Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Still Hot And Still Ranting

One of my favorite bands, "Third World", has a song called "Ninety Six Degrees In The Shade". I kept thinking about that song all day today, and yesterday, and the day before, and....well, you get the picture. Folks, it's been hot out here in these fields. The heat index was up to one hundred and ten here in Philly, and I swear it was hotter than ninety six degrees in the shade.

So you can imagine what type of mood I am in. Oh, and this is for that ignorant ass Internet stalking trailer park trash that keeps coming to the fields. Hey inbred, I have central air in my house thank you very much. But unlike you, I have a job, so I must venture outside from time to time. Now that I have that out of the way, I have some ranting to do. And please bear with me folks because I am going to be all over the place.

Now where do I start? There has been so much sh@# going on that I really don't know where to begin. Well, let me start with World War freaking III breaking out in the Middle East, because I suppose, in the bigger scheme of things , it's the most important news item of the day. There is a sign in my gym's weight room that says: "If you can't put the weights down gently, please don't pick them up" That sign, describes perfectly, the mess that frat boy has gotten himself into. Because our great leader, has picked up one hell of a mess in Iraq and the Middle East, and he doesn't quite know how to put it down, let alone put it down gently. Frat boy let the neo- cons who had his ear, talk him into a fool hardy and unnecessary war, and now the entire region is a powder keg that is about to...or should I say, have already exploded. Honest broker with Israel you say? Nope, we can't do that, because we invaded a country ourselves, and unlike Israel, our country was not in any danger of being attacked by the country we invaded. I see where our secretary of defense said that what is happening in Iraq is -and I am paraphrasing- an unfortunate set of circumstances but not quite a civil war. WHAT? Not a civil war? Let's see, when two different sects within the same country are killing each other at a rate of about one hundred a day; it's a f#@$#^% civil war. Don't even get me started on this fiasco again. I think frat boy's approval ratings kind of sums up the mood on this issue pretty well. And make no mistake, frat boy's low job approval is all about this war. The Dow is over 1,100, and the economy isn't great, but it aint bad; so what else could it be? Sorry Condi, if you want to preserve a good name for yourself in the history books, you better do like my Jamaican buddy-the general- did, and bail on frat boy before it's too late.

Oh, and while I am thinking about the war, I want to say something about Joe Lieberman's fight for his life in the race for his senate seat in Connecticut. (I told you I would be all over the place) Shame on race pimps Jessie Jackson, and Al. Sharpton for dropping in on Yankee country to support Lamont over Lieberman. Yes, I am on different sides of that war issue with him, but guess what, Joe Lieberman has earned the right to go back to Washington. Lieberman walked the walk during the civil rights struggle and risked his life to do the right thing when it mattered. I agree with most of what he stands for -except for the war of course- and the guy is a democrat who has made his bones in the party. Trust me, I was just as sickened by that smooch with frat boy as every one else, but his support for the war should not cause him to lose his senate seat. If that's the case, then Ms. Thing from New York should go too.

Speaking of Washington, I see yet another book is out telling black folks how we should get our house in order by pulling up our boot straps blah blah blah. This time it's Mr. FAUX NEWS Juan ~I will take the liberal side~ Williams. Like all the other books of this ilk before it, this one will sell, because white folks love nothing more that hearing or reading about black folks talk about black problems. And yes, I know I do it too, but damn it, I rant on a blog to a few of my closest friends, not pimp books on television and radio, to an audience of millions.

Every time I get pissed off at this heat wave I think about Al. Gore and how right he is about this stuff. (Yes I know I say it every time I post and I will keep saying it). Every scientist now agrees with him except a few in the minority like the wack job conservative climatoligist, Richerd Lindzen, who every conservative in the country likes to site as an authority on this subject just because he disagrees with Gore. Yeah, keep playing politics with this s@#t. This is more serious than the NBA sized man hiding in a cave somewhere with a beard. Trust me on this one. The glaciers are disappearing, the ice caps are melting, and we just had Katrina. Yet, people are still calling Al. Gore a crack pot. Unbelievable!

