Thursday, November 08, 2007



RUSH: Yesterday on The View, the female chick chat show, the actor/comedian Damon Wayans talking about the Don Imus situation. WAYANS: It's freedom of speech. What happened to that? What happened to expressing yourself? At least I know where he stands.BEHAR: Yeah.WAYANS: And you know what? When he called them that, he called them nappy headed hos, I went, wow, he's right. (laughter) BEHAR: They're not hos. They're very smart girls.WAYANS: No, you see, we say that. I'm saying black people can say that about each other.BEHAR: These girls are not hos. They're highly respected sports girls. WAYANS: Listen, listen. It's a joke. You know what? Black people at home laughing right now. White people are sitting there going, "That's not right," you know? (laughter) This is -- it's all cultural. It's cultural.RUSH: I'll bet he's right about that. I'll bet black people were laughing themselves silly about this whole thing. "Look at how the white people are going nuts over the -- (laughing) here's why we can say it's true." He was right. Later on Whoopi Goldberg said, "You're a single guy, but you said you're having a hard time settling down with a woman. I don't believe that. What are you talking about?" WAYANS: Women today, most women I run into, don't want to do the fundamentals. They don't cook … BEHAR: The fundamentals.SHEPHERD: Damon!WAYANS: It's a joke trying to get a woman to cook.WALTERS: Why don't you cook?WAYANS: Why don't I cook? ALL: Yeah!WAYANS: Because I make the money so she can make something to cook. (screeching audience)RUSH: Okay, this is funny, this is great stuff, but, do you realize, he says this, there was not a peep. They're laughing about it. They're having a grand old time. Nobody was offended and so forth. You let somebody else go on that show and say these exact same things and their career might be over. Here are all these babes, they're laughing, there's Barbara Walters and Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar laughing and having a wonderful, wonderful time.


Damon, I am not at home laughing now, and I wasn't laughing then.

If I ever watch one of your films or productions again I hope someone slaps me upside my head.

The fact that Rush Limp-boy used your dumb ass as an example to excuse racism should make you take a serious look at yourself. But I don't think you will, because you are just too content being another happy well paid Negro in A-mery-ca.


Anonymous said...

He's not just sexist. He's stupid. As such, he plays a good role. Here's the lowdown. To keep a good rating, the producers know they have to have at least one black woman regular and a black guest every once in a while. Ol Wayan fits the bill. Knowing he's stupid, they know he won't say that television needs to clean up its act, that MSN should have taken Imus off the radio and television a long time ago, that he's been hating on black women, Jews and gays for more than a decade.

Yes, a stupid, no-reading pork- eating house Negro like Wayan fits the bill. But no smart alec comedian like that Chris Rock or wild comedians like that Dave Chapelle. Why that crazy Chapelle might call Imus a white asshole who hates his momma, curse out ol dried up Barbara Walter, call the rest of them bitches and stomp off stage!!!...

No. Better stick to dumbass Wayan. He's a goodun. He ain't in the fields no mo.

Brian said...

This is why I sometimes hate being Black.

Yeah I said it...

I'm tired of constantly seeing the worst of us paraded on national television/radio and presented as the representatives of all Black people. This comes a few days after trashy Hip Hop/R&B thug Queen Alicia Keys gave her support to NAS and his Nigger Album.

No other ethnic other culture in this Country is as self destructive....

My image as a Black male is worth about 2 cents.

And as far as the show is concerned....It's a stupid program. Never liked it... and never saw the purpose or understood the concept of the damn thing. A bunch of boneheads getting together to talk about absolutely nothing of importance....the most ignorant bull---- ..... while at the same time we have 2 wars going on, an out of balance economy, 46 million without adequate healthcare, failing education system, and a government out of control...among other things.

As for Homey- The Real Life Negro Clown; I thought his younger brothers were the most ignorant of the bunch ...especially with that "Thugaboos" cartoon that they marketed... But he may have them beat.

I never liked any of them....

Bob said...

Wayans was married for 16 years & has four children, including 20 year old & 16 year old daughters.

Imagine some young guy showing up at his home & saying "Hi pops, guess which one of your ho's I'm here for?" Wayans would have a laugh over that.

SouthernGirl2 said...

And what was Whoopi doing while all this was going down???

I certainly wasn't laughing. That's all the ammunition people like Rush need to continue their racist tirade on blacks. How dumb is Damon! This kind of stupid talk makes people like Imus & Rush think it's okay to call a black woman a nappy-headed ho.

I'm done with Damon's movies from this day on!

Pathetic piece of crap of a black man! How dare you!

Anonymous said...

