Tuesday, July 18, 2017

You gotta wait for the chickens to hatch before you start counting. GOP healthcare bill fails.

Image result for healthcare trump images Today the president of the United States said that he wants the current health- care system to fail because he lost a political battle, and he wants to get even,

Think about that for a minute: The president of "all the people" wants health care to fail so that millions of Americans to be kicked off their health plan, and ultimately they will die or be so sick that they will wish that they were dead. This is your president. Rather than trying to come up with a bipartisan compromise and working with elected officials to come up with a healthcare plan to provide affordable healthcare for all Americans, he tweets and whines like a little baby when he doesn't get his way.

So chalk up another L for trump and the repubs in Washington. They chirped for seven years about "repealing and replacing" Obamacare, but even after wining both houses of congress and the executive branch,  it is still the law of the land. 

Finally, a word about Michael Vick. When the talented but streaky quarterback first came to Philly after a stint in federal prison for dog fighting, I was one of the many birds fans who supported his right to get a second chance and earn a living. He had some rough patches, but thanks to some decent play on the field, and fans like yours truly, he was able to survive.

Now, rather than coming to Colin Kaepernick's defense, he is telling the former San Francisco QB to get a haircut. As if cutting his hair will change the minds of the NFL owners who have clearly black-balled him. It's a kind of informal collusion if you will. All the haircuts in the world won't get Kaepernick back in the league, and this is because the owners have decided that he is not good for their brand or their politics.    

It's sad to think that a league that willingly accepts wife beaters, drug users, and yes Michael, even guys who abuse animals; is not willing to accept a guy who took a moral stance for something he believes in. The last time I checked this is America, and we are supposed to allow each other to freely follow our conscience.

Michael Vick has clearly decided that it is best to sell-out and stay in the owner's good graces. He has come a long way from Leavenworth, Kansas, but sadly, while he is physically free, his mind clearly is not.

*Pic from washingtonpost.com


Lilacpr said...

"GOP healthcare bill fails."

Of course it failed! and so will everything else! everything changes ( ostensibly :D ) and everything stays the same! Nothing will change, nothing new will get implanted. So not to worry!

As for Kaepernick, well that's how it is in a white supremacist system, when you buck it,contest it,or criticize it publicly you are no longer allowed to get the goodies $$$.

Field said..."The last time I checked this is America, and we are supposed to allow each other to freely follow our conscience."

Well yes, you are, just as long as you're not a baller or a celebrity, and you don't make it too public. xD

dinthebeast said...

He wants it to fail, so they can start over, but for that to happen he has to sabotage it.
Sort of like the government and the country at large.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Obamacare is a failure that will repeal itself.

Michael Vick's ObedienceSchool said...

because the owners have decided that he is not good for their brand or their politics.

Bullshit. The NFL administration is infested with SJW's.

Brandon Marshall wouldn't stand for the national anthem, and he just got a new contract. Kaepernick is out of a job because he sucks.

Bake the damn cake said...

The last time I checked this is America, and we are supposed to allow each other to freely follow our conscience.

Unless of course your conscience prevents you from celebrating gay marriage.

AA Anonymous said...

The President is rightfully sick of dealing with a bunch of crybaby libertarian faggots, communists and creep-jobs in Congress, and this afternoon said he is now ready to just back away from Healthcare all together and move on.

This is fine with me.

Everyone knows who failed: House and Senate Republicans.

Everyone but Trump will get the blame when Obamacare collapses in on itself.

Because remember, there are now three parties here:

1. The Democrat Party (the party of the Hebrew race)
2. The Republican Party (the party of the Hebrew race)
3. Donald Trump (the representative of the goyim)

Trump has become babysitter-in-chief for this gaggle of perverts.

This is like if you’re in a war and you have the ability to very easily overwhelm your enemy but instead your soldiers are shooting one another.

The reason, of course, is that these people are all bought and paid for, while Trump isn’t.

Anonymous said...

Obama care was designed from the start to fail. The powers to be want Single Payer.

Anonymous said...

How about the President bring together all interested parties to create a better healthcare plan? Man, he should hire me as his advisor. Ha!


countenance said...

All that happened here is that the insurance lobby, which is pretty friendly with the red team, went to work and made sure that the replacement legislation kept most of the ObamaDontCare elements that are insurance industry friendly. This caused enough Senate Republican defections, and there only needed to be three, to kill the whole thing.

dinthebeast said...

From Barbara Lee's twitter:

Rep. Barbara Lee‏Verified account
Ryan stripped my 01 AUMF repeal amdt from DOD Approps in the dead of night. This is underhanded & undemocratic. The people deserve a debate!

Ryan: how dare you try to make us put our names on the shitstorm president four-year-old is about to unleash to try and stay in office.
(Also, how dare you be so black and female)

And meanwhile back in reality, the Republicans are trying their damnedest to just hand our elections to the Russians.
They are eliminating the EAC, which is the commission whose job it is to keep our elections secure, and Chris Painter is leaving the State Department, leaving nobody in charge of cybersecurity.
And not replacing him. And closing down that office.

