Sunday, November 04, 2007

A weighty issue.

A comment by one of my trailer park friends on a previous post, and a trip to the mall yesterday, got me thinking about weight this morning.

It started early in my mall trip yesterday, with the crazy ass people playing demolition derby with their cars to get a parking spot closer to the mall entrance. Like it would kill them to park a few feet extra spots away and walk their lazy asses an extra step or two.

Once inside, it really hit me. Us A-merry-cans are huge. And I am not talking about the CDC's definition of proper weight per height distribution on their adult obesity chart. Hell a lot of us would flunk that one. Because unless you happen to have a job in television, or you suffer from some sort of eating disorder, that shit is just not realistic. But the folks I am talking about (and I saw plenty of em) are way off that chart. Folks, let's admit it, here in A-merry-ca, we are some big ass people. I mean some folks don't walk they literally waddle from store to store. They have to take very deep breaths with every two steps, and some of us can't even walk anymore. We ride around in portable electronic wheel chairs to get ourselves from point A to point B. Ever wonder why you see all those handicapped parking places everywhere? It's not because everyone is physically disabled due to the loss of a limb or a vital bodily function; no, it's because they are obese. Most of the handicap stickers this city gives out is because of obesity.
For those of you who have traveled to other countries in places like Europe you will know exactly what I am talking about. You see the difference right away. If you are an A-merry-can man, try buying a Corneliana sports jacket or a Loro Piana suit off the rack. It ain't happening because that bad boy won't fit us, our size just won't let it. For whatever the reason, we are just big folks to begin with, which means that we are not working with much before we get to that crisis point with our weight.

As black folks we really have to watch it. Because right now most of us we are in denial and stats don't lie. Diseases like diabetes and other cardiovascular disorders are causing us to die at a much younger rate than the folks in the majority population, and there is a direct link between obesity and many of these diseases. (And please don't even comment and tell me about all the reasons for our poor diets such as poverty, the lack of access to fresh fruits, and grocery stores in many of the poorer neighborhoods. You would be wasting your time, I know all about that shit) At some point we have to say no to the super sized version of the fries. Maybe we should get the one piece and not the two piece dinner when we hit up the Colonel. Maybe we shouldn't eat that box of "fiddle faddles" right before bed. And maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't go to the all you can eat buffet restaurant. Honestly, the way some of us eat, that's like setting a pedophile loose on an orphanage. I am just keeping it real with you all.

Now there is nothing wrong with being big if you can stay healthy and live as long as the next guy. But reality says that will not happen. The statistics say otherwise, and unless you are an NFL lineman, and your livelihood depends on you being as big as a small sub division; then the risk you take for the potential rewards just isn't worth it to you.

And now, just to show you that I am not being a hypocrite, I am going to eat two pancakes this morning instead of four.


Anonymous said...

"Most of the handicap stickers this city gives out is because of obesity." FN

Field, is this a true statement? Just wondering... If that is true, the crisis is much more horrifying than I thought.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Field, Thats a great topic. I live in one of the most obese states in the country.
I believe that obesity can be directly liked to income and class.
"Poor people got poor ways," as an older gentleman from out on the creek told me when I was a young feller who was new to the creek.
Cheap food like brown beans and cheap cuts of pork which is the staple of poor rural folks around here are also some of the most unhealthy foods available.
I can go to the store, and with a $20 dollar bill, buy enough food to feed a family of four for a week. I can also go to the store and drop a C note and only have enough food for a meal or two.

E.C. Hopkins said...

Some folks will never be convinced they have enough money. As long as someone else has a fancier house, a more expensive collection of automobiles, a bigger yacht, more butlers, more maids, or more not-for-profit organizations, universities, or politicians kissing his or her butt while begging for more cash donations, some folks will want more and more and MORE money. They’re just insatiably avaricious.

Some folks can't get enough sex. Let me re-word that: Some folks don't seem to be able to put on the brakes when they begin to spend too much leisure time with pornography or when their number of regular sex partners begins to get a little too high.

Some folks will never be convinced that they might be overdoing it on the alcohol, the weed, the meth, the X, the crack, or the cocaine. Some folks will just deny that they are helpless and enslaved addicts until something forces them to stop denying.

And, then there are the folks who'd rather eat 5,000 to 10,000 calories per day and not exercise for a few decades than gain all the benefits from living more healthily, such as the enhanced physical attractiveness and energy, which might help make them sexier, which might help them make more money, which might enable them to afford cocaine and single-malt scotch so they wouldn’t have to settle for crack and Wild Turkey.

