Tuesday, November 07, 2017

"How to manage our idiot president." .

Image result for trump idiot images    Mr. trump's party suffered some bad losses tonight, but he is still the president, and he will more than likely be in Washington for the next three years.  (Maybe)

So here is a Slate article from earlier this year which will give us an insight on how to deal with the current president.

The Field Negro education series continues. 

"It can be tempting to latch onto one of Donald Trump’s less-admirable qualities and assign it almost supernatural explanatory power. The way to understand the chaos he’s unleashed is through his narcissism. His showmanship. His anger. (That last one was mine.) I have come to fear, though, that we’ve been neglecting our president’s stupidity. Americans knew evil was banal, but we never dreamed it could be this dumb.

Any journalistic attempt to convey the parameters of Trump’s dumbness is indistinguishable from insult comedy—one of many reasons, perhaps, that Trump hates newspapers. We have begun to drape him in the language of the very young or the very old: He is a toddler mid-tantrum, an impulsive boy-king, a syphilitic emperor with Swiss cheese for brains. He is anything but an adult human with the discipline to, for instance, read a paragraph of text that does not have his name in it.

Trump is so unfit for office that his underlings must scheme to maintain a modicum of normalcy in the White House. Everyone who interacts with our idiot president is responsible for making sure the American experiment doesn’t turn into an entry in The Darwin Awards. His aides and friends and diplomatic partners are handmaidens and babysitters and kindergarten teachers and ventriloquists. (Turns out Trump is the puppet, but the scary kind that might come at you with a cleaver.) The brave men and women of Washington are stuck playing that old-timey game where you make subtle motions to tilt a wooden board and steer a big silver marble through a labyrinth. In this version of the game, though, the marble is an autocrat with the attention span of an infant, and if you lose then you get fired.

The U.S. government, once a solemn ballet of checks and balances, has become a demeaning spectacle in which lackeys try to coax a bull through the orchestra pit without crushing all the instruments. Until Republican senators decide a concert hall is not an appropriate place to store a bull, we all must do our part. Herein are strategies Trump’s handlers have already used to appease, distract, and cajole their obstreperous charge. And in the interest of saving the world from imminent destruction, we’ve included a few suggestions of our own.

As noted above, members of the National Security Council have, per a Reuters source, taken to strategically sprinkling the president’s moniker in “as many paragraphs [of their briefs] as we can because he keeps reading if he’s mentioned.” How might this look in practice? A Defense Department factotum could write: “Diplomatic TRUMP and ideological crosscurrents hampered U.S. efforts TRUMP to slow nuclear proliferation TRUMP in North Korea during the first Bush TRUMP administration TRUMP.”

Of course, as The Far Side reminds us, there’s a still danger that his eyes will flit past all the words but one.

When asked by Tom Friedman how global warming might affect Trump golf courses, the mogul-in-chief promised to “look very carefully” at the issue. From this we can infer that appeals to the president’s assets might lead him to at least consider averting a worldwide catastrophe. I suggest implicating the Trump brand further by encouraging the POTUS to “fire” climate change on live TV.

Methods for sweeping the strings of Trump’s self-interest are as numberless as the stars in the sky. This next one comes courtesy of a Politico story, which reveals that “White House aides have figured out it’s best not to present Trump with too many competing options when it comes to matters of policy of strategy. Instead … present him with a single preferred course of action and then walk him through what the outcome could be—especially how it will play in the press.” It’s all about the ratings......

White House and former campaign aides have tried to make sure Trump’s media diet includes regular doses of praise and positive stories to keep his mood up—a tactic honed by staff during the campaign to keep him from tweeting angrily,” reports the Post.

Why not apply this technique more broadly? Make sure complicated documents such as trade agreements are salted with notes like “Go Trump!” and “You’re doing great!”
Also, if the president goes a week without “tweeting angrily,” he should be allowed to order a drone strike on a patch of uninhabited Arizona desert.

Don’t leave him alone with world leaders—or anyone, really.

