Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Will he still "love it" a month from now?

* So here is the analogy: (h/t to Beth) A bunch of bad actors decide to rob a bank. They make all the necessary preparations, and stock up on guns, masks, and a getaway car. They meet at the designated time, storm the building they believe to be a bank, and end up  breaking into a local bakery. They then quickly abandon the plan because they stormed the local bakery instead of the bank.

Did they commit a crime? Of course they did. Attempted robbery and conspiracy to commit robbery. They had the intent to rob the bank, or, as it is known in the legal field: the mens rea. All it takes is the "mere preparation" to commit the crime.

So let's look at the acts of this band of merry men for a minute. They want us to believe that this smoking gun with little trump's e-mail is a big "nothing burger",  because they got nothing of substance from the Russian operative. They want us to believe that they were just amateurs and that their actions should be excused because they are new to the political game.   

Time to go back to my analogy. Do you see how this works? They had the intent. The fact that they did not accomplish their goal (at least we don't think that they did) does not change the fact that they intended to.

As one of their own gang members, Charles Krauthammer, said: “Well, it’s a hell of a defense to say your collusion might be incompetent...” 

Little Donald, it might be time to start thinking before you talk. I know it's a family trait to shoot from the hip first and think later, but this is not the time to play games.

And I don't believe for a minute that big Donald was not aware of this little palaver between his troops and Vlad's emissary. The meeting took place in Trump Tower for crying out loud!  How could he not have known about the meeting?

Anyway, time will tell how far this will go. Republicans are keeping their fingers crossed and hoping that they can close their eyes and this entire Russian saga will just go away. Good luck with that. We are only six months in.

*Pic from cnn.com



dinthebeast said...

OK, now we can look for (at least) two things to happen in Republican Land and Trumpityville:

One will be a return to the original Bullshit Deflection Strategy of claiming that it doesn't matter how we got this information, what matters is the information itself. This is as much of a lie for Podesta's private emails as it would be for, say, any random Republican's browser history.
Apparently this time the deflector is the case the Russian lawyer was working on, and somehow connecting it and the whole investigation to the Steele dossier, which itself has been validated one chunk at a time until only the most far-fetched of its claims are still suspect.

And two will be the hew and cry that all campaigns do shit like that (no, only corrupt, criminal, desperate campaigns who don't believe they will ever win their way to a position of accountability do) and besides, no real laws were broken anyway (yes they were)

And so after a round of grand jury indictments, president four-year-old will most likely get all cranky and start pardoning his team, further degrading the already weak and damaged process of accountability we have for our upper levels of government. (See also: Ford, Gerald R. and Bush, George H.W.)

The Rude Pundit has a thing or two to say about the amateur hour that is this administration, even when it comes to the greatest Republican strength: lying.


-Doug in Oakland

Flying Junior said...

Please forgive me for top commenting yet again. It seems like Field publishes his latest at midnight or 1:00 a.m. Philadelphia time right about when I am trying to wind it down in California.

Just two things.

Listening to Trump Junior, (no relation,) first deny the Russian connection about a year ago on TV, this occurred to me.

If he was a dog, he would have to be a miniature Doberman Pinscher. I mean scary. And you are glad that he is fenced in. But pretty threatening. I hope I haven't offended anyone who owns this breed. But he is superfast and ampy. And more than ready to attack with nothing going for him but his teeth than a moray eel. Just a little, easy-to-handle attack breed that won't bring too many wrongful death suits to his owner/handler.

The other thing on my mind would be, does anybody have a verfied photograph of Trump actually smiling in a friendly way since the last three days when this broke? At this point I would even accept a picture of Trump smiling at his favorite daughter.

A Black Panther Forever said...

To Flying Junior. I don't know if you are a vet or not, but in the entry to all VA properties, the Commander-In-Chief Donald Trump is displayed. I don't know who was on crack the day they approved his picture to be displayed with the meanest scowl on a human face. I have been a vet for 45 years and all the pass presidents had a look of confidence-not a look of constipation. I like Donald. I like the circus that he has brought to us. Being old, TV and movies are not stimulating. I also like the fact that so many white males I thought were powerful are just pups when Donald throw that scowl at them. That does not work for us at the VA...... we were not draft dodgers. Donald was a little boy then and now .... well he is making Jr. the same.

Flying Junior said...

It’s good to meet you Black Panther Forever. I’m not a veteran. To me it is surprising that you like DJT. I hate him with just about everything I have. Why I hate him has to do with his disgusting sense of entitlement and the ease and glee with which he consigns his fellow human beings to hard circumstances. He seems like the very antithesis to a good and caring person. Particularly when you consider how he has never used his own power and wealth to help anyone else in the world, let alone poor people and the oppressed. But he is alone in his smugness and antipathy toward all that he considers inferior to himself or who will never give him the homage, respect and admiration that he craves. I find him to be the most disgusting and repellent human being that I have ever encountered in just about all of history. Sure, Adolph Eichmann, Adolph Hitler and Joseph Mengele were guilty of greater crimes. But can anybody think of anyone who is more disgusting that Trump? He is a major bitch.

