Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A funny thing happened on the way to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hold those Luther CD's for the White House. It might be still early, but I am watching these returns from the New Hampshire Primary, and it looks like the folks from Hope might still have a few tricks up their sleeves.

I just read this article over at Slate magazine:

'Gender," writes Gloria Steinem on the op-ed page of the Jan. 8 New York Times, "is probably the most restricting force in American life." That is incorrect. Poverty is the most restricting force in American life. It's become somewhat unfashionable to point this out, but I don't see how it could be otherwise. Given the choice between being born poor and being born female, which would you choose?

Steinem's occasion for making this wildly obtuse statement is the New Hampshire primary, which Hillary Clinton will likely lose to Barack Obama, a black man. Steinem's column can be read either as a desperate last-ditch appeal on Hillary's behalf or (more plausibly) as an anticipatory complaint that sexism did Hillary in. "I'm not advocating a competition for who has it toughest," Steinem writes, but her enshrinement of gender as the No. 1 obstacle to the pursuit of happiness in the United States gives lie to that. So does her remarkably petty observation:

Black men were given the vote a half-century before women of any race were allowed to mark a ballot, and generally have ascended to positions of power, from the military to the boardroom, before any women (with the possible exception of obedient family members in the latter)...

So the Clinton's have called out their big guns-- such as Steinem --to make the case for gender over race. If you are a suburban white *woman* [thanks woozie] in A-merry-ca, you must be really torn now. You love Oprah, you love the rosy feeling that "O" gives you, but you are a woman who wants to see one of your own in the White House before you die, and this might be your last chance. So far women are breaking for Clinton 47% to 34% in NH, and regardless of the final results, the coronation must be held up for the "O" man.

Now as a trial lawyer, I have always wanted to be able to cry on cue. In law school we used to joke about putting an onion in our handkerchiefs and being able to use it judiciously during closing arguments. I am not saying that's what Hillary did with her little break up moment, but it sure worked. And let's not forget BJ Bill coming out and wagging those fingers at the voters of NH. Demanding that they support his wife after those wonderful years of prosperity he gave them.

Word to my man Christopher and all the other "O" supporters out there; it's not over. And it's not just Hillary. Don't sleep on the "Breck Boy", I just caught his speech, and it was good. Don't forget; he is a white male, and this, after all, A-merry-ca. There are also urban areas and cities to be fought for, and big city party machines like the one here in Philly, are squarely in the Clinton camp. Then there are all those greedy preachers with their hands out; always willing to sell out to the highest bidder. In this case it could be the Clintons.

OK, so 2 down, 48 to go. And even though "O" lost. The field is feeling more and more like he is back on that bandwagon. Call me crazy, but I always love an underdog.

It should be fun.


thinkaboutit said...

I told you Field there is something going on. The euphoria of the Obama fever has to be measured against the fact that this is a long campaign. So although I continue to take the cautious approach and preach to everyone hold your horses with the Obama love because he is going to need it against the Clinton machine. So, it is too early to be celebrating President Obama.

Hey Field, you are right do not underestimate the power of Miss Ann's tears upon the White American populace. The constant berating of her produced a blowback. Somebody better tell these folks race and racist sentiments do not die with hope, but with a true dialouge and getting to the nitty gritty behind some of the problems of this country.
Field, we need your continued thinking skills over the next months to make us think as we continue to enjoy your blog and perspective on America. Stay critical and focused bro.

Jimbo said...

Before everyone starts talking about a presidential whiteout, let me tell you exactly why Hillary pulled this one off: it's exactly the gender issue that Field describes.

My mother is a middle-aged white woman. She is solidly, squarely in the Clinton camp. She literally used the same words Field used; she wants to see a woman president before she dies. I talked to her about dynasties, about the old guard, about all the negativity surrounding the Clintons; no luck. She has made her mind up, and I'm sure across the border in New Hampshire, a similar internal dialogue was going on today in the minds of many, many women.

I agree; this is good for the Democratic party. This is a two-person race now. No one is really on top. Clinton has $20 million and Bill, Barack has $120 million. She's got female imaginations afire like he has black imaginations.

I don't know what will happen, and I think Obama will do better at attracting moderates, but I certainly think it's good that they both will have to EARN this thing.

