Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Field-Negroes Take On The Latest News

Hi again everybody, it's Sunday morning out here in the fields.
As usual, massa has thrown away his copy of the Sunday paper, giving the field-negro a chance to read it. Shhhhhh! Can't let massa know I can read, he might take away some of my privileges.

OK, so let's see what we have in today's news:

"Nagin and Landrieu Runoff In New Orleans Elections"

This was easy to call, these two guys were the only real politicians in the race. Honestly, I know a little bit about Louisiana politics, because Louisiana is my adopted home state. The choice here is a toss up for me. Landrieu is from a political linage that has a fairly good history with blacks. -His sister is Senator Mary Landrieu who would not have gone to Washington without the black vote in Louisiana. And Nagin was actually put into power by the white business community in New Orleans. He was a Cox Cable executive who lived in the house until Katrina hit, then he saw first hand just how much massa cared about his black a** and the other field-negroes in the 9th ward. The irony is that his chocolate city remark might have turned white New Orleanians against him. If he had not made those remarks, he would not have been in a run off situation with the white candidate. A white candidate by the way, who has run a clean and dignified campaign so far. If Nagin loses so be it, I know Jessie has some issues with how the voting went down, but at the end of the day, former house negro Nagin will be no better for blacks than Landrieu.

"Breakthrough In Political Deadlock In Iraq"

Yeah right, one hundred years from now the headlines will be the same about the political climate in Iraq. There is a reason that it took a dictator to keep that country together for so many years. There are so many groups and religious factions in that country that it's almost impossible to have a western style democracy there. Yet frat boy and the brilliant neo cons who hijacked his presidency actually thought they could stabilize things over there, and ultimately, the region. What a recipe for disaster that was, an intellectual light weight like frat boy calling the shots,while slick ideology driven people around him were whispering in his ear. Combine that with 911, the perfect excuse to go kick some Arab butt, -any Arab will do, and you have the Iraq war; almost 3,000 dead and counting, and 500 billion dollars out of the pockets of hard working people. Yeah frat boy, I got your axis of evil right here!

"Hestert Frist Want President To Probe High Gas Prices"

Nice to see the repubs actually care about the high cost of driving these days. -$3.03 a gallon in Philly- But I suspect, the mid-term elections coming up has something to do with it. Although, to be fair, I don't think we can blame frat boy for the oil companies greed. Did you hear the one about the Exxon executive who retired with a 500 million dollar retirement package? That will buy alot of Hummers.

"Second Duke Stripper Speaks Out"

I swear I am not going to say anything else about this case until the trial -if there is one- is over. Word to Al. Sharpton, stay away from this one. Jessie you too, although I think it's a bit too late for that.

"Osama Bin Laden New Audio Tape"

America's most wanted would have done a better job of capturing this guy than frat boy and his administration. All those resources in Iraq, when we know Bin Laden is somewhere on the Pakistani border. Frat boy keeps saying he is on the run, yet every time I turn on the T.V. I see Osama's bearded mug telling the world how evil America and the west is. And what's the reward now? Thirty million? The guy is 6"7" for crying out loud and no body has any informaton about where he is. I guess those tribes in that part of the world don't value our money. Or maybe they don't think we will keep our word and pay the reward once he is caught.

"CIA Officer Loses Job Over Post Leak"

What is she crazy, doesn't she know that only the White House is allowed to leak sensitive information to the press?

"Tony Snow Considering White House Press Secretary Job"

Geeez, I thought he was the White House press secretary.
Does this mean that we are going to get fair and balanced reporting from the White House? What a joke, those people at FAUX News have no shame. I would like to meet one person in America who actually considers that a news station. They give opinions, and I suppose they have some entertainment value. But news; not by a long shot.


I see Barry hit one last night, go Barry go! That's 709 and counting. You know how I feel about this subject, I want Bonds to shatter the Bambino's record and retire before he can break Aaron's. Why? Because Ruth did not hit one single home run post integration of the major leagues that's why. But Barry, please stop crying on national television, it's not going to get you one ounce of sympathy from these people out here who hate your guts.

I am watching the NBA playoffs, and King James just dropped a sick triple double to beat the Wizards. Yep, he is the real deal, and a nice big man away from about three rings. Having said that, it pained me to watch former sixers Eric Snow and Larry Hughes in this series while AI is sitting at home. I have to say it, I love Mo Cheeks, and he is an icon in this town, (Philly) but I don't think he would make a very good coach on the high school level let alone the NBA.

Hockey playoffs are on the way too. Now us field-negroes don't see ice too often, but don't get it twisted, they are some of us in hokcey too. Check out the number two goalie for Ottawa, -Ray Emery- a field- negro with some serious game. Anyway, I am backing the Red Wings in the west and the Fly boys in the east. Should be fun.

The best sporting event no one outside of us track and field virtuosos have ever heard of is about to start this week again in Philly. It's the Penn Relays and I can't wait. I never miss it; great crowds, great fans, great athletes, and of course, my Jamaican schools always right at the top.

That's it for me folks, but before I go, I want to say thanks to Dell Gines, one the great young thinkers and writers out here, for recognizing me on his blog. Dell has a great blog and is one of the reasons I got into this thing. (Who said we don't look out for each other?)

Now I gotta go, I think I hear massa coming.


mark said...

FN you see to be drinking the Philly sports association kool aid. First you defend T.O the Coon in favor of McNabb, then Defend al illy against Mo Cheeks. What's with that and by the way what have you got against tavis smiley. Mark

Anonymous said...

barry bonds in a first class bumb. he has no feelings towards the fans who buy tickets which pay his salary. field negro, do u remember when bonds needed his kid with him to cry how tough he had it. lets see his father was a ball player made a better living than most and he is in the top 1% of incomes in the world. this guy is a fraud. Babe Ruth now is the greatest sports player of all time. Not only was he a hall of fame hitter but also a hall of fame pitcher. check his stats. Babe Ruth also was a clutch postseason player. Something Bonds has no concept of. Remember his Pittsburgh days. Ruth single handedly saved baseball. oh and Ruth's steroids were 9 hotdogs during the 7th inning stretch. he didnt need the cream. i only have one thing to say to you LETS GO FLYERS. THE REDWINGS SUCK OR SHOULD BE CALLED DEADWINGS

Anonymous said...

Mark, am sorry, I have been watching Mo, and I as much as I want to, I can't call him a good coach.

This for the above poster. I hope you saw the home run Bonds jacked last night off of former Philly Bill -the kid- Wagner. He turned on that sucker in a major way. Steroids that!

Go Barry Go. Ruth was a good hitter, but again, nothing post integration so he has some issues in my book. His record deserves to be broken!


Anonymous said...


So You're still beating the drum for that washed-up, self pitying drug abuser to break Ruth's record. Well, he probably will do that, but I sure the hell hope he doesn't break Aaron's record. If he does, he has no conscience, and deserves a big, fat asterisk, as follows:

* = record broken due to steroid abuse.

Guys like Ruth, Aaron, Mays and Williams were twice the men hypodermic Barry could ever hope to be.

Anonymous said...

Still the greatest player in the last twenty years!


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