Saturday, October 21, 2006

Madonna's Little Black Baby!

Everyone has heard by now about the latest celebrity brew ha ha. This one involves none other than the material girl, Ms.Madonna herself. Now normally, I could care less about the goings on of the celebrities among us-except Lark Voorhies of course-but this one got the fields attention.

It seems Madonna's maternal instincts are kicking up again, and so, having the money and the influence that so many of us covet, she used it to satisfy her baby jones. Yes folks, like Angelina Jolie before her, Madonna went to Africa of all places to find her little bungle of joy. A little cutie by the name of David Banda, whose mother, Marita, died soon after giving birth to him.

Now my thoughts on this might surprise you, because I have no problem with what the material girl did. Nope, none at all. And here is why: I know white folks in this country, especially those of the conservative persuasion, are losing their freaking minds, and that's enough by itself to make the field happy that Madonna did what she did. But there are other reasons that I like what Madonna did as well. First, it brings attention to the millions of parent less children in Africa who were left that way because of the AIDS epidemic. And second, it makes other people who were thinking about doing think to themselves, if Madonna can do it, then so can I. So I must come back to the question; why are most folks so upset that Madonna did what most of them would never do? Why the vitriolic commentary and anger over what should be celebrated? Well I think I have the answer to that, so please indulge me while I do a little pop psychology with this one.

Folks, it's like this; most white people would rather go to China to adopt a little girl, than to adopt one of the many black boys in this country or Africa. Little boys who are up for adoption and who will never find homes. And before you say: Well field it's because the little Chinese girls are infants, and the little black boys are so old, and who wants to adopt an older child? OK, fair point, so let me rephrase the question: How many white folks have even tried to adopt a black baby, infant, or otherwise? I am guessing the answer will be the same; not very many.

So by doing this, Madonna is showing up other white people, making them look bad, and exposing the fact that white folks just don't go around adopting little black boys. Now this is not all the fault of white folks, many black people and organizations thinks it's best if little black children are never adopted by white families. And I disagree with that position. Should we try to get them with a black family first? I would answer that in the affirmative. But should that be the only option? To that, I would say no. We should do what's best for these children, and if that means putting them with a caring nurturing white family that can give them all the tools needed to be successful in life, I say go for it. I want all little black boys to have a chance, period!

And I don't want to hear about socialization and not growing up knowing about your culture and all that stuff. The child will grow up being able to read and think for himself, he will know what time it is. And he will go through the same growing pains that other adopted children go through. -Like little Chinese girls with two lily white parents grow up feeling like there is a biological connection.-

So yes, let Madonna adopt the child, who in my opinion, will now have a chance of a better life. White folks are saying it's just a fad, she is just copying other celebrities who are all adopting little Third World children now, -like that's a bad thing. Even some black folks are crying foul, some even taking the position that this is just like slavery all over again. The rich white lady comes to Africa, and literally buys herself a child. To that I say, give me a break, and get over that sh*&. Madonna has earned that right, and has put her money, to quote another blogger, "where her heart is". More black celebrities with money and influence should be doing the same thing, but they won't, [Hello Oprah are you there?] because that would be too much like the right thing to do.

Anyway, back to my psyche 101. Many white people are not too crazy about Madonna to begin with; the black lovers, moving to another country, the whole making a mockery of Christianity thing. It all just doesn't sit well with the majority crowd. I think if this were Jessica Simpson adopting this baby there would be far less of an outcry. So you combine the resentment for Madonna, along with the white guilt, and you have this backlash that we are now seeing. [THE FAKE NEWS NETWORK can't get enough of this stuff.]

Personally, I love it, and if the country of Malawi wants to make special concessions for Madonna so that she can skirt that countries strict adoption laws, well then so be it. This is done all the time in our every day lives, and it's what us black folks call a "hook up".

So folks move on, and leave Madonna and baby David alone, they will be just fine. One less child left to suffer a fate of poverty and despair, and one little black boy with hope for a better future. In the fields world, that's all good.


Anonymous said...

You lift up your importance higher than you should when, first of all, you think you know what most conservatives (or any other group) thinks about any news item, or that they even know about it; and also, that what Madonna is doing in Africa would even be something they (we) think is bad. I personally commend her or anyone else's use of their resources to help anyone in the kind of need you described.

African American Political Pundit said...

Field Negro, I'm glad you provide your opinion on critical issues of the day. "Haters" who want to be-little the importance of the people in the field, are just that "haters."

Keep on providing your opinion brother, For those that don't agree with your opinion, it's OK let them create a blog with their own opinion.

LorMar said...

Interesting point of view. I too don't have a problem with Madonna adopting this child. Not too many white people would care enough to adopt a little black child. However, I can think of something even more rare than whites adopting blacks; that is, you'll almost never find a black person willing to adopt a white child.

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Anonymous said...

She makes other white people look bad because they don't adopt black children> You are a retard & your article is retarded. I ask you how many Negroes are adopting peckerwood cracker white boys? NONE is the answer. And why is every white nation on earth being flooded with browns and blacks who want to turn our race brown? That's genocide of the white race. Arab nations for arabs, asian nations for asians, mexico for mexicans, white nations for EVERYONE! Brown & black pride is allowed all over the earth but if white pride is mentioned white are bashed as racist for having it. You are a racist and your article is racist. Bash white people just like the rest of the world and I know for a fact that you think of me as a racist because I have pride in my own race.

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