As much as I'd like to blame an ignorant has been like Wayans for perpetuating crap like that, I know better. Rappers and comedians are the scapegoats. White people know exactly what the hell is going on. They pretend they don't understand that their behavior is racist/sexist. When all they really want is the absolute freedom to use the n word (freedom of speech, rah rah rah) and the absolute freedom to discriminate. That's the bottom line.

Use-to-be's like Wayans are trying to keep that career going any way they can. They don't give a damn how it looks to others. There's always someone there waiting to trot out the sell outs and pretend that they think these bozos speak for all Black people.

Unfortunately, too many Black men have given up on being role models. For whatever reason...

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy that appeared in Bamboozled? The movie about the modern minstrel show and the psychological damage it did to the black people involved? People thought the revival of the minstrel was so funny yet the players learned to hate it so much it destroyed their lives. I believe Wayans' character actually died. Did he not learn anything from this?

Dave Chappelle could give Mr. Wayans a heads up on white people's laughter. A white man laughing was the impetus for Mr. Chappelle walking off of the set. If our only goal is to make people laugh then black should have it made. But we also have to go to work and find jobs and try to stay respectable and valued components to the community. We can't do that if we're not being taken seriously.

Mr. Imus has freedom of speech. He didn't go to jail for saying what he said. But black people also have freedom of speech. If we don't like what someone says about us we also have the right to voice our opinion about it. And it is when we use our voice as a community unit that the white dominating culture beings to take us seriously. The fact that idiots like Mr. Wayans do their best to fracture that unity should only convince the rest of us to work harder.

I still like to watch Bamboozled every now and then. It helps to remind me what the black community is fighting for. But me see another Wayans production? Not in a million years.


Anonymous said...

Brotherpeacemaker says it and says it brilliantly.

This what-happened-to-freedom-of-speech line is just another slight of hand intended to confuse folks. The government didn't come down and drag Imus off to jail for saying what he did. He can stand on the corner and yell that stuff as much as he wants. But, yes, yes, a thousand times yes, we also have the right to speak up and call a spade a spade (so to speak) and that's what happened! People like Imus, the white hegemony et all, not only wants to piss on our shoes and call it rain, they want to piss on our shoes and have US call it rain. And when we don't, they get all HURT and OUTRAGED about it.

As Alice Walker said: some day this is really going to be a pitiful country.
(She said this in the 1970s.)

field negro said...

co-sign with folks about Chapelle, when people started lauging AT him he walked away.

I just hope we all say NO to Damon's dumb ass and whatever he is selling in the future.

"As Alice Walker said: some day this is really going to be a pitiful country."

Sadly,that day is already here.

Joel said...

I love how the response to Damon was described as "screeching audience."

Somehow I can imagine it sounded exactly like that.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

God, doesn't he remember what the networks did to his brother Keenan, with "In Living Color"?

He's gotten used to sucking up to the networks to stay on the air.

If you want to know why Don Imus felt free to call the Rutgers Team "Nappy Headed Hos", brothas like Damon Wayans and D. L. Hughley defending his right to free speech is the reason why.

They must be getting a check from Imus and Dog Chapman as well as the Innis family, cause no other well-renowned Negro has stepped forward to defend these bigots except these modern-day Stepin Fetchits.

And ladies, if D. L. and Damon think black women are "nappy headed hos", we just got our message that some Negroes get a little cash and think they get a license to diss us. Cause when they dissed those Rutgers sistas, they dissed ALL OF US.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

And ditto about the networks not calling Chris Rock or Dave Chapelle, or even Paul Mooney for the reason that they would get cussed out, Chappelle and Rock would definitely take them to school and the networks don't want to go to class.

At least we know Marlon and Shawn are minstrel performers; but when the dark stuff hits the fan for Wayans or Hughley, I don't want to hear shyt about how we need to embrace them and get them back on their feet, because when we had them at the pinnacle of their success, they shat on us, BIG TIME.

Our community is very forgiving of those among us who diss us in public, but maybe it's time we have a little less mercry, and more demanding they be held accountable to US, before anyone else.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

I meant "mercy", LOL.

And the last HBO concert, Hughley's routine was so tired, the audience anticipated when he was going to start ripping on the audience. All evening, when he told jokes and didn't get much laughter, he would holler at the audience, "You know that's funny, goddammit; F--K you, you know that was funny..."

When you got to tell the audience your routine is funny is time you probably need to exit the stage, and let us miss you for five years, before making a comeback if you can.

Anonymous said...

A shift of 180 degrees, initially they put us on display:

now we place ourselves on display:

brotherkomrade said...