Obama '08

august said...

very interesting!

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I just wrote about this over at my place. . . .

"CNN is calling it a "very surprising night." Yea, I agree. Clinton edges Obama by only 2%. Whew, who'd have guessed that a week ago when Hillary was tracking a double digit lead?!"

field negro said...

I caught the O man's concession speech, and it was good. Hillary's wasn't bad either.

Folks, I think we have a horse race here. I am still trying to figure out why the polls were off by double digits, and what caused such a swing in 24 hours.

Mmmmm, I am thinking "Bradley effect" here.

"thinkboutit", you are right, we are going to have to stay focused on this bad boy. I think some of my fellow bloggers should come to the edge of the bandwagon and look around to see what's going on. This is A-merry-ca folks!

Anonymous said...

"I am still trying to figure out why the polls were off by double digits, and what caused such a swing in 24 hours."

People ultimately lied to the pollsters. They either succumb to Hillary's fake tears or they never intended to vote for a black man once they got to the voting booth.

white middle agedness said...

Find your photo of Hillary to be telling. Choosing the most ugly, old looking, hmmm. Currently finding Obama's ego to be annoying. Maybe you are too? White middle aged woman here with 81 year old mom favoring Obama and I was... but now back to Hillary because it s**ks being a woman sometimes and she is more than competent and has earned it. Obama maybe next time..

Christopher Chambers said...

That's precisely what it was. Hillary's fake tears and lies to the pollsters. The later has happened in any big election with a "successful" black candidate. Plus Bill doing what Bill does--making backstreet deals just like pimp would.When you mix O's numbers with Breck boy's (and Breck Boy could still whip Obama's ass in SC unless Oprah gets the negroes fired up), you still get an anti-Hillary majority and she and Slick Willie just don't see it. They are just like Bush and Cheney, which is why most of the wingnuts are secretly pulling for her.

On the GOP side, that is some crazy shit. McCain is dangerous to the Bush and Cheney types--he is claiming that the Surge was his idea, but get him behind closed doors and he'll tell you that the whole damn thing is bad because it's utterly dependent on buying off militias and the de-population of entire ethnic areas--sort of like crime dropping as gentrifiers push out the culudfolk. Where was Rudy G? What is up with Mitt? They could roll back strong in the big ass states and Huck-a-buck--he's licking his chops for those redneck Christian Taliban and misguided, retarded southern black folks in SC and Georgia primaries...

Los Angelina said...

white middle agedness, as a 20 something woman, I must confese that it's much harder to be a black man.

If Hillary can coast on the pity vote, what has this country come to? If you really believe that extensive experience matters, why didn't you support Biden or Dodd? The next POTUS must be able to cross bridges, not burn them, and I am not sure that Hillary can illicit that kind of support.

Citygirl said...

"white middle agedness, as a 20 something woman, I must confese that it's much harder to be a black man."

As a woman as well, I Agree.

I can't help but think the right wing nuts are hoping Clinton pulls through to the national election. Every republiKlan and their dying grandmother will come out to vote en masse against her. If McCain gets to the nat. election, I don't think any Democrat will have a chance.

janine said...

You know, I used to like the Clintons. Stuck with them through some stuff. But they have pissed me off royally now. And I read that Gloria Steinen rot and almost hit the roof. As a black woman in America, I can tell you there is NO FRICKIN DOUBT which "card" gets the tougher battle. Give me a break. Let's sit down and compare, shall we, the economic lives of white women and of black men? Let's see who,exactly, benefited from affirmative action the most?

I am so pissed off at Hillary and that fake teary-eyed stuff I might well vote for McCain if he can pull it off. And I NEVER vote GOP. NEVER.

white middle agedness said...

Essentially I am for anyone who can beat the republikans. I am offering the idea that it's the lack of males supporting women that makes the Dems precarious. If men could get over themselves we could have a female president, a democrat, and that's more radical than a black president I believe. Even liberal >men< I know have a bone to pick with Hillary without even really knowing her record. The >women< like my mom are just used to supporting male authority. They think they are so cool being into Obama but they are blind to their own sexism.

