Friday, November 09, 2007

Can you niggers hold it just a little longer?

How many of you black folks reading this have had this experience? You are away from home, you want to use the bathroom, and when you ask the proprietor of the particular establishment for the rest room key, they tell you that it (the rest room) is out of order. I see you laughing, but you all know that shit happened to you, don't even front like it didn't.

Now what we didn't know is what happened after we left (Remember that old Saturday Night Live skit with Eddie Murphy on the bus?). Seems those bathrooms were for white folks only all along. We now know this because of one disgruntled employee who apparently saw the practice of Jim Crow first hand. Turns out at this Georgia Pacific Truck scaling station, a white worker puts out the old OUT OF ORDER sign on the rest room door whenever he sees one of us running to relieve ourselves. One poor trucker, Donald Jones, said he had to relieve himself in the bushes. ---Gee, I sure hope you didn't need toilet paper there Mr. Jones.

But I want to thank former Georgia Pacific worker, Lisa Woods, for exposing what we black folks have suspected all along. Now unfortunately for her, she has been fired by Georgia Pacific. They say she was "justly terminated" and her termination had nothing to do with the fact that she exposed the company's Jim Crow practices at this particular scaling station.

Yeah right! It's more like the nigger opened her mouth and now we are going to be forced to let them all use our bathroom. Yep, I would say that's a pretty good reason to fire somebody in A-merry-ca.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

11 09 07

Whoa FN:
Since you are an attorney, does wrongful termination suit make any sense when an employee is 'at will'?

What a screwed up story!

old white guy said...

"Out of Order"
White people can't jump but we have a terrific sense of humor. Don't you get it?

field negro said...

Hi mahndisa, how have you been?

That wrongful termination suit is tough to win if you are at will. Unless of course you can show that you were terminated because of your race,your age, or your gender. (You fall into a protected class) But I am sure this company will find a way to say that she wasn't a good employee and they had to let her go.

But you are right, it's a sad case.

field negro said...

"'Out of Order'
White people can't jump but we have a terrific sense of humor. Don't you get it?"

Must be a white thing, because I don't get it.

Christopher Chambers said...

This thing is a metaphor for the insanity of our society--how all of our leaders and our own commonsense have failed us. You have white people reverting and acting stupid; you have black people who are operating on an utterly dim, ghetto/bamma universe. Thus we have the mess we have. Sad and sick.

Zombie Mom said...

There is a whole list of places we no longer patronize in SF (our home until we defected across the Bay a few months ago) due to the "out of order" syndrome. My hubs would ask for the key- the rest room was 'out of order' - I would walk in a few minutes later and wa-la the key was ready to go. I would bitch out the proprietor loudly enough for other patrons to hear (May who would guiltily get up and head out) and then the place goes onto the list.... Great post


librascorp1020 said...

OMG! That whole bathroom thing happened to me in Los Angeles. I'll never forget it. I was at an gas station on franklin road or whatever that street is just above hollywood blvd right off the 101 freeway. My goodness I couldn't believe how the associates of the gas station were so quick to tell me that they didn't have a bathroom - when I saw a white guy using it. I visibly sick, and they flat out refused me. It was terrible. Jim Crow is still alive honey.

Another Conflict Theorist said...


This happened to a friend of mine while he was visiting a couple of months ago.

I stopped for some petrol at one of these Sip-n-go type places and he went in and was told that there WAS no restroom. They told him that shit to his face. He was so hot about it he was ready to fight. Luckily, I went in there, calmed him down, paid for my gas, and we managed to leave without being arrested.

In some places, it's extremely blatant (this was in Texas, btw.)

Christopher Chambers said...

The interesting thing is...these rednecks and other such white trash (or Southie Irish scum--I just got finished watching The Departed) are about as dirty and smelly as they come. Having a black ass on the toilet seat's a step-up.

djtyg said...

Next time go in there, use the toilet and don't flush. If they give you (ahem) crap about it, tell them you couldn't flush because it was broken:).

I don't think they'll try that again.

justice58 said...


This happened to friends of mine in 1981, down in New Orleans. They were driving around looking for a relative and the guy had to go really bad. He went to a service station, asked to use the restroom, was told it was "out of order". The guy left the store to get in his car and, much to his surprise, a white guy comes out of the restroom. My friend went back into the store, an argument erupted and the fight WAS on. My friend beat some @ss that day and soon left because of the rep of New Orleans Police! They left New Orleans without finding the relative.

Mena said...

This is a further reason why intergration is a joke! If we would have remained segregated do you know how prosperous we would have been as a people? No need to beg whitey to use their shit b/c we have our own. This is just awful, I can honestly say that this has never happened to me, but if it does I'll know whats going on.

Seattle Slim said...

I have been lucky to where I can't ever remember having been told I couldn't use a certain rest room because it was out of order. I am indeed lucky but this is some bull and I'm disgusted. I'm writing to them just because they need to know how screwed up they are.

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