I see Fidel is in poor health, and all those Cubans in South Florida are losing their freaking minds. My advise to them is; get a f#@%&^g life. Who cares if the old man gives up power at this point. He is 80 years old, and has ruled that country for 47 years. Do you really think there will be any major changes in Cuba, in your lifetimes? Yes he took your grandfather's land, get over that sh#@. White folks took the Indian's land, and Europeans exploited Africa and the West Indies for years; and yet, you didn't see a bunch of Jamaicans and Trinidadians celebrating when Princess Di died did you? Hey, I will say this, I saw some programs Fidel Castro brought to Jamaica in the late seventies, when Michael Manley was Prime Minister there. Things like; micro dams, new schools, farming cooperatives, and medical training etc. and all I can say is, I don't see him as the monster that many Cuban Americans see him as. -Of course he didn't take my father's land- Hey, have you ever noticed the pigmentation of all the Cubans in Florida, as opposed to all the ones that were left in Cuba? Think about that one for a minute.

Still no final outcome in the Mexican elections. Be careful Mexico, you don't want to be another Cuba. The ingredients are all in place. The very rich, the very poor, corruption at all levels of government. I know you try to be like your neighbor to the north, but must you imitate everything? The Florida fiasco-Gore v. Bush- was not a good thing, so let's try to be open and fair shall we amigos.

Seems my man Mel Gibson's mouth is his "Lethal Weapon". Sorry Mel, that was too easy. Advise to Mel: Take your money, all your awards, pack up the kids, and head to the Australian Outback. While you are there, stock up on some Fosters, throw a shrimp or two on the barbie, and kick back while you do some soul searching to find out what type of a person you really are. And just what the f#@% you were thinking on that faithful night in Malibu.

Run Cynthia Run! Girl you look like you are in real trouble. I think "The Man" got you again.
But you make it so easy for him.

Yet another American track athlete accused of doping. Justin Gatlin, I think Asafa Powell's world record is legit. Yours on the other hand; mmmmmm. Let's throw "Me and Mrs. Jones" in the mix while we are at it, not to mention the Amish cyclist that just won the Tour De France. And to think, we thought only the East Germans liked the needle.

Oh, I read in "black electorate" where my man "Star" from the Star and Bucwild show is making a comeback. Good for him, I liked to listen to him in the mornings; his show was irreverent, funny, and sometimes brilliant. Yes black folks were all up in arms because he said the "N" word on the radio, but guess what, some of these same people's kids are saying it every day to their friends at school. I agree with Star that " we are quickly heading towards a totalitarian state in this country" and it's scary. Just like Lenny Bruce before him, Star was arrested for his speech; and that wasn't right. Like who really thought that he was going to go looking for some other DJ's child? I bet the other DJ didn't. Give me a break!

Oh, before I forget, I would like to turn everybody on to this beautiful site I stumbled on. It seems this sister was checking out the field-negro's blog from Africa. Anyway, she shot me an e-mail and explained that due to the nature of her work, she finds herself living in East Africa.
Well I checked out her blog, and I am homesick for the motherland. She is in Malawi, and the pictures on her blog from that country took my breath away. Check it out; the site is called "Humble Beginnings" And if like me, you yearn to visit the motherland, you will be glad you did.

Let's see, what else. Oh, big up to the Delta's, they have invaded Philly for their annual conference, and it's red and white everywhere. But it's a beautiful thing to see all these sisters, young and old, doing their thing, and taking care of business. I even took a couple of them to lunch today. Hey, just trying to do my part as an ambassador for the city ;)
Ced & Toney, I wish you were here. [Inside joke]

The field-negro is outta here, I have to turn up my air.


Anonymous said...

