Monday, June 12, 2017

NBC goes low.

Image result for megyn kelly image   I am not sure what NBC was thinking when they hired the "white Santa" lady away from FOX VIEWS.

For years she tried to put a pretty face and a short skirt on their race-baiting propaganda,  much to the delight of  their male dominated octogenarian crowd who ate it all up.  That all lasted until some of her fellow female "journalists" over at FOX decided that enough was enough, and they took things into their own hands (no pun intended) and blew the whistle on all the pigs who were allegedly chasing them around the desks.

But back to NBC. So they hire Megyn Kelly, and one of her first big interviews is with....wait for it.....Alex freaking Jones. That was not a misprint: ALEX JONES. The disgusting conspiracy theorist who has made a mockery of the truth and common human decency. (Kind of like the current president of the United States.)

Anyway, thankfully  NBC has been getting a lot of heat for their decision to have Kelly interview Jones, and one advertiser has pulled their news ads from NBC.  

"Families of some of the 26 people who were killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre have criticized an upcoming NBC interview with Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who has said the shooting was a hoax perpetrated by forces hostile to the Second Amendment.
As the host of “The Alex Jones Show” and the operator of the right-wing website Infowars, Mr. Jones has a wide following. He has called the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York City an inside job, promoted and then later apologized for helping spread the hoax known as “Pizzagate,” and asserted that an Idaho yogurt factory owned by a Kurdish immigrant was associated with a sexual assault before retracting that claim amid a lawsuit." [Source]
As is to be expected, Kelly had a weak defense for her publicity stunt of an interview. Something about shining a light on people like Jones.
Nice try. This is a ratings grab pure and simple, and the fact that NBC is letting Kelly take them down this rabbit hole speaks volumes about the bottom line profit driven journalism that companies like NBC push on all of us these days.  
"Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose 6-year-old daughter Ana Grace was killed at Sandy Hook, said she fears that giving Jones exposure would encourage Jones' followers who have harassed her and others.
'You can't just put him in a box and say he's just a character,"  said. "He's really hurting people."'
It doesn't matter Ms. Greene, as long as people watch and boost their ratings, the "white Santa" lady will be just fine.
Finally, if you have not had a chance to take a look at the trump cabinet meeting today,  please take the time to watch it.
It was a disgusting display of butt kissing by grown ass men (and women) who should have so much more to offer in life than to kiss the big orange butt of the narcissist- in- chief.  Is that orange lipstick Betsy DeVos is wearing?
It was both funny and sad at the same time.
How can so many people not see that the emperor is naked? 
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George said...

Some people should not be allowed to be on TV. There is no point in having discourse with those who don't conform to the bounds of acceptable ideas. NBC, like the rest of the media, has a job to do, and letting someone like Alex Jones speak on their network detracts from that mission. I hope the strong rebuke they are getting from corporate America gets them back in line in a hurry.

Anonymous said...

you sparklefarters sure get you panties in a bunch.....

Anonymous said...

Field Negro loves My Little Pony.

He brushes pony's pretty hair, then farts rainbow-colored sparkles!

Anonymous said...

Isn't 'My Little Pony' redundant? I mean, if pony means 'little horse,' then why the extra 'little'?

Anonymous said...

Field Negro's penis is extra-little ...

Fakestream Media said...

One Year After Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Massacre, Orlando Sentinel Still Wondering What the Motive Was:

Hint: It might have had something to do with Omar Mateen's multiple declarations of loyalty to ISIS "Caliph" al-Baghadi, made during his shooting spree, or his various declaration he wanted to "martyr" himself for the jihadist cause.

"During the attack, the killer Omar Mateen called 911 three times and also called a local TV station to claim credit, saying he did the attack in support of the Islamic State.

Mind you, this same media which to this day can't quite say what motivated Omar Mateen is simultaneously, very, very confident they can discern a motive to obstruct justice in jilted bureaucrat James Comey's descriptions of Trump's body language.

Anonymous said...

My pony is sick. I have been feeding xir with oats made in North Korea, and now xir's hair is turning rainbow-colored and falling out?

Should I call Alan Dershowitz?

Anonymous said...