These bad habits are probably symptoms of a morally ill society that has strayed too far from a healthy moral code. The whole society, the poor and a rich, need more character, more virtue. Every social class in the U.S. is acting and raising their children wrong more often than they should. Decades of too much individual and social moral laxity has thrown too many of us off balance. And when folks are off balance morally, their self-destructive dispositions are more likely to take them over in the form of self-destructive habits.

I'm not claiming I'm as virtuous as Epictetus or Socrates. I’m not claiming I’m in the best shape of my life (Although, I still have a waist, can run a few eight to nine minute miles without passing out, and can bench press more than 315 lbs). And I’m not claiming I don’t take a peek at some critically-acclaimed pornography on occasion. I’m just saying that I’ve not allowed any destructive habits to take control, and I spend at least a little time at the end each week trying to figure out how I could live better and help others live better next week. I wish more of my fellow U.S. citizens would doing something similar.

Lisa said...

I'm going to have to agree with FN, on this one Sagacious, chicken is just as inexpensive as pork, and it can certainly be baked instead of fried. . .fresh green vegetables are certainly less expensive than pizza. . .and we don't have to add the pork to our collard greens for a good taste. It's all about choices. So many of us (black folks, that is) are dying with controllable issues. Just a few better choices. . . like, I should have a glass of water instead of this 20 ounce coke I'm going to drink as soon as I get off of this soap box I'm standing on :). . . Okay, I'll stop halfway - so I won't be as hypocritical either. . .

field negro said...

"Field, is this a true statement? Just wondering"

Angie, this is true, I might be a percentage point or two off, but I doubt it. I will try and get some hard proof for you. I will see if I can get my hook up with the city to give me something to show you.

"I believe that obesity can be directly liked to income and class."

To a certain extent this might be true, but as lisa said, sometimes the choices we make can minimize the effects of economic disparity.

" And I’m not claiming I don’t take a peek at some critically-acclaimed pornography on occasion. I’m just saying that I’ve not allowed any destructive habits to take control, and I spend at least a little time at the end each week trying to figure out how I could live better and help others live better next week. I wish more of my fellow U.S. citizens would doing something similar."

Great statement!

George Malik al-Mahdi said...

Powerful! Excellent. Undeniable.

There's not much more that can be said about this post.

George M.

Hathor said...

If you look at people pictures from the twenties to the sixties, you will see much thinner people. Even black people then ate pork in their collard greens, but it was only an ounce to flavor, the same with dry beans. We now put more fattening turkey butts in greens, with more calories. It is not what kind of meat, it is the portion of fat, carbohydrates and sugar, that add up all those calories and can also overload the pancreas. While black folk revile the slave food, we forget about science.

I have a genetic kidney disease and was on dialysis for a year and a half before I got a transplant. Most of the dialysis patients were there because of diabetes and hypertension; more of the former. It was disheartening to see people begin to loose limbs because their disease was not under control. Dialysis is not a walk in the park either. I was told by the doctors that diabetes would become epidemic in the near future.

NSangoma said...

Use smoked turkey wings and smoked turkey legs for flavour.

konagod said...

I don't put any pork in my collard greens and they're the best I've ever eaten (as long as they're from my garden and not like the last bag of frozen shit I bought).

But I digress. Great post FN. And it wouldn't surprise me if that's true about the handicapped issue. Remember back when the handicapped spaces were usually empty and us lazy folks would complain because we couldn't park there and no one else was either?

My, my. How things have changed. Either we're suddenly letting a lot more handicapped people more into our country, or maybe it's a lot of Iraq war casualties, or maybe it's really a loosening of the requirements so the extremely obese can park near the door.

I am not anti-fat. People can do whatever the hell they wanna do. But when the shit comes down in a few years and we start having food shortages, these folks are gonna have to stay the fuck away from the all-you-can-eat buffet or they're gonna get an ass-whupping by some hungry leaner & meaner fucker out there.

See FN, now you got me goin' on a rant!


Blinders Off said...

Obesity in the US can also be blamed on the following:

Physical education is no longer a requirement in schools, outside games are replaced with video games, cable, satellite, internet, and people no longer cook instead they buy process food that is placed in the microwave.

Anonymous said...