Billy said...

white middle agedness--it's not more radical at all. Twice before have women been the head of state in a western power (Thatcher in Britain, Merkel in Germany). A black man has never done so--Obama's election would be unprecedented.

Please don't lose this election for us on some sort of gender solidarity kick, and if you do, at least have the dignity to not pretend it was the progressive choice.

c-townhoney said...

As a 40 y.o. Black woman, I have to say, it's harder being a Black man than being a white woman in America.
I truly believe Hillary's "tears" put her over. To me, it shows the lengths the Clintons will go to to achieve their objective.
And Bill Clinton's "fairytale" comments stung. I used to be a Bill Clinton fan, but after all his foolishness and his willingness to throw whoever stands in his and Hill's way under a bus, that love affair is over
Hillary can't win the gen. election. And, if by some republican dream she does, the far right will spend so much time undermining her, the govt will be distracted and the country will be vulnerable to attack, just like it was when Clinton was talking about Osama and everyone said he was "wagging the dog" to distract from his impeachment.

before the mayflower said...

"the far right will spend so much time undermining her, the govt will be distracted and the country will be vulnerable to attack..."

You got that right!

"I used to be a Bill Clinton fan, but after all his foolishness and his willingness to throw whoever stands in his and Hill's way under a bus, that love affair is over..."

Bill Clinton, "our first Black President"!? Bullpucky!

How could you are any black believe that Billy Boy wouldn't do whatever he could to get his wife elected? He certainly not going to let a black man stand in his or her way.

I, personally, couldn't support any man who used the White House as his private harem, and seemed more intent on using his governmental power to seduce them, than be about his governing duties.

I know you're going to skewer me for this, but here it goes:

A noted psychic predicted several months ago, before Hillary was hardly a pimple in her run for the White House, that she would be the next president.

She said that Obama would someday be President, but he would first have to agree to be Hillary's vice presidential running mate. If he doesn't agree, he'll never be president.

You got to admit, the two of them would make for a strong ticket.

The election is a long way off. I'm telling you this now, because of late, some strange things are happening in this race.

white middleagedness said...

The republcan party is build on racism, isn't it? I would worry more about that. To overcome and win Obama has got to win big, that would be breathtaking, but seems impossible.

Imperfect Hillary has the cojones to fight the republicans. She knows the tricks they play, that is where her experience will serve the country.

Thought Merchant said...


I could write 25 Blog posts to discuss the phenomenon of yesterday’s New Hampshire Primary. I could also write another 5 Blog Posts on why I know support Barack Obama. But I will give only two reasons for now: I WILL DEFEND ANY BLACK MAN WHO MEANS WELL FOR HIS PEOPLE FROM THE PERNICIOUS HYPOCRISY OF WHITE LIBERAL RACISM!! ALSO, I WILL FIGHT WITH TRUE GRIT TO ERASE THE NOTION IN THE MINDS OF BLACK AMERICA THAT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY HAS THEIR BEST INTERESTS AT HEART!


Thought Merchant
Politics and commentary for todays thinking person of color
“Better to sell an idea than to buy a lie!”

Joel said...

Democrats. Get your shit together!

The Rethuglicans want nothing more than for our dumb asses to nominate Hillary Clinton!

Ugh. I'm so pissed today at what I see as Democrats continually fucking shit up for themselves.

Obama WILL win more independent and Republican swing voters than Hills. It's a fact. A vote for Hillary is a vote for Giuliani/Romney/Huckabee /McCain in the White House next year. Fuck all that.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Joel. I am constantly amazed at the self-destructive nature of Democrats. I mean, Dukakis? Kerry? Hillary? Can we pick worse candidates? Hello? Hello?

I also think something ugly was inadvertently revealed by both the Clintons and by their lap dog Gloria Steinem. Had old Gloria simply said she was voting for Hillary because she liked her better, I would say: fine. Had she even said I'm voting for her because she's a woman and I'm a feminist I would say: your right.

But, no, she had to play the who-has-it-tougher game (which Obama has not played) and leap into the ridiculous assertion that gender outranks race (which, like it or not, closely correlates to economic power) as a determinate in America. She had to claim that white men have been more willing to share power with black folks than with their wives. This is so ludicrous as to be insulting, and in making this claim she has re-opened the wound that pulled black women out of the feminist movement in the 1970s and, sadly, kept two groups which badly need one another apart.