Perhaps the Republicans can't pass their healthcare taxcut because everyone hates it and thousands upon thousands of them have told them so nonstop for months now?
Or perhaps Murkowski, Collins, and Capito have vestigial consciences, or at least political survival instincts.
Either way, watching McConnell's epic stomping is almost as much fun as not actually having to deal with the evil little fuck in the first place.

-Doug in Oakland

Flying Junior said...

Serious Nazis tonight. America? Only in America is more like it. I guess the NFL is the only church they really care about. so who could blame them? Negroes are fine. They just have to mind their place, right?

Hey trolls,

Wasn't it a fucking shame that Rush Limbaugh was forced to resign from ESPN? I mean really. Shouldn't he be the big Monday Night Football/Championship/Super Bowl go-to-guy? Like John Madden or Bob Costas? He was such a fine athlete as a younger man.

So unfair. Very sad.

Douging-Kruger said...

"And meanwhile back in reality, the Republicans are trying their damnedest to just hand our elections to the Russians."

What an insightful, reasoned, totally not crazy comment, Doug.

Malcolm Glazer said...

Flying Junior said...
Negroes are fine. They just have to mind their place, right?

The NFL is dedicated to providing only the finest of negroes to their paying public. It is the source of deepest civic pride for one municipality to field a superior group of negroes to that of a rival municipality. Being able to say, "Our negroes are the very best negroes, and have proven this by defeating your negroes on the field" is what makes life worth living.

dinthebeast said...

Look up the election assistance commission and Christopher Painter if you think what I said is crazy.

Oops, I used that word again. I really shouldn't accuse anyone of anything they're obviously not guilty of, so I'll try again:

Look up the election assistance commission and Christopher Painter if you believe what I said is crazy.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

FJ: Trolls get cranky when their favorite lie gets stomped into the dirt. And by the look of it, actual crank is involved.

-Doug in Oakland

RIP Trumpcare and Kaepernick's career said...

The GOP have been singing this dishonest tune since 2010, that Obamacare will collapse. It won't, because it is largely working. There are a few flaws, such as that the penalty for not buying a policy needs to be raised, and the subsidy should probably be raised as well. But it it's not going to go into an inevitable death spiral like Republicans keep lying about.

What Trump's "let Obamacare fail" rant really means is that his party are too cowardly to admit they've been bullshitting everyone for the last seven years about "repealing and replacing" the law with something better -- yet also something more free market. Basic economics says no such animal could ever exist. It is a silly fantasy. So they're now going to walk away losing and pretend they won. (Incidentally, losing and pretending you won is a CLASSIC man-baby Trump move.)

As for Kaepernick, it's a self-evidently absurd suggestion that he could get back on the field with a new hairstyle. The NFL's owners don't give a crap about his hair! They care about the white fans who don't want their football viewing to come with a side order of Black Lives Matter, and who therefore may refuse to watch any games Kaepernick's team plays in. Those NFL owners care only about profits, not social justice causes, so unless Colin is willing to grovel and swear on a stack of Bibles that he'll keep his politics entirely separate from the football field and the press conferences, his ball-playing days are probably over.

mike from iowa said...

Dirtbag Donnie Drumpfucks has blamed everyone for McCTurtle/Drumpfuck care failure except for Dirtbag Donnie Drumpfucks.

He even blamed Dems for not supporting this clusterfuck of a taxcut for the wealthy.

Second chances are okay, but Elliot the rootin'tootin' cowboy has run out of chances and so far has yet to be penalized. Most of this coddled athlete shit starts in high school and gets much worse in certain big time college football factories.

I didn't care for Colin Kippersnack as a player but he certainly has the right to be heard. If Johnny Manweasel can have a third or fourth shot, CK certainly deserves a second one.

mike from iowa said...

Doctors at LSU and North Dakota State have been able to reverse brain damage in 4 year old girl who was underwater for 15 minutes and her heart did not beat on its own for 2 hours. She has cognitive and motor function as well as speech back to pre-drowning levels.

Ahhhhhhhhhhn wasn't SCIENCE grand?

dodahman said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Obamacare is a failure that will repeal itself.

11:01 PM

Here we have a critical thinker...Realizing that the R's sure as hell are not going to repeal....

The troll was close, but no cigar said...

Trump is a failure that will repeal himself

Winning! said...

Trump is going through the voter rolls to ensure Election Integrity.

There goes the Dem's most reliable voter demographics (illegals & dead people).

mike from iowa said...

Voter rolls contain millions of Igors asnd Vlads, all in Moscow, Idaho. But it is the Dems that cheat.

No, actually all empirical evidence says the cheaters are wingnuts. Every election wingnuts screw the pooch. There are several weasels in the WH registered to vote in more than one state. iowa's only known cheater voted for Drumpfuck twice. Wisconsin had a wingnut voted 7 times in a couple different states.

The only consistency in wingnuts voter fraud is how the red states all manage to say the exact same talking points and have them proven wrong every year.

Winning! said...

mike, I'll respect your vote if you respect my vote ... joking, your vote doesn't count because chances are you're either Dead or Illegal.


dinthebeast said...