Senior administration officials told the New York Times they are afraid to let Trump speak to foreign heads of state unchaperoned. No wonder, given that the president is entirely ignorant of the issues he would presumably be discussing with his important guests. Also, what if he puts a whole box of those presidential M&M’s in his mouth at once? Embarrassing, and a possible choking hazard.

If he starts babbling sensitive intelligence at the Russian ambassador, intervene.

Ask him where he got his tie. If that doesn’t work, tackle him. If he persists, press the button that controls his shock collar. If that also fails, commence impeachment proceedings."[Source]

*Pic from the root.com


PilotX said...

Jersey and Virginia have seen the light! Confederate monuments must go😂 Ya think the 3 million illegal immigrant vote was the difference? Hell, we need them to move to Alabama so the Dems can win the senate seat there.

Anonymous said...

Well you could start by donating to his 2020 reelection ......

Anonymous said...

Both New Jersey and Virginia are blue states. Both went for Clinton in 2016.

Gillespie was the establishment Republican who edged out the Trumpist Corey Stewart in the primaries.

GOP has to learn that the old party is dead, and they need to go full Trump.

PilotX said...

Brotha man is Lt. Gov in VA!✊🏿

Pilot Rex said...

Don't you love how getting beyond race seems to involve a bunch of people voting their race?

Pilot Rex said...

Demographics is the best predictor of...well, basically everything. Glad we're in agreement.

Anonymous said...

This all addresses what Trump's allies, his handlers, can do to keep him in line. But remember, Trump has surrounded himself with incompetent, corrupt assholes, so those tasked with keeping him in line already aren't the best and brightest America has to offer.

So that raises the question of what his enemies can do to tackle the disaster that is Trump. If his allies can influence him by fluffing his ego, then his enemies can, perhaps, influence him by demolishing his ego. If Trump staffers and advisors offer him carrots if he acts like a good boy, left-wingers should threaten him with sticks if he doesn't abandon the White House and let a grown-up take over as president.

What am I talking about? Naomi Klein came up with the idea.

Trump ignored the Constitution's Emoluments Clause and did not divest from his businesses, which leaves him open to bribery by parties both foreign and domestic, who will patronize his businesses in return for political favors. But that also leaves him open to economic sabotage: People who hate Trump can obstruct his businesses to the point he starts to lose money. Tie up phone and Internet bookings so customers can't book rooms in his hotels. Threaten his customers with being sprayed with urine by angry mobs if they attempt to gamble at his casinos. Boycott his business associates so they won't supply his businesses, accept Trump branding deals, or lend him any money. Make the Trump Organization thoroughly and completely toxic.

Greedy Trump expected to make money out of the presidency, but what if he loses money? Financially ruin Trump, and he'll quit.

The majority of the country HATES Trump, so there are potentially millions of foot soldier that can be mobilized to destroy him. All that is required is organization. He can't sue us all.

#Resist #ForReal

Reality said...

Resist reality all you want, Trump will be re-elected in 2024.

Anonymous said...

"GOP has to learn that the old party is dead, and they need to go full Trump."

Gillespie did go full Trump. He conducted the most racist campaign since, well, since a sociopathic orange con artist ran for president on a "Mexicans are rapists" platform.

Gillespie still lost, though, because there aren't enough slopey-forehead trailer-trash rednecks in Virginia anymore to swing it for him. Too bad, so sad.

Anonymous said...

"Gillespie did go full Trump. He conducted the most racist campaign since, well, since a sociopathic orange con artist ran for president on a "Mexicans are rapists" platform."

What a bunch of shit. Northam ran ads saying Gillespie wanted to kill minority children, and Gillespie was the racist? Fuck you.

Gillespie was the establishment choice who tried to go right after the primaries, but Republicans knew it was bullshit. Too little too late.

And he kept his distance from Trump, never having him come campaign for him.

GOP cucks have not learned anything.

Next said...