Read some frickin Alice Walker, Gloria.


Latimer Williams said...

This election is gonna go down to the wire plain and simple. We the top two candidates both looking for a chance at history and both good candidates.

I agree with you Field that white women are torn but can you imagine where black women's heads are right now? Yeah the obvious choice is with the "O" man but they also can relate to Hillary being that she is a women.

So if there is a minority group that will be the swing vote in this election, it is definitely where black women put their votes!

this will be a great election either way!

Anonymous said...

White people. All I can do is shake my head at white people. Priviledged white women and their tears, works everytime. I'm sitting her disgusted!

The question is, is the precious white lady going to cry before every primary, because this is the only thing that puts her over the edge. It rallies all the other old precious white girls who think they have it so rough. Please. I'm pissed as hell right now. How any black person can even still consider suppporting Billary after what they've done is beyond me. Playing the denigrated white girl card and basically calling Obama a phoney is beyond the pale.

Get off Billary's dick, black people. As Mrs. Obama, a TRUE strong woman said, "WAKE UP!!!"

meditations71 said...

Pre-election polls, where a white candidate is pitted against a black one are notoriously unreliable and tend to overestimate support of black candidates. Once in the anonymity of the polling booth (rather than the public voting in Iowa), the doubt about voting for a black candidate tends to (re)assert itself, resulting in a lesser than expected result for said candidate. While Obama is a candidate that may be less vulnerable to this 'crypto-racist' tendency, it may still play a significant factor in determining who gets the Democratic nomination.

In fact - given the demographic trends of the USA, there may well be both a woman and a Hispanic (or even Asian) president before a black one. The black community is no longer THE (or the only) significant political minority in the USA and as the memory of the Civil Rights era fades, that will become even more apparent in national politics.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 09 08

Hehhehe This was to be expected FN. Fuck Gloria Steinem. I have little to no respect for her, I believe she hates men, she hates children and babies and has a general disdain for families. Anyone who would listen to her hogwash has narry a brain cell in their heads anyway. The Clintons are playing very dirty and it reminds me of the voting marches earlier last century.

White women were pissed because post Reconstruction, folk were figuring that Black men should get the right to vote. White women were up in arms because a Black man would have that right before they did. Plain and simple. Hillary is only a friend to the interests of Black Americans so long as she is ABOVE US in some capacity. When that lead dwindles, expect her true colors to show.

This is perhaps, why I feel pretty strongly that partisan politics aren't framed for Blacks in general. I also feel that people who focus a lot on race in their political campaigns, even talk differently when they are addressing Black churches can kiss my ass. They are disingenuous at best. I am not sure if Mr. McCain preaches that BS but perhaps respect him more because of it.

Thanks for this thought provoking post.

hawa said...

Obama responded to the "loss" in N.H. with a dose of perspective that soothed the confusion of my ambiguous feelings about the outcome:

"Just 1 and one half months ago, we were behind 20 points in New Hampshire."

Right now, I'm prepared to accept that indicator as a steady growth in support for Obama as he does the same.

I was annoyed beyond measure with Bill Clinton's assertion that Obama's allegedly positive campaign vs. Hillary's allegedly negative campaign is a "Fantasy." Bill blames the media for sanitizing the facts in Obama's favor. Bill didn't offer a single example to support his claim that 'he's seen the negativity in Obama's campaign first-hand.'

Why didn't you use that media opportunity to offer a shred of evidence, Bill??

No single roller-coaster ride in the world can thrill more than this election... Keep writing, field!

(oops... I apologize if this posted twice)

west coast story said...

So I heard Billory say last night that she finally find her voice in New Hampshire. Say What? Crying is finding her voice? This woman who has been bleating about her 35 years of experience is just now finding her voice in a Kleenex box? Oh, puulleeezzzz. Everything about the Clintons is calculated.

But you know, all the Negroes can sit back and relax knowing that Miss Anne could wind up in the Big House so the rest of us can shine her shoes.

Bellini said...

Field, bout time you took another look into the Barack's campaign. It's not over and depending on what happens in South Carolina will have the greater impact on Super Tuesday than Iowa or New Hampshire will have. check out the view from here -- to see my thoughts;

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I'm fatigued already, and that's not good for a political junkie like me.

