Thursday, August 29, 2013

Conspicuous by their absence.

Republicans like to claim MLK and twist his words to suit their own purpose. This is why I can't understand why they did so much to tarnish his legacy on the 50th anniversary of his famous speech.

In case you didn't know, organizers of the march invited "every top" republican politician and they all turned down the request. I guess there was just too many of us Negroes in one place. They must follow the 12% rule.

I will excuse the two living republican presidents because they were ill, but where were the others?

"Conservative commentators have had a lot to say over the last 24 hours about the fact that Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC), the only African-American in the Senate, was not invited to yesterday’s March on Washington 50th Anniversary celebration. According to Bill O’Reilly, it was strange that “no Republicans and no conservatives were invited” to the event. As it turns out, that’s just not true.
As the Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe reported today, “not a single Republican elected official stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Wednesday.” But it’s not because they weren’t invited. While Scott’s office has confirmed that the senator was not invited, many of his senior colleagues were.

Here’s a run-down of the top Republicans who were invited to the March on Washington anniversary event, and why they reportedly decided not to show.
  • Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush: It was notable that the two former presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, who spoke at the event were both Democrats, with the Bushes nowhere to be seen. The 41st and 43rd president were both invited, but chose to decline because of health reasons. In a statement, George W. Bush said, “There on the National Mall our President, whose story reflects the promise of America, will help us honor the man who inspired millions to redeem that promise.”
  • House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH): The top Republican in the House declined his invitation because of a scheduling conflict. He is currently in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and had no public events scheduled for Wednesday. Boehner did attend an official congressional commemoration of King’s “I Have a Dream” speech on July 31st.
  • House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA): According to the Grand Forks Herald, Cantor spent Wednesday touring oilfields in North Dakota with Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) and meeting with the North Dakota Petroleum Council lobbying group.
  • Senator John McCain (R-AZ): Despite having voted against making Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day a federal holiday in 1983, the event committee did invite McCain to speak, but he declined due to unspecified “scheduling conflicts.”
The Rev. Leah D. Daughtry, who served as executive producer of the commemoration, told the Washington Post’s O’Keefe that her committee began inviting members of Congress to attend four or five weeks before the event.
“We had a very concerted effort, because this is not a political moment. This was about us coming together as a community, so we wanted to be sure that we had all political representations,” Daughtry said. “We attempted very vigorously to have someone from the GOP participate and unfortunately they were unable to find someone who was able to participate.” [Source]

Anyway, apparently they held their own little get together at an exclusive club across town; far away from the poor people, progressives, and minorities celebrating the memory of Dr. King.

Conservatives actually mocked the event and took what was to be a special day down a partisan gutter covered with racism. Sadly, black conservatives played right along with their ideological masters, and they embarrassed themselves and their cause in the process.

"On the surface, President Obama gave homage to our founding documents and appeared to discourage those who seek excuses for their bad behavior. But this speech, peppered with Biblical references, seemed to use all of this as window dressing for his liberal agenda,” said Project 21′s Stacy Swimp. “He condemned segregated schools of the past and current substandard schools, but the contradiction is that he opposes school choice and promotes union supremacy. The same president who praised triumph over racial animosity contributed to it with his comments earlier this year on the George Zimmerman case.”

Stacy, get back to the house and go straight to the library. You have some reading to do.

Finally, I wonder how Stacy and her other black conservative friends feel about this guy?

"A Maine man was recently questioned by Secret Service officials after he posted an article about President Obama to Facebook with a potentially threatening message written above the photograph.

The Associated Press reported this week that 68-year-old Sabattus resident David Marsters was under investigation for posting a link last Friday to an article about Republican lawmakers seeking impeachment of Obama with a comment from the man that read: “Shoot the nigger.”

Marsters, who is active in local politics and a candidate for town selectman, was reportedly questioned at his local police station for an hour. The Facebook post in question below:" [See article]

Relax David; the "post racial era" is almost over.



Anonymous said...

Field, I knew you would be posting about Republicans not at the March after I made several comments on the previous thread about NOT one was invited. You know how I knew you were going to post this? Because whenever I comment on something of this nature you remain silent but post about the subject in the following post. You are such a shit about these things. You are a thief...I've called you this many times but you are so amoral it doesn't faze you. You and the devil have a pact and soon he will collect on your ass.

I really don't know what has happened to FP but you need to ask her how you 'might' be saved. I say 'might' because you have done so much shit I am not sure you are redeemable.

Wesley R said...

Billo The Clown lokked stupid again. That M'f'er should get get his audience some ice tea for his error. John 'By The Time I Get To Arizona' McCain still wishes their were not MLK Holiday. As far as Tim Scott is concerned, he is not the senior leadership of the Republican Party so quit whining wingnuts.

Black Sage said...

Stacy Swimp Shrimp, … pardon me, Stacy Swimp said: “The same president who praised triumph over racial animosity contributed to it with his comments earlier this year on the George Zimmerman case.”

