Thursday, February 01, 2018

Memogate. The cover-up.

This memo fiasco might finally open the eyes of the American people and expose republicans like Devin Nunes for the contemptible and loathsome human beings that they truly are.

The following article from Bill Palmer might help to break down the memogate conundrum for you.

"Donald Trump’s earlier foolish decision to rely on Devin Nunes has now forced him into a no-win choice: either release the Nunes memo and face the consequences, or don’t release it and face never-ending questions about it. By all accounts, Trump is going to release the memo. This means that after having been brought to the brink by a complete idiot like Nunes, Trump is now betting everything he has left on another idiot: Carter Page.

 Yeah, that guy. The bald guy who randomly appears on MSNBC and confesses to a new crime every time. The guy who has admitted to the media that he’s associated with Russian spies in recent years. The guy who went to Russia while he was a Trump campaign adviser and met with a Russian government official, then lied about it for months, then finally admitted he was lying. Trump has bet his presidency and his life on that guy’s merits.

The Nunes memo is centered around supposed abuses by the FBI in its use of FISA warrants to surveil Carter Page. Now that Trump has decided to release the memo, his apologists in government are already trying to explain how the memo somehow exposes FBI abuses in general. Paul Ryan is floating the notion that if the FBI can spy on Page, next it’ll spy on you and me. The trouble with that logic: we’re not Carter Page.

Have you ever given documents to Russian spies? Have you traveled to Russia and met with foreign officials while you were working for a U.S. Presidential candidate? If you’ve answered yes to all of the above, then you should really be worried that the FBI might have a secret FISA surveillance warrant on you. But guess what? If you’ve done the things that Carter Page has done, there should be a surveillance warrant on you. We still don’t know if Page’s highly suspicious antics translated to actual crimes. But that’s what the warrant is for. There’s certainly probable cause.

Donald Trump is on the ropes. His presidency is failing. He’s in danger of going to prison, not only for his original crimes, but for the subsequent crimes he’s committed (and is still committing) while trying to cover up the original crimes. He’s taking desperation shots because he knows he’s about to lose. Now he’s betting everything, his presidency, his future, and even his freedom outside of a prison cell, on the notion that the average American is going to beli eve the FBI shouldn’t have had a surveillance against Carter Page. Good luck with that." [Source]

One day soon Mr. trump will throw a Hail Mary pass. And he is hoping that by releasing the [edited] republican version of how the FBI did their job, he will muddy the waters of the Mueller investigation and give him cover to fire the special prosecutor.

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Lance Cockstrong said...

Tomorrow Nunzio will pop up out of shithole dressed up like a groundhog with the memo ... And just like last time Nunzio pulled this shit the "revelation" was dictated by Butt Trumpet himself ... no matter Butt Trumpet will run with it and dump Rosenstein and install a toadstool to tighten Mueller up so as not to start Ryan Lyin when he says it is not about dumping Mueller ... Schiff damn well better waste no time delivering his own memo and fuck the rules ... And Democrats better grow dicks and shut down the government and keep it shut until Congress gets the investigation back on track.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he's trying to copy Nixon's dumb ass strategy.

By the looks like Sara Huckabee's starting to get a little unraveled.

PilotX said...

I don't think anything will come out of memogate because Republicans have shown themselves to be nothing if willing participants kind of Bonnie to trump's Clyde. They'll ride over the cliff together. I hope for their sakes they're right because if not it'll put the GOP in the wilderness for years like after Nixon's resignation. Yeah right, the only way out of this will be the coming blue wave and then it'll really suck to be trump when the Dems control the House.

dinthebeast said...

Mike Quigley says Nunes (or his staff, same diff, as Devin doesn't know shit about the intelligence services he's supposedly overseeing) coordinated with the white house over the classified info included in his "memo", just like last time.
Supposedly the reason the classified stuff, which he hasn't even read, was included, was to enable him to say "This memo proves whatever I want it to prove, but since I already broke the agreement I made with the justice department about who I can show it to, I can't show you why it does."
Cue a flood of morons and Russian bots on Twitter yowling "Release the memo!!!!1111!"
Followed by intelligence professionals (even Trumpers) saying, nope, really, this is some misleading bullshit, and full of holes (omissions) that mislead the conclusions it draws.
Which is hardly surprising as HE DIDN'T READ THE DOCUMENTS HE BASED THE MEMO ON.
All in all, another quasi-successful distraction, and attempt at discrediting an investigation that is pulling the noose ever tighter around Fergus and his felonious crew.
Like how Gates' attorneys were fired and attorneys from a firm he's associated with were seen at Mueller's office, making it appear that he has made a deal (the fired lawyers were also representing other of Fergus' inner circle, so their firing may be the result of the change in their orientation relative to Gates and Priebus, and the conflicts a deal by Gates would produce).
And meanwhile back in reality, Fergus won't implement the sanctions congress passed with veto-proof majorities, and three heads of Russia's intelligence services, including one who is under sanction from his involvement in the annexation of Crimea, were brought to the US for meetings with the CIA and NSA directors.

