Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Monday stories.

Today was an interesting news day to say the least.

A few stories got my attention.

Drug Trafficking Scho_Newh copy.jpgI will start with the story of these alleged drug dealers just outside of Philly.

Drug dealers and Philly you say, Field, what's so unusual about that? Well......

"ARDMORE, Pa. (AP) — Two prep school graduates sought to use their sports connections and business acumen to establish a monopoly on drug sales to high school students in the affluent Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia, authorities said Monday.

Neil Scott, 25, and Timothy Brooks, 18, recruited and supplied dealers with marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy and hash oil to sell to teens at five high schools in the tony bedroom communities, authorities said.

A four-month investigation revealed the pair also hired students at Haverford, Gettysburg and Lafayette colleges to peddle drugs at those Pennsylvania schools, authorities said.

Scott and Brooks are graduates of The Haverford School, a $35,000-a-year institution where both played lacrosse. They tapped their sports and social networks to help further their enterprise, officials said.

"'hey were using very traditional business principles,' Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said. 'To take those skills and turn it into this kind of illegal enterprise is very distressing."' [Source]

I swear these "urban" youths can be such a bad influence.

Another story is out of California where this fifteen year stowaway hid in the  the wheel well of a 767 and flew five hours to Hawaii.  I still don't believe it.

How did he survive minus 45 degree temperatures flying at 38,000 feet? How did he breathe? How did he avoid getting crushed by the wheel when the landing gear was going in and out?

And let's not forget security concerns. How did he get on the damn plane in the first place?

Maybe my friend Pilot X will have some answers for me.

Hey, I love Hawaii as much as the next guy, but I can guarantee you that I don't love it that much to hop in the wheel well of an airplane and spend five hours in the friendly skies.

Then there is this horrific story out of Nigeria that the main stream media seems to be ignoring.

"CHIBOK, Nigeria — Some 234 girls are missing from the northeast Nigerian school attacked last week by Islamic extremists, significantly more than the 85 reported by education officials, parents told the state governor Monday.

The higher figure came out a week after the kidnappings when the Borno state governor insisted a military escort take him to the town. Parents told the governor that officials would not listen to them when they drew up their list of names of missing children and the total reached 234.

The discrepancy in the figures could not immediately be resolved.

Security officials had warned Gov. Kashim Shettima that it was too dangerous for him to drive to Chibok, 130 kilometers (80 miles) from Maiduguri, the Borno state capital and birthplace of the Boko Haram terrorist network blamed for the abductions." [Source]

Can you imagine if this incident had happened in....oh, anywhere but Africa?

Finally, all these accidental gun death stories involving children got me thinking about the NRA and all their money.

KUTV.com | Stories - Two Year-Old Shot By Three Year-Old SisterGuns are readily available and dangerous, so why can't the NRA encourage--- and promote--- sensible gun ownership?

The last time I checked there is nothing in the Second Amendment that discourages them from doing that.

Oh well, it's almost time for The Blacklist.


Anonymous said...

From the previous thread:

Anonymous said...
PilotX, London is a great city with lots of things to do. It's an international city, like New York.

PC lives in the UK but doesn't know a damn thing about London. It's good that you are trying to make connect with PC. I'm sure you can sense that he is waffling on you....he's just starting.

London is great. Enjoy it.

9:47 AM
For those of u who are interested, read the last 4-5 comments at the end of the previous thread. U won't believe PC's bullshit.

The kid just "keeps on keeping on".

The Purple Cow said...

Quote Pilot X.

"Old Skool huh? That might work because my musical tastes are stuck in the 80's and 90's."

Old Skool isn't old music, it's a particular kind of House Music.

I'll let you know when I hear anything about reggae clubs in The Smoke.

The Purple Cow said...

Also, I'll give you a short glossary of words you will need to communicate with English bruvs and sistas.

I'm not racist-I just post on a racist blog. said...

Since English bruvs and sistas are dumb and dumber versions of American bruvs and sistas, px will need help communicating in the euro wild.

Kinky.Con said...

The NRA encourages and promotes gun safety, training and reasonable gun laws.

What the NRA doesn't support is the left's attempt to take away the rights of law abiding citizens.

While FN wants to ponder the NRA and their money, FN won't ponder the fact that the NRA is often outspent by Bloomberg and the rest of the anti-gun rights left.

The Purple Cow said...

Kinky thinks Bloomberg are left wing. What a delusional drongo he is.

Anonymous said...

"How did he survive minus 45 degree temperatures flying at 38,000 feet? How did he breathe? How did he avoid getting crushed by the wheel when the landing gear was going in and out?"

When the wheels were locked up in place, there was probably several gallons of oxygen locked in the chamber. Ditto a little warmth. Just speculatin', unnerstand.

And let's not forget security concerns. How did he get on the damn plane in the first place?
Now THAT'S easy. Security in this country is Zilch, Nada, Diddlysquat: mere children can run on planes IN THE CABIN AREA without ticket checks, never caught until they landed. Happened at least twice that I know of.

The Purple Cow said...

Here you go, Pilot...


All mean ‘drunk’.

Bare means ‘very’.


All mean ‘money’.

So “He got bare bollers, man, innit!” means “Gosh he’s got rather a lot of money, hasn’t he?”


All mean ‘excellent’. Nang is much the most commonly used.


Means ‘obvious’, self-evident, or annoyingly familiar.


1a to sodomize
1b to have sex with

2 to enjoy.

3 to cadge

“Can I bum a biff [cigarette]?”


worn out, exhausted, outdated, unfashionable.


Sex, the sex act.