In Soviet Russia, Alan Dershowitz calls YOU!

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones sold me a water filter and some Super Male Vitality, and now my pubic hair is rainbow-colored!

Help! Alan Dershowitz, where are you!?!

Flying Junior said...

Ten years ago, on my second or third blog post on the venerable Dog Report, I explained rather eloquently why I would never watch NBC's Today show ever again. Since then, my TV remains crippled by my UHF/VHF antenna. I have not paid for cable since 1988.

You may recall that NBC fired their last remaining journalist, Katie Couric, in 2006. Still I used to enjoy turning on the TV and tuning in just about any morning I had available. Absolutely loved the fat Al Roker. Loved the show, who am I kidding?

By the time the Virginia Tech shooter came along, Matt, (Dickhead,) Lauer's new female sidekick was named Meredith. Matt, (give the serious shit to the male anchor,) painstakingly explained how the NBC newsroom staff had agonized and deliberated with soul-searching angst about whether or not to air the disgusting video that they had exclusive rights to. They had exclusive rights because the Virginia Tech shooter had sent the video to NBC. Let me make this explicitly clear. No other entity on the planet had access to the video.

NBC decided that the public had a right to know.

See my blog post from 2007.

Flying Junior said...

You anonymous guys are all trolls.

Eat my butt.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Alex Jones, another micro dicked white boy, just like his buddy Butt Trumpet. Yawn.

White boys got tiny brains and tiny dicks said...

Kill white men.
Fuck white women.

Champ Kind said...

Flying Junior said...
"You may recall that NBC fired their last remaining journalist, Katie Couric, in 2006."

You're too much, man. No troll could compete with that.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, pussy-ass punk Feeled deleted my comment about Sandy Hook within minutes.

Punk ass bitch.

Anonymous said...

@ Farting Janitor -

No thanks, hon. I know that's how you did things with Shontavious in the jail house, but not all of us are into that kind of action.

Limpbaugh said...

9/11 was an inside job. Realizing that the Bush Administration killed our own people isn't right wing. It is facing reality. Building 7 is the smoking gun. It wasn't hit by a plane. The official conspiracy theory is scientifically impossible according to Newton's first and third laws of motion. I think they might have wanted to "pull it" in the dust clouds of the towers but something went wrong. They pulled it in broad daylight seven hours later. It fell in a perfect symmetrical collapse into its own footprint partially at no resistance free fall speed.

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the new normal where people excuse and praise a man who screws working people and brags about watching underaged girls naked at his beauty contests in Russia.


Puerto Rican food looks, smells and tastes like shit said...

It's no surprise human scum like Alex Jones would be one of tr**p's biggest supporters from Day 1. They are both cringe worthy, and that's putting it quite mildly.

Brigade Fifteen said...

Yeah, so, um, that Megan Kelly hire was just brilliant, lol. You can take the girl out of Fox News, but you can't take Fox News out of the girl!

Alex Jones is pure garbage. Whether it's an interview with Megyn Kelly or with the always-obnoxious Piers Morgan (who has now thankfully fucked off back to the UK, leaving Americans only Bill Maher to satisfy their cravings for fake liberal commentators who aren't really all that liberal), nobody should ever help Jones gain any additional exposure or credibility. He shouldn't really get a mention, except as a punchline.

I hope at least Megyn quizzed Alex on how, in his divorce hearing, he was forced to admit his broadcasts are a bunch of made-up gibberish designed to fleece right-wing dummies and he doesn't believe any of what he says. Otherwise, the court would have been forced to conclude that he is a dangerous madman and take his kids away. (As it happens, he lost custody of them anyway.)

dinthebeast said...

"How can so many people not see that the emperor is naked?"
The Pig-People know he's naked and they like it. That's how fucked-in-the-head they are.
As for Ms. Kelly bringing on Glenn Beck for drug addicts for ratings: it will work. People will be outraged. Pig-People will squeal and stamp their trotters in delight. NBC will get a lot of attention when they are having a hard time getting anyone to care about them at all. Money will be made. Megyn will wink at her bosses and get more control over her programming, as she obviously knows how to make money.
Meanwhile back in reality the Republicans in the senate are getting ready to pass a health care tax cut bill that nobody outside of the 13 fat white guys in the "working group" has seen so much as a word of. And they plan on sending it to K street before they let anyone else read it.
Oh, and Megyn:

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

I even heard he eats asparagus.

spandrell said...

