Thursday, February 15, 2007

Musing From My Barber's Chair

Today I headed to my barber to get that straight razor on my dome. (The Bic throw aways can only go so far) Of course, while in my man's chair, I had some thoughts.

So here are a few of the things that were running through my mind today:

What the hell is wrong with Tim Hardaway's ignorant ass? Not only is he a homophobe, but he is a stupid one at that. He goes on a popular sports program in South Florida and declares to the world: "I hate Gay people". My brother, maybe you should reconsider your position. Especially given the fact that your ass belongs to a class of people that ain't exactly loved, if you know what I mean. All those NBA dollars must have made you lose touch with reality. You have nothing to fear from Gays. It's that straight ass white man that's sitting next to you that your ass better start worrying about.

And while we are talking about foot in mouth. Did the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, really suggest that Barack Obama is the Al Qaida candidate? Or some such dumb ass thing. Mr. Howard, may I suggest that you "slip another shrimp on the barbie" and shut the f**k up!

I am thinking that now all of a sudden the MSM has grown some, and are starting to get tough on the frat boy and his Iraqi war policies. Well too late. Where were you during the run up to this war, when the frat boy and his minions were lying to the American people to sell this fiasco? I will tell you where you were. Waving flags and cheer leading with the rest of the idiots over at the FAKE NEWS NETWORK. So too little too late as far as I am concerned. I will never trust the American media again. I will just as soon get my world news from the British press or any Third World rag which employees real journalist.

I am wondering why I can't get into Barack. I mean it seems every one else is, black, and white. Every thing seems in place with him. But something about the brother just doesn't sit right with me. Still, I am not going to knock him just yet. I am glad he is on the national scene and exposing white folks to a brother that's....well, articulate.

I am definitely not feeling Hillary. And I am not sure I get all the black love. I can't forgive her flip flopping on this war, and her seemingly perfect answers to every question. Girlfriend, could you let your hair down for just a minute? You are like a f*****g machine.

This blogging thing keeps popping up in my mind. I saw over at My DD where they are still talking about the "blogger apartheid ". (Yeah, they really do care) And I saw where a poster over there said I had some faux anger issues. "So the rage against the machine bit is self created. If you want to talk about Iraq, or oil, or campaign finance reform, or deficit/debt...there's none of that on FieldNegro" . No partner, my rage against the machine issue is not contrived. There is lots to be angry about. Maybe not for you, in your America, but the America I see everyday makes me really angry. So excuse me if I am not "happy" enough for you. If you want to see or hear happy black people, may I suggest you watch BET, or turn on Tom Joyner in the mornings; that's some happy for your ass. If angry black people scare you, you might want to stay the f**k out of the fields. ~~~sorry Mr. Barber, I was just thinking about something~~~ See that My DD poster, thinking about your ass almost got me a nick on my dome. My barber likes me to be very still when he is working his razor.

So I am thinking about this Anna Nicole thing, and how she allegedly went and hooked up with "Dexter" down in the Bahamas. Girlfriend did not play. But I wonder if she is going to be still America's pseudo sweet heart after that little nugget becomes known far and wide. Somehow I doubt it. I mean multiple lovers of the white persuasion is one thing. But Dexter? You see what happened to Madonna's ass, she had to move to England. Too many "Dexters" in her past.

Is that Colin Powell's picture I saw on the back of my milk box this morning? Where the hell is that brother? I am thinking he is with Condi somewhere, drinking shots and cursing the frat boy.

Thank you Mr. Barber, my dome is looking right. Sorry about flinching there for a minute, I was just thinking about some things.


Run Up The Score said...

Re: Barack. First it was a problem that he's black. Now I keep hearing people complain that he's not black enough. They'll continue to chop away at him from both sides, which is a shame. I think he has a lot to offer, especially given the alternatives.

Bygbaby said...

Tim is a damn fool a) & b) he's still a fool.

Sitting in that chair will cause a brotha to think especially if there is not a boot leg movie playing.


rikyrah said...

Boy FN, you talked about a lot of things at the barber shop today.