That was an excellent point about what happened to Keenan. Although ILC sort of traveled close to the minstrel edge, there were poignant elements in the writing and Keenan (a former partner of Robert Townsend) had a lot to do with that. Then when FOX wanted to see more Damon and Jim (Carey), we saw more coonery and bufoonery.

Jay said...

I think if that drug addict Rush ever used me or my words to justify ANYTHING he has ever said or done I would shoot myself.

Oh .. Hi! I came over from A Whole New G's blog.

Excellent blog. Very interesting!

Anonymous said...

The energy a handful of sanctimonious Negroes spend prosecuting bad racial jokes could power a large American city.

Usually, FN, I'm in agreement with you. But I can't get with putting Damon Wayans on trial before the U.S. Kangaroo Court of Blackness for laughing about Imus' faux pas, of all things. For one, it's hypocritical to rip Wayans (or Imus, FWIW) for practicing the exact same brand of comedy as Chris Rock, Chappelle, Paul Mooney, and untold numbers of other entertainers. (Whether he does it as well is an argument for another day.)

But the thing that mostly concerns me in the public's reaction to Imus, and now here with Wayans, is it's mostly directed at individuals instead of the corporations that hire them. Imus didn't get File 13'ed because of the NABJ, Al Sharpton, or outrage from the public. He got canned because of offense taken by employees within NBC. Limbaugh was RIF'ed by ESPN/Disney (even faster) for the same reason.

Allowing for the task of a true field negro is to speak truth to power, it's my belief these incidents show our focus should be concentrated on infiltrating the NBCs and Viacoms and developing our own media corporations rather than jumping the mail clerks.

Anonymous said...

"our focus should be concentrated on infiltrating the NBCs and Viacoms and developing our own media corporations rather than jumping the mail clerks."

mib: We can "speak truth to power" by criticizing MSN and call out mail clerks who want defend black women and black interests. Haven't you ever heard of multi-tasking?

It's interesting how house Negroes are so adamant about holding poor black people accountable but balk at being held accountable themselves. But they won't get no ghetto pass from me.

rikyrah said...

Throw Damon in the pile with D.L. I'll not support anything of his again.

I'm tired of seeing folks shuffling their feet and insult me at the same time. Hope that handkerchief knot hurts, Damon.

Liz Dwyer said...

Yeah, I wrote about this last night as well. He really needs to check himself. Whoopi did not seem amused and clearly someone whispered in Sherri Shepard's earpiece, "Change the subject," so she did. But then he just stuck his foot in his mouth even more with his comments about women.

He played himself. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

"As Alice Walker said: some day this is really going to be a pitiful country." This has been a pitiful nation sense day one.Indian genocide,black slavery,& everything this nation truly stands for is bullshit.Why have black men given up?negroes realized a long time ago that america was shit.Who are white people to be equal too? They stand by and act like they dont see this shit we go thru,& they dont give a shit becuase its better us then them.Im sorry i dont want to be equal to any white person.they're legacy of hate,racial superiority,& under handed ways make them the true NIGGERS they are.Im sick of all these black entertainers/athletes,comedians/actors.fuck this shit,we dont need entertainment,we need leaders & military style compounds to learn how to fight the good fight that is well on it's way.

Allison Miranda said...

Wow, angry independent, I was thinking the SAME THING earlier today...scary but sad...

TROUBLMan said...

Wayans had to stoop this low to get back in the public eye. Thats a damn shame.

Attorneymom said...

I think it is disingenuous for these mainstream talk shows to continue to ask the most ignorant azz comedians to pontificate on issues that impact the black community. Their answers are self-serving and never benefit the conscious.

I want Homey The Clown to sit his azz down and don't get back up until I tell him to.

Anonymous said...


Thats what its all about! Even with these record companies... They portray us as whatever but the record companies are the responsible ones... you can find someone somewhere that'll do anything for the money... Its the people that have the power to allow these people on "our" airwaves. The continuance of our people being portrayed as what they want to portray us as... all the while the people that really have something to say doesn't get any attention. All propaganda all the time is what we're victims of.
We do need a black owned network! But, the owner has to be interested in the uplifting of our folks... thats a lofty desire cuz people don't know how to ack when they get some bread... Especially chips on that level to own such conglomerates we often sell out to get to that level... not to say it's unattainable... but it'll take a group of some strong black people to come together for that common goal... I hope and pray we get that type of power.
I was gonna try to tie in the "Homey don't play that" but I couldn't without it sounding too cheesy. HA!

Sorry, Field, for the minor slight of the subject.

SouthernGirl2 said...