The defeat of Ed Gillespie in Virginia tonight is not a rebuke of Trump or Trumpism. Gillespie has been a faithful George W. Bush/Karl Rove Republican for decades. This is yet another rebuke of an inauthentic establishment GOP politician masquerading as a populist.

Anonymous said...

I'm gettin' edcumated by Slate.

Slate said...

Gillespie like most of GOP doesn’t care about America. Why vote for him? Same as with Democrats.

Anonymous said...

"This is yet another rebuke of an inauthentic establishment GOP politician masquerading as a populist."

Ah, see, that would assume there even is such a thing as "authentic populism." And there isn't. It has always been nothing but a very ugly scam, a hustle, a fraud.

Trumpism is just aristocracy with racism frosting. Filthy rich tycoons get undeserved tax cuts and deregulation. Dumb, middle- and lower-class hicks fuck themselves in the bank account again and their lives continue to get worse, because they stupidly and spitefully voted for that.

Oh well. I guess if you ever get tired of blaming all your problems on innocent brown folks, and inanely bitching about politicians betraying you by not being "true conservatives," you can always end it all with an opioid overdose. Those are very popular with your kind, I hear.

Next said...

Ah, see, that would assume there even is such a thing as "authentic populism." And there isn't. It has always been nothing but a very ugly scam, a hustle, a fraud.

Spoken like a true toady to the elite.

All your political beliefs are identical to the positions of giant corporation and are aligned with the interests of the billionaire class. Yet you call their opponent an aristocrat.

You really seem to embrace the stupidity of your comments.

PilotX said...

" Northam ran ads saying Gillespie wanted to kill minority children, and Gillespie was the racist? Fuck you"

Actually it wasn't Northam but Latino Victory and the ads were pulled soon after. And yes, Gillespie appealed to racists by saying Northam would tear down the confederate monuments. Virginia GOP governors and candidates do appeal to white racists this is nothing new. The last GOP governor reinstated confederate history month while the Dem ended it. IMHO it is the Virginia GOP who panders to racists.

PilotX said...


And let's not forget Gillespie's ads that feature scary Latinos. Kind race baitingish.

Anonymous said...

"All your political beliefs are identical to the positions of giant corporation and are aligned with the interests of the billionaire class. Yet you call their opponent an aristocrat."

That would be because Trump IS an aristocrat. He is a billionaire who inherited a giant pile of money and spent his entire life prior to 2016 showing nothing but contempt to the little guy.

But suddenly, he's the champion of the downtrodden? Hahahahahahahahaha!

Even now, GOP congressmen and senators are preparing a tax "reform" that will reward the idle rich while hiking everybody else's taxes. They do this not in spite of Trump, but at his behest.

You, with your laughable phony baloney "populism," are what confidence men call a "mark." Aka a patsy, a chump, a rube, a putz.

You're the sad loser left with a limp dick and an empty wallet after you allowed the sharks like Trump to drain you dry.

But you're too dumb to ever admit you let yourself get fleeced, so you'll sit around uselessly ranting about "niggers" like always.

Cirze said...

As what? Emperor?

Lt.Commander Johnson said...



I just saw this on another blog.

I say, tear them all down...they offend me. Including that new statue of Mervin Loofah King.

"Doctor", my ass.

Lt. Commander is a no serving pussy said...

Lt. Commander my ass. Fake ass wanna be a soldier commenting about someone else. Irony is lost on idiots.

Lt. Commander is a bitch ass no serving pussy said...

Philip Henry Sheridan (March 6, 1831[2] – August 5, 1888) was a career United States Army officer
Should have known a dumb ass from the fattest and dumbest state who is too much of a coward to actually serve has a problem with real military officers. Bitch ass.

dinthebeast said...

Danica Rohm became the first openly transgendered person elected to state government when she stomped 13 term incumbent Robert Marshall, who called himself "Virginia's chief homophobe" into the dirt.

Managing Fergus should be the job of some competent medical professionals at an assisted living facility.

-Doug in Oakland

PilotX said...


Lt.Commander Johnson said...

As usual, you can't read. With your massive degrees, that is impressive.