The Borg Queen came back, but only after she showed her "feminine" side by crying on TV.

Boo-freaking-hoo! She keeps that up, McCain or Huckabee will skin her alive...

Obama got ahead of himself - he did place very strong, but honestly, the media's acting like they did when Reagan beat Mondale back in '84 (since when is 2% a "Landslide" victory, y'all?)

He still has more delegates, because he's got Iowa under his belt, and the delegates he collected from NH, just strengthens his position. I do like the fact that it is a horse race all the way to the Convention this summer.

Pass the Popcorn.

Lola Gets said...

Thanks for having Michelle Obama as Field Negro of the Day - I think she certainly deserves it!


field negro said...

I think we should all listen to "white middleagedness" because I think she speaks for a lot of white women in this country. I think my sisters will be key in SC. Will they come out for "O" man?

Already I am hearing some sisters with blogs saying the "O" man is not the answer.

Will sisters bolt the fem movement again?

Mmmmm, stay tuned.

RedLipstick said...

Maureen Dowd's piece on Hill's tears in the NYT was quite scathing. I found myself thinking about whether Thatcher, Meir, Merkel, or even the late Bhutto actually choked up like this.

It has been said that she is tough enough to handle the Repubs but choking up after one loss provides evidence to the contrary. She'll be unceremoniously massacred indeed.

Jimbo said...

White middleagedness... ohmigod, my mother is blogging from work.

To me, you represent alot of over 40 white women in this country who are more interested in trying to fulfill the feminist dream than in actually securing the Oval Office for your intellectual allies.

You are like donkey with a carrot dangling in front of it that scuttles forward eagerly to eat it, not noticing the hot coals that have been placed underneath you.

I'll vote for Hill if she's the nominee, but she won't win.

Now, we're going to have to fight you for two months just to get the ELECTABLE Democrat on the ballot in November.

meditations71 said...

I am still wondering where the assumption that EITHER Hillary or Barack is electable nationally. There is a serious risk that either of them would run into significant problems (gender for Hillary, race for Barack) beyond mere evaluations of their positions.

Bellini said...

Whatever problems either candidate will endure they were going to endure anyway. Folks who won't vote for Hillary were never going to vote for her and likewise for Obama -- it takes away from more serious debate. I finally read Gloria's NYT op-ed (so I could understand what all the fuss was about)and I agree with 80% of what was written; the op-ed would have been far more apropos had she published the piece after the South Carolina primary occurred and analyzed the outcome's significance of both primaries. That would have appeared impartial and unbiased. She used her clout to get on NYT and it worked. Can't be mad at a person whos uses their leverage to get their point across.

awb said...

Whether Clinton choked up on purpose or not is not the real issue. If it was, there are any number of rethugs bawling, or talking about bawling that it really shouldn't be an issue. No, it's the REACTION by the right wing press to her "tears" that has caused a backlash in her favor. The crazier and more strident they are the more sympathy she will garner. Personally, I don't think this non incident will affect her ability to govern at all but as usual, the MSM is only concerned about flimsy, often wrong predictions and proclamations about the countrys mood based on how they themselves think as opposed to actual analysis of the candidates positions and of the voters themselves.

What they should be talking about is her position on the war and how voters feel about that and why voters would still voter for her. They should be analysing how her camps adoption of Rovian tactics to go after O might affect her campaign and how the voters feel about that. The should be asking how her administraion would be any different than the one we have now. Instead, we get "debates" on whether she was crying, how she looks ect. The truth is if they weren't talking about crying, haircuts, how someone looks ect. they would have nothing to talk about. I have completely avoided any coverage of this stuff because they aren't saying anything. How can you say anything meaningful in a soundbite?

The media's viciousness toward her only serves to make some weak minded voter side with her in sympathy.

justice58 said...

Hillary cried & played on the sympathy of white women. Talk about being angry when I saw that crap. I thought, this _ is going to play this crap on the way to a win because she knows what's gonna work in white America! Works every single time! Damn her!

Woozie said...

It's unfortunate Hillary's not cooked yet. But even if she loses this time around, all those women* who want a woman* president in their lifetime will get another chance. Does anybody really think that Hillary will never campaign again for president if she loses?

