Sunday, June 18, 2006

My Take On The News

Happy father's day everybody. The field-negro is actually blogging off the plantation. (Isn't technology beautiful?) Anyway, the field-negro escaped from the plantation for a little R&R. But I love you, the reader, so much, that I still decided to give you my take on the latest news. So here goes.

"Legislators Must Step Up On Guns"

The murder count in Philly has now reached 169. Just last week a four year old girl was shot and critically wounded when some young animals masquerading as human beings had a running gun battle in her neigborhood. Now I can't say this enough; laws are needed in this state (Pennsylvania) to limit the sale of handguns, especially in large urban areas. There are some cowards in Harrisburg who refuse to take a stand on a bill (HB871) that would do just that. And some of those political whores have even voted no on the bill. (God forbid they give up that NRA money) Not surprisingly, every one of them are republicans. But don't worry, they sleep well at night. They could care less about some little black girl in inner city Philadelphia whose death will never effect their isolated suburban world. No, something will have to happen closer to home for them to take note. (Like maybe another Columbine style shooting) Now as bad as this is going to sound; I hope something happens soon, because we just can't go on like this much longer.

"Barbara Strisand's Tickets Set Record At $750"

WTF? Has she lost her "Funny Girl" mind? Better yet, have her fans lost their minds? If there is even one person that drops $750 to hear that has been sing, they are in serious need of mental help. Heck give me the $750. I will payoff the doorman at the Wachovia Center to get you inside, get you better seats, and even get you a limo ride to and from the concert. After all of that, I will still have money left over for myself for service fees.

"Ohio Congressman Earmarked Millions For First Lady Library"

What a wonderful husband. It seems republican congressman Ralph Regula of Ohio, (A senior member of the House Appropriations Committee) has helped earmark $4.5 million in federal money to help create a national historic site called the National First Ladies Library.
Oh and get this, his wife runs the joint. "This is a national treasure" he said of the site. "It's the only one of it's kind that tells the story of first ladies. It's a great story for American history"
Yeah, I can't wait to hear what Nancy Reagan's favorite type of china to use for state dinners was. Apparently, over the years, this guy (Regula) has made a habit of inserting earmarks that are beneficial to him in various spending bills, so this is nothnig new for the good republican from Ohio. Interesting state that Ohio, I am starting to think the buckeye state might be the center of midwestern political corruption and not Illinois.

"AK-47 Designer Regretful"

It seems Mikhail Kalashnikov, the designer of the famous AK-47 assault rifle also known as the Kalashnikov, or"bushmaster", has been having some serious regrets about his brain child. The AK-47 is now the weapon of choice for terrorist all over the world. -Osama bin Laden can be seen in video tapes with one- And it's the weapon of choice for rebel armies in places like Mozambique and Lebanon. The rfile is cheap, easy to use, and very effective. Kalashnikov admits that the weapon was sold to many third world countries for practically nothing with the intent of aiding liberation struggles. The end result has been that the AK-47 is more prevalent than food in many of these countries, and kids as young as ten years old have become masters at using it. How sad, that Mr. Kalashnikov used his brilliance to invent an instrument of death, and not somethimg beneficial for mankind.

"Somali Leaders Say They Warned U.S."

It seems frat-boy's state department and the military has bungled yet another one. As a result, his foreign policy when it comes to Africa continues to be a mess. Apparently, by aiding the war-lords, the U.S. has only helped to strengthen the Islamist forces there. The report says; that in early March, nine of Mogadishu's most prominent community leaders seceretly flew to neighboring Djibouti and pleaded with the U.S. military officials to stop funding the war lords who were devastating their city. Of course, we ignored their warnings, and as a result, the Islamist militia is set to take control of southern Somalia where officials believe that at least two senior al-Qaeda operatives are hiding. Folks, this is going to get worse before it gets better, the Islamic Courts already control Mogadishu, and Jowar, and are set to move on Baidoa where the internationally recognized transitional government of that country has set up shop. So the next time one of frat-boy's Kool-Aide drinkers try to tell you what a great job he is doing on the war on terror, remind them of the festering problem in East Africa, and it's potential implications.

"Why GOP's Winning War- Of Words"

Dick Polman, who is a pretty good political writer for the Philadelhia Inquirer, thinks that while the democrats remain divided over the war in Iraq, the republicans are rallying around Karl Rove's talking points; which is stay the course in Iraq. According to Polman, many democrats, including pollsters like James Carville and Stan Greenberg, think the democrats need a message. Because although the public at large has had it with frat-boy, they can't turn to the democrats, because they have no message themselves. I happen to agree. The problem is, that democrats, like republicans, have no real core convictions and their bottom line is always trying to find ways to hold on to their power. Sadly, as a result, the democrats especially have become a party of polls and going whichever way the popular wind blows. This is a sure recipe for disaster, and having leaders like Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid are like gifts to the republican Gods. Irresolute, and indecisive; you have to wonder how these people became so powerful in the first place. Whatever the case, democrats better figure it out fast, or else this mid-term, that little weasel of an equivocater from Texas, (Karl Rove) will be jigging all over the white house lawn.

"Street Shooting Kills Five In New Orleans"

It's possibly drug related, and it happened right in the Central City neighborhood.
If only Katrina could have taken out these animals when she passed through the "Big Easy"
it would have been a big relief to this particular field-negro.
"George Bush doesn't care about black people..." No Kanye, ignorant ass black people don't care about other black people.


