Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random Thoughts From The Field-Negro

OK it's the end of the week, and I need to get my dome shaved.
I do what any self respecting field- negro would do, and make a move to see my man the barber.

As I kick back in the barber's chair, enjoying the feel of shaving cream on my face, I start to wonder about some things.......

For instance, I was wondering, why so many elected black leaders let us down? I am specifically referring to one William Jefferson, a democratic congressman from Louisiana. Even if what is alleged isn't true. ($90,000.00 literally in cold hard cash found in his refrigerator, supposedly taken from a bribe) The man's actions during Katrina was enough to call for his resignation. What he did, (ordering the guards to go and secure his own home in uptown New Orleans while the rest of the city was under water) should have been enough for him to step down from his position. But of course, he did not, because like so many who are drunk with power and greed (see my previous post about Tom Delay) he chose to stay. Now I am willing to bet $90,000.00 that he wishes he hadn't. Mmmmm, I wonder what my favorite Louisiana blog, "we saw that" will have to say about this one?

I was wondering, who the f**k is Simon Crowell? How dare you rip Prince for not speaking to anyone during his American Idol performance. Hey Simon, field-negro says the "Purple one" has earned that right. He made me dance in the fields to jacks like "1999," "Pop life," and, his most underated tune ever; " I could never take the place of your man" When you can churn out tunes like that Simon, then get back to me with your criticisms of the "Purple one".

I was wondering, why are we wasting time and money looking for Jimmy Hoffa?

I was wondering, if I should give Angelina Jolie honorary field-negro status and I think I will.
Hey, she deserves it. She has done quite a lot of work for children in Africa, she also went to the motherland to have her baby, and she pretty much walks the walk on a daily basis. So all of you Angelina haters fall back. Girlfriend keeps it one hundred percent, which is more than I can say for many of our own black celebrities.

Just a thought, why are black conservatives so defensive? I know it's hard being a minority among minorities. But you get so much love from the majority population--- even though you have zero influence over the black populace, that you should be enjoying the ride. You should n
ot become defensive and play the victim card every time someone calls you out on an ideological point. We don't think you are all Uncle Toms, house negroes, or oreos. (Just maybe 99% of you; just kidding) And many of you actually mean well. It's just that some of your ideas for fixing the plight of black folks here in 2006 happens to be a bit off, not to mention unrealistic. But keep plugging away at it in the grand old party; hopefully, they will give you a seat at the table one day. I firmly believe that all black folks shouldn't be lumped together in one politrickal party, and at least you offer an alternative.

Here is another thought, why can't there be a Martin Luther King drive, street, or boulevard going through the white part of anytown U.S.A. ?

I was wondering, have you ever seen an Asian bum?

I was wondering, why did ABC News kick Susan Vargas from the anchor chair and give us th
at lame ass Charlie Gibson?

I was wondering, why is it that when a young white girl is tragically killed, it's wall to wall news? Especially on Fox. Now it's the Clemson coed
found dead in her apartment. I feel for her and her family, but... let's just say there are killings in the hood every day, and guess what, they aint gonna be on Fox or CNN anytime soon. Because like "Doughboy" said; "Nobody cares what happens in the hood."

Speaking of Fox, I was wondering, why doesn't the FCC prevent them from calling themselves Fox News? It should be Fox entertainment. News is supposed to be fair and unbiased, not a mouthpiece for one politrickal party over another.

I was wondering, why is it that when a white celebrity has a bunch of hangers on around they are called an entorouge? But when a black celebrity has a bunch of of his boys around him they are called a posse?

I was wondering, why the heck did Katie Couric take so long to say goodbye? Ok we get it, you are leaving, please go already! Heck, you are just going down the dial any damn way, so go!

I was wondering, why do white sportscasters always refer to white ball players as smart, and tenacious? While the black players are always referred to as athletic and instinctive?

Just wondering, why was there a statue of a fictional boxer (Rocky) in front the Spectrum in Philadelphia, when one of the greatest heavyweight fighters of all time (Joe Frazier) is from right there, and there are no statues of him anywhere? Mmmmmm.

I was wondering, now that Barry has caught and pas
sed the Babe, will he finally hang it up? I say he should, if only to piss off his detractors.

I was wondering, why is there no outcry over the fact that Knick's coach Larry Brown could earn as much as 40 million dollars for one years work? (If the Knicks buy out his contract) Yet people scream about how over paid athletes are. Could it be because an old white man is supposed to have a lot of money, but some young black guy is not? Oh, and just an update on Larry Brown: He just recently referred to himself as "a dead man walking." No Larry, it's more like a rich old white man walking.

Just a thought; but why did Roger Clemens decide to come back now? Yep, I have heard the whispers too. Now I am not saying he was on the juice, but I am curious, would roids effect a pitcher's performance just like it allegedly does a hitter's?

That's it from the field-negro folks, my man has hooked up my dome and I am heading back to the fields.

Thanks Mr. Barber, I will see you next time.


ugz said...


Asian bum in full effect in downtown DC. Both male and female. Everytime I see the girl on the S2 bus and we lock eyes, she jumps up -- walk towards me talking about:

do you have a Qooo-waTa :)--

you see'em all here Field...

field negro said...

Wow! Send me a picture of that my brother. I never knew they existed.


Australian Gold Tanning Lotion said...

I like your blog. You are absolutely correct. Congressman think that they live in a different land than the ones they makes laws for. How many taxes are they exempt from anyway? It is pathetic and it needs to be made public. Prince has paid his dues. He owes us nothing. We still buy his albums. Keep up the good work.

mark said...

Yo Field good post your correct Bonds shgould retire before he gets Hank Aarons record. As for the black conservatives I think they feel a need to validate themselves because they have halfway sold thier soul to the Rebup party. Now that the repubs have proven themselves to be hypocrits. Thier trying to ride it out. I also agree with you black folks giving 90% of thier vote to the dems is crazy. Especially when you consider what we get in return. Mark

ugz said...


I sent you an email.

mark said...

Yo field have you been paying attention to the duke rape case, if so what is your oppionion. Mark

field negro said...

Yo Mark, that's a tough one. I had some thoughts early. (see my previous post) Now I am not sure just what to think. I mean I think it's possible the alleged victim is...let's just say adding some of her own version of the facts. At the same time, I don't like how the conservative media have been convicting her in the press because of their agendas.

But I am still taking a wait and see attitude about the whole thing.


mark said...

Yeah its not looking good for the alleged victim. I hope she is not lying because the next time a woman of any color is rapped, even if she is justified in her accusations she will be accussed of lying and crucified in the media. Mark

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