1 unpleasant, inferior
2 impressive, attractive

(A tricky word which has two almost totally opposite meanings.)


a very stupid person


excellent, impressive.


an intrusive or irritating person

the helicopters

dizziness and/or nausea you get when drunk.

excellent, admirable.


scared or paranoid.



Tomorrow I'll teach you how to talk to white people.

field negro said...

Anon@10:37, have you ever been to England?

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

I'm good, no need to talk to white folks. Ha! Ah man, I'm from Chicago so you know I'm on the house. R.I.P. Farley.

Haven't looked into that stowaway incident too closely but that has to be one lucky kid because the 767 wheel well is not pressurized. The guy I'm flying with flew 767's so that part is confirmed other than that I need to look into it a bit closer.
BTW Cow, got a few friends from Jamaica and Nigeria to translate for me. I can get the "normal" Brits but when they start into the Cockney I'm lost. Ha! Still have no clue wtf Mick Jagger is talking about.

PilotX:Freeing Slaves from the republican plantation since the 70's said...

Another bad part of the story from Nigeria is that the education officials think 85 girls being kidnapped is ok but 234? Now that's just too far!

Anonymous said...

The kid who stowed away in the plane's wheel well was apparently unconscious due to insufficient oxygen during his trip, along with being extremely cold. (Even if you survive, it's definitely far from the most enjoyable way to travel.)

He perked up on landing, climbed out after the plane was on the ground, and was caught running around on the runway.

This is not the first time someone's stowed away in a wheel well. It seems a lot of people don't understand how dangerous this is. From USA Today:

"Since 1996, there have been 105 stowaways [in unpressurized areas] on 94 flights worldwide, according to the Federal Aviation Administration in an e-mail to USA TODAY Network.

More than 76% of those attempts resulted in deaths, the FAA says.
Stowaways in wheel wells, as in the most recent case, have to contend with freezing temperatures, lack of oxygen and the risk of being crushed by the plane's wheels.

•A 26-year-old man fell to his death in London as a flight from Angola began its descent at Heathrow Airport in 2012. The man, who was from Mozambique, wanted a better life in Europe, according to his employer, the AP reported.

•A 16-year-old fell from a wheel well to his death in a Boston suburb in 2010 during a flight from Charlotte. The boy had run away from home."

Anonymous said...

It seems likely we'll soon be hearing a lot more about terrorism in Africa, unfortunately. Western forces have driven Islamic extremist out of a lot of the Middle East, but many countries in Africa have conditions that are ideal for al-Qaeda-like groups to prosper.

Nigeria is a case in point. It's a relatively wealthy country, but that wealth is not fairly shared at all and the government is massively corrupt. People in the poor Muslim north of the country have every reason to feel anger and hatred toward the government, which makes it easy for a crazy cult like Boko Haram to recruit them.

Kinky.Con said...

Bloomberg is a leftwing kook.

Me thinks FN needs to spend more time educating the fields instead of scaring them.

The Purple Cow said...

"Bloomberg is a leftwing kook."

Yes of course he is Kinky, of course he is. Here's a nice dark room, why don't you go for a nice lie down?

The nice young man with the white coat and the happy pills will be along to see you shortly.


Mannn you right wingers SURE know how to avoid a glaring issue.....

The first story is about a group of well to do Prep Schoolers running a college drug ring.

What do onservatives...libertarian types in the GOP have to say about the disparity in sentencing for Black Males vs White Males???

Do they even have anything to say ???

Case in point being what will come out of this "Drug Bust"

Will a probationary term be met out ???

Or will the entire weight ,and veracity of the "Drug War" be unleashed upon these 8 privileged class individuals?

Probably not....

The simple fact that a group of "Well Off" individuals are engaging in the same behavior prevalent in many of our communities..... Further lets me KNOW....that where there is demand...SOMEONE will fill the SUPPLY.....

Its another reason the "War on Drugs" has to be dismantled starting with Cannabis prohibition.

GrannyStandingforTruth said...


I sent you an email with a link in it. Please read it asap. Thanks.

Kinky.Con said...

BIB,we are all for easing sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. And legalizing herb.

The "disparity in sentencing for Black Males vs White Males?" is a complicated issue with no easy answers. Fixing drug laws is a start.
That's our resident intellectual PC. Always stupid for the cause...

Anonymous said...

"Can you imagine if this incident had happened in....oh, anywhere but Africa?"

Uh, no, an incident like this could only happen in Africa.

Kinky.Con said...

Know what the problem with Africa is? Too many Africans live there..

Sorry. I couldn't resist.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

There is surveillance footage of the teen jumping the fence, walking around, and climbing into that same wheel-well at Maneta from which he claimed to have emerged at Honolulu. He was apparently trying to make it home (somewhere in Africa) after a fight with his father. Coincidentally or not, There are a lot of such young stow-aways from that continent to Europe where they almost inevitably arrive quite dead and semi-frozen.

Anonymous said...

Here is a video of a real sharp brother on FOX with Tucker. I could not refute a word he said. The "new Black" is here and the "old Black" is out.

Yep, it won't be long before FN will either have to close its doors or make drastic changes in the kind of posts and comments that don't match modern post-racial times in America.


field negro said...

"Here is a video of a real sharp brother on FOX with Tucker..."

Did he have a banjo and a tuxedo?

Anonymous said...

Field, "Did he have a banjo and a tuxedo?"

9:44 PM
Brother Field, you can be a rather insulting man when it comes to conservatives...what is the matter with you?

Watch the video. The brother is very sharp.


BIB,we are all for easing sentences for nonviolent drug offenders. And legalizing herb.

Good Job Kinky... Nice to know we are on the same side.

barbbf said...

I saw reports of the horrible Nigera story of the kidnapped girls on FoxNews, MSNBC and CNN.