Saturday, August 26, 2006


The field would like to thank the people who helped me make it through another birthday. People like the wonderful posters to this site: Mahndisa, Mark, UGZ, my fellow yawdie Asa, we saw that, and my man Cobb. All you people laid down some encouraging s#@# . (Cobb we very well might know some of the same people; my first job out of college was in L.A. I lived there for five years; right there at Fox Hills in Culver City. Heck,I might have gone to one of your parties :)) And I don't want to forget all of my other friends who showed the field mad love during this time of introspection.

At the end of the day, this is what life is all about; developing relationships, and meaningful friendships. I have been lucky, because I have been fortunate enough to have very good friends, and solid meaningful and enlightening relationships. We might not always agree, but I am always learning from others around me who have different views and perspectives about life.

Of course, there are still some things I would like to do. Like run for, and win elected office. (Yep, I went to law school so that I would know how to make laws, not interpret laws someone else made) Visit the motherland, shoot par in a round of golf, hold my first child, fly or jump out of a plane, visit Brazil, (though I suspect I am getting a little old for that one) publish a book, set up a foundation in my mother's name, and last but certainly not least; a day with Lark Voorhies would be nice. -:)

So from the bottom of my heart, the field would like to say; thank you everybody! You have made this a pretty good week after all.


mark said...
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mark said...

YO Field thank you, I have learned a lot about debating from you. What I have learned in my short time debating is this, you cannot change the minds of some people. They have thier own intellectual agenda and it aint the truth.

Field I can tell that you are hurting because of the situation the black people find themselves in. I am hurting and sad as well over the same thing. Also most black people and a lot of white people are hurting over these same things.

But I would be happy if black people would be honest with themselves and began to at least plan and act on some of the things we need to do.

Field thier are people who believe that to tell the truth about what is going on in our community is dogging black people, I have debated these people on blogs all over the net. I am all convinced that these people are out of thier Fu#king minds.

If the conversation is on poverty and anyone mentions that our higher rates of murder, incarceration, jail and fatherless kids has something to do with it those clowns will say none of that is true, it is a stereotype and whoever says those things is dogging black people. We all know this shit is true, these you can see it, some of our dysfunctions have an obvious impact on society (especially ours. Anyway I believe these clowns are causing black people thier lives. We crusify Cosby for speaking the truth, but Jesse Jackson gets to make love children out of wedlock and still call himself a preacher in the black community. I have pledged to destroy these clowns bu#lshit wherever I blog. Anyone that is preventing you from extracting as much pleasure out of life and saving the world as fast as you want to are bieng placed on my Clown Warning. I give you my my blessing as well as ghetto Sanction to destroy all coons left or right, white or black on your continued and enternal march to ever hieghts of purer Field Negroism. Do not ever fear death sir, for as soon as you go ( Im sure that will be 300 years from now), I will nominate you for saint hood. St Field Negro

Long Live the Field Negro!

field negro said...

Thanks Mark, and as much as I hate to say it; black folks are in a serious state of denial. Look, I will be the first one to jump in the mix, if I smell or suspect racism, but you are right, it's not always about racism. It's about getting up and getting to work to improve yourself, your family and your community. And yes,, it's getting frustrating as hell, just living through this sh#@ every day.

The sad thing is, there are just a handful of us that really want change. And we really try, but then we have problems coming together too, because of differences in ideology etc. But heh we just have to keep plugging away at it.

Thanks again for the kind words, and keep writing and debating. Trust me, you are making a difference.


Avin said...

Happy Birthday Field! I hope you had a great week, you deserve it.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

08 28 06

Hey FN:
YOu are most welcome. I thank YOU for your words of wisdom. I think that I was heading down a path that took me away from reality, and it took a visit here to get me to see past some bs that I was dealing with and face the ugly truth of how we are treated in this country, as well as how we treat ourselves.

I am all for Mr. Cosby's diatribes and I feel that folk got so mad at him because they knew he was right! Mr. M E Dyson is an opportunist and a divider in that sense, and his book drew a wedge even farther between upper and lower class Black Americans, imho.

In any event, I am glad that you got through your birthday. One thing my Grandma Jo always did was make birthdays the most special day of the year, aside from Christmas and Easter;) Keep on keepin on, and about Brazil, well I suspect I need to stay away too! hahahhaheheheh but New Zealand or Alaska seems appealing! Have a blessed week:)

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