Sheridan said:

The only "good Indian was a dead Indian"

All on Sherman's orders.

stillaPanther2 said...

Living in Virginia as a youth and again as a middle aged adult, I can say VA has a lot of Confederate monuments and other "in memory". The city of Richmond would have to be significantly altered. But one method that I noticed in going home from my new home in NC is that Southern die-hards have brought land privately and place the biggest flags in the world to be seen from the interstate highways. I do have empathy for them because I too want my people past and present to have stock in this controlled experiment called America.

Which brings me to my current mood. I am glad my home-state won over the people to whom this social construct called America no longer exist. Diversity was fun when all the decks were stacked and the Blacks were feeding at empty troughs... now there are too many wanting more of the pie that is sliced out. Tonight in Durham NC i saw the winner of our mayor race win 60-40. Durham has a 40% Black population and the whites have a 49% pop. Therefor in head to head Black candidates MUST bring other minorities on board. This results tell me as I theorized- prior to the contest- that the other two minorities have no love for AA. The Mexicans and Orientals went with the Jewish guy.

The Mexicans and Blacks have very few interactions. I went to school here in 1972 to 77 and there were but two races here (white-Black) and the AA were the first generation after Civil Rights era and the future seem bright- or so we thought. The dominate race allowed drugs- yes heroin and crack- to run rapid in our space. Then, two decades of guns and joblessness were/is the order of the day. To bring us to today... another crew of people has arrived to eat out the sliced out pie.

The new Jewish mayor had a victory party and of a thousand supporters there was one Black there.... the outgoing mayor of 12 years. SAD

PS... I see you Pilot X.. still with the message. Power to the People.

Anonymous said...

"Sheridan said:

The only 'good Indian was a dead Indian'"

It is true that this quote has been attributed to Gen. Sheridan, who, before the Civil War, was tasked with fighting Native American tribes in the West (which he carried out with ruthless effectiveness).

It is also true that he denied ever having said it. As such, this is not really an established fact.

PilotX said...

What's up Brotha Panther!

Limpbaugh said...

George Bush was probably happy with the election results. Northamvoted for Bush twice and de Blasio blocked a real investigation of 9/11.

Anonymous said...

"George Bush was probably happy with the election results. Northamvoted for Bush twice ..."

Northam has admitted that was a foolish mistake on his part. And I have to give him credit for some honesty, if nothing else, since he certainly didn't have to confess his shameful voting history to anyone else.

I personally prefer that over what Northam's opponent was offering, which was megadoses of hideous racism.

But maybe you'd have gone with racist Gillespie instead? After all, you believed it was a sensible idea to vote for racist Trump, on account of "at least he's not a warmonger."

Except, of course, Trump is a racist AND a warmonger, so thanks again for that, you massive fuckwit.

"de Blasio blocked a real investigation of 9/11."


Since you seem to love farcical conspiracy theories that rot your brains, kindly bugger off to Alex Jones now so you can learn critically important things, like how juice boxes will make your kids turn gay.

Unknown said...

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Lt.Commander Johnson said...

Ya know, Queenie...tear down the R.Lee monuments.

Us non-serving white assholes don't care. We have the ability to remind our children....which, you don't have. Go back to your online "school".


Lt.Commander Johnson said...

BTW...Lee said "It is well war is so terrible–we would grow too fond of it.”

Sherman, Sheridan's boss said "War is hell" . And then told him to kill all the Indians. He did. Including that stoopid Custer.

Unfortunately, Custer was killed by attacking thousands of Indians with about 150 troops.

The only thing I regret about that engagement, was that Custer's brother, Tom, was killed.

Tom Custer was one of the only (if) Two-Times awarded the Medal Of Honor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have an idiot in office. But let's take a walk throughout world history:

It NEVER mattered that a white man is an idiot.
They're not particularly more intelligent than others.
But they are more ruthless and corrupt.
It's their system of "survival" due to the fact that they realized early on in history that our world consists

So to counteract this "realization,"
They will steal the knowledge from those who have it.
They will minimize the knowledge of those who have it,
And then claim that knowledge as their own.
The white man's behavior is really nothing new.