Remember Conquest’s first law: Everybody is Conservative about what he knows best. You have to know the truth about what you do, if you are to do it effectively.

Anonymous said...

Pig people eat asparagus. And like it!

I Hate Spics, Gooks, Kikes and Faggots said...

Alex Jones is typical of the white race: fat, ugly, stupid, and reprehensible.

#BlackPride #BlackPower #BlackisBeautiful

dinthebeast said...

So the basketball team won, and so far none of the celebration has turned to rioting... No helicopters or sirens as of yet, but the night is still young and this is Oakland.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...
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Flying Junior said...

Champ Kind, whoever the hell you are, you made me laugh.

The point I was trying to make behind all of my self-serving clap-trap was that NBC News sold itself out a long-ass time ago. Why did they bring in Megyn Kelly? To make $$$. There is no other possible reason. She is a right-wing goddess and a powerful warrior, but she has no place in a legitimate reporter's job. She just proved that she can't be trusted. Plus she ended up kissing Trump's ring finger and pledging her personal loyalty to him after whatever it was that he did to bring her in line.

Anonymous said...
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mike from iowa said...

From the New England Journal of Medicine soon to be accused of being a hotbed of liberal opinions because wingnuts have no other answers.

Anonymous said...

I thought Megyn Kelly was a liberal hero for taking on Trump.

mike from iowa said...

Me Gynocologist Kelly has been disinvited to host Sandy Hook program because of her journalistic "bad taste" interview with Jones.

Perjurer Sessions is begging congress to allow him to prosecute medical marijuana providers. So much for state's rights, eh wingnuts?

mike from iowa said...

Bloomberg says new info shows Russians hacked 39 states election systems before the 2016 election.

Drumpf invited all 39 state election systems to lunch at the WH and swore them all to loyalty oaths to Putin/Drumpf 2020, or so the rumours say.

Brigade Fifteen said...

"I thought Megyn Kelly was a liberal hero for taking on Trump."

No, just marginally less of a joke than most of the other scuzzballs on Fox. (See also: Shep Smith.) And she eventually caved and kissed Trump's fat orange heinie anyway. Probably after Roger Ailes ordered her to.

In any case, telling the truth occasionally cannot undo the mortal sin of having taken a job at that open sewer of a "news" network in the first place, which indicates either that you are a genuinely hateful person or are so unprincipled you'll act like one for a large enough salary.

Brigade Fifteen said...

"Bloomberg says new info shows Russians hacked 39 states election systems before the 2016 election."

But, hey, Vlad is a perfectly harmless, cuddly bunny who only wants to be America's BFF, and we shouldn't worry at all about what he is up to. He's just a terrific guy and nobody should pay any mind to his KGB background and sinister global ambitions. So say the Trumpkins.

This story originated at the Intercept, via an NSA leaker who then got caught and is now facing some serious federal charges.

And by the way, the Intercept screwed her big time. They should be pretty embarrassed because they're always offering tech tips on how their readers can defeat surveillance by our intelligence agencies, and how sources can leak to them safely. And yet they were so technically unsavvy in this case that they unintentionally blew the cover of their own source.

What happened was that the leaked documents the Intercept posted on their website had been printed out on an NSA printer. And most computer printers secretly embed an invisible yellow dot pattern -- a tracking code -- into every document they print. When decoded, the pattern will reveal the serial number of the printer and the timestamp indicating when the document was printed, and this information could be compared against the NSA's network logs to determine which employee's computer the print job came from. This is how the woman got busted.

If the NSA employee had Xeroxed the document in black & white mode before sending it to the Intercept, or if the Intercept had scanned it in black & white mode before publishing, that would have eliminated the tracking code. Your average member of the general public can't be expected to be aware of printer tracking codes, but the Intercept sure should have been. (In fairness, an NSA employee also definitely should have.)

Brigade Fifteen said...