-Doug in Oakland

Lance Cockstrong said...

That was Thelma & Louise that went over the cliff ... Butt Trumpet is not the disease just the symptom the GOP has been rotten to the core for years and they will do a lot of damage by the time the blue wave gets here ... Thanks again for nothing Hillary

Traitors and foreign enemies shall be hanged from the neck until dead said...

Field Negro says it's not the abuse of power by the previous administration using a a corrupt and out of control intelligence agency to swing an election that's the problem, it is letting the American public see the evidence of this criminal behavior that is is the problem.

What a verminous piece of shit you are. Get the fuck out of my country.

PilotX said...

Ah, you caught the reference. You win the prize๐Ÿ˜‚

PilotX said...

"What a verminous piece of shit you are. Get the fuck out of my country."

Uh, I don't think Field lives in Russia๐Ÿ˜

dinthebeast said...

OK, I fucked that one up: those lawyers quit, they weren't fired. Their reason for withdrawing is to be included in a motion filed under seal.

-Doug in Oakland

field negro said...

Your country. I don't think so. My ancestors had more to do with building this country than u and yours ever did.
Some got off the slave ships a little sooner, but the ones who came here made this country what it is for you.
Never forget that.

And the strangest thing is... said...

Feeled probably believes exactly what he said there, despite it being provable bullshit because blacks mostly didn't exist on the frontiers, in the embryonic industries, etc.  Hell, Oregon banned blacks almost completely.  He thinks "his people" built Portland?  To claim this is to prove one's self insane.

You'd think he could take a hint from the state of Africa, Haiti and his own Jamaica and the fact that he's in Philadelphia and not Kingston, but he doesn't have the ability to think that deeply.

If you can't learn anything from the fact that everything is falling down where your people reside en masse, and all of the making you refer to occurred when the vast majority of your ancestors were in chains and the thinking was done by others, you're too stupid to be participants in a republic.  You have to go back.

Lance Cockstrong said...

The only thing worth covering up for white boys are their pathetic micro dicks.

Anonymous said...

Fact: The world would be a much better place without white people.

Traitors and foreign enemies shall be hanged from the neck until dead said...

field negro said...
Your country. I don't think so. My ancestors had more to do with building this country than u and yours ever did.
Some got off the slave ships a little sooner, but the ones who came here made this country what it is for you.
Never forget that.

Your ancestors never set foot in my country. Don't try to claim the legacy of American blacks as your own - you are a Jamaican.

My ancestors built this country out of a wilderness in the image of the countries they came from.

Slaves didn't build this country, anymore than a hammer built your house.

Never forget that.

Puerto Rican food looks, smells, and tastes like shit said...

Republicans have been vile, reprehensible people for a long time now. This is par for the course for them. tr**p is just ushering in a new wave of wretched Republicans and their dirty tricks.

mike from iowa said...

The memo is a smear tactic, trying to shift the investigation from Drumpfuck the dumbfuck to the FBI and Drumpf's base and other stoopid fucking wingnuts will believe every word brcause they are stoopid fucking wingnuts.

City of Detroit has 70 superfund sites. How many if those did Negroes make? The city started to decline decades ago when auto jobs started to leave. Had virtually nothing to do with the Negroes. Wasicu wasteys were the problem and the Negroes were left holding whitey's bags.

Anonymous said...

@mike from iowa: Gotta follow the truth wherever it leads, bro, even it if it winds up with half the Obama administration going to jail. Country over party.

Making America Hate Again, Part 34,952 said...

Well, well, well. The Trump administration is making it easier for landlords to get away with being racist.

Is anyone shocked? The president himself was convicted of being a racist landlord, so it wasn’t too hard to predict where his sympathies would lie on this issue.

Deplorable Melissa said...

Putin's evil election hacking plan worked: America is now Great Again, US military is now stronger than ever, US borders are now secure, millions more Americans now have jobs, companies are investing Billions America again.


Making America Sane Again said...

"Well, well, well. The Trump administration is making it easier for landlords to get away with being racist."

Alternate take: The Trump administration is taking steps to prevent another mortgage crisis meltdown.

The article you linked to said nothing about "landlords" and was not about rental practices. It is about oversight of lending institutions.

Do you really think banks discriminate against minorities? Bank are in business to make money. They do this by making loans. They have underwriting standards to help them gauge credit risks so they don't lose their money. They don't care about any color but green.

Obama an Holder used the CFPB to shakedown banks guilty only of applying rational and fair underwriting standards. Those days are over now.

Anonymous said...

Democrats and other progressive have been busy shredding documents......

Anonymous said...