All this talk about pancakes, Fiddle Faddles, all-you-can-eat buffets, and the Colonel. Well, excuse me. I'm going to the cabinet. I've suddenly developed an urge to finish off that last box of Nutty Butters cookies (and then I'm going to watch what I eat.)
In all seriousness, however, a wonderful piece. And thanks for continuously telling it as it is.

Anonymous said...

I think it did start w/ the budget cuts made during the reagan hears, and also the fact that there no decent supermarkets in our communitites, just cut rate cheap grocery stores that sell crappy foor, and a glut of fast food places.

that along with the more sedentary lifestyle have led to the high rates of obesity


The Black Sentinel said...

This is so real and as a health worker I see it all too often. And most people really down play what they eat and how much of it. People tend to error on the side of "I don't eat very much, so why am I gaining weight." Then they all want to blame it on their Thyroid which angers me since I have Hashimoto's syndrome which is a Thyroid disorder.

I was in the store at the salad bar and two large ladies walked up and one said to the other "ooh girl I don't eat no salad!" The other one promptly said "girl this is where they have the chicken wings" They got a big container of BBQ wings then put bacon bits in there too. I kid you not, I just had to shake my head.

But, I agree with other folks that it is more expensive to eat unhealthy than to eat whole foods.

Great post

Anonymous said...

good post field. it cracks me up when i read fat folks suing fast food joint for all the extra weight. oh dam, no one put the gun on your head to eat that supersize meal.

shy giraffe

august said...

I think that working long hours,especially those with multiple jobs leaves little time to cook healthy food. Who wants to chop up stuff after a 12 hour day. Add that to having to pick up and drop off kids everywhere and the easiest way to feed your kids becomes a drive through. The fast food companies are so efficient that people keep coming back for the convenience. Plus getting on a stair master after all that is next to impossible.

'But when the shit comes down in a few years and we start having food shortages'

We probably won't run out food [it is an industry they wil fry cardboard if they have to] and if we do the fattest people will survive because they have some serious storage.

I generally don't eat fast food. Every time I see the golden arches they remind of those lipos they perform on tv think the bloody yellow fat. That should make you stay away from that garbage if you can help it.
good day all.
p/s Now I know why the movies are so cold!

rikyrah said...

As someone who changed her eating habits, I can assure you that eating healthy is FAR MORE EXPENSIVE than eating non-healthy. Fresh fruits and vegetables are expensive; as are the leaner cuts of meat, and high grain breads, as well as egg substitute and egg whites.

But, you gotta pay the price in order to get healthy. If I could afford it, I'd go organic, but I can't afford it, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Field, Rikyrah is right. I also know from personal experience.

I also can tell you that in the hood here in Houston, there's not a Krogers or any mainline grocery store in a 15-20 mile radius. The hoods in Houston have Food Towns and Fiestas, which are infamous for selling substandard quality meat and fruit/vegies.

And when you are trying to feed a family off a few dollars, it's much cheaper to buy turkey necks and pork bones over chicken breast and fresh fish. It's just a fact.

Here's what I like for African Americans to realize... That health and wellness is so critically important that it is worth not having cable or having a cell phone, two services that we as Americans act like we can't live without. Even the poorest of folks have cell phones and cable now days. It's amazing to me how the people on my caseload, who just get a SSI/SSDI check have cell phones. The reason why it is amazing for me is because when I was broke, I was broke. But anyway...

If we would reframe from some of the non-essentials, we can have more money to buy the more healthy foods. One just has to learn to value health and wellness over the stuff that really don't add up to a hill of beans.

And I have to also agree with the commenter above that noted how being gone from your house for 12-hours a day does not live much time for preparing a healthy meal and working out. And after those hard days at work and fighting traffic, it's much cheaper to roll through McDonald's or Wendy's than it is Jason's Deli or Subway to grab dinner for you and the family.

Sorry for the long, long comment.

Ivan Renko said...

American culture is suffused with food marketing.

There is no TV show, radio program, magazine or newspaper that does not have food adverts, from snack foods to fast food to "quick-serve" restaurants (Applebee's or Fridays's).

The US produces approximately 3500 calories per day per person, and Americans eat about 2500.

A-merry-cans are fat because they are constantly told to eat.


field negro said...

Damn! I can't top those comments above. You all are really up on this health shit. And I do agree about the economics of eating healthy. I think it is more expensive to eat the right foods, and it is a fact that people in the hood can't get to the right stores and fresh food products.

