Saturday, October 14, 2006

Musing From My Barber's Chair

Ahhh, the end of another week. Time for the field to get his dome shaved, and chill while his barber does his thing. As usual, while sitting in the barber chair, the field starts to think about life and some current events in the field's world.

As it turns out, a congressman I mentioned in my previous post is being probed by the FBI. According to my home town paper, the Philadelphia Inquirer, Mr. Curt Weldon (R., Pa.) helped his daughter, a DC consultant,-fancy word for someone who pockets money thanks to daddy's influence without actually doing any work- land a fat contract from two Russian energy companies. Oh, and by the way, the contract was worth $1 million in American dollars. "My kids are allowed to seek employment" Yes they are Mr. Weldon, and I am sure when daddy can help arrange some million dollar arm twisting it doesn't hurt.

And while I am thinking of allegedly corrupt people in congress. I see where Robert Ney, a six term republican congressman from Ohio owned up to his crimes of conspiracy and making false statements. Of course, his real crime was greed, and lust and hunger for power, wealth, and influence. It's the same pathology that Tom De Lay, -in the fields humble opinion, one of the worse human beings ever to grace our planet- and the other republicans in congress seem to be carrying around in their insulated world of power lunches and K street decadence.

Now of course, comes the expected hypocrisy from the other usual suspects. Speaker of the house, Dennis "Hunch Back" of Illinois Hastert (R., Ill.)- who is in some hot water himself due to a little e-mail scandal floating around DC these days-along with Tony Snowjob, has called for Ney to resign. Oh yes folks, he is still a congressman, and has been since September when he signed papers agreeing to plead guilty. And Ohio Republican Party Chairman, Bob Bennett, called Ney "a cancer in the Congress." Yeah right, I bet you weren't saying that when you and the rest of your fellow cronies from the Buckeye state were being feted by the good congressman. But such is politics, the moment you are exposed, your so called friends will turn on you in a "New York minute". -Where is Huey Long when you need him?-

Oh and don't think I am letting the dems off either. I have always thought there was a certain sleaze factor with Harry Reid of Nevada. And this recent land deal that he is involved with just kind of confirms my suspicion. Mr. Reid, you might want to heed that old expression, "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones" And my friend Bill "cold cash" Jefferson is just a flat out disgrace to his people and the state of Louisiana. I am glad to see my man Skepitcal brotha blogging about this, and I know as soon as something new pops off, my favorite Louisiana blog, wesawthat will be on the case as well.

Mmmm let's see what else? Oh, I see the Russians and the Chinese told the U.N. and our friend Condi to go f%&* themselves when it comes to North Korea. Just like I told you they would folks. You see Condi, these six party talks with North Korea that you insist on, just ain't gonna work. Because as long as Russia and China has such a huge stake in North Korea's economy doing well, -and in the case of China, keeping those North Korean refugees out once those harsh U.N. sanctions kick in- the United States will never be able to broker a serious resolution that punishes Kim Jong Crazy and the crew. "I am still ready to go for a vote,... I thought we had agreed.." Ahhh sorry Mr. Bolton, you thought wrong. Now go back to frat boy, your fearless leader, and the bad perm lady, and tell them to get their head out of their asses, and start initiating bilateral talks with the land of no lights.

I was just thinking; something else is eating away at me about this Foley mess. I saw some news reports where Foley contacted frat boy's brother, the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush. And told him-Jeb- that the White House was giving him the cold shoulder. Now folks, this was in 2004 or around that time, and I am starting to think that the White House and frat boy, knew about this creepy guy all along. It makes sense, if the WH knew about him so did all the other republicans-and dems for that matter- on the hill. This would explain why no serious action to curb his behavior. Whenever there was a complaint, it was like, tell me something I don't know.

Oh, and speaking of the WH, did you hear about the new book by David Kuo, called "Tempting Faith"? Well according to the book, the little weasel Karl Rove, made it a habit to make fun of evangelical Christians in private; but, along with his lieutenants, put on a different face in public to keep the powerful values voters in check. So a show of hands please from those of us who are hands huh, that's what I thought. What a slime ball, politics trumps everything with these people: Religion, death,patriotism; you name it.

On a local note, 314 murders and counting here in "Killadelphia", one local barber-not the fields of course-was popped for selling automatic weapons to undercover federal agents. Hey, if you don't have a criminal record and you want to make a killing-how is that for a play on words?- come to Philly. There is no limit on how many handguns you can purchase. And trust me on this one, you will find a thriving black market here full of willing buyers. Isn't Pennsylvania great? Yes, our brothers and sisters in the Western part of our fine state just love to hunt, and they take the second amendment of our constitution quite literally. And since they outnumber the urban politricksters in Harrisburg, there will be no significant gun legislation anytime soon to curb the culture of death that we live with here. You gotta love it.

While back here in Philly, court was rapping up yesterday for a now 20 year old accused of a triple murder two years ago. He shot a 20 year old and a teenager, both at point blank range in their bedroom in a dispute over... a gun. And as he left the room, the victims grandmother, a 67 year old who had just graduated community college a few years earlier, came to see what the commotion was all about. The young animal shot her too, the bullet tearing through her lungs and killing her instantly. When he was asked why he shot the old woman, the 18 year old told the cops,"Everybody had to go" He further said in his statement: "She screamed after she was shot. Not while she was shot too much, while she was being shot" He told police in his statement, "that was probably the worst thing I ever done in my life" According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, "when police asked him to read back the statement to make sure it was accurate, he took a pen and crossed out the word 'probably'" Folks, this is the generation that's being raised out here on our streets. This is our war on terror.

Where is the NAACP when you need em....oh excuse me, did I say the NAACP? Well as it turns out, our local NAACP leader here in Philly has just hooked up with a powerful white state senator to sit on the board of a casino group that he-the politician- wants to bring to our area. So I guess J. Whyatt Mondesire has been busy lately. Cutting his own deals, and lining his own pocket. Way to go Mr. NAACP President, nice to know the poor black folks of your city can count on you during a real crisis. Next time instead of making national headlines writing about our local quarterback and whether he is a house negro or not, how about doing something to make some real change out here on these streets? Something significant to try to curb these animals from killing each other, along with the innocent citizens of our fair city.

My barber is almost finished, I feel the cool air on top of my head already. That's enough of this depressing news in the fields head for one day. Time for my Lark Voorhies thoughts to clear the field's head and make the world seem more pleasant and alright to live in again. But not even Lark can clear the fields head with all the sh*# going on these days. I am afraid, that until a certain frat boy leaves office, being in my barber's chair will be the only peaceful time I have.



mike said...

comments from a southern black man. Check it out.

field negro said...

I will Mike, I am always searching for knowledge.

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