Smells like desperation up in here, up in here!
Trump is gonna make you lose your mind, up in here, up in here!
Trump has made you lose control, up in here, up in here!

Anonymous said...

Doug just pooped his panties.

Anonymous said...

If Africans made America, why have they been unable to duplicate this feat anywhere else in the world? Why don't we see mini-Americas in Africa? Or Haiti? Instead we see squalor.

Busted said...

Read the memo:

mike from iowa said...

@mike from iowa: Gotta follow the truth wherever it leads, bro, even it if it winds up with half the Obama administration going to jail. Country over party.
10:08 AM

So far the only crimes have been committed by stoopid fucking wingnuts-colluding with Russia, colluding with the WH to save Drumpfuck's skanky ass.

The memo is a big nothing except proof of how desperate wingnuts are to keep a stranglehold on all branches of the government.

The real crimes and criminals will now take a backseat to more dog and pony show trials that waste time and millions of dollars and produce no criminal indictments because stoopid fucking wingnuts are inept and incompetent.

Enjoy your short lived euphoria because it ain't going to last. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!

PilotX said...



field negro said...

Anon@9:42, my house in Jamaica is bigger than yours in America. Just saying. *tips away*

field negro said...

The memo has been released. And Mr. Mueller just keeps working. That sound you hear is the pig in the WH shaking in his size 6 boots.

Traitors and foreign enemies shall be hanged from the neck until dead said...

field negro said...
Anon@9:42, my house in Jamaica is bigger than yours in America. Just saying. *tips away*

That's great.

If that's true, you should stop acting like an ungracious guest in my country and get your lying black ass back to yours, where you can sit in your big house and focus your attention on what's going on in Jamaica instead. We have plenty of our own liars and fools to deal with without suffering the rest of the world's.

dinthebeast said...

I just read the memo, and all I can say is so what? It's just the same conspiracy-theories-written-by-a-seventh-grader bullshit that's been in the media for months.

And about half of it is flat wrong. And the other half is meaningless, desperate hail-marys to try and impugn the work of people far better at their jobs that those who wrote the silly thing.

I don't know what sources and methods were exposed by it's release, but that makes sense as I wasn't the one who gathered the intel it was supposedly based on, and again, that Nunes didn't read before authoring (or authorizing, as it was probably written by his staff) the stupid thing, but upon reading it I can't help feeling like the DOJ didn't want it released because it's just embarrassing that anything so Alex-Jones-reject dumb was actually based on anything they did.

Carter the fuck Page was named as a source in a Russian spy ring that was broken up and one of the three Russians was imprisoned for the spying they were caught red handed by the FBI doing.

In the case documents, the spies' intercepted conversations about Page described him as not very smart but enthusiastic about providing them with documents about the energy industry in the US.

So even if you have Rush Limbaugh's turd where your brain should be and completely discount Page's Russian activities in 2016, there's still plenty of probable cause to surveil Page on the basis of his involvement with convicted Russian spies alone, and the judges all thought so every one of the five or more times his surveillance was reauthorized.

This is the risk you run when you staff your campaign with mental deficients like Carter Page and don't pay attention to what the bastards try to do in your name because you aren't serious about it and don't think you'll win anyway.

You have to take responsibility for your actions, and when your action is to try to become POTUS, the responsibility gets way bigger that anything Fergus and his felons know how to deal with.

All the memo really needs is Geraldo Rivera to open a vault to find it.

-Doug in Oakland

Ace Freely said...

The FBI and DOJ had reason to know that Steele wasn't all that reliable -- and they concealed each of these points from the court:

1. They withheld from the court that Steele was working for Trump's rival for the presidency, Hillary Clinton, and the DNC, which Hillary Clinton had contractually taken over by this point. They only said in their application that Steele was working for a "U.S. person."

The fact that Steele had been commissioned by Trump's political opponent would have greatly diminished his perceived reliability -- he had a material interest in this dossier "succeeding." He had been paid $160,000 to produce it. (And note, Glenn Simpson refused to say if he was ever paid to get an investigation started.)

As this information would have reduced Steele's reliability in the court's eyes, the FBI/DOJ concealed that from the court. They lied. They represented Steele as reliable, but then hid competing evidence of his unreliability.

2. No less an authority than Bruce Ohr communicated to his superiors that Steele was personally extremely biased in this matter. Not just paid to be biased; but personally, emotionally biased himself.

Ohr reported that Steel personally "was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected and was passionate about him not being president."

3. The FBI and DOJ had, of course, a huge reason to suspect Steele wasn't as reliable as they were representing to the court-- namely, that they stopped working with him for violating their ethical rules of confidentiality in peddling these claims to media organizations. I would say that Steele betrayed himself here, proving that he was still working for FusionGPS as a political operative trying to plant dirt against a target he was paid to undermine, and not an informant or researcher working for the FBI.