I had been educated by the anti-war movement of 1968-1971. War is unhealthy, right? By the time I was old enough to serve, American hero Gerald R. Ford was already a year and a half out of office. We never hated the veterans and the fallen. Many of our own had been drafted and sent overseas. We hated the Viet Nam war as a senseless waste of American lives and treasure. Yet I am not sure that I can say that we simply could have got out of fighting it if we had elected a peace-loving president and congress. Did it serve a purpose? Let us all hope so. I am certainly glad that you survived and are still living today.
What a thought. To enter a VA building and see that sickening face. The only time he seems to smile in public is when he is confident that he is hurting someone.

Anonymous said...

White men always make excuses for their bad behavior. Now they are trying to say that Trump's son was "set up." Ignorance of the law is no excuse. If a black man did what Trump's son did he would be lynched (figuratively and literally). These guys are a bunch of hypocrites. They tarred and feathered Barack Obama for 8 years. The Trumps have no allegiance to America at all. All they care about is the Trump label.
America has been reduced to a "laughing stock." The Russians are engaged in a "divide and conquer."
Divide America and Conquer It. Putin is the world leader.

Anonymous said...

Ayo Field, have you heard about this brother Bakari Henderson? He was this brother got killed by a bunch of motherphukkin punk ass crackers over in some country call Grease. Stupid white faggot's. It was ten on one.

They we're probaby jealous of his Big Black Dick. I hate white people, man.

The Purple Cow said...

12th July 2017. Meters of wall built = 0.

mike from iowa said...


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mike from iowa said...

Dirt Bag Donnie Drumpfuck just ejaculated the biggest lie of his bogus precedency by claiming he has very little time for tv watching. He alcso lied when he said his brat was open, honest and innocent of colluding with Russia.

Then he blamed HRC for being HRC.

Black James, a real orbital engineer who really does chemistry at his desk said...

Fake news! You're being lied to by (((the Jews))). Hillary Clinton runs CNN so that explains their bias because she is a loser just like anyone who believes this. Donald Trump is just playing 8D chess while you dummies are playing Chutes and Ladders! I should know, I have an IQ of 151 and if you don't believe me send $1,000,000 to a lawyer in Las Vegas and I'll show you my 75 patents.

Yīshēng said...

Impeachment time, conservative bitches!!


dinthebeast said...

"...has very little time for tv watching."
Not according to the West Wing staff:


Unless you perhaps subtract "time spent yelling at the TV" from "time for watching TV."

-Doug in Oakland

StillaPanther2 said...

Bro FJr. Yes, war is useless, there are only survivors. We carry that insanity forty/fifty years later. The human brain stores our miseries as well as our pleasures. The intensity of war use both areas to the max- therefor some days I am still that young boy (18) being in the middle of that carnage and COULD NOT COME HOME. My generation had no experiences of war. BTW thank you for being anti-war. I am thankful that you guys got the government to end that war. My younger siblings did not have to go fight a war that only enriched the elite that refused to go. Such as the weapon providers getting filthy rich. Now to DT, I like him the same as I admire Fred Flintstone. He has entertained me. Now I do worry that he and his klan will rob the country of our wealth prior to their leaving.

mike from iowa said...


Tiger said...

The entire Russian election meddling story is a media scam. The Russians did not effect the election. It was the media that tried to manipulate and control the election. One post even offers evidence that the media tried to control the election.
Podestra's holds a secret meeting between journalists and Hillary's staff at his house?? THATS WHAT SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED.

mike from iowa said...


The Russians did not effect the election. No, but they did affect it.

Podesta had nothing to do with the DNC during the campaign and had no access to or reason to be in possession of DNC servers.

Every bit of empirical points directly at Russian interference in the election with the intention of electing Drumpfuck. You are just going to have to face reality.

mike from iowa said...

Admitted perjurer, AG Sessions gave a pep talk to an anti-LBGT group in California and the justice department won't release his comments.


Group made SPLC list as a hate group.

uglyblackjohn said...

IMHO - Trump was not only inevitable but necessary.
How Bad is the state of our current two-party system when Hillary was an even WORSE candidate?
(And, no - I didn't vote for Donald. I voted for myself as a write-in.)

mike from iowa said...

Take away all the false. fake. malicious and plain made up charges against HRC for the past 30-39 years and you are left with a slate of a woman who has graciously served her state and country all through the years. Zero arrests for any criminal acts.

She has served valiantly to promote children's issues. She has represented all kinds of people. She has given so much of her time to her country. Most of all she knows how government works, the day to day, nuts and bolts of Washington and the halls of congress.

So she run a poor campaign. If not for the help of Russia and the FBI we would have had our first female Potus to follow our first Black Potus. Instead we are stuck with another in a long line of wealthy, clueless fucking wingnut rat bastards that can only offer help to the wealthy, don't know how to govern and don't care to learn.

Flying Junior said...

Nice blog Li'l Tiger. Here is something I think you will really like.

Li'l Rascals "He-man Women Haters Club."

Spanky: Now the man we elect president must be the worst women-hater of all of us!"

mike from iowa said...

Journalists that interview Drumpfuck voters get the same Russia is fake news and we aren't paying any attention to desperate Dems. These people have to be brainwashed. They can't all be this fucking stoopid!!

Anonymous said...

Podestra's holds a secret meeting between journalists and Hillary's staff at his house?? THATS WHAT SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED
So in your mind there is NO Russian connection to the Trumps? The media created this whole cloth?


Anonymous said...

Nothing to the story....all bullshit.

bartcopfan said...

My only possible improvement..."shoot from the lip"!

Ankita Tiwari said...

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