Friday, May 24, 2013

Coloreds fried chicken and Negroes, and the big R follows Michael to his grave.

Today my racism chase takes me across the pond.

I am sure that you all know about the Sergio Tiger feud by now, and about Sergio going all Fuzzy Zoeller on Tiger at a dinner recently, and then his clumsy apology for the "unintended" racist remark. (Digression alert: I happen to like fried chicken. It's a shame that it's not really good for you and I have to limit my intake of the stuff. So I have never understood why white folks use fried chicken as a putdown of us black folks. Especially when I see white folks tearing into the stuff on a regular. The Colonel did not get rich serving fried chicken to only black folks. Remember that.)

So anyway, Euro Tour CEO George O'Grady was apologizing on behalf of Sergio, and the poor guy came off looking worse than Sergio himself when it comes to this racial sensitivity thing.

"In trying to defend, or at least rationalize, Sergio Garcia's "fried chicken" shot at Tiger Woods, European Tour CEO George O'Grady took to the airwaves of Sky Sports. And in the course of his defense, O'Grady offered up this gem: "Most of Sergio's friends are colored athletes in the United States.''

Ouch. Yes, go ahead and look at your calendar ... this is indeed 2013. Golf has a reputation for being stuck in the past, and nowhere is it more apparent than at moments like this." [Source]

Well, as noted in the article, maybe "colored" has a different meaning across the pond than it does here in America. But my man in his position should have known better. As a white man, you can't just drop the C word when addressing racism from a position of power in 2013.

O'Grady immediately issued a statement of apology: "I deeply regret using an inappropriate word in a live interview for Sky Sports for which I unreservedly apologize."

Relax George; my racism meter is not registering with you. My stupid meter, on the other hand, is blowing up.

Speaking of stupid, someone ought to try and give the school district up there in New York a clue.

"In the annals of political correctness run amok in American schools, this story — if true — is easily an all-timer.
A junior-high school Spanish teacher has filed a lawsuit alleging that she was fired from P.S. 211 in the Bronx in March 2012 because of a misunderstanding over the word “negro.”

The non-tenured teacher, 65-year-old Petrona Smith, maintains that she was instructing her class about how to say the various basic colors in Spanish, reports the New York Post. The word “negro” naturally came up because “negro” is the Spanish word for “black.”

A seventh-grade student in the class took offense at the term, however, believing the word to be a racial slur. It’s not clear if Smith directed the term at the student. Whatever the case, he reported the incident to school officials.
But, wait. It gets better. Smith, a native of the West Indies, is black. And to top it all off, P.S. 211 is bilingual.

Smith’s attorney, Shaun Reid, called the charge that allegedly led to his client’s termination ridiculous.

'They haven’t even accounted for how absurd it is for someone who’s black to be using a racial slur to a student,' Reid told the Post.

School officials refused to make any comment about the allegations in the lawsuit. As such, the publicly-known facts are tremendously one-sided at this point." [Source]

OK, I suspect that the school district might have wanted to get rid of this teacher and that this was just an excuse to do so, or some sort of tipping point for past sins. But come on now, Negro?!

"But Field, what's the difference between 'colored' and 'Negro"'?

It's all about context.

Now while what George and Petrona said might not have been a case of racism, this certainly is. It's a damn shame that not even the "Magic Negro" from The Green Mile can rest in peace here in these divided states of America. The big R can literally follow you to your grave.

Finally Field hands, I will be out of the country for the next few days, so I am not sure how my posts are going to go. I will try, but life doesn't always cooperate with this blogging thing.

If they let me back in the country, I will be in full blogging mode again sometime next week.



Fnarf said...

Of course, the Spanish word is pronounced NEH-grow, while the, uh, outdated American term isn't.

-- su interlocutor blanco

Anonymous said...

fried Rice and fried fans trump fried chicken!

cc that ratchet rabid racist global fry chef hobama!

cc assata/hillary/africom/nda/fema/dhs/wwiii/benghazi/etc!

LaCubanadeMatanzas said...


You are a class act my brother, and i love you! Gracias.
See you never allow some folks a chance to get down and dirty or cross the line, and i overstand why Lmfcao. Trust me, some still don't get it

I remember when you launched this site, i was battling with the powers that be as it relates to my right to practice law in the US. And
this site, your temperment,professionalism and unbiased scathing criticism of all things that needed an ass whooping are what impressed me..
As times became difficult for me and as i fought my battle for life, i had to step aside to return to Cuba in order to rize again and agitate from a new perspective.

Field, i am the orig stillstandingkickingbutt

Thank you son, you still make my daZE!!!!!!!! ))))))))

ps little WEENERS anyone smh!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful trip Field. Be happy and safe!

PilotX said...

But only blah people can be racist.

Anonymous said...

do knee grows know how to tell the truth,no they don't.go listen to eric,the liar, for fried chicken and water melon,every one loves loves fried chicken even when it is bad for fuck any one who uses it as a racist remark.the next time invite him out back if you are not a chicken,fried or other wise.

Anonymous said...

Field, with you out of the country, what the hell am I suppose to do over this holiday weekend? I am getting depressed already and I know it's only going to get worse with each passing day. I don't know if I can make it to next week.

Please Field, don't do this to me. Don't you have someone to fill in for you while you are gone? What kind of blog is this? Why not let PilotX fill in? He never has anything to say but 'somethin' is better than 'nothin'. Oh Lord, what am I going to do? Oh Lord, what am I going to do?

Anonymous said...

Dear Field, Good News! I noticed 'who' you called a HN in your side bar today. So I have plenty to refute on because you are dead wrong about my hero E.W. I intend to dedicate the holiday weekend 'defending' the next Lt. Gov of VA.

Field, why is it you slam brothers trying to make it in this country like in the state of VA? What has Jackson ever done to you? BTW, I bet Jesse Lee Peterson and Rev Manning both support him. I have been meaning to ask you, "Are you a racist against your own people?"

EW Jackson is frank and candid and honest. What more could you ask for in a candidate? I mean, Obama never reached Jackson's level.

Anyway, I won't be as depressed as I thought. I'll be too busy defending my man, and YOUR man EW Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Field, i am the orig stillstandingkickingbutt

Thank you son, you still make my daZE!!!!!!!! ))))))))

ps little WEENERS anyone smh!

somebuddy done eat to many spicy chicken wings you make no sense my man is you gettin old or you always speak like this?

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Frijoles Negros Con Arroz has been my Friday Lenten dinner as long as I can remember.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Psssssst! You know who loves fried chicken? Everyone who's ever tried it!

Anonymous said...

"Of course, the Spanish word is pronounced NEH-grow, while the, uh, outdated American term isn't."

I didn't know the term "Negro" was outdated. It's used all the time on FN. In fact, the blog is named Field Negro.

Anonymous said...

The President, our Commander-in-Chief forgot to salute the marine when boarding his helicopter.

What do you FN fans have to say about that? That was just plain rude and shows he is not up to the task of Commander-in-Chief.

I could be wrong, but that borders on impeachment.

Colonel Sanders said...

"So I have never understood why white folks use fried chicken as a putdown of us black folks."

It's not the fried chicken....

Anonymous said...

Field, "So I have never understood why white folks use fried chicken as a putdown of us black folks."

Col. Sanders replied, "It's not the fried chicken."

OUCH! No comeback on that.

Anonymous said...

Colonel Sanders, we know that link was photo-shopped. Negroes don't get crazy like that at KFC. We are very orderly, respectful and peaceful. Besides, Negroes don't look like that.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

So did anyone else catch Jon-boy Mclame pissing down the Tbaggers backs on the senate floor yesterday? It seems jon-boy has a new nemesis: a naturalized Canadian immigrant Harvard Law grad snake-oil salesman out of East Texas turned Tbagger uber-champion who out-politics him by miles. It was a sad sight for those, like myself, with nostalgia for a time when John-boy reliably and regularly spit in his fellow klanners ears for getting too far out there; the old warrior doing his T-Rex arm hang, chesty & bellicose -and losing to as smooth a con-man as has ever graced that national-academy of con-men that is the US Senate.

Ted Cruz' body language is that of a man adoring himself in the mirror, the immediate value of which has been to give him a naturally engaging and personal camera-presence that Mclame has always -glaringly lacked. As if poor old Jon-boy needed another handicap. He was, after all arguing for the integrity of congress which his own party considers as illusory and irrelevant as a prostitutes chastity.

I'd be amazed if Cruz wasn't following Obama's B-Team/A-Team strategy of working on the '16 nomination even while building a freshman rep as a quick up-n-comer from day 1. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that he is the most plausible potential existing candidate from any GOP faction. If only he can get over that Canadian birth thing......but then again, if there's one thing we know about 'baggers it's their reliably elastic ethical & other standards for friends & enemies.

Black Sage said...

Rest in peace Michael Clarke Duncan!

Anonymous said...

Black Sage, is that all you have to say to the brother, R.I.P.? I mean, his dignity, like most Blacks, has been stripped from him by racists who hate Blacks. And all you got to say is R.I.P.?

focusedpurpose said...

negro is also a take on the greek word for dead...which best describes the vast majority of the black american deuteronomy 28 collective. may more read that Scripture and wake up to their true identity.

i pray that the resurrection happens soon...check your strong's concordance that you might better Understand the beauty of the word.

fussing about the rest is a waste of time. Acts 7:6-7 Genesis 15:13-14 helps to break it down from a different pov. we war not against the flesh...

blessings all,

Anonymous said...

White folks crazy hatin' on the Africans when they should be hatin' on the buttholes that initiated the demented "slave trade" from AFRICA. It's not our fault that your dried-up, dead-lookin' ancestors couldn't help themselves from dallying to the basements, attics, bedrooms, slave shacks to get their insane sexual groove-on with the people they thought were Simians. They got their beastiality on, made us your relatives and you're hating, caging, murdering, burning, calling all kinds of names on us, when all you have to do is look at yourselves in the mirror. It's your relatives' fault, not ours. Take some DNA tests and see how many of you had the color fornicated out of you. Surprise, surprise, surprise. Crazy, insane MF's. Gotta admit, we made you mucho money and still are. One thing you haven't done is figure out how White folks can live FOREVER. Your days are numbered just like everyone else. One day your mouths will be closed permanently, unfortunately, there will be replacements unless a tornado can blow you allllllll away in a matter of minutes. God works in mysterious ways, ya know. You're evil as hell!!!!!!!

Ankita Tiwari said...