nudes make me feel nostalgia for my 1970s childhood, when the only porn we kids could get was copies of National Geographic.

50cent said...

I'm a get me one of them bitches from a third world country. At least she won't have high expectations. Here's a clean glass a water baby!


dinthebeast said...

We do need to rethink the job we ask our police to do for us. We need to remember we have the power to decide what we want them to do, and the question is really whether we want something different bad enough to go through the boring and lengthy steps to get those differences to happen one change at a time until we get something closer to a system we can live with. There will always be abuses as long as there is power to abuse. Trying to improve the situation is what self-government is all about, so what are we gonna do?
A lot of the worst kind of abuses we know about today have been happening for a very long time, and we know about them now because of changes in technology. It's harder now to hide the kind of behavior that has been routinely hidden for as long as we've had police. Can we use the copious evidence now available to actually improve things, or will we allow it to drive us back into our respective corners to squabble about it some more, while more citizens are slaughtered and abused by the people we are paying to protect them? I guess we'll see soon enough.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Q: If Harambe and Leslie Jones had had a baby together, what would they have named it?

A: Donkey King, Jr.!


Anonymous said...

Ha ha, that's some funny shit man.

field negro said...

Don't quit your day job. The KKK comedy tour doesn't pay too well.😑

field negro said...
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The Purple Cow said...

As the link says, most American welfare dollars no longer go to poor people.

PilotX said...

Good link to the Heather McGhee story. If more people could at leattry to overcome their inherent biases things would definitely be better.

anotherbozo said...

PilotX, i didn't see an actual McGhee link here but I found one:

Her first response was as on-target as it was obvious: "get to know a black family." That's what did the trick with gay rights, when we all found out we knew a gay person or had one in the family...

But housing segregation, job segregation church segregation etc. all work against your being able to make casual friends and socialize...

Mystere said...

Once again, I comment to call all the Anonymous commenters using ad hominem attacks (that means attacking the person, more or less) against our host and other commenters what they are: cowards. Cowards, to the last of you. Same goes for those using no-ID handles. You think you're gaining some sort of power by posting your puerile nonsense. You could not be more wrong. Cowards!

Ironymous said...

@Mystere: Post your real name, and then you can call anonymous posters cowards.

Not only are you a coward, you are also a moron.

Anonymous said...

One thing is clear. The era of Buckleyite conservatism is over. Hillary is now conservatism in America.

field negro said...

Well said!

field negro said...
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field negro said...

Comment at 4:55 meant for Mystere.

Anonymous said...

Fuck white people. Fuck the white race.

Lt. Commander Johnson said...

Lord Have Mercy. You label Trump as a liar. ALL politicians lie!

When have you ever commented on those lying-assed Clintons, Hillary in particular, now?

You don't. Why? answer expected.

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