God damnit numbnuts, what is this Mickey Mouse shit? "Women" is plural! Damnit Negro you are a trial lawyer, but do you really expect me to believe you can't even manage elementary school grammar?!?

field negro said...

"If you are a suburban white women in A-merry-ca.."

Yes woozie it should have been "woman". Damn it grammar daddy, give me a fraeking break will ya,do you see the time I post this stuff? :)

It will be corrected now.

rikyrah said...

Of course it was the Bradley Effect.

White women LIED.

Plain and simple.

Those crocodile tears also came with the insult of if they chose Barack - THE COUNTRY WOULD BE GOING BACKWARDS...but, nobody talks about THAT.

rikyrah said...

SOmeone asked a great question on another board.

What if it had been MICHELLE OBAMA that had cried?

What do you think the reaction would have been then?

Uh huh.

Steinem's piece was a JOKE

GENDER is the most restrictive force in America?

Then I guess she lives in a different America, because from where I am, RACE is, and always has been, THE most restrictive force.

WOmen got the vote after Black men.

Tell that to the members of my family.

I guess she just ignored that my father, grandfather, great-grandfather, though, by law in the Constitution HAD the right to vote after the Civil War, it was that silly thing called JIM CROW that prevented Blacks from having LEGALLY FULL CITIZENSHIP UNTIL 1964, which is, what, FORTY FIVE YEARS after women got the right to vote?

If my father hadn't of moved up north, that would have meant, that he would have been FORTY-FIVE YEARS OLD before his FULL CITIZENSHIP would have been honored....and that would be AFTER putting his life on the line and fighting for this country in WWII.

There are, what, 9 White Female Governors?

1 Black male Governor.

NEVER a Black Female Governor.

There are what, 15 White Female Senators.

1 Black Male Senator.

Only 1 Black Female Senator EVER.

Who are the biggest beneficiaries of Affirmative Action?

Sure in hell isn't Black folk..


Black women are only 'Sisters' when it's convenient. If not, our concerns are not addressed, like in that Steinem piece. Black women were INVISIBLE in that piece. She completely and deliberately ignores White Privilege - how convenient for her.

Bill Clinton is not, and never was the ' First Black President', and yes, I take it as an insult.

Hillary Clinton has gotten everything in her professional life because of who she was married to. Period. This vaunted 'experience' she throws around is because she leeched herself to Bill Clinton's coattails. I do not, and will never considered her time being married to Clinton while he was in the White House 'experience'. If that's the case, then sign me up for the Laura Bush for Governor of Texas Exploratory Committee.

glandsman said...

I knew it would come to this the sweet innocent white lily being protected from the Black Brute.

Doesn't Steinhiem realize that white women once owned Blacks along with their male counterparts?Tha the early feminist enlisted the aid of the KKK and other groups to drive Blacks out of politics? That feminst icon Margaret Sanger wanted to spay Black Women like dogs and inspired Hitler?Thata white woman's word could have ANY Black man castrated, and killed?

I am tired of the Clinton-Bush dynasty thats held us down for 20 straight years. ITs time for real change. Missy Ann's experience as Goldwater girl, first lady to Bill, and carpert bad NY Sen does not past the muster for me.

Zimbel said...

I can still count all the black U,S, Senators on the fingers of one hand (5, or 0.28% of that population). I have to get to a friend's toes to count all the female U.S. Senators (35, or 1.8% of that population). Even when weighting for percentage of population, blacks have historically been worse represented in the Senate than females (even though the first two black senators were prior to any female senators).

So I think that there's evidence that for the purpose of entering the Senate, being black is tougher than being female - although being both (1, or 0.053% of that population) is even tougher.

Lynn Gazis-Sax said...

"but you are a woman who wants to see one of your own in the White House before you die, and this might be your last chance."

Actually, you know, I do want to see one of my own in the White House before I die, but, having a few more decades left to live, I think I will. This time around, this particular suburban white woman is voting for Obama, not because I dislike Clinton, or because I don't want to see a woman break that barrier, or because I don't see sexism in some people's reaction to her. But because I think Obama's the better candidate, and prefer him on certain issues that matter to me.

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