Monday, October 23, 2006

"Can't We All Just Get Along?"

It seemed like only yesterday that the man with the bad jeri curl, and an ass whipping compliments of four L.A.P.D. officers was asking that question. You remember Rodney King don't you folks? Yep, he is the guy who made me reconsider whether Hyundai's were piece of crap cars. I mean any car that can drive at speeds over 100 mph for for well over eight miles can't be all bad in my book. But I digress. So Rodney was finally caught and given a lesson in what happens to a black man when he runs from the police. This happened in the form of PR 24 baton's raining down on his back side and just about any other body part that was exposed. Of course we all know what followed; the ass whopping was caught on film by a man named George Holiday, the cops were all acquitted-just doing their job-, and three days of rioting, along with the worst civil disturbance in L.A. history followed.

It was in the aftermath of this, that the man at the center of this American tragedy asked that now famous question. Of course, it was a little easier for Rodney, he was looking at a 3.8 million dollar payday. Hey, I hear you Rodney, I would ask too: "Can't we all just get along", at least until I cash my check? So Rodney had some motivation for wanting to get along, Rodney was about to get paid. Rodney was a celebrity now, and all of L.A. was hanging on Rodney's every word. Look at the camera and say cheese Rodney.

But what about those people who have no incentive to get along? What about folks, who for them, getting along means doing without or compromising core principles? For instance, If you ask a Palestinian why he can't get along with an Israeli, he will tell you that the mother f*&^%r is on his land that's why. And if you ask an Israeli the same question, he will tell you: Because the mother f%^&#r wants to drive me into the sea that's why. If you ask a radical Muslim, he will say it's because we are infidels, if you ask someone living in the West about the radical Muslim, we will say it's because the mother f%^&*r wants to fly planes into our buildings and kill innocent people. Get the picture? There are many reasons we can't get along, and getting along ain't easy. It's hard to get people to get along. Heck, if we could do that, there would be no North Korean crisis, no Russian, Chechnyan crisis, no crisis in Darfur, no crisis in the Congo, in Indonesia, and on and on. But folks, sadly, the nature of humans will always be such that we will never truly be able to get along. Because people will always have agendas and their own need for self preservation. The trick is to understand that, and to learn the art of compromise and dialogue. This, my friends, is the essence of diplomacy. Understanding that we can't get along, and learning how to make everyone satisfied and happy in that understanding.

Sadly, sometimes the people who want to force us to get along are the most dangerous.-I will now insert my proverbial frat boy reference here-they can't understand why we can't just get along, and in their Pollyanna world that is the way it should be. This is why-and I have said this many times before- I have no problem with the racist expressing himself, and letting it be known that he does not care for n*&&%#s. Why? Because then, at least, I know who he is, and I prefer that. Just don't f^% with me or my chance to make a living and we will be fine. Get it? So anyway, back to my Pollyanna ideologues. These folks end up trying to force their will and agendas on others; and my friends, look no further than Iraq for the result of this form of thinking.

I call it the Rodney King foreign policy, the "can't we just get along" school of diplomacy. Hey, it worked in our country, look what a wonderful democracy we have. You Iraqi's can achieve the same thing. In America, we coexist, we all live in harmony, we all just get along. Oh if the rest of the world could be just like American huh George. But it's not, and it never will be, because of those little differences and individual interests that I mentioned. The world is too complex, too nuanced; different interests for different regions. What works for America, won't work for China, what works for France, won't work for England, and so on.

So George, when your neocon friends tell you that all you have to do is create a democracy in Iraq and it-democracy- will spread throughout the region, they are wrong, it will never happen. Too much history, too much years of built up tribal and ethnic tensions, and revenge to be had for past wrongs. You see George, unlike Rodney King, those people can't be bought for $3.8 million dollars.-What's the reward for the NBA sized man with the beard now, 30 Million?- And you can't get to them with cheesy promises of some great democracy where they all can be free. That worked for black folks in this country, because we co-oped your value system. But they have not, and to create stability in that region, you and the bad perm lady will have to do more than just the Rodney King diplomacy you have been trotting out. You will have to work to understand just what the hell is going on in the world, and find a way to help every one to coexist peacefully, even if we all just can't get along.

Because at the end of the day, the ass whopping won't be coming from four L.A.P.D officers, it will be coming from a B-52 bomber, and will take the form of a mushroom cloud.

***Just a note, as the murder rate continue to rise in Philly, the death toll continues to mount in Bushdad, and the slaughter continues in Darfur. I would like to beg frat boy and the bad perm lady to change course in Iraq, and start focusing on Darfur. By entertaining a murdering lunatic like General Omar Hassan al-Bashir, who still refuses to allow U.N. Peacekeepers in Darfur. You, President Bush, have taken your Presidency down another notch-as if that's possible- Yeah you appointed a special envoy to Darfur, whoppeeee. How about some real action, before a million more people are slaughtered or displaced? I mention the murder rate in Philly; because I truly believe that if some of the billions of dollars we were spending in Bushdad, could be somehow used at home to help create jobs and activities for some of these kids, they wouldn't be killing each other over drug corners and pointless beefs. ****

The field is out.


Francis L. Holland Blog said...

I certainly hope we can get rid of Bush this year without replacing him with Bush II (John Sidney McCain, III). It's hard for me to understand how even a third of America could still support Bush, much less HALF of America wanting to continue the same disastrous policies through McCain.

And yet look at what the polls are saying. FULLY HALF of America thinks 100 more years of war in Iran is a good idea, or their willing to endorse it to keep the Black people's party (the Democrats) out of the White House.

God save the fatherland because, historically, the voters have not exercised wise judgment much of the time.

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