These black conservatives never cease to amaze me with their absent frontal lobe comments. If Mrs. Shrimp is referring to ObomBer’s comment regarding if he had a son, he’d look very much like Trayvon, well then, he’s correct. So where is the contradiction or racial animosity in that statement? ObomBer at least spoke the truth here.

During the height of this country’s slaveocracy, House negroes would say some of the most asinine things to remain in lock-step with massa. As is evident here, not a damn thing has changed. Just another obsequious negro, salivating at the opportunity to play the part of an extra with a spear and painted face in a Tarzan movie!

Anonymous said...

There is a difference between being invited and being wanted. Republicans are smart folk, they knew they were not wanted there. However, not inviting Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC)tells you all you need to know. Runaway negroes are not welcome in the house. Those house negroes did not honor MLK, they mocked him.

PilotX said...

Tim Scott, as well as all other congressional Republicans, were invited to the commemoration of the march. Seems Timmy and other conservatives were upset he didn't get to speak but he was invited.
Then again how many conservatives in 1963 showed up? History just repeating itself.

Bob said...

I'll give H.W. a bye because he probably should have skipped the Medal of Freedom ceremony, too. W. had the class to send an appropriate message. But there isn't one Repug Senator or Rep who honors the memory of work of Dr. King enough to show up at this event. I don't know if Jersey Republican Senator Clifford Case or Jersey Republican Rep. Flo Dwyer attended the 1963 march, probably not, but they voted for all the significant civil rights legislation of the Kennedy & Johnson eras.

Anonymous said...

David Marsters looks cute. He probably uses his mustache as a French tickler as he motorboats his woman's vagina.

field negro said...

"Motorboats"? Okaaay then. *tipping away*

Well said, Sage.

Anonymous said...

Tim Scott was invited to show up. He just wasn't invited to *speak*, so he declined. (That's probably for the best, though. He's not really into that whole "civil rights for black people" thing, anyway.)

Anonymous said...


when will u post 1 word about ndaa/syria?????????

reps = dems

their collective absences were far LESS disgraceful than hobama's horrifically hypocritical presence

that racist elitist blackish global warlord bankster hobama is buckdancing on the grave & legacy of mlk

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Hobama/King Shrub 2.0 has impoverished millions as he has unleashed his rabidly elitist policies upon America’s economic depression. His next slaughters will take place on African soil. The overseer-in-chief is targeting blacks overseas as his hungry, mindless, homeless, and jobless black drones stateside still blindly cheer him on.

Hobama is suicidally worshipped and masochistically coddled by black Americans who are suffering much worse than their white peers. Yet, Hobama brazenly insulted Black victims of Katrina. Hobama has blatantly ignored every black issue except the arrest of his eurocentric and elitist pal Henry Louis “Skip” Gates.

Anyone who dares to utter any valid criticism of Hobama is swiftly checked and harassed by Obama Nazis, who rush to dismiss and brand all of Hobama’s critics as racists and fools. These are fatal and tragic in which fascism has become afrocentric. Wars have become perpetual slaughters. And, George W. Bush/King Shrub’s cowboy strut has been upgraded and revamped to become Hobama’s Chi-town swag as he strolls along the same genocidal global paths.

Hobama has only one color. It is corporate money green. Beware: that green is darker than ever before. Hobama will soon begin to show off his newest shade of green as he blacks out the continent of Africa. A sea of rainbow colored fawning fools will be waving the American flag as he does so…

BARBBF said...

The point is..and it cannot be denied..that the only Black US Senator was NOT invited. The only possible reason can be because he is a Republican. As far as having Obama, Clinton and Jimmy Carter at the MOW anniversary, BlackAgendaReports blog...says it best:

Just before launching yet another unprovoked war to preserve the empire, Barack Obama stopped by the Lincoln Memorial to star in the commemoration of the 1963 March on Washington. He was joined by former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, the men most responsible for pulling the Democratic Party deep enough into the corporate camp to afford the billion dollar elections that brought Obama to power. The pretense was that the presidents were there to show solemn respect for the Movement that defeated official American apartheid. The truth is, they came to take possession of the occasion – a gift from their minions in the Black Misleadership Class, who believe nothing has value until it is blessed and possessed by Power.


Anonymous said...

mlk was never a warmonger

no warmongers war like hobama and his dem drones

cc africom/drones/ndaa/wwiii etc


maybe the repubs are onto something
after all


Bill said...

Then again how many conservatives in 1963 showed up? History just repeating itself.

Interesting point.

Say, how did the democrats feel about black people in the 60's?

Like right around the time the democrats were fighting hard to keep that civil rights bill from passing.

History is repeating its self.

Probably not the revised history you like to believe in.

Anonymous said...

hobama is a peace prized global warlord bankster/serial war criminal

hobama is preppring to slay rape and rob syria even as he speaks at an mlk event

what could possibly dishonor and disgrace mlk more????????



Anonymous said...

hobama is a peace prized global warlord bankster/serial war criminal

hobama is prepping to slay rape and rob syria even as he speaks at a mlk event

what could possibly dishonor and disgrace mlk more?????