Now Let's Come Back To Present Day History As it Unfolds:

With this being said the POTUS is being supported and propped up like a rotting corpse in a graveyard on Halloween night by the basket of deplorables that have been hired to be his "baby sitters" at the White House.
These babysitters undoubtedly know that the country is being run by an idiot..but as long as the idiot is a "RACIST" that is protecting "THEIR COUNTRY" from 'THOSE PEOPLE" he will continue to be held up for the next 7 years.

Now, Let's Examine Just A Few of The Many Repercussions That Will Result:

Unfortunately, the real idiots are the ones that voted him into office. They are so poisoned and brainwashed by their own racist ideology that by the time they realize that the mess being created by this idiot (especially with regard to their taxes and health care) will result in them being poorer and sicker than ever before.

So, the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

But as usual...the racial diversion works every time..
Keep the whites thinking that the blacks and browns are taking something away from them
while rich people, and multibillion dollar corporations, and businesses pay NO TAXES, PAY BULL SHIT WAGES, PAY WOMEN LESS, DENY WORKERS FULL TIME EMPLOYMENT, DENY WORKERS HEALTHCARE, DENEY WORKERS PAID VACATION AND SICK LEAVE...and the list goes on.

Remember how it took poor white folks 2 terms of Bush before they realized he didn't give a shit about them.

So now who's the bigger idiot? The POTUS or the people who put him there?

Josh said...

If someone says that they want to put America first, and that then prompts a million spoiled-baby consumer capitalists LARPing as oppressed Marxists to start losing their shit like the 3-year-old toddler in Walmart who didn't get the toy he wanted, you can't really put that "chaos" on the president.

He hasn't rounded people up into internment camps. He isn't snatching anyone's rights away. Hell, as TPC points out, he's not even building the fucking wall to keep Mexicans out. He's an idiot. He's a narcissist. He isn't cut out to be a president (though is exponentially a better option than Clinton). But the "chaos" of which Slate speaks is a self-imposed state of perpetual hyperbolic tantrums thrown by the exact same people who two years ago were fresh on telling the rest of us that it was fucking RACISM to even criticize a president!

I mean, does anyone here remember when Hank Williams, Jr. made an off-hand reference to Obama being like Hitler? Even most of the country music industry shunned the guy for it. He was universally lambasted on the left as an unpatriotic, racist, violent fool for daring to call a sitting PRESIDENT Hitler.

Fast forward another term and a new president, and now you lot don't consider it patriotism unless you're calling a sitting president Hitler.

lol -- but white people!

Don't pretend Trump is beyond this chaos. He's fucking not. He's objectively not! He's doing what politicians do: Shit that incrementally piles on top of our existing bureaucracy and paying lip service to everything else. You never-Trumpers are the ones losing your fucking minds over the guy.

America will survive, be it one or two terms, and a new hack will take his place. And not much of any fucking thing will change.

Maybe trannies can't get into our military, at worst. And seeing as our military requires an ability to WIN, and isn't just ceremonial like most of the world's military outfits, that's a good thing. Most everything else is just y'all acting like spoiled children and conveniently forgetting the rules of decorum, which you created, when you wanna get your way.

Josh said...

"Don't pretend Trump is behind this chaos*" even...

Anonymous said...

Chicago November to Date
Shot & Killed: 11
Shot & Wounded: 44
Total Shot: 55
Total Homicides: 11

Anonymous said...

PilotX said...
" Gillespie appealed to racists by saying Northam would tear down the confederate monuments."

We're going to tear down your monuments and erase your culture and history from America, and you are a racist if you protest.

Fuck you, you fucking racist piece of shit.

This is not going to end like you think.

Bold, James Bold said...

"Hell, as TPC points out, he's not even building the fucking wall to keep Mexicans out."

The test sections of the wall have been built (that's 200 feet or about 60 meters of wall for those of you who use frog units).

Trump can just designate the wall as a national security issue and order the Army Corops of Engineers to build it.  If it's being built anyway, Congress will appropriate money to have it done by private contactors and get the votes.  Mark my words.

mike from iowa said...

Reality said...

Resist reality all you want, Trump will be re-elected in 2024.

Uh, dumbfuck Drumpfuck hasn't made it to 2018, yet, as bogus potus. He'd have to stand for election in 2020 and that disqualifies the already most disqualified POS in the WH ever.

mike from iowa said...

Help ISIS kill Americans. Vote for wingnuts. Bwahahahahahahahahashahahaha!


we're fucked...we HAVE to get rid of him..by any means possible.

Josh is really dumb said...

When some rich idiot says America first but really wants to enrich himself and his buddies idiots like Josh believe him and Lucy pulls the football away again.

Rebel Yell said...

What do you mean "your" monuments? Are you a fucking American? Then we should all want monuments to treasonous assholes torn down. How is going to end dumbass? Tell us the future dummy.

James is a moron said...

Mark your words? You are a fucking moron. Gonna link us to a 3rd grader's site that "confirms" your bullshit? Jesus I swear you white racists are the dumbest fuckers on the planet.
150 IQ my ass.

Lt. Commander no johnson like to play pretend said...

Lt. Commander Pussy knows about military history. You think his fat ass plays dress up too? His auntiemomma bought him a costume from walmart he wears everyday. His dumb fat ass runs around yelling bang bang pointing his finger at imaginary enemies. Wow, kinda lime trump sits in a truck and goes vroom vroom. Fuck white conservative men are morons.

Anonymous said...

The black student union at Kansas State are pissed.

They are demanding that charges be filed against that fool who covered his own car with racist graffiti in a fake hate crime.

Again, when people do irresponsible stuff like this, it undermines those who have been the victims of real hate crimes. It is the best possible propaganda opportunity for wingnuts who want to say racism doesn't exist anymore and anyone who complains about it is a whiner.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which, here is another one:

This black Air Force cadet faked racist graffiti addressed to him.

These guys are young, and young people do sometimes exercise bad judgment, but still ... They really should know better.

It appears that not only white youth, but also black youth, need to be sat down and have explained to them that racism is not something to joke around with to be "edgy" or get attention.

Anonymous said...

mike from iowa said...
Help ISIS kill Americans. Vote for wingnuts. Bwahahahahahahahahashahahaha!
11:53 AM

It was Barry who brought them in.

Anonymous said...

This is not going to end like you think.
10:18 AM

That's for sure.....................

PilotX said...

Hey brotha Panther, here in Chicago there is a good exhibit on the Panthers that runs til April. Check it out.


PilotX said...

Chicago November to Date
Shot & Killed: 11
Shot & Wounded: 44
Total Shot: 55
Total Homicides: 11

Now this can't be right, the donald said he was sending in the feds and this would be solved in a matter of days. Must be fake news.

Anonymous said...

This is not going to end like you think
Soooooo, how is this going to end?

mike from iowa said...

America will be the luckiest country ever if we "manage" to survive the dipshit in the Great Whitey Wingnut Stinking Swamp.

mike from iowa said...

There goes Anymoose blaming Goldwater, of all people, for the failure of his beloved dumbfuck Drumpfuck. Anymoose missed the point, again, as well. Not surprised. He confuses clever with Cleaver, as in Theodore - the Beaver.

mike from iowa said...

Vote wingnut. Help ISIS cause
More Americans die than ever was
ISIS and wingnuts want Americans dead
Wingnuts oblige without taking our heads

Wingnuts vote to take away eats
health insurance and winter fuel that heats
the poorest of households-both black and white
And send poor Americans into that good night

Islamist terrorists should do this well
Watching whitey wingnuts condemn Americans to hell
all it takes is a contribution or two
whether ISIS or wingnut they be coming for you

This is what America has become
electing Putin and Drumpfuck disreputable scum
our only hope comes if enough Libs go vote
and shove Drumpfuckification back in whitey wingnuts throat.

dinthebeast said...