For those who like political parody songs, here's one about the racist Keebler elf who serves as our current attorney general and his upcoming testimony to Congress.

Wesley R said...

Megyn Kelly only has the job because she's blond. She's just like the blonds on the NFL sidelines reporting the games. She has no talent and doesn't know what shes doing. Those are the real people who benefit from affirmative action.

mike from iowa said...

Blabbermouth Drumpf told Russians Israel had hacked ISIS computers and infiltrated their operations in Syria. Classified bloviating to known Russian spies. Wonder if Drumpf pinkie swore them to keep it secret?

Why is this walking. blabbing joke allowed to keep breathing?

mike from iowa said...

Looks like 4 year old bogus potus hired 4 year old trolls to troll Field.

They should spend their formative years watching Sesame Street and learning how to get along and play well with others.

mike from iowa said...

No more on camera interviews so wingnuts protect themselves from their stoopid remarks. Sounds unconstitutional if the press isn't allowed to perform oversight function.

Flying Junior said...

Maybe Trump could make a deal with Putin to have Lenin's body moved to the Capitol Rotunda? I hear that most Russians are sick of seeing it around.

Anonymous said...

" I have not paid for cable since 1988 "
Wow, even longer than me! I gave up the non-stop sewage flow in 1995 myself.

Ace Freely said...

Finally some real evidence showing collusion, except not between the Trump campaign and the Russians, but between the Clinton campaign and Loretta Lynch:

The FBI has had an email documenting "inappropriate communication" between Lynch and the Clinton campaign since last summer:

Ex-FBI Director James Comey has privately told members of Congress that he had a frosty exchange with Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch last year when he confronted her about possible political interference in the Hillary Clinton email investigation after showing Lynch a sensitive document she was unaware the FBI possessed, according to sources who were directly briefed on the matter.

Comey told lawmakers in the close door session that he raised his concern with the attorney general that she had created a conflict of interest by meeting with Clinton’s husband, the former President Bill Clinton, on an airport tarmac while the investigation was ongoing.

During the conversation, Comey told lawmakers he confronted Lynch with a highly sensitive piece of evidence, a communication between two political figures that suggested Lynch had agreed to put the kibosh on any prosecution of Clinton.

Comey said “the attorney general looked at the document then looked up with a steely silence that lasted for some time, then asked him if he had any other business with her and if not that he should leave her office,” said one source who was briefed.

Comey “took that interaction and the fact she had met with Bill Clinton as enough reason to decide he would not allow the Justice Department to decide the fate of the case and instead would go public” with his own assessment that the FBI could not prove Mrs. Clinton intended to violate the law when she transmitted classified information through her private email and therefore should not be criminally charged. Another source said the "tarmac meeting was the public excuse for not going to Lynch when all along there was other evidence that was more concerning to Comey."

mike from iowa said...

1 possible conflict for HRC versus a least a million for Drumpf- we're going after HRC.

As soon as Drumpf perjures himself wingnuts will scream HRC did it, too.

Surprised HRC hasn't been accused of golfing every weekend since she won the WH and charging the government for ot.

Malph said...

mike from iowa said...
1 possible conflict for HRC versus a least a million for Drumpf

Name one.

Marcky Marc said...

Today's Session testimony is another nail in the coffin for the absurd Russia conspiracy. This was the Seinfeld of hearings -- a hearing about nothing. Another huge embarrassment for the Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Loretta Lynch ordered FBI to edit transcripts of Omar Mateen's 911 call, redacting all references to the Islamic State. Lock her up

Razor said...

Sessions' few meetings with the Russian ambassador proves guilt, but the IRS chief visiting the Obama White House 150+ times means nothing.

Razor said...

Sessions' few meetings with the Russian ambassador proves guilt, but convicted felon Bob Creamer, who had daily calls with the Clinton campaign to coordinate violence at Trump rallies visiting the Obama White House 340+ times means nothing.

Brigade Fifteen said...

To quote ex-US campaign adviser Brian Klaas:

"Days to hit a 60% disapproval rating:

Carter: Never
Reagan: Never
H.W. Bush: Never
Clinton: Never
W. Bush: 1,756
Obama: Never
Trump: 144"

How long before Trump's support is reduced to solely the Klan and Reddit trolls?

mike from iowa said...