Tim Hardaway has too much money. It was sad to hear such ignorance coming from his mouth. It was the force of his words which made me sad. But, we can't be that surprised about his does run rampant in the Black community.

The Prime Minister of Australia - ridiculous. Ridiculous. Have we ever had a comment on someone just running? Obama isn't even the nominee.

I'm hoping that someone sane will reveal themselves on this Iran ignorance. The British have told us that Israel had drawn up the plans. But, I am amused that nobody is willing to go on the record in the dummying up Iran 'intelligence'.

Hillary hasn't flip flopped on the war. She's trying to have it many ways on it. I'm not voting for her.

I am voting for Obama. No, he's not the Black Messiah, but then again, I'm not looking for a Black Messiah.

I am, however, becoming disgusted at what I see as a ' Black Tax' being placed upon him, that's not being placed on other candidates. He's running for the Presidency of the United States....not the Presidency of Black America.

I know the difference. He's serious. There's nothing 'protest' about his candidacy.

If you go by the ratings, he has the highest score(based upon the Progressive Ratings group folks) of any of the Senators running on the Democratic side.

I sometimes think that those who place the Black Tax on him, would only be satisfied if he had as score akin to Ted Kennedy, Russell Feingold, or the late Paul Simon/Paul Wellstone.

I still contend that NO Black man, at least one that wants to be RE-elected, can have a score akin to these good White Progressives. Call it a Black Tax, but if they want to remain in office, it cannot be.

And, I've also checked out the CBC Monitor on him. He has a 70 rating. Once again, I say, unless you're a candidate in a safe Democratic district, and that's ALL you aspire to, then you have to moderate. He's a Senator, and at 70, he looks damn better than those who were in safe Democratic districts with their 30's, 20's, and 10's.

And, don't get me started about the mess of ' Is he an authentic Black'.

rikyrah said...

Forgot to add...

Anna Nicole Smith and James Brown are probably kicking it going...BURY US YOU GREEDY FOOLS!

francis said...

FN, Colin is just having one of those John The Baptist moments. He's proable down on the rock puff'n on some lambsbread and sip'n on some rum. He'll be back after he get's his head straight.

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Hey, Field!

This is Francisco. Do you think that the psychic trauma and burden for a Black man trying to pass for Black in the blogosphere could be similar to the psychic trauma and self-abnegation of a Jew trying to pass for German in Nazi Germany?

Well, I think the analogy is worth considering, so I have done so at my blog and cross-posted at MyDD.

Please have a look, make a comment, save a life . . .

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

Excuse me. I meant a "Black man trying to pass for white". Do you believe in color-blindness in the blogosphere?

If you don't believe in that either, please come and say so at MyDD before they eat me alive!

Christopher Chambers said...

Have you heard the latest? One of the bammas who endorsed Hillary now has a contract from her campaign for consulting. PLus Bill (you cannot discount the possibility of Honorary Soul Brotha #1 pulling black folks to his so-called wife's side) has come down for photo ops with these star-struck negroes. Sad.

You wouldnot believe the traffic on these right wing blogs about John Howard, by the way. These fools circulate talkig points among them, and it is not outside the realm of fantast that Rupert Murdoch got the high sign from the White House, called his boy back home Down Unda, and fed him some lines. When are progressive folk gonna learn to play that game?

Tim Hardaway--Lawd. Even Charles Barclay had to keep his mouth shut. Note this clown didn't just say "I hate gays." He went to say they have no place in this country blah blah. Day-um...let's just gas up Auschwitz again, Bruh. But the conservative side of me, my evil twin "Scooter," says "Wow, why does the most intelligents-ounding brother in the NBA, Amaechi, have to be a f---?" He makes Kobe sound like, well, Tim H, and it just ain't b/c of the British accent.

I'm out. Visit the blog and buy those books...

dnA said...

Have you read Barack's first book? The way he writes about race convinced me.

C-dell said...

Hey man I feel waht you are saying, about most of that. what is first on my mind is BET I don't like it. It is nothing but black people jiggin and making fools of themselves. I can not stand that channel. I get what they were trying to do, but they failed. They do nothing but add to stereotypes. White people own BET anyway. I have a problem with rap music today anyway. It just isn't good any more. I listen to very few. Five rappers maybe. Check out my post Disappointment. It lays it all out.

Tasha said...

I feel you on a lot of what you're saying here. Tim Hardaway needs to go sit down somewhere and shut his ignorant mouth up.

BET and shows like the Tom Joyner show, yeah they're full of happy negroes, but I really can't stand them. I used to listen to Tom because of his philanthropy, but that doesn't take away from the fact that there is a lot of coonin' going on with them in the AM.

I'm on the fence with Barack. I feel like he's getting it from every angle. Too black/not black enogh/too well spoken, etc. I feel like solely because he's a black man people will find the smallest things to tear him up about. I don't see him getting majority support from the black community--Hillary will get all support instead.

Christopher Chambers said...

P.S. BET is a lot better than it used to be now that Hudlin's in charge of programming, meaning it's just rank old cheese rather than a steaming pile of shit. If they would just give Nelson George and Kevin Powell a few more shows to produce, get rid of 106th and Park and College Hill, it might be good.

By the way, my wife and I were channel surfing on cable and Sean Connery's first James Bond movie Dr. No was on. Damn--that was Jamaica in 1962 dude. Weird to see it like that. They were dancing to "Jump Up Jump Up" by Byron Lee. Byron Lee must be 85 years old and he's still jammin' That was back when Jamaicans had names like "Quarrel" and "Pussfella."

field said...

Yes Chris that was the "Yawd". You are killing me with the Byron Lee reference :)


DWCG said...

The problem with Barack is that the brotha is talking, but he ain't saying nothing. White folk are wooed by his eloquence, and black folk are wooed by the pride associated with having a candidate with real potential to convince white people to vote for him to be president. But when you get down to the rhetoric, Brotha Al is closer to being right than not: plenty of sizzle not enough meat. It comes off as typical white candidate packaging, with an Ivy League seal, painted in black. (And I say that as a black Ivy Leaguer). I can't help but wonder how much of this is the product of him having a national staff, which by any measure of an African-American presidential campaign, that isn't black enough.

Also, he's one of the first black politician's I've seen proudly endorse the concept of compromise for compromise sake instead of consensus building based on universal principles of justice and equality. As Brotha Farrakhan said at the '05 Black Covenant convention (click my name for the youtube link), black people are AND SHOULD BE naturally skeptical of the type of compromise Barack advocates:

"We have to be careful of any contract or covenant with those who don't have a word that they keep. Ask the Native Americans about all the treaties that they signed. Ask about 40-acres and a mule. We just celebrated 50 years of Brown vs. the Board of Education, but while we were celebrating the victory, they were planning to put us right back onto segregation with voting rights bills and public accommodations that many suffered to give us that right.


"So I'm leery about a covenant or a contract with a people who have no word.

"So I would advise...let us make the right kind of covenant and it is a hypothesis that was put before us by God Himself in these words: 'If my people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven to forgive their sins and heal their land.' That's the covenant."

His comments and the response by the all black audience to see how strong and deep this sentiment runs through the veins of Black America.

It seems the Barack is convinced that hope alone will ease these tensions and build trust where little has been earned. Again, my intuition and knowledge of history force me to question the Senator.

And I understand the tight rope he has to walk, but damn it just doesn't feel right. So yes, I too have to resort to reading “Dreams of my Father” so I can sleep at night supporting his candidacy.

Like most black people my vote is Barack's to lose. But that is solely the product of his ethnicity not his rhetoric or even political background. At some point along the way of getting burned by black and white politicians alike I committed myself to evaluating what they speak and more importantly how boldly they act and respond to current crises as a basis of whether they get my support. That's why I've yet to warm up to the Senator from Illinois.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

here's why you can't get into Obama:

The brotha says it better than I can.

And you might want to take a look at this htp://

Christopher Chambers said...

Quarrel was the fisherman who helped 007 fight Dr. No. He got burnt up, of course...

Bruce A. Dixon said...

More likely Condi and the frat boy are holed up together somewhere, and Laura and Colin cursing.

Thanks for the link.

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