The FBI and DOJ concealed the fact that they had terminated their relationship with Steele from the court.

4. On that, the initial FISA application claimed that Steele's claims were corroborated by independent reporting by Michael Isikoff -- the idea being, this isn't just Steele who's reporting this, it's also the completely independent reporter Michael Isikoff.

But Michael Isikoff wasn't an independent source at all -- he was fed these claims by Steele himself.

So there was no second source for Steele's claims -- you had Steele making these claims, and then Steele's stenographer repeating Steele's claims under a byline of "Totally Not Christopher Steele."

However, the FBI/DOJ "assessed" that Isikoff's reporting was independent and represented it that way to the court.

Unmentioned here is that a former Isikoff researcher at NBC, Taylor Sears, worked for Fusion GPS at the time all of this was going down.

I'll say one thing for FusionGPS -- when you pay them to put a political hit on someone, they really go to the mattresses to put that political hit on the target.

Lois Lerner said...

That whole “Obama had no scandals” narrative is aging really poorly right now.

Anonymous said...

This was an attempted coup d’etat by corrupt bureaucrats and dirty cops.

Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey should face treason charges.

Loretta Lynch Mob said...

Yesterday the deep state said the memo was "treason. Today the deep state says the memo is "nothing."

And Comey likes the idea of a Democratic White House using the FBI to spy on its political opponents.

Nixon was small fry compared to this batch of deep state criminals.

field negro said...

Anon@2:53, u sound angry and bitter. Work harder and study more.
Then u won't have to worry about brown people taking your country from you.๐Ÿ˜

Anonymous said...

Field you better worry if "Brown" people take over the country cause you know as well as all "brown" people, that you all can't run shit. Ain't no brown folks busting ass to get into any shithole countries illegally. Without whitey in this place, you all are done.

Lance Cockstrong said...

Game on Trumptwats ... Putin is laughing his ass off right now

The Real Lance Cockstrong said...

White boys and their tiny dicks have a field day whenever their limp dicked leader spouts more bullshit. They all cream in their pants.

Lance Cockstrong said...

All along, it was the Clinton campaign, some in Obama's DOJ and Fusion GPS that were colluding with a foreign entity to influence the election. The exact thing they've accused the Trump campaign of doing, they are guilty of.

Mueller is a lifelong bureaucrat who has been duped by the DNC. Does he want to go down in history as the Inspector Javert of the 21st century; chasing a crime that doesn’t exist, based on evidence that was completely concocted? It would be a sad legacy for a once decent man.

The Real Lance Cockstrong said...

Butt Trumpet and all his limp dicked, micro dicked supporters will cover anything up to distract us from the fact that they have nothing in between their ears. It is completely empty up there. No surprise, just like there is no surprise there is very little between their legs.

The Real Lance Cockstrong said...

One more thing, ignore the cockroach pretending to be me. He doesn't know shit.

mike from iowa said...

I am really, really starting to feel embarrassed for stoopid fucking wingnuts. They are the losingest losers ever.

Benghazi bullshit all over again and when the Dems memo comes out it will prove once again stoopid fucking wingnuts can't do anything right. They stink. They can't govern. They can't successfully prosecute a Dem even after thirty years of making shit up, they can't lay a glove on HRC.

Once more I laugh and spit in your faces. Losers. Bwahahahahahahahaha!

Strong Lancecock said...

Wow, it's really hard to argue with such a brilliant rhetorician as 'mike from iowa'.

Bravo, mike, your eloquence speaks for itself.

Rooshen Baht said...

Example of Twitter botnet pushing anti-Trump, pro-McCain stories today:

Lance Cockstrong said...

Mueller investigation is finished. Now just wait until the IG report comes out...

PilotX said...

"And Comey likes the idea of a Democratic White House using the FBI to spy on its political opponents"

That isn't what happened and you know it. Carter Page was on their radar because he was targeted by Russians for recruitment. No one told the trump campaign to use this fool. In fact he was also warned to stay away from Mike Flynn.

Yฤซshฤ“ng said...

Blogger field negro said...
Anon@9:42, my house in Jamaica is bigger than yours in America. Just saying. *tips away*

Now Field, you know damn well that your wife’s closet in your house in Jamaica, is bigger than that whooteemoo’s trailer.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the gooks and chinks!

Johnny Doublewide said...

Desperate failure said...
"Now Field, you know damn well that your wife’s closet in your house in Jamaica, is bigger than that whooteemoo’s trailer."

Pretty odd that Field chooses not to live in his spacious Jamaican mansion, instead opting to live in a white neighborhood in Philadelphia. Especially since he hates Americans and belives America to be a irredemably racist hellhole dedicated to making his people miserable.

Very odd.

The clock said...

When did Field say he hated America? I'll wait. tick toc asshole

Anonymous said...

All Negroes hate America

Simran Sharma said...