Kind of the way Kobach is SOS of Kansas, and Brownback, who fully buggered Kansas' economy was re-elected. Nothing funny going on there, no-siree! Them people in Kansas LIKE having their livelihoods strangled and their schools gutted, why wouldn't they?
At least Kansas proved that even some elected Republicans have gag reflexes when they overrode Brownback's veto of their bill reinstating some of the taxes they cut in their libertarian bender.

-Doug in Oakland

mike from iowa said...

Kobach sez we may never know if HRC won the popular vote. No doubt NRC won.That is the only thing we know for sure. What remains to be seen is how Russian interference affected the vote totals for Drumpfuck because there was no way for him to win w/o that interference.

More people want Drumpfuck impeached than called for Nixon's impeachment.

Porter said...

We're just not going to allow Russians to steal elections from the 40 million migrants brought here to steal elections.

mike from iowa said...

More like 11 million, but who is counting. They were allowed to come to America just like we allow most any other people to come here. Fruit producers can't survive w/o them.Gawd knows a wingnut would never toil in the dirt.

Anything to make whitey wingnut whine. Btwm thew Scotus refused to allow Drumpfuck to ban Grands and others from Muslim countries. That is about the third time they slapped the orange cocksucker up alongside his travel ban.

random said...

Sure he is just ask Jared Kushner

Anonymous said...


mike from iowa said...


mike from iowa said...

Anymoose-got any evidence from this century about Obama being a crook. The historical record shows zero arrests and zero indictments, zero trials, zero convictions and zero time served and that is with a obstructive wingnut congress that tried every trick in the book to find any crimes committed by the hated black usurper in whitey wingnut's ivory white house.

Losing said...

Obamacare is still the law of the land, I thought it was going to be repealed and replaced on day one? Where's the wall?

mike from iowa said...

Just locker room talk, Losing. Just like grabbing women's pussies- just locker room talk although it really prolly happened because Drumpfuck don't tell no lies.

Fong said...

The dishonest Democrats who created Obamacare and have lied about it since the start are to blame for this mess.

mike from iowa said...

How does that work, Fong? Dems had far more transparency plus civilized debates and congressional review. Weaselly wingnut were invited to help craft it and only around 7 did, but they were basically trying to dismantle a work in progress. Iowa's lying Sinator Grassley sent a fund raising letter to his constituents saying he was secretly working to destroy the ACA from the inside and please to send him money to help his efforts.

Fong said...

"Dems had far more transparency"

Nancy Pelosi: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."

Fong said...

"civilized debates and congressional review."

Republicans were completely shut out of the debate.

Discussing the lack of transparency, which was a “huge political advantage”, Obmacare architect Jonathan Gruber said: “Basically you know call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever that was really really critical to get the thing to pass”

Fong said...

Barrack Obama: "I know that there are millions of Americans who are content with their health care coverage — they like their plan and, most importantly, they value their relationship with their doctor. They trust you. And that means that no matter how we reform health care, we will keep this promise to the American people: If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what."

mike from iowa said...

McCain has brain cancer,

mike from iowa said...


Wingnuts sent between 160 and 210 amendments on the ACA and only 49 were rejected, but not a single wingnut voted for it. Read the enclosed ;ink and find out how far off base your accusations are.

mike from iowa said...

From Snopes-

Hearings and Public Testimony

According to Mark Peterson, chair of the UCLA Department of Public Policy, one easy metric by which to judge transparency is the number of hearings held during the development of a bill, as well as the different voices heard during those hearings. So far, the GOP repeal efforts have been subject to zero public hearings.

In contrast, the ACA was debated in three House committees and two Senate committees, and subject to hours of bipartisan debate that allowed for the introduction of amendments. Peterson told us in an e-mail that he “can’t recall any major piece of legislation that was completely devoid of public forums of any kind, and that were crafted outside of the normal committee and subcommittee structure to this extent”.

Yer losing the argument, Fong. Empirical evidence is on my side as per usual.

field negro said...

"Fong said...
"Dems had far more transparency"

Nancy Pelosi: "We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it."'

I am quite sure that the president doesn't know what's in any of the bills.

Fong said...

"According to Mark Peterson, chair of the UCLA Department of Public Policy, one easy metric by which to judge transparency is the number of hearings held during the development of a bill, as well as the different voices heard during those hearings."

Another way to do it would have been to publish the bill for public review like you said you were going to do, to not conceal the basic premise of the bill regarding how the costs were to be allocated, and to not lie about being able to keep your existing plan and doctor. That would be be actual "transparency", rather than just counting up how many times you lied about it.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary as usual, Mr. Field. As to Colin Kapernick, I want every NFL GM and head coach whose team is below 500 at mid season to be made to publicly declare that their starting quarterback is better than Kapernick. The right complains about "political correctness", but clearly they do not suffer the recriminations, the loss of livelihood that Kapernick has.

Anonymous said...

There were many Republican amendments to the ACA many of which were poison pills designed to kill it. For example Marco Rubio's amendment stripping out high risk reinsurance .


Anonymous said...

Fuck white people. Fuck the white race.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Fuck white people. Fuck the white race.
1:27 PM

why bite the hand that feeds you......

Yīshēng said...

Fuck the people that fuck over you......