Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Senator Kerry's Apology

Have you heard the latest thing that has outraged republicans? It seems the White House and right wing web sites are all over Massachusetts Senator John Kerry for remarks he made to a group of students in California.

This is the gist of what he said: "Those that are unable to manage the current educational system get stuck in Iraq"

First came Tony Snowjob: "Senator Kerry not only owes an apology to those who are serving, but also to the families of those who have given their lives..." Then came the frat boy: "Insulting and shameful. Soldiers deserve an apology from Kerry" And as you can imagine, all the usual republican suspects weighed in next. From Dennis Hastert to John McCain, to Rush Limpboy.

Anyway, totally blindsided by this, John Kerry has gone into crisis mode. Oh he tried to come back with statements like:"I am sick and tired of a bunch of despicable republicans who will not debate real policy, who won't take responsibility for their own mistakes" But he knows it's not enough he will have to make not just a statement, but give a speech to explain his position.

Well, he f&^%ed up! Because he asked the field of all people to write his speech for him.
And, he will have to deliver it before he has time to proof read it.

So here is what the field wrote for Senator Kerry:

My fellow Americans, today, while talking to a group of some of our best and brightest young minds, I made statements that many on the right claimed was disrespectful, and brought dishonor to our men and women fighting Iraq. What I I said, or implied, was that if you don't want to end up in places like Bushdad, with one hundred degree heat, an entire country wanting you gone, stuck in the middle of a brewing civil war, and 101 of your comrades dead this past month alone. Then stay in school, study hard and graduate. This way, you will have options when you come out.

Options, that other youngsters in inner city and poor rural schools don't have. Because their parents, unlike yours, will not be able to afford to send them to college. This is what I was saying to those college students, and I meant every word of it!

My fellow Americans these statements were not disrespectful to our troops. They are truths. Most of those troops fighting in Iraq don't want to be there. They are not dumb, they know that they were lied to. Isn't it ironic that I am accused of leading people to believe that our troops are dumb, when the very people criticizing me, are the ones lying to our troops on a daily basis. These poor men and women do not deserve to be off in a foreign land fighting an unnecessary war. Don't you think they would have preferred to be tailgating and enjoying frat parties on college campuses like the sons and daughters of my republican colleagues? Don't you think they would have liked options and choices that more affluent children in this country are afforded?

Why just a few weeks ago a young man from the mean streets of Philadelphia was killed in Iraq. This young man was only twenty one years old, and Charles Johnson's mother did not want him to go off to war. He was her only son, but she figured even Iraq was better than the streets of Philly. Of course, we know now, that she was wrong. There are countless Charles Johnson's in America, some have already paid the ultimate sacrifice, and some, invariably will in the days to come. Sadly, they don't have the republican spin machine, FAKE NEWS NETWORK, or lunatic talk radio behind them. All they have, are families who are left to grieve, and families who are hoping they wont have to. Just the other day, I spoke to a young man. -The brother in law of my speech writer, field negro-whose baby girl was born while he was in Iraq. She is now fifteen months old, and he still cannot properly hold her. Why? Because he was blown up by a suicide bomber while his platoon was on patrol in Baghdad. This was over a year ago, and he has been in and out of an Army hospital in Texas ever since; getting skin grafts and various surgeries to get his limbs back in working order. This young man did not want to go to Iraq, but he was a reservist when the evil neocon cabal made up this war to suit their nefarious ends; and so, he had no choice but to go.

I see where Toney Snowjob, the frat boy, and people like Rush Limpboy, and Sean Hannity have come out against my statements. This, my fellow Americans, would be funny were it not so sad. None of these men have served a day of combat, yet they have the temerity to question my statements about troops who are actually serving. And folks, let me remind you, that I did serve, and I served with honor. I have the medals to prove it; the only medals that these men carry are from republican fund raisers, and souvenirs from illegal junkets.

But these are the type of people that we are dealing with. People who will do anything, and smear anyone, to hold on to power. Even a life long Marine like John Murtha, or a man who left his limbs on foreign soil in defense of this country like Max Cleland. A double amputee like Tammy Duckworth, democratic candidate for congress from Illinois, whose opponent, Pete Roscam, made "cut and run" jokes about her. Yeah, I guess it would be real hard to run with no feet huh Pete? Right in the field's home state of Pennsylvania, Rick Santurom has become so desperate that he has literally said that his opponent, Bob Casey, Jr., is supporting the terrorist. And the White House has gone as far as to say, that the terrorist are stepping up the insurgency because they want a democratic victory. I wont even get into the race baiting and other assortment of negative things that they have been doing, but I guess desperate times call for desperate measures.