Field Negro,

I am appalled by at your condemnation of Cuban and Cuban Americans who lost thier land due to Fidel Castro. Remember the Us government orginally backed Castro. Why should these people get over thier land being stolen from them even if it was owned by thier grandparents. how would you like it if the government stole your land. Thats right your people dont own land they just live in free houses paid for by the government (Ie section 8). Your argument is stating blacks have no business bitching for reparations. Even you agree your people are just whiners with no real merit to thier claims.

Aulelia said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Aulelia said...

Field Negro -- your post was brilliant (as an East African myself, I'll have to check out that blog, its good seeing all black people supporting each other through technology and not being divided..unlike the way it is in the UK).

Black feminism is in tatters with hardly any good role models so maybe Ms. Rice shouldn't go just yet but she should etch jumping ship into her plans if she wants to have any hope of having a glittering career. Bush has the opposite of the Midas touch and it doesn't only affect countries.
Writing about the black struggle is one thing but if you are doing it to show the white majority of how capable we are as a race, you in fact should jump ship and pick an oar for the other team. Julius Nyerere apparently once said if Europeans could have their way, they would put us in zoos -- it has already happened and what a shame!

Anonymous -- Why are you appalled? What about the Afro-Cubans who were uprooted due to slavery and had their indigenous culture stripped away? Everyone suffers not just white Cubans. You said ''how would you like it if the government stole your land''? Let me give you a quick history lesson, the ''government'', in this case being the British/French and Belgian empires amongst others DID steal black people's land, ie, Africa so actually you have no point there.

''Your people dont own land'' -- That is an interesting generalisation so I am assuming prominent Black people such as Oprah Winfrey (who is the richest woman in the entire world) don't own land? Go home, read and come back when you are ready to prove a proper point.

Rant over and sorry for this being long but when an ignoramus such as anonymous 11.10pm speaks, you have to reply!

Keep it up F.Negro!

TNB Alerts said...

FN I think you haven't been taking your medications for that Bi polar condition that puts you all over the place, have you?

How can you have central air in da projects? Oh wait, I know, you stole a window Air Conditioner and put in the center window and called that Central Air. Mkay.

BTW, I rated your blog on BlogHop all right. LOL!! I rated it as a Spam blog (1) due to the fact you have spam and (2) your page never loads. You've got so much junk and bad code that it stops loading, you have to hit refresh.

field negro said...

Co sign with Aulelia. Nice post my sister, you definitely spit wisdom and truth.

field negro said...

"Trailer park trash", that's funny since I have over a 90% rating on said site you were just crowing about. But I will get my white worker right on that little problem you mentioned :)

Monica said...

Hey FN, I marked your site a long time ago but I don't read blogs every day or even every other day because I just run out of time. But I thought I'd step in a moment to say bravo on Lieberman. I live in CT but I am unaffiliated so I couldn't vote in the primary - what's up with that anyway? I'm not politically minded so I don't know. I just know that I was a copy editor for the Connecticut Post for 8 years - before marriage, motherhood and other endeavours called my name - and I always applauded Lieberman for being willing to do or say the unpopular thing. I really wish I could have given him my vote in the primary but he's got me when he runs as an Indepedent. And this is exactly why I take the stand to not be affiliated. Not everyone in your "party" is worth getting in bed with. I'd rather they all know I vote my heart.

I'll check back with ya. Looks like you're long-winded like I am! Ha!

mark said...

Yo Field excellent post, sorry I been mia. Anyway I dissagree with on the Juan Williams book actually what he said was along the lines of what Cosby is saying. He dosent demonize black people, he says he believes that too many blacks are using race as an issue to either do nothing or as in the case of the poverty pimps line thier pockets.

field negro said...

I hear you Mark, and I don't disagree with him either. But at some point the same old tired argument just to sell books gets old. You said it yourself, Cos already went there. Not to mention every black conservative on the face of the earth. We get it! Now let's put some of this s#@% we are always talking about into action.


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