"And ladies, if D. L. and Damon think black women are "nappy headed hos", we just got our message that some Negroes get a little cash and think they get a license to diss us. Cause when they dissed those Rutgers sistas, they dissed ALL OF US".
Yes they did! Every black man in America, young & old should have moved swiftly to denounced Imus's remarks & NBC would have gotten the message in an instant!

If the races were reversed and this happened....white men would have descended on NBC like a mob!

But to have DL Hughley & Damon further disrespect these articulate, classy, intelligent, hard-working, respectable young women of Rutgers University is pouring salt into the wound while the white men snicker!

What a lowlife!

Anonymous said...

Damien, MIB:
You both make a good point. We should focus on corporations that put the Imus' and Wayans on air. But we can't let people who go on these programs to resurrect their drowning career at our expense. Like anonymous says, we're talking about a fight for our image and our dignity as black men, black people. Remember: This is one of the reasons Bush is in the White House and not John Kerry. Why? When a bunch of Vietnam Vets took money from Karl Rove's friends and badmouthed Kerry and he didn't fire back right away and call them the liars and frauds they were, it made him look weak. People said, "If Kerry won't stand up to these guys, how is he going to stand up to Osama?" Likewise, if progressive black people don't stand up to the Wayans and the Imus', we'll be perceived as weak and the younger generation of blacks will think we're nothing but a bunch of low-life thugs in the ghetto listening to rap and using the N word or, worse still, just athletic and comedic StepinFetchits tap dancing for white massa.

Make no mistake about it: We owe it to our ancestors and our children to confront tap dancing, swine-eating sellouts.

Anonymous said...

sounds like somebody's trying to push sales of 'bamboozled,' the dvd. thanks for pimping us out just a little bit more, pierre delacroix. as a black dude in my early thirties, there's nothing i love more than rolling into work and being asked to defend another stupid, rich and famous black man. boy oh boy, can't wait for monday to come around!

Woozie said...

I agree with him on the free speech thing, but it's irresponsible to paint so many people with such a broad brush.

What is interesting of note is that the outrage over Damon Wayans, a black man's, comments is negligible compared to that directed at Don Imus, a white man-even though they're saying equally dumb and offensive things.

Anonymous said...

I always read all of the comments before I post, just to get the currency of the dialogue. Now, regarding Don Imus' remark and his so-called apology for saying what he said, I spoke to a friend about it, and my comment to her was that if I had a daughter on the team to which Imus' comments were directed, I wouldn't let her (my daughter) trot onstage (or wherever the young ladies were) in acceptance of his "apology." His apology is grounded in economics, not moral or political correctness. He offered an apology simply because, as we all very well know, it was economically expedient for him to do so, but more importantly, it was a move orchestrated for the economic survival of the network. I wouldn't encourage my daughter to go onstage, because to do so says (to me, now, not you all) that the words of Don Imus were true, that the acceptance of his words of apology would invalidate what he truly believes, and while I am certainly aware that a multitude of people feel that an apology was necessary (because he is a public figure in a very public space--the airwaves), somehow expecting him to apologize was the only recourse and so he did what was expected. I would tell my daughter that he didn't offend her because she knows that is not what she is. I know perhaps I am individualizing the situation, but the entire things seems akin to telling a young child who has done something wrong, "Now, say you're sorry." And so the child does. Not because s/he believes that they have committed a foul act, but because they know the consequences of not doing so, so the child does the kid-correct thing and apologize after being forced to do so. I understand that Imus needed to offer semblance of rectification of the comment and to not go the distance with an apology would have certainly not have boded well for him or the networks (not that he's contributing anything worthy this side of intellectualism, mind you). I just think that had my daughter been a Rutgers girl, I would not have let her go on the stage and accept the apology of a white guy who certainly was clearly enjoying spewing such garbage in the first place. To be onstage simply seems to validate his words. I know that the esteemed coach had to speak for her young ladies and certainly did the right thing, but, again, had my own daughter--who is now in her mid-twenties--been one of the Rutgers player, I would have urged her to not go and not accept anything that he had to offer. Now, whether or not my daughter would have heeded my advice is another thing, but certainly I would have expressed my desire that she refrain from appearing in a public space (or private, for that matter) for validation of his words. In the future, Imus will be just a bit more careful when the mic is on, that's all. Had we not heard him, then what?

Anonymous said...