Having said that; we do need to exercise better choices in our eating habits. Like Angie said, we have to get our priorities right people. What good is a big screen T.V. and all the trappings of capitalism if you are dead?

And I swaer I better not see a comment from woozie, chris, or any of you D.C. people about my iggles and how they played tonight :(

Kitty Glendower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
august said...

The one thing I shall never understand about the black community is this. They complain that there are no grocery stores etc. If you go to mexican neighbourhoods they have their own little mercados. The chinese and korean etc have their own markets too. These communities are so united they have they have their own systems of lending each other money to set up shops in their neighbourhoods. My 2cts on lack of grocery stores.
good day all.

Kitty Glendower said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kitty Glendower said...

I'm deleting my comments. I don't think I should say what I want to say about obesity if I cannot articulate my words without being cruel.

That Girl Boo said...

Okay your my team Field with the topic of health, first let me say eating is very difficult to do in a world that makes it's money off of you being unhealthy.
-Secondly I have news folks it's not just "what" you eat.
Animals are also given antibiotics which force them to gain weight, hence you turn around and eat that animal and there you have it.

I would strongly suggest one step at a time, first fade out the sugary soda pop, next learn how to prepare a healthy meal that taste good. Buy fruits when they're on sale and freeze them, later on use the fruit to make smoothies (yum they taste like milk shakes)

Use coconut oil, and agave, eating healthy will begin to taste better and you'll feel better too

guerreiranigeriana said...

well, i have an aversion to fat people...that's part of the reason i left atlanta...everyone was morbidly obese or morbidly skinny...i was miserable seeing fat people, besides other things...with regards to expenses...i have been a student the majority of my life, no trust fund and no 'mommy/daddy can you put money in my account?'...i somehow manage to eat think its expensive to eat healthy....wait till you are paying medical bills or for an unexpected funeral...if there's no store in your community, dammit, get on the boards which determine who can come sell what in your neighborhood...or if you're like me and hate bureaucratic fuckery, start your own damn garden/farmer's market...i've seen it done in so many 'hoods'...portion size is another'd be surprised how much even so-called healthy eaters test this, go eat at a true and authentic french restaurant...i had tea, an appetizer, meal and dessert and still was able to walk, didn't have the itis and wasn't sluggish...a lot of it is excuses...and we all know what excuses are, right?..the tools of the incompetent, etc...its about choices and prioritizing health...great post field...

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I am predisposed to diabetes because of my family history. I have a niece who's 27 and a diabetic already, as is her father (my brother) and her mother (my sis-in-law).

My mother was diabetic, and from time to time, I had to administer her shots if she went into diabetic comas.

I've lost 12 pounds because I made changes in my diet, and I started a drug study program to prevent the onslaught of diabetes. So far, I managed to take off 17 points on my blood suger, but that was the report I got in April (I'm doing another one tomorrow).

America is a sick place; we place a premium on stick insect models - we see ads and magazines always telling us how to lose that weight so we can fit into the societal standards of beauty (which do not fit many of us, anyway); but at the same time, we're bombarded by supersizing shyt, or ordering double meat whatever (thanks Arby's KFC, Mickey D's and BK - because I'm NOT loving it, and Having it my Way put on the pounds).

It's a vicious cycle. I recommend watching the documentary "SuperSize Me" if you want some real perspective on how the food industry markets to make us fat, so the diet industry, like Jenny Craig, NutraSystem and others get rich trying to help us lose the weight.

I decided I'm not going out on a scooter, and I'm always yelling in mall parking lots when a buffalo butt driver cuts me off to get that parking space right across the aisle from the front door of Bloomingdales, when they know their asses need to walk to the entrance.

I know big girls and boys can be healthy too, but if you're not healthy, why go out like that - defeated and giving up? I'm fighting that fight and it's a fight I fully intend to win. Dying before my time is NOT AN OPTION in this case.


Field is RIGHT! The stats don't lie about the link between blacks and diet causing diseases like diabetes, heart disease, etc.

The stats also don't lie about blacks being the most violent of all the races in the U.S.

The stats don't lie about blacks having more HIV/AIDS than any other race in the WORLD, let alone the U.S.

The stats don't lie about the fact that only a small number of black have died in America's wars despite black "leaders" trying to give the public the opposite impression:

Field, like most black people, only believes the stats that he likes. As long as the stats say something he likes and wants to hear, they're true. If they indicate something that he does not like, they're false.
He, like the majority of his people, are a joke.
He has the audacity to criticize Roy Innis and Iniss' son over their handling of the Duane Chapman incident. I guess he wants them to behave like the typical black clown and create a media circus.
Mr. Innis, like Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, Mychal Massie, and a few others is one of the few black people who sincerely try to use intelligence (rare among blacks) to resolve problems. Their reward? Being outcasted by their own people, more evidence of the black intelligence defecit.

Ferdzy said...

Being fat is a problem in just about every community in North America these days, not just amongst blacks.

Of course personal choices have an effect.

But I was in Spain for a couple months last year and I noticed two things: one; everybody's thin and amazingly healthy and two; they eat a terrible diet, all white bread, sugar and fatty meats, and plenty of it. Plus they all smoke like trucks.

How do they do it? In two words: they walk.

They walk EVERYWHERE. People think nothing of walking 10 or 15 kilometres on a simple chore. A lot of people do not have cars. Between having good public transportation (even in very small villages) and WALKING they just don't get fat and they stay healthy. Siesta time is not for napping. It's for going out to the plaza with the whole family and WALKING around while the kids play futbol.

Individual choices matter, but they take place in a context of physical infrastructure (there are spaces for people to walk and the towns are compact and not car-friendly), social governance structure (the time to walk is built in to the rythym of working and leisure for everybody - it's official - and in personal social life structures (people get together and do physical things as part of being together just because they always have. Sitting around on your butt and watching TV by yourself is RARE.)

If we in North America want to be healthier, we need to start thinking about our different kinds of infrastructure and how they can be changed to encourage physical activity.

We have a social structure that wants us sitting still and being out of the way, while consuming, often literally. So that's what we do.

Stike a blow for the revolution and go for a walk, LOL.

Zimbel said...


The real problem with your post is that you pre-suppose the existence of biological race, and that such a description is relevant. Even if we suppose the proovably false assertion that everyone in the U.S.A. who calls themselves "Black" or "African-American" does, indeed, have mostly relatively recent genes from African population (and that others don't Warning! This article uses archaic terminology - on the other hand, it's an old article); that really says very little about them genetically; Africa has by far the most genetically diverse population of humans.

Present location is a better determiner of genetic makeup than skin color. When you realize how little use present location is for genetic makeup, that should give you an idea as to how poor skin color is for such determinations.

Of course, the above is pretty irrelevant; we're a pretty recent species; the only question is exactly how recently your ancestors came out of Africa(assuming that they left), and from which population within Africa.

And last but not least, we should dispel the idea that Europeans aren't closely genetically related to Africans; in fact, the African human population has the smallest genetic distance from the European human population (in comparison to Europe with any other continent).

Zimbel said...

Reverse the continents in my last sentence; the following is accurate:

And last but not least, we should dispel the idea that Europeans aren't closely genetically related to Africans; in fact, the European human population has the smallest genetic distance from the African human population (in comparison to Africa with any other continent).

field negro said...

"Field, like most black people, only believes the stats that he likes. As long as the stats say something he likes and wants to hear, they're true. If they indicate something that he does not like, they're false..."

"all white nation", I know one stat that isn't false; in-breading causes you to have a lower level of itelligence :(


" 'all white nation', I know one stat that isn't false; in-breading causes you to have a lower level of itelligence :("


First, it's spelled INBREEDING, not 'in-breading', OK?

Judging by your spelling, you are proof of your own statement.

Were you offering an explanation for your lower intelligence?

And you're supposed to be an Attorney? Another affirmative action wonder.

I knew people like SagaciousHillbilly were inbreeders, but I never knew that ghetto blacks did it too, since most of them are already lacking intelligence for genetic reasons.

I read today where blacks in Africa are inhaling their own fermented feces to get high.
Just when I thought that your beastly race could sink no lower in depravity they come up with something new. Don't believe it?


That Girl Boo said...

ALL WHITE NATION I'm a tell you what you can't spell "Hater Aide" you been drinkin to much of the stuff, I'm not sure why Field allows you the pleasure of posting but....oh well

Health is an excellent topic field, many of our great grandparents knew how to garden and grow healthy and nutritious fruits and veggies with ease, maybe a community garden wouldn't be such a bad ideal.


The Girl Boo,

I'm not a "Hater", I'm a TRUTHER.
Haters preach censorship, or violence, etc.
Truthers, on the other hand, tell it like it is with facts and preach SEPARATION.


Separation is something that blacks and whites already practice for the most part. It's time to openly admit this, and to admit that we are better for it and that we need to do it even further.

Louis Farrakhan preaches it, Khalid Mohammed preached before he died, and so did El Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz, (a.k.a. Malcolm X) also preach it. These men are and were sensible enough to know that separation is the ONLY way to peace.

It's beyond time that the rest of us agree with them and start working towards that type of goal.

field negro said...

"inbreed" tou-che! I am glad you can spell that. Hey, I am sure I can spell my last name too. Look through my comments and you will find many misspelled words. (My mind works too fast for the type key at times) Us genius black folks tend to do that:)

Affirmative action? I bet it kills you that I pay more in taxes in a year than you actually make doesn't it Mr/Ms. Tralier Park

But such is the life of the hopelessly obtuse. (Did I spell that correctly :)


Yes, you spelled 'Obtuse' correctly but too bad you spelled the world trailer as TRALIER. Also, it's touché, not tou-che.

You can make all the excuses that you want for your inability to spell (everyone makes mistakes), but the frequency of your mistakes is more than just "typos". It's due to a genetic inability to learn that was overlooked because of your race.

Blacks are being allowed to pass from one school grade to another even though they they are not learning anything and have the IQ of a borderline retard. Schools are afraid to fail them because they don't want to be accused of racism.

Our overall educational system is being 'dumbed down' to accommodate blacks and as a result all races suffer.

No child left behind means no child out in front. Equal outcome instead of equal rights, and since blacks are beneath whites the only way to have an equal outcome is to lower the standards which results in everyone being shortchanged.

And why would I care if you pay more than $70,000 a year (my earnings) in taxes? That only means that you're more of a fool than I had previously thought.

In intelligence I will ALWAYS have you beat. We know your spelling and grammar are poor. How many languages aside from english do you speak fluently, like a native?

Affirmative action has allowed the mediocre mental midgets of our society to assume positions that were once reserved for those of Higher Learning. As a result our nation is decaying into a third world cesspool that will soon collapse.

field negro said...

"Yes, you spelled 'Obtuse' correctly but too bad you spelled the world trailer as TRALIER. Also, it's touché, not tou-che."

Actually, oh smart white one, MY spelling was also correct, you simply gave the Franch spelling of a word that we have adopted in our language. Or didn't you notice the accent mark over the e?

And yes, you caught a typo with trailer (tralier)Hey, hit that key pad as fast as we can and move on. And I will admit that I suffer from a mild case (maybe even more than mild) of dyslexia. Hey, some of us have real jobs. We can't spend too much time proofing a response to a comment on our blogs.

You, on the other hand, probably spend your days in your mother's basement jerking off to old Black exploitation flicks.

"Blacks are being allowed to pass from one school grade to another even though they they are not learning anything and have the IQ of a borderline retard. Schools are afraid to fail them because they don't want to be accused of racism."

Now that's called projection.

"In intelligence I will ALWAYS have you beat. We know your spelling and grammar are poor."

Mr. Trailer park, please read that sentence again and get back to me.
Hey, I know we live in A-merry-ca, but being white doesn't automatically make you smart.Those days are over. Perception is no longer reality. Now you really do have to be smart. And Mr. Trailer park, you just aint cutting it.

But I feel sorry for you, you probably blame black people for your inability to make more money than you do, and you feel very frustrated and inadequate. And for the record, I do pay more in taxes than you make in a year, but I don't mind.I know it helps to keep those food stamps and other government programs coming to your cousins in the hills. See, I am a nice guy.

Your lack of intelligence and poor social skills is what's holding you back there big guy, but you blame black people because it makes you feel better about your own pathetic existence.

"How many languages aside from english do you speak fluently, like a native?"

Well, if I only spoke English that would be one more than you. But let's just say that when I travel I am more than capable of taking care of myself. But you wouldn't know anything about that (traveling), because I am quite sure that a trip to the state fair is as good as it gets for you ;)

Keep em coming Mr. Trailer park, I have the microphone :)



Your spelling of touché was wrong my friend. The French spelling is the only CORRECT way to spell it since it's a french word.

As for travelling, I most likely see more of Europe in one year than you have in a decadeespecially Russia, Spain, Greece and England.

I will be in Moscow, Russia next month for two weeks. Come meet me there. Russians LOVE blacks. They love to stomp them into the pavement, that is. You'd look good with your face stomped flat and bloodied. Just the way God meant you to look.

As for languages, I am fluent in Spanish and Russian (read, write and speaking) having been an interpreter/translator in the Navy from 1984 to 1992.
I also have a working knowledge of Modern Standard Arabic, and can read it and write it.

Contrary to the lies that you've been fed by the media, educated whites are more racially conscious than the poor "trailer park" types.
More and more whites are awakening to the farce called multi-culturalism. As the tension build things will just get worse for blacks. That's why separation is the key.

If it consoles you to believe otherwise, please do so. When reality comes knocking at your door in the future, don't say that you weren't warned.

field negro said...

Wow! you speak all those languages and can't speak or write English?

Well I gues YOU are thankful for our government since they taught you something. --How to read and write languages that they needed you to learn--

Been to Europe a time or two, and I am still here. Enjoy mother Russia, you deserve each other. And I am pretty sure if I met you in Russia my face wouldn't be the one in the pavement. Trust me on that one.

"If it consoles you to believe otherwise, please do so. When reality comes knocking at your door in the future, don't say that you weren't warned."

"reality" might come knocking at my door, but your sorry ass won't Because if you did, your Navy wanna be ass would get the kind of ass kicking you described in your comments.

Tell your storm trooper friends I am right here in Philly. So please feel free to come and get a piece of the field. But be careful, I don't think your Navy training will help you here. You have been warned; the ass kicking you save might be your own:)

Don't drink too much Vodka Mr. Trailer Park, I don't think your brain can afford to shrink anymore.


Field, I should be passing through the Philadelphia area in April of next year on my way to New York and I will definitely look you up. In the mean time, brush up on your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and start getting into some serious shape.

OR, you can make the mistake of thinking I'm some out of shape, vodka guzzling redneck and not prepare yourself at all.

OR, you make the even bigger mistake of thinking that I am not going to really pay you a visit, and then you'll be taken completely by surprise.

Either way, you'll get to experience the painful, joint twisting, neck cranking world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After I'm done with you, as a Coup de Grace, I'll shit on your face and rinse it clean with piss.

I'll send you an e-mail of the hotel and the room number I'm in. Then you can back up your talk and stop by, or be a pussy and never show up. Again, either way I win. The former will involve alot of pain for you, and the latter will just prove you to be a coward.

I'm sure that the latter will happen. You'll have some typical pussy excuse like "you're not worth me gettin' in trouble over" or some lie like that. You threw the challenge, now back it up when the time comes.

field negro said...

Looking forward to it!

Although I hope you are not making a threat, because if you are, I will have THE police officer that's paid to protect me,(And just me) pick your ass up for making terroristic threats on a city official as soon as you hit our city limits.

It will be good to put yet another domestic terrorist away. You are a slimy despicable excuse for a human being, and I will make sure that you are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Your sorry ass will be coming to Philly in the spring, but get used to it, because you will be spending quite a bit of time in our city and our state. I will make sure that you get sent to the SCI with a large black population. You can practice your Jiu-Jitsu until your heart's content up there..

And I guess "shitting on my face" will be real easy for you after that little stint. Because your ass hole will be so wide open after you and your cell mate get to know each other that you might have a hard time keeping your shit in.

Thanks for the comments, I will be printing and saving it.

BTW, I know you wanted me to come down to your level, and even though I could, you are not worth it. I have much more to lose than your sorry ass. For now, I am just content with getting people like you off the street.

Remember, don't forget to send me your hotel room and number.



You chickened out even sooner than I thought. No surprise though. It was to be expected.

MH said...

Get em Field. These pathetic, hate-filled, white "supremacist" folks with their childish websites are just obsessed with Black people. They troll the net all day long talking about Black people and sprouting their meaningless words and agenda-filled "stats" all over the place. Honestly, I don't get mad b/c it actually says where they are mentally and spiritually than anything else. Amazing that we're a people who are so despised that, instead of their taking the "high road", we're a topic of conversation in these white caves. We're on their minds all day, every day. They LOVE us, Field.

field negro said...

mh, what Mr. Trailer Park doesn't understand is that he plays a very dangerous game when he sarts fucking with the wrong people on the Net.

What would it take to come down to his level? Nothing! And his martial arts crap; who even does that shit anymore? Do people still fight with their hands? Maybe I have lived in "killadelphia" too long.

The irony is, that by having his dumb ass arrested, I could actually be saving his pathetic life.

Still, I really hope the idiot gives me his hotel info when he comes. I will put the cuffs on him myself.

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