" Trump will be re-elected in 2024."

Only if he pulls a Grover Cleveland and loses in 2020, and somehow comes back and wins in 2024 when he's, what? 78?

With any amount of luck he'll have been dead for five years or so by then, the Alzheimer's is already setting in as is obvious by his speech patterns.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

we're fucked...we HAVE to get rid of him..by any means possible.
This comment has been forwarded to the Secret Service.


Martin Luther Ming the Merciless said...

Anonymous Rebel Yell said...
What do you mean "your" monuments? Are you a fucking American? Then we should all want monuments to treasonous assholes torn down.

Then I am sure you will support the effort to remove the statue of communist stooge MLK from the national mall.

Hail the Trumpenreich said...

One year ago today, Donald Trump won the Presidency and save us from four more years under the heel of the Progressive Kleptocracy.

Feels good, man.

J. Burton said...

We stopped funding "moderate Syrian rebels" and now ISIS is collapsing in the region. Probably just a weird coincidence, though.

mike from iowa said...

Imagine the anguish of stoopid fucking wingnuts if Drumpf inherited the disaster Obama was saddled with.

Stoopid fucking wingnuts. Born on third base and think they hit a triple. Way to tell them,Gov. Ann Richards.

mike from iowa said...

Here is what Obama inherited and then whatbhe left for Drumpfuck to take credit for.

In the three months before President Obama came to office — the last quarter of 2008 — the nation’s economy was contracting at a rate of 8.2 percent, the biggest quarterly decline in real gross domestic product since 1958. The month before Obama took office, payroll employment fell by 695,000. The unemployment rate was 7.3 percent and rising fast.

The technical term for such statistics is “nightmarish.”

Now let’s look at the economy President-elect Donald Trump is inheriting. Since we’re still in the last quarter of this year, we don’t yet know its GDP growth rate, but the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s tracker predicts it will come in at 2.9 percent (last quarter’s growth rate was a robust 3.2 percent). According to this morning’s jobs report, employment growth was 178,000 and the unemployment rate was 4.6 percent, a nine-year low, and close enough to the Fed’s estimate of full employment that they’re likely to raise interest rates at their next meeting to keep the job market from getting too tight.

Drumpfuck sure inherited a mess, didn't he. He has done nothing to improve conditions. Hasn't passed a single major bill and yet he takes the credit for Obama's successes. Fucking loser wingnuts.

mike from iowa said...

ISIS was collapsing long before Drumpfuck and Putin got into the WH. Just ask the real military generals, not the fakes at fake noize.

mike from iowa said...


Drumpf has changed nothing of Obama's war plans, except he is killing hundreds more civilians. Obam left office with the collapse of ISIS within grasp. Of course draft dodger Drumpfuck will pat himself on the back and claim he knew more than his generals because he is so damn smart.

The Trumpening said...

Trump has to try to fix the damage of eight years of Obama trying to destroy America, eight years of GW Bush letting America be destroyed, and eight years of Clinton raping America.

He has done more to Make America Great Again in one year than his predecessors did in the last quarter century.

Thank God for President Trump!

Bold, James Bold said...

@ 5:31 PM  Your scansion sucks rocks.

Anonymous said...

This is not going to end like you think
Soooooo, how is this going to end?

James is kinda dumb said...

James is kinda dumb.

PilotX said...


Brotha even won in Helena freaking Montana! Time to embrace diversity, transgender, women and people of color did very well. There is hope afterall.

PilotX said...


Burn it down said...

Hurray! Trannies in government!

Because mental illness rocks!

The Donald said...

Hurray! Trump in government!

Because mental illness rocks!

random said...

Roy Cohn use to pimp trump to Liberace

Harvey Weinstein said...

I used to pimp random out to Kevin Spacey.

Anonymous said...

Roy Cohn use to pimp trump to Liberace
Nah, trump was just his boyfriend.

Anonymous said...


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