Additionally, to my above post, I note with concern that a poster has said that Imus' remarks were a faux pas. No, not so. A faux pas is defined as a "social blunder." And certainly Imus was not making any such thing. His racist rants have floated the airwaves for years. We're just hearing so much about it now because of the public nature of this latest thing. Now, as far as Wayans on the NGF (that's network gab-fest), his presence on the show was, as we so very well know (and have stated on this blog) was about reviving a dwindling career. He has always been a jerk, from his days on "In Living Color" to his old tv show, "My Wife and Kids." Such a poor representation of men of color. He;s always been a buffoon, and the young actor who played his son was depicted as a dumb kid with no skills, talents, or brains. Wayans consistently played the patriarchal card in the show, from domineering Campbell with the insensitive remarks about all things womanly, to degrading the son on a constant basis. While the Wayans clan may have some acting chops, he, in particular, has a mighty long way to go if he wants to be seen as a cinematic man of substance. I've never seen any of his horrendous movies, but I have, as many people seen the trailers, and that, more than just knowing he is (and will most likely continue to be) a clown prince.

Dirty Red said...


I stopped f---king with this idiot when he tried to patent the word Nigga for a clothing line. Do you remember that shit? He actually wanted to call his clothing line "nigga wear". How ignorant is that? I think that this fool just brought a place on my Ignorance is Bliss section on my blog.

field negro said...

" a black dude in my early thirties, there's nothing i love more than rolling into work and being asked to defend another stupid, rich and famous black man. boy oh boy, can't wait for monday to come around!"

Amen baatin, please e-mail me your answer so that I can use it at my plantation :)

Justice58, I love your passion. You you hold it down on so many boards out here. Keep giving em hell.

Anon 7:24PM was right about the I-man, and I can't wait to see how long it will take him to go over the edge again. He will realize very soon that his audience doesn't wan't the kinder gentler I-man. He better turn to the old I-man real quick. Hey, he can always have Damon on his show.

And yes dirty red this ignorant HN did want to patent the word "nigger" for a clothing line.

What a dope!

Anonymous said...

I think the tone of comments here is ridiculous. Why blame MR. Wayans for what most of us know is true?

If the Black community does not want to depict men as gangstas and women as hos - then someone has to stand up to the people putting out that message (BET late night videos comes to mind....and Jay Z's Gangsta tribute is another item). Also, having the educated Black people on this forum - tutor and train young black children in the urban inner cities to speak proper English so that they can pursue a good job and education. Now that is an idea that might actually HELP someone. Instead of beating up Damon Wayans for being right. He is entitled to his opinion of those Rutgers women. You may not agree...and they can complain...which they have. Imus is an satirist...he made hilarious comments about EVERYONE. The Black community needs to stop griping...and start working on "well Black people can call each other that...but white people can't" - everyone knows - that means the bad images and improper English will continue.....

It's not Damon or Imus' honest.

field negro said...

Cos, is that you?

Anonymous said...

Another example of a black man tossing the community under a bus just to secure his own "come up."

:: yawn ::

If this idiot has some money left, he needs to spend it wisely because he'll never see another damn dime from me.

MartiniCocoa said...

i saw the clip and was amazed that no one said

does the nappy haired hos comment
include your sister, mother and daughters?

that's all you have to say to damon and dl hughley types who are all too cool with black women being slammed for the texture of their hair and how they look in public forums.

i'm starting to believe that most black male celebrities only see women who look like beyonce and tyra as worthy of any respect.

it's not heartbreaking but i'm glad I know.

Anonymous said...

"...Not Star Jones",
If such a comment was made to Wayans about his sister, mother and daughters, he would probably think it was funny, still. If you're ignorant (Wayans, not you, of course), very little can change your mind. He would probably say something stupid, to the effect: "Imus ain' talkin' 'bout my daughters; he's talking 'bout everybody else's chirrens is nappy-headed ho-ish, 'cause my daughters got good hair and they ain' f-ing around w/folks who ain' good folks."

Anonymous said...

You didn't have to be black to be po'ed by Imus. There is general disrespect for women in our pop culture these days. It is more and infiltrating "real culture", by which I mean where I live.

May be the problem is that this crap sells, and there is NO such thing as bad publicity.

Stop buying it.

LACoincidental said...

Ironically, one of Damon Wayans' first HBO specials was about how he wouldn't just say anything for money.

Having said that, it should come as no surprise that wash-up has beens like D.L. and Damon Wayans are now scrapping for any media spot light. They're both former sitcom stars that got canceled because they want to cover contriversial issues (Wayans wanted to look at teen parenthood and D.L. started talking about Jewish/Black race relations). In other words -- so long as you may a good minstrel and dance for us, the check will keep rolling in. The second you use your brains, you're done.

And unfortunately for Wayans and Hughley, they never had the comedic chops of Chappelle, Rock or the great one, Richard Pryor. So they're force to accept what ever hollywood gives them. Damn shame that the star of Bamboozled feels he needs to stoop to Eddie Griffin status.

Anonymous said...


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