The IRS was under contract to visit the WH 18.75 times per year to pee in a jar. That is where the 150 visits came from.

Sessions met with representatives of about a dozen nations or more. His colleagues said he had zero interest in foreign affairs in the Senate, And he lied about it all under oath,

mike from iowa said...

James O'Keefe has edited videos saying Creamer was behind the violencve at Drumpf's brawls. O'Keefe has zero credibility with anyone except deaparate morons on the right.


Anonymous said...

How long before Trump's support is reduced to solely the Klan and Reddit trolls?
7:52 PM

You you progressives wonder why you lost the election.......

mike from iowa said...

Anymoose-we know why the election was stolen. We know who was involved and how it was accomplished. Wingnuts can't win fair elections. They have to cheat and that includes treasonous activities with our sworn enemy Russia. Even when wingnuts cheat and win they still have no clues how to govern. They stink at that just like they stink at being human beings.

Drumpf doesn't give a shit about anyone not connected to his immediate family. The only reason he appeared to have any appeal is because wingnut voters are the dumbest sonsabitches ever created.

Flying Junior said...

Brothers and Sisters,

It came to me suddenly in a flash, like a dream. There's no way to ever prove this stuff. Trump will walk no matter what. Here's how it all likely happened.

Trump was hanging with his good buddy Putin. It was good times all around. Fine dining. Hookers. Anything you could ever want, (or Trump might want.) As far as he knew, Donald was just schmoozing another wealthy client. A guy like Putin can help you make a lot of money. He has great resources as well as a wealth of political and market power at his command.

At the right moment, flatterer extraordinaire, Vla-Dee-Mir Pukin' casually says to Donald, "Donald, I know how you can win the election. Would you like to hear about it?"

Donald is amused, so he plays along. There's nothing Putin can do to actually help him defeat HRC, right? Right?

So Vlad continues to ply Donald with favors and flattery. Eventually he asks Donald if he would like him, Putin, to help Donald win the election. Like the child that he is, Trump rather tentatively says, "Yes, well okay, but what are you going to do?"

"Don't worry, (in his best Natasha/Boris Badinov accent.) You don't have to worry about a thing. Just leave it all to me."

So Putin has Trump's tacet approval. But the fool has basically sold his soul to the devil without even knowing it. Putin puts into action his wicked plan without Trump, Kushner or perhaps even Flynn having anything more than a glimmering of an idea of what is about to happen.

So when the republican dumbshits deny complicity, they really aren't lying at all. Might as well find some other way to get rid of Trump.

Trump thinks that Vlad is just making talk, but he plays along.

"If I could promise you

Anonymous said...

Can't even spell "tacit" (nor knows the meaning), let alone "Vladimir".

How fookin typical.

Anonymous said...

"How long before Trump's support is reduced to solely the Klan and Reddit trolls?"

Uh, when hasn't that been the case?


Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

field negro said...

Still no wall, huh?🤔

field negro said...
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James Bold said...

""How long before Trump's support is reduced to solely the Klan and Reddit trolls?"

Uh, when hasn't that been the case?"

You really think there are 60 million-odd Klansmen in the USA, in the 21st century?  No wonder you're so paranoid.

Really, you need to go back.

Anonymous said...

The only talents you need to make it in the American media is to either be a White media floozy who knows how to show her cleavage (Kelly) or a White media redneck whose rants appeal to the paranoid delusions of the SuperPatriot crowd (Jones).

Edward R. Murrow must be spinning in his grave.

Orbital Mechanic said...

Really, you need to go back.
I'm not going anywhere. Especially anywhere near your orbital mechanic desk.

Orbital Mechanic said...

Yep, these crackers are pretty delusional. This one here thinks he's an orbital mechanic who does "chemistry" at his desk.

James Bold said...

I studied to be a quantum mechanic, but you can never be certain whether or not you've fixed them.

Damn Heisenberg.

Jamie the Orbital Quantum mechanic said...

I studied to be a quantum mechanic

Orbital Engineer said...
This is what Jamie means by "orbital engineering" in Hicksville. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaagagahgagahahahaha!