Friday, August 02, 2013

Riley goes home, but sadly, Roger is still here.

Riley Cooper has been dismissed from Eagles camp. Apparently he wants to go through counseling and clear his head before he tries to play football again.

"The last few days have been incredibly difficult for me," Cooper said in a statement. "My actions were inexcusable.

"The more I think about what I did, the more disgusted I get. I keep trying to figure out how I could have said something so repulsive, and what I can do to make things better.

"The organization and my teammates have been extremely supportive, but I also realize that there are people who will have a tough time forgiving me for what I've done. The best thing for me, and for the team, is to step away for a period of time."

Riley, the more I watch that video the more I realize that you have used that word many times before. And that the anger you showed to that security guard was not because he was a security guard playing wanna-be cop at a country and western, concert. It was because he is a black security guard playing wanna-be cop at a country and western concert.

The truth is, quite a few of Cooper's black teammates were not feeling him in camp, and the tension was noticeable. This, of course, did not sit well with the Eagles organization, and they had to do more than just fine him.

Michael Vick stood up for Cooper, but he had no choice. He is the most high profile player on the team and he is fighting for a job. Besides, the Eagles took a chance on him when America would not.

The saddest part of this entire story of course is the reaction from the NFL and the behavior of its gutless and disgraceful commissioner.

"I'm glad to see the club stepped up and took a decisive action quickly, and that's the important part of this. We do not penalize at the club level and the league level for the same instance. That's not something that we do (per the collective bargaining agreement). ... We will not be taking action separately from the club."

I can't tell you how much contempt I have for this recreant loser whose league will fine a player for wearing his sox too high or for celebrating a good play, but wimps out of sending a message to one of the players in his league who displays racist behavior for the entire world to see.   

 "The NFL stands for diversity and inclusion. Comments like this are wrong, offensive, and unacceptable." [Source]

Riiight. This from a league who has a team in it called the REDSKINS!

Riley Cooper was sent from camp today, I only wish that Roger Goodell could have been sent packing with him.



Chris L. Robinson said...

Field, have you seen Larry Elder on Twitter, handjobbing his right-wing followers by pretending he doesn't understand why Cooper's racist slur and Kobe's homophobic one are being treated differently?

Wesley R said...

Steven A Smith was making excuses for him as well. I was through with that Bama when I saw him going along with KKKlannity's B.S..

Anonymous said...

From the previous thread:

AB,"but even tom joyner did not deny the hbcu facts about hobama as fn did!!!

Yes, AB-it is a damn shame that Field can't bring himself to admit Obama is wrong about 'anything'. You may not know this, but Field is as 'amoral' as Obama. "Birds of same feathers flock together."

Anonymous said...

1. I'm glad the Beagles are already imploding.

2. As someone you people would call a racist cracker, and someone who loves football; I can not understand why the 'Skins don't change their name. Even I have to say that is a derogatory name. However, it is not racist.

Anonymous said...

Field, maybe you need to look at this video re: what Irvin said about the Riley Cooper controversy and his opinion about the 'use' of the nasty N-word, which so many of us routinely say as Blacks.

He further mentioned about the denigrating sick use of the N-word in music, rap, etc.

Mr Field, for starters, maybe you should ban that ugly word from your blog as well?

Anonymous said...

FN-you ought to let this Cooper thing die. Hell, you Negroes use that shit word on each other more than M&M's. Field, esp YOU, should STFU about the N-word. As far as the NFL commissioner is concerned I agree with him...The Eagles Club took care of the incident.

But actually they could have said, "we will start to do something about that word when Blacks do something about their own use of it."

This double standard use of the N-word is bullshit.

One other thing: you are lying about Cooper's teammates. No one on the team has any animosity against Riley. So knock off trying to stir up the racism pot.

Anonymous said...

Field, "Riley Cooper was sent from camp today, I only wish that Roger Goodell could have been sent packing with him."

Goodell is an excellent commissioner. He runs the NFL, and YOU don't. Why don't you try winning a few court cases before you try running someone else's job?

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Michael Vick has always been a standup guy; he took the whole rap for the only federal dogfighting case I've ever seen; taking one for the team is in his genes.

Anonymous said...

From the previous thread:

Field, "Blogger field negro said...
AB, don't worry about facts, they are just there to upset you."

AB has never gone against facts nor the truth. But you lack BOTH in facts truth.

focusedpurpose said...

Mr. FN-

are you a little man that is incapable of apologizing or acknowledging when in error?

in the absence of an apology to AB for your nonsense last thread...answer enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Awwww man, I wanted to see him get jacked up a few times on the field.


focusedpurpose said...


i truly hope that is short for Valentino...or some other man name...and man.

i came back to let FN off the hook. AB will forgive him anyway and make up next post;) it is this thing they do...i have noticed a pattern over the years. lol!;)

before i could get back and call back my in your face confrontation, at this man's blog you go. if a woman, i hope you were focused on speaking your piece and did not come in with the Afrikan 'protect bm' meme...fiddling with the regulation flow. if you came in with speak your piece flow...i get it. lol. if not...

sisters have GOT to learn to ride as hard for each other as we do for the non-reciprocating- at- large bm.

to Afrikan that posts here, imma let the elders bend your ear, with what used to be good 'ole common sense. Val, if you came in on 'protection tip' this is for you, too.

as the folks are re-engineered many are forgetting what used to be common knowledge:

i am at the not giving a hoot leg of my journey. there will be no pass grading. i will not lower non-negotiable standards to accommodate feelings, entitlement issues and every excuse to fail. only lethargic devils do that... even small children will rise to the level to to which we lovingly hold them accountable. time is long overdue for Adam...the Blessed Black Man...the original rise. awake. be resurrected in His Strength.

it is my sincere endeavor to walk in kindness, mercy, and respect for human frailty we all share...since much of that yumminess has been afforded me.

Afrikan (i hope i have that name correct w/o scrolling through a billion comments. lol. if not please forgive. you know who you are with the 'afrikan woman' MUST PROTECT the 'afrikan man'.) do we provide, problem solve, and produce, too? you know all those p's=man, right? fp+role reversal=no. i refuse. neutering is apart of the new world order. the old world order is the side i am. women are women, behave accordingly and men are men. full stop.

further, i place chess. i just refuse to waste time. life is serious business. blessed Black folks in america...all around the globe in fact MUST get serious and reasonably united. lock, stock doesn't happen for anyone. folks that can't stand each other do put that little detail aside to promote their interests. we emulate all the WRONG things.

who said, ' i don't have permanent friends, nor enemies...only permanent interests.'? THAT'S what time it is for the Blessed Black nation. it is NOT play time...nor sleep time. it is build the Kingdom and shine the Light time. if you can't get with that...hold tight, while i get on...about my Father's business. no disrespect. for real, though.

forgive any typos. moving fast this blessed Sabbath evening...

Bob said...

I have no problem with Riley being given another chance down the road. First he needs to do some serious soul-searching with the man in the mirror.

focusedpurpose said...

Black Sage-

your link from the last post, connected more dots for me. some i had and others helped to bring the bigger pic into focus. may Yah bless you!

something i was getting familiar with...which afforded dots i did not have previously. notice the Lincoln connection...he married a Collins/todd, recall?

it is wild to wake up in a science fiction movie. i am a chick flick type of spirit all day...though navigating the matrix becomes comedy with armed with enough info to flip the script.

thank you for shining light. i recognize and respect;)

it was interesting to see the global management team captured in pics flashing signs of their allegiance.

how can anyone feel hopeless? He is in the mix all day...leading the way...

Anonymous said...

Dear FP, I just read your inspirational message to me on your blog. Thank you. It's right on time...Lord knows I need spiritual juice to keep going lest I slide back into darkness.

BTW, I left you a comment in July 30 thread here on FN. I hope you got it. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Making it plain:

little penis riley cooper is not important in light of what he will face once he learns to speak truth 2 power .. And yes, trust me he will

His problems are larger than his poor choice of language and i look to Obatala to show him another path..OUT OF PHILLY

And like Field said
Riiight. This from a league who has a team in it called the REDSKINS!

Riley Cooper was sent from camp today, I only wish that Roger Goodell could have been sent packing with him.