Bill said...

PilotX said...
...History just repeating itself.

What have democrats done to help black people?

Like the CBC Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver said, if it was a republican in the white house the CBC would be protesting the black unemployment rate.

But with a democrat in the white house, the black unemployment rate is not an issue to be concerned about for democrats. Only the racists mention the black unemployment rate or black on black crime.

The democrats are all about protecting the party at the expense of the black unemployment rate.

Just like history.

field negro said...

BARBBF, Scott was invited. And he and I have the same amount of votes from South Carolinians to be senator: Zero. (0)

He was not elected to anything.He was appointed.

Anonymous said...

more gwb 3.0 cowboy madness from king hobama

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

AB said, "I have always loved and admired Julian Bond. I admired him most when he refused to attend his fellow legend and sister warrior Coretta Scott King’s funeral. He had the signature courage and integrity to call Bernice out as she chose to disgrace her beloved mother’s final memorial inside Eddie Long’s demonic church. That church is a typical black one where hatred is routinely heralded as a godly value. That church stands as the evil antithesis of everything that the pro-gay, pro-humanitarian Coretta King and Martin Luther King Jr. stood and fought for over decades."

Whoa! how dare you speak against the bible, and eddie long. eddie long is praised and revered by ALL Christians, and spiritualists, including dan savage and all Blacks in Georgia. shame on you.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

kudos to 3 heroes & other sports stars!...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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PilotX said...

"What have democrats done to help black people?"

Specifically? Well my congressman has supported unions and labor which has ensured a decent wage and benefits, he supports environmental legislation which ensures a cleaner envirnoment to raise our children, he is working to ensure our voting rights, he supports my particular union which ensures my safety and paycheck, ect. The Dems have been much better for many of us than the GOP would ever be. Just look at the insane policies being enacted by Repubs in N.C. and Texass, I want no part of that. The Dems have always been better for labor and since most of us are laborers common sense says to ride the D train. That's just quickly off the top of my head but if you want a more in depth answer I may have more time later. Right now I have to go see the 9-11 memorial, eat and get ready for my flight tomorrow.

PilotX said...

Out of curiosity Bill what have Republicans done for white people? For the sake of my sanity please don't use the words "freedom" or "liberty" in your answer. Thanks.

Anonymous said...


Hay Pilot man!

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Ah, snaff, snaff, reeely needs ta see sum milley twarckin

Anonymous said...

Field, here's a little history of how O'Reilly climbed the ladder in income. He goes on to say ANYBODY can do it, 'provided' they aren't LAZY and aren't WHINERS looking for a hand out.

Brother Field, I agree with O'Reilly and I am requesting you do a post to let the brothas know how they should proceed in getting a job, working a job, and stop whining, as Obama has said numerous times. You know, O'Reilly is quite inspiring. You should encourage our peeps to use him as a role model:

Anonymous said...

Blogger field negro said...

BARBBF, Scott was invited. And he and I have the same amount of votes from South Carolinians to be senator: Zero. (0)

He was not elected to anything.He was appointed.

Yeah, same liberal tripe. He was elected Congressman first. Stop trying to make a nigger out of a black man you don't like.

Anonymous said...

anon12:04am, thank you.

Bill said...

PilotX said...
Out of curiosity Bill what have Republicans done for white people?

Politicians do for themselves and their family/friends.

Bill said...

PilotX said...
For the sake of my sanity please don't use the words "freedom" or "liberty" in your answer.


Neither party is for our freedom/liberty.

field negro said...

Anon@12:04am, I don't have to make a "nigger" out of him, he is doing that all by himself.

PilotX said...

Mah flag t-shirt. That was funny.

MilagrosGVillamil Esq. said...

Field negro said...
Anon@12:04am, I don't have to make a "nigger" out of him, he is doing that all by himself.
Making it plain
LMAO Field I wonder if faggot Anonymous ever thinks about what he says out of his raggedy toothless mouth. I would imagine that he spends far too much time seeking other wrinkled up crakka/house negro dicks to suck or fuck to give much thought to his stupidity smh! Its obvious that he is lonely searching and jobless as well as hopeless

Bow ya heads and PRAY!

ps STHU Anonymous i am speakin! Beeitch I want to see how bad ass you think you can be..jaja NEXT its yo mama HOLD IT!! JazzeJ (me) you gotta read his response first and he is not going there! jajajaja

MilagrosGVillamil Esq. said...

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MilagrosGVillamil Esq. said...

is this what children are raised to do ? Any child and why?

Bottom line PENIS ENVY and fear

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, though I think it should be noted that Stacy Swimp is in fact a "he", not a "she".

PilotX said...

Bill, politicians work for us. Write letters, send e-mail, go see your reps in person. I just met with my rep to see where he stands on issues that concern me. Complaining about it gets us nowhere. If you're really unhappy you may want to run for an office yourself.

Anonymous said...

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alicia banks said...

who is ignoring dead black toddlers in chiraq?

who's drones are killing black and brown toddlers globally?

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