But I am a big boy, and I can take it, because I have been through a lot more than this. Distorting my words, and trying to paint me as something I am not worked for them in the last Presidential election, but it won't work for them again. Americans have heard this song before, and they are ready to change the station.

Finally, I want to say that I am ready to bring back the draft......~~whisper field, field, I don't think I support this~~~ Just keep reading Senator. Yeah I think it's time to bring back the draft. This way, we will guarantee that every ones son has a chance to serve. Not just those who are poor with no options, but the well to do sons and daughters of all those republican fat cats in Washington as well. Why just today, the Secretary of Defense approved to send more troops to Iraq. And I know many patriots signed up to fight after 911, but sadly, many of those patriots have been lied to as well, and they too, like Pat Tillman's brother, have their reservations and doubts about the honesty and the leadership of our commander the thief. Because like me, and 62% of the American people, they know that he has mismanaged this war, just like he has mismanaged his Presidency. And all the mud slinging in the world will never change that fact.

Thank you my fellow Americans, and if I decide to run in 08, I look forward to your support.

****Just a note, I see the last hard line hold out from that immoral form of government known as apartheid just died. P.W. Botha was 90. I hate to be cruel, but, good riddance. I am glad Mandela out lived your racist ass. I doubt if there is a system of apartheid in hell, so good luck.


Chris said...

good stuff man...it's quite hilarious how well Republicans can just steer the news to irrelevant crap like this.c

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 01 06

Botha was complicated and a supporter of the status quo, not unlike many of our leaders. The older I get, the more I realize that there exist ZERO trustworthy politicians. Recall the expression about 'jack booted thugs?' hehehe As to Kerry, well that has been discussed ad nauseum. He will never say anything that pleases cons, neocons or extreme libbers. He does not impress me, but I cannot say that about anyone else either. :(

justice58 said...


The Republicans are trying to twist what John Kerry said hoping this will win the election for them. We know that it was a botched joke aimed straight at Bush. The fact remains about Iraq. It is nothing more than a trick to get the American people from focusing on the problems in Iraq.

The Republicans will try anything in a time of desperation, especially when the polls are scaring the living daylights out of them.

Field... Good read, I enjoyed it.

Neil Bitch said...

Field, the saddest part of this shit is that it will make an actual difference with one segment of our truly pathetic population.

I love my Mom, but she's one of the whack-jobs that support the coke-snorting frat boy and his cabal of evil ass-bags. You heard it here first.

In other breaking news, Ann Coulter, voted illegally in the wrong precinct (because she fudged her address), a felony offence in that great state of Florida. It's OK to lie, cheat, and knock legitimate voters off the rolls, especially if you happen to be a Rethuglican (and you get a time-limited Senate seat as a reward), but your ass is grass if you vote in the wrong precinct.

Didn't hear a peep in the major news channels about that shit. Of course, she's blonde, rich, and a Rethuglican.

field negro said...

Mahndisa, I love you like a sister; but complicated? Naw, Botha was a racist! But I understand where you are coming from. He had a country to run, and the whites were not ready to secede their power to th eblack majority. Yes, sometimes politics can be complicated, but great people rise above that, and do the morally right thing.

Neil & Justice, you guys are all over this sh*&. How many votes do you have between you? :)

Aziza said...

Just one day after Kerry took a stand about the war, why did he take it back? When making a biting remark, he needs to learn to keep the jaws in the locked position. No apologies.

field negro said...

Aziza, I agree, and he wonders why people cal him a flip flopper.

Just man up, and stand by what you say for once!!!


TNB Alerts said...

Does one get the impression that John Kerry has become a liability for the Dems? I think so. The only platform he has (and really ever had) was Bush Bashing. Now granted, that's a popular political platform, but it doesn't fly in the long run. Perhaps the Dems will get smart and retire Kerry to the back office stuffing envelopes or something.

TNB Alerts said...

FN -- that was a pretty hate filled, vile comment you put at the end of that post. In that mean spirit: Tell me, what do you actually know about South Africa? Have you ever actually been there? Were you there during Apartheid? I somehow doubt it: I think you're just another textbook negro. Maybe the 'Field' needs to take a 'field trip' to examine the state of TNB currently dominating South Africa due to negro rule. While you're at it, take a trip around the muddaland to visit a few of those other well run negro countries. Report back.

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