And now on a lighter note, let's talk some sports:

I see the Phillies have lost six in a row; now that's more like it.
My Jamaican grandmother used to say: " Gad naw sleep"
This means simply, God is not sleeping, and he always punishes you for your past deeds.
I have said this before, but it bears repeating. The Philadelphia Phillies have historically been one of the most racist clubs in baseball. They were the last National League team to integrate and they passed on Roy Campenella who was right here in Philly, because he was black. When the Blue Jays played the Phillies in the 1993 world series, most black folks in this city were cheering for the Jays and not the "fightens" with their squad of good ole boys. So yes, I am officially off their band wagon for this year, and it was an easy call to make.

I see team U.S.A. gutted out a nice draw with the Italians. That's great, but the match of the day was the Ghana Czech Republic match. That was a beautiful thing to watch. The speed , and ball artistry of the Ghanans remineded me of the "beautiful game " made famous by the Brazilians. Ghana won 2-0, and it could have been 5-0 had it not been for some unbelievable goal tending by the Czech keeper. Not only did Ghanas winning give team U.S.A. a chance, but it sets up a great game next Thursday between the two countris. Go "black stars"! (Who else did you expect the field-negro to cheer for?)

So the Miami Heat has tied the series with the Mavs. Oh oh, I guess we should have let that sleeping giant (Shaq) lie huh. Come on Avery, you better step up and get your boys to play.
It's crunch time now baby, I am rooting for you and the Mavs only because of your Jaguar connection, so don't let me down.

Sorry to see Mr. Multiracial man drop out of the U.S. Open. Of course I am no big fan of Multiracial man, but it would have been nice to see him and lefty go down the stretch on father's day. At least the real field-negro on tour (That would be Vijay) still has a shot.

Hey that's it for me folks, but before I go, a word about father's day:

This is supposed to be a day of celebrating the bonds that are shaped between a father and his child. And praising all the father's that give so much to their families and their children without any fanfare on a daily basis. For those of use who have experienced that bond with our fathers throughout our life time, we know that it's priceless. And we know that we wouldn't be where we are today without it. A father who stays at home and makes sure his family in in tact is a hero to everyone of us who understand its importance. Sadly, many of our children have never experienced this feeling, and will never know what a father's love feels like. This is equally sad for both boys and girls. For the girls, it makes for insecure women, who lack self esteem, and who latch on to the first loser that comes along, so that he can take the place of the male figure she never had in her life. For the boys, it's a lack of guidance and discipline. The type of discipline that's needed to make it in a society that demands so much of us as black men. I long for the day when father's day will hold as significant a meaning in my community as it does in others, and the men in my community will step up to the plate and do for their families, as they always seem to be able do for themselves.



mark said...

But don't worry, they sleep well at night. They could care less about some little black girl in inner city Philadelphia whose death will never effect their isolated suburban world. No, something will have to happen closer to home for them to take note.

Field no offense but it seems like thiers a bigger % of black folk who don’t care about black folk , than any other group carring about their own. More of us need to care a lot more hundreds of thousands of black boys and girls and black women having to raise these kids on their own.

If there is even one person that drops $750 to hear that has been sing,

You field I totally feel you on this one, although I believe striesand has a great voice I never cared to much for her music. It’s a little to popish for my taste.

I happen to agree. The problem is, that democrats, like republicans, have no real core convictions and their bottom line

FN you are right the dems are going to have to roll up their sleeves and come up with some innovative solutions, they also are going to have to get a fucking spine or they will keep loosing. Period

"George Bush doesn't care about black people..." No Kanye, ignorant ass black people don't care about other black people.

Sweet, Sweet truth. Remember your piece about the sudaneese protest in dc, where their were very few black folk this is a classic example of black folks apathy and non carring about other black folk which extends to american blacks. There are reasons for this but I am ready to began the process of changing.

Sorry to see Mr. Multiracial man drop out of the U.S. Open. Of course I am no big fan of Multiracial man

Yo FN Tiger’s not my favorite person but please do not forget about the charity work that he does, because he does do a lot of this type of work for young black youth and other youths as well. And the truth is he is half asian and half african american. Please don’t forget that he carries himself with a lot of class and dignity, which a lot of prominent black celebs don’t. Please don’t discount this as too many black kids see more ignorant ass behavior than any other group of kids. The fact tiger carries himself with such dignity is a total plus. Mark

TNB Alerts said...

I Agree! That Nawlins incident was certainly a classic case of TNB!

field negro said...

TWB alerts said... as was the incident in Reno NV, where the husband shot his wife to death and shot a Judge -no less for extra measure. Oh, how about the husband that threw his children off a fifteen floor balcony to their death. And get this; he was on vacation!

See TNB alerts, we can do this all night long! Anyway, welcome back to the fields. Watch your step though, you could become victim of some TNB.


Asabagna said...

BIG UP!!! your paragraph on "Father's Day".

mark said...

Hey TNB alerts what about your boy in Idaho who not only crashed into a mother and two daughters, killing the mother and 1 of the daughters, but it was also discovered that he had his wifes severed head in his car. Just think if he hadnt killed two other innocent human biengs america( and nazis like you) would have never had known. Now thats what I call TWB. By the way Adolph Jr, mabye you should try pushing your tired propoganda at some of the Neo Nazis or KKK sites Im sure youll get a lot more love from those degenerates. Oh and one more thing Adolph Jr, your pappy(funny mustache man) committed suicide over 60 years now, so one would have thought you would have followed suit long before now. But no sweat everyday the sun comes up you have a another chance to make the world so much better by offing yourself. Nice talking with ya Adolph Jr.
P.S As sick as you Nazis make me I have to admit you did a helluva job killing millions of innocent children and women who did nothing to you, posed no threat to, and was not thinking about you Nazis in anyway shape or form. No thats what I call some Typical White Behavior. Have a rotten day, TNB. Mark

Asabagna said...

LMAO@Mark.... Hey Mark... where's the love!? Niiice!

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