Milagros said:
I wonder if he has seen this? Naw!

Its about GODS

Ps The gov is closing Embassys in North Afrikah etc Do u believe the hype We don't! We are not worried and we are not attached to any embassy However, we are on staying put

Chess anyone?

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

Life begins with Afrikan women and only survives via Afrikan man
So we are going nowhere
Creepy crakkas are the only ones trying to adopt babies from all over the world smh!
That tells me a lot about broken down euro women and why the little penis euro boys like la Latina et/al

Moving along enough with the insults Bait! lol

While an Afrikan born in Afrika raised in Kuba and very proud of it i have perhaps been blessed to have known both my parents parents, and a grt grandad So trust me i have always been with mentors and this is regardless of where i travel i am still teachable

I will step out on faith here and say i was sitting at the souls of great mentors before many of you here were born Including Filed Entiendes ;)

Bottom line If you teach a woman you teach a world

The first thing i learned is how to stand up not crawl
This has kept me standing for many decades
In light of learning from the best teacher of all i have also learned (not been taught) how to stand by my mate husband partner

Surely, choosing correctly or being chosen has its benefits, and to this end i have been blessed to pass on my knowledge to my own tribe of five and beyond

So i will say here Do not get mad at me for standing my ground and speaking from exp, get mad at the system that refuses to allow women to stand her ground without a full fledged battle in a court of no redress

Do not get miffed at me for loving supporting and encouraging my Afrikan man because fact is
My husband has pulled me up and i extend the same
What is with the jealousy?

Oooops is it Penis envy or the disgust for shawty! boo hoo jaja

MilagrosGVillamil Esq. said...


There is nothing to forgive you called my name Afrikan;) it is what it is

Ps When the Italians went into Ithiopia that was no accident yet much to forgive fia!
i have family there and here in Kenya


ANONYMOUS at 10:02 stated that not one of Riley Cooper's teammates has any animosity against him for dropping the word "nigger". This is the type of misguided, backward, dismissive thinking that makes being Black in this country so hard. I would guess that not every one of Eagles players has a internal anger toward Riley, but know this: every one of Riley's Black teammates has this in the back of their minds and wonder if this is the way he thinks about them. Imagine a co-worker who bad-talks a few of his co-workers then apologizes for it. That would make all his co-workers think if he's ever talked about them, and many would be upset with him. That would make for an uneasy work environment, would it not?

I hear many White people say they are tired of hearing about racism. But guess what: no one is more tired of hearing about racism than Black folk...and that's the truth!!!

Anonymous said...

THE MAN-FRIEND, I agree with everything you said. However, I hate word even MORE when Blacks take liberties in calling me "nigger", "my nigger", "what's up nigger?", "who the hell do you think you are? you ain't nothing but a nigger"

I find the most offensive people on the planet are my people. Also, the ones who have betrayed and hurt me in the most profound ways have been my own people.

So, I don't feel there will ever be unity because in all honesty I don't see where we just are that "trustworthy" whether they are politicians, pastors, civil rights leaders, community leaders, or just plain individual friends or family-- when it comes to supporting other.

Very FEW will NOT 'sell-out', but MOST WILL sell-out.

Anonymous said...

What is this obsession some on here have with the WM's allegedly small penis. How does the commenter know this?

The black man's allegedly large penis have not built any viable black civilizations in our present day. In addition, the black man's allegedly large member does not pay the rent, mortgage, car payment, college student loans or any other bills that matter.

So what good is the black man's allegedly large member in terms of what really matters which is the ability to provide, protect, produce and problem solve, things most black men don't do very well these days.

Anonymous said...

you nogs never use racist names for white people do you?how about your poster boy trayvon the thug who was shot by a white Hispanic,what ever the hell that is.old tray was a credit to his negro race and I a sure all of you nogs would want a son just like him and you probably do because of the exclent way you raise you spaun to be racist matter what you negroes say you are still I standard deviation below whitey. stupid negroes!!!

jacked UP jazz said...

Hey Field

I think Riley Cooper just created the latest cultural meme. Just think what could have been if it had been around when Mitt Romney got booed at that NAACP meeting.

Anonymous said...

".no matter what you negroes say you are still I standard deviation below whitey. stupid negroes!!!"

12:29 PM
By American Racial Standards(ARS), Asians are I standard deviation below whitey;

the Latinos are II standard deviation below whitey;

Blacks are III standards deviation below whitey. We are last, have always been last since the birth of America. Blacks know this, which why we treat each other as if we are last in the pecking order of human beings, and by extension, Americans.

Look at our black families, look at our black OOWs, look at our black-on- black crimes, look at our poor education, look at our poor financial condition, look at our 'state of mind', our lack of 'dignity', our lack of 'self-respect', look at how our kids dress, look at how we blame the wm for our ills...We are the very sick. We are the race who attacks people like Don Lemon, Bill Cosby, Bill O'Reilly and others who try to help.

Hell, we can't even have a 'truthful' conversation about our frightening condition even though it is slapping us in the face.

PilotX said...

Well at least you have to give it to
Riley, he does know his place. He said he would fight every n@@@er at a country music concert, hell who couldn't do that? Now if he's a real bad ass I dare him to say that shit at a rap concert. He aint a total fool. We had a drunk/crazy white guy on the el from the airport talking similar shit about how he would whoop anybody's ass, man me and the other brothas almost fell out when somebody suggested he talk that same shit on the red or green line. Even the crazy know where to draw the line.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 5:39 AM-

you are more than welcome. our exchange blesses both ways. edifying Him edifies all...the speaker and the listener.

i did get your message from before after you drew my attention to it. thank you for your kind words.

big mouth Afrikan from cuba-

'Life begins with Afrikan women and only survives via Afrikan man...'

really now?

Anon 12:24- yep. pretty much. wonder if anyone dares to address such basic truth?

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 1:52-

are you REALLY agreeing with the racist, wrong, genetically recessive, melanin deficient, people of the lie mutant?

Deuteronomy 28. read it and recognize the curses for disobedience. then know...the last shall be made first.

Genesis 15:13-14 and Acts 7:6-7

talking to devil+agreeing with lies=no bueno.

you may consider knocking that off...

Anonymous said...

Genesis 15:13-14
King James Version (KJV)
13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years;

14 And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. Gen15:13-14

Whoa. What else can I say except to stay busy doing what I 'should' be doing.

Deuteronomy 28 seems like a covenant or contract between God and a people. I say this because in the first couple of verses the word "if" I do certain things then God will do certain things to lead me out of this mess. However, "if" I don't, a curse, will ensue. That is, more suffering.

I will study this more, but I really don't see 'how' this is going to bring relief to our people, esp when very few are able to 'hear' the message.

field negro said...

"Yes, AB-it is a damn shame that Field can't bring himself to admit Obama is wrong about 'anything'. You may not know this, but Field is as 'amoral' as Obama..."

Hmmm, "amoral": neither moral nor immoral. Let me think about that.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 8:27pm-

'Deuteronomy 28 seems like a covenant or contract between God and a people.'

that is precisely what it is. understand that He is not a man that He should lie. so if He entered into an agreement with our people...only our disobedience voids it.

so...IF we set aside mammon, sex, and all other false idols...turn to Him and worship and trust ONLY He...we release the blessings. said differently...our people will do better when we do better. folks fight against the Truth to protect their favorite sins/lies. they would rather hold onto them (sin/lies) than Him. look @ our community and tell me i am lying...

keep in mind the dark forces need thousands of years to bring their plans into fruition.

Yah, Almighty, created ALL in six days...then rested. based on that alone... i will be keeping close to Him. He's got the goods;) eff the imposters and false/fallen light bearers.

in the Scripture you posted...notice Yah is speaking to Abram, BEFORE he was even Abraham. who are these people? who has been shipped to a strange land to be enslaved and entreated evilly for 400 years?

watch tv and one will think khazar descendants are they...not. worshipping converts with the seal of Solomon slapped on for good measure.

1) know yourself.

2) know your enemy.

this journey/battle is a spiritual one. it is not about what we see...but what He says. until we know what He says...there is no way to know the answer to #1 nor #2. you lament the conditions of a people that clearly know the answer to neither of these essential questions.

all things being related...go back to my resurrection post and read the definition of resurrection. the reveal of folks' lost/buried/hidden history---that's us, my friend. if one will shut out the noise and distractions. go to Him and ask Him to lead and show, i am a witness. He will blow your mind. folks waste time with fiction...wanna go for a wild ride? get with facts and Truth. it is substantially more far out than fiction.

folks have really got to want Him, though. by the time one wades through all the paganism/sun g-d worship added to 'religion'...seeking His face and following Him becomes full time, serious business. one can also recognize the devils that pop up and dare to speak wickedness and He reveals the spiritual realm that truly governs all that we see. rather folks want to believe or not.

this is how i recognized the slur hurling mutant. it is my pleasure to call them out and shine light on per usual, they scurry away. most devils are liars. they KNOW the Truth. the rest are ignorant dupes that need to grab a seat and speak less. 'superior' intellect on the strength of a deficiency and all.

the spirits are subject to us. we are not subject to them...we are MORE than conquerors in Him.

when folks have the proper will see Messiah, observed Passover and the other Hebrew feasts. this easter, Christmas trees and other madness is the paganism/baal that unleashes the curses of Deuteronomy 28.

Messiah came to fulfill the law and prophets. He did NOT come to start a new religion. the new covenant is for the gentiles that through their acceptance of Him, are now heirs to the promises of Abraham.

we are the people that rejected our Messiah. man...spend some time in OT and tell me you can't tell those are our people? i know when Adam tried to throw Eve under the bus...rather than protect her. lol. for real though...

Scriptures is our hidden history...this is why it was once illegal for us to read...Scriptures in particular.

Shabbath Shalom my friend.

focusedpurpose said...


bump immoral/amoral musings and apologize to Queen AB for your misrepresentation of the facts, already. you may want to apologize for the inference that she is too emotional to contend well with facts...particularly since that is what she posts daily at your blog.

her track record is actually better than yours my friend, as it relates to fact posting. you win hands down when it comes to jokes and excuse posting.

do you dare to apologize? considering she routinely brings a depth to your blog that would otherwise not exist...


Anonymous said...

FP, "Messiah came to fulfill the law and prophets. He did NOT come to start a new religion. the new covenant is for the gentiles that through their acceptance of Him, are now heirs to the promises of Abraham."

What is "the Law"? How did the Messiah fulfill the Law?

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 10:51pm-

the short answer for the law is there must be blood shed for the forgiveness of sins. (sin=disobedience to Yah Most High+ wages/payment due of sin=death)

religious long answer bottom lined- the first five books of the OT/Torah constitutes the law. one picks up quick all the blessings for obedience, curses for disobedience, and sacrifice mandated for forgiveness of sins.

the prophets told of Messiah-lamb of Yah, long before He came on the scene and how folks would know it was He. through the spilling of His blood, though He was blameless...salvation and redemption would come for mankind-for anyone who would believe, obey and follow Him. through His stripes all could be healed. He overcame and defeated death for once and for all when He died for all of our sins. (death=eternal separation from Yah) i love Him and it is my honor to tell of His goodness, mercy and grace...if we will only accept Him. repent. turn from sin. obey His Word and follow Him. He delights in blessing His. poverty is not in His nature. we don't have to compromise and serve mammon. we have been warned we cannot serve both. look around and argue with the Wisdom and Truth of His Word. the devil is a liar all day and STAYS busy...roaming. seeking who he can devour. in our disobedience there is no shortage of souls. look. see.

Messiah's coming fulfilled the law and the prophets. notice in Scriptures that He observed Passover (where did the egg laying bunny nonsense come from?) and the Hebrew feasts and festivals. kept the Sabbath, 7th day. i follow his example and speak His Truth on Sabbath. if healing and His Word can go all means is my understanding of His example as He walked the earth.

the OT is the law and prophecy. the NT is the fulfillment of the prophecy. they work together, not void nor contradict one another. when that happens, there is leavening in the bread. He will show you exactly what is added...and where to find what has been taken away.

the law highlights how falling short seems unavoidable for Adam and all of mankind. please note that the first day of biology you learn that ALL colors spring from black...not the reverse. white supremacy is a wicked lie designed to destroy...both Black and White people (duality) and all folks in between...our enemy HATES us...all. dividing us in all ways possible to conquer us all is the endgame wicked lost already game they play...all day. we can/must refuse to play along. we are MORE than conquerors in Him. the Word makes things real clear in Galatians 3:28.

inverted perverted knowledge does not profit mankind. the Scripture you posted earlier is also confirmed in Genesis 15:13-14. Scriptures works together...

the churches are not teaching the Truth because 'church' has become a brand/business and is geared, as all businesses, to be most profitable. telling folks the Truth will clear the room fast-folks WILL be taking their wallets and purses. lol. 'preachers/pastors', think Rev Al Sharpton or Rev Jesse Jackson or Rev Dr. MLK, will do and teach what is most profitable to them...

focusedpurpose said...

to be fair MLK, i can more forgive at this point. he paid dearly for his misguided allegiances. he also confessed his error by acknowledging he feared he was leading his people into a burning building...these other jokers, they are ruthless and refuse to quit. it is about their g-d mammon at all times.

we are Chosen to serve Him in a certain be His Light in this dark and dying world. the way He said He would put this together...there would be no doubt that it was He. those looking for a man to save the day do err for not knowing the Scriptures.

i have many thoughts on the subject...i will stop there and add His Face. call out to Him and He will answer. i am a witness.

folks can pretend the Scriptures are not real...but if one reads sees all the signs, symbols and wonders that accompany the last days. Messiah is scheduled to return...the gentiles are stomping around in Jerusalem like nobody's business, masquerading as Hebrews/us.

it is time to get our houses in order, individually and collectively and turn to Him to lead us through this spiritual battle.

our rejection of Messiah, allowed all others in for salvation if they will but believe. He is so merciful and always turns what the enemy meant to destroy for good...He definitely provides a way of escape. why anyone would use that rejection to hate...i will never understand. folks hate Hebrew imposters for their devilish behavior...if one will simply pay attention. nevertheless...we have a rich history and culture that goes back to antiquity. those folks described in Scriptures that would be enslaved and shipped to new of bondage.

much love Anon. wrote a similar comment earlier and it was erased. lol. hope this one makes it through...

focusedpurpose said...

oh! Anon-

the whoring churches that bow to mammon and the money changers/Psalm 83 crew are addressed in Revelation.

if the churches were teaching Truth, much of what we see would not be happening. instead the 'church' is infiltrated and focused on mammon in many cases...

Anonymous said...

FP, thank you for giving me some clarity on the LAW. I capitalize it because I equate the LAW with GOD. It seems to me that they are one and the same? excuse my ignorance, I'm still a neophyte. But my heart tells me they are the same if not closely related.

FP-"if the churches were teaching Truth, much of what we see would not be happening. instead the 'church' is infiltrated and focused on mammon in many cases..."

There is no doubt the churches are not houses of GOD. The ministers in the black community are such phonies I am surprised a bolt of lightening hasn't fried every last one of them, esp Rev Sharpton, and all of the mega-church leaders like Cleflo Dollar...also known in the black community as "Clep yo' Dollar". lol

Anonymous said...

FP, white privilege is certainly against Blacks and sees us consciously or unconsciously as less than them. On the other hand, there are so many Blacks that I don't trust that support white privilege, either consciously or unconsciously.

This adds up to the persistent evil of racism supported by a lot of Blacks in powerful positions and even some at the grass roots. Everywhere I look is fraught with the dangers of evil...very few are trustworthy these days. I hope I am wrong, but that's what I see today. I'm not trying to be negative, I'm just trying to see 'what is'.

I keep hoping Field will come around but I don't think so. The religion he followed at a young age left him empty of any possibility of the existence of GOD. Darkness is blinding , confusing and powerful. It's no wimpy adversary.

field negro said...

Anon@6:37 pm, with all due respect, I bet the religion I followed at a "young age" makes more sense than whatever religion u follow now.

BTW, is that what u do? Follow your religion? If it is, I sure hope it leads u to the right place.

Anonymous said...

Field, thank you. I hope the Path I am on leads me to the right place, too. Thus far, it's been self-evident that I am on the right Path. That is a blessing filled with grace.