Monday, October 27, 2014

There are no white people marching in Easton for Richie.

Richard Scheuermann chase"Field, why aren't you blogging about Richard Scheuermann? Is it because he is white?

What happened to him was not right"

I don't think that it was, and that's why I am blogging about Richie tonight.

It looks like he might have also lost his life because of poor police conduct and training. Something that is happening too often across this country.

Mr. Scheuermann's  life ended in Easton, Pennsylvania after a police chase. The officer who shot him to death has been placed on administrative leave and Richie's family is now planning his funeral.

I know a little bit about Northampton County, I have tried cases up in that area, and let's just say that I am not surprised by what took place.

When the story first broke it read like this:

"A man is dead after a police pursuit that touched at least four eastern Northampton County municipalities ended about 1:20 Friday morning with an officer-involved shooting at North 13th and Spring Garden streets in Easton, city police Chief Carl Scalzo Jr. and emergency radio reports say.
Scalzo would not say for what department the officer works. No one else was involved and the public is not at risk, Scalzo said.

Police did not say if the dead man had a weapon, but emergency dispatches said he cut his throat after crashing into a pole at the intersection.

No police officers were injured, Scalzo said.

"We are not going to release anything else at this time," Scalzo said just before 3 a.m. Wilson Borough's officer in charge at the crash said he had no information to add. Palmer Township police vehicles were also at the wreck.

As of 3 a.m., Easton police are heading the investigation, the chief said. Northampton County Coroner Zachary Lysek was not at the crash by that hour, police said.

The dead man, covered by 1:40 with a white sheet on the sidewalk of the northeast corner of the intersection, had possible gunshot wounds to the right side of his jaw and the side of his torso.
Gun shots and then yelling

Robert Peters, of 11th Street in Easton, said he was driving on Northampton Street past 13th Street when he heard the man's red Ford F350 pickup truck crash into a pole two blocks away and saw smoke. Peters said he parked his car around the corner and heard eight to 10 gunshots in rapid order."

We are learning now, of course, that the man was not armed, and that he might have been high from synthetic marijuana. (For the record, let me say as a Jamaican that I find the idea of fake collie weed offensive.) Richie was no angel, but should he have lost his life because the po po was pumped up after a high speed chase?

There will be no Al Sharptons or Jesse Jacksons for Richie, because he was not shot because of the color of his skin. But if his killing was not justifiable, it will be just as appalling as if he was killed because of his skin color.

"Field, why aren't white people marching in Easton for Richie?"

Because they still trust the system. There haven't been enough Richard Scheuermanns  just yet.    



PilotX:Freeing slaves from the Republican plantation since the 70's said...

I don't know man with all these anti-government types who think big brother is coming after them. Maybe paranoid blah and whites should come together.

Btw, I'll be in Philly next month.

Anonymous said...

Btw, I'll be in Philly next month.

11:27 PM
Don't bother to call Field, he doesn't meet up with brothers. I have tried several times when in Philly and Field brushes me off. Hell, the man won't even have a quick lunch at a hot dog vendor.

Maybe he'll meet up with Bill or Kinky?

Bill said...

"Field, why aren't white people marching in Easton for Richie?"
Because they still trust the system. They haven't been enough Richard Scheuermanns just yet.


Is that what your white friend told you?

focusedpurpose said...

"Richie was no angel, but should he have lost his life because the po po was pumped up after a high speed chase?"


it is the risk folk run. as stated previously when menfolk of other nations are wrong as two left shoes, folk do NOT make a practice of pretending like they have no clues.

this Truth could account for the lack of marches.

in a perfect world folk would be able to break all laws + raise all type of hail...only to sustain a slight scratch while being subdued + detained.

no one lives in that world.

white skin no longer pays the same dividends as days of old. THIS is what white folk have been shouting about. but folk are too busy shouting their point of view for US to hear each other. this is what the powers that be count on.

the police state is here and e'erbody got some comin'. folk BEEN getting it, Blessed Blacks just tend to focus only on what is happening to BM though.

+ white folk in greater numbers are much clearer on the police state, why + who. they are getting organized + prepared.

@Pilot X, you make a revolutionary point. IF folk came together and set aside petty differences/isms/distractions THAT would be to fight the Power.

other revolutionaries suggesting such a thing have lost their lives...

there IS a conspiracy to enslave humanity. when folk know what to look for, it is not even hidden in plain sight. it is just Right in plain sight.

the Good News=

Yah's people win. this is a Faith walk so it really doesn't matter what it looks like.

Blessings all!

Anonymous said...

I was under the impression that wild police car chases had been banned because they often ended up causing harm and/or damage to other people and vehicles. I may be wrong I would have to research that. Although it makes sense that high speed chases can be dangerous to innocent bystanders/passersby.

If the car crashed I would think they would give the man a chance to get out, even though in this case he was already dead.

That is a problem, there is no code of conduct and protocols for police to follow.

It seems they do whatever or rely on their instinct, gut feeling, adrenalin rush of the moment, or their 'color arousal' and bias.

Po-po gotta shape up!

field negro said...

Desert, they are.banned in Philly. Not sure about Easton, though.

PIlot, call me when u get here. Love to do lunch.

Bill, you are assuming that I have white friends. How very white of you. :)

Anonymous said...

It's obvious reading your drivel that any attempt to hold negroes to any standards of civilized behavior, morality or lawfulness is racism.

Anonymous said...

I bet Fields not such a bad guy..hopefully if im ever in Philly..we can get a cheese steak together.

Bill said...

field negro said...
Bill, you are assuming that I have white friends. How very white of you. :)

Not assuming. Although I do believe you probably have a lot of good friends of all colors shapes and sizes.

I was simply wondering why a black man was speaking for white people.

We all know how you feel about white people speaking for black people, you've made that very clear.

I can't blame democrats on this one, this is on you.

Double Standard? :)

Bill said...

field negro said...
Bill, you are assuming that I have white friends. How very white of you. :)

Not assuming. Although I do believe you probably have a lot of good friends of all colors shapes and sizes.

I was simply wondering why a black man was speaking for white people.

We all know how you feel about white people speaking for black people, you've made that very clear.

I can't blame democrats on this one, this is on you.

Double Standard? :)

Race is a divider said...

Lets drop this race bickering already. .jeez it wont ever solve anything.

Bill said...

This works for democrats...

“Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs”

Followed up by...

"Let me be absolutely clear about what I've been saying for a couple of decades: Our economy grows when businesses and entrepreneurs create good-paying jobs here in an America...

Democrat SOP.

Say one thing to their loyal base and then having to backtrack for the general population.

And lucky for democrat politicians, their loyal base accept the Democrat Double Speak in the hopes of democrat power.

Are democrats low information voters or low expectation voters?

field negro said...

Bill, that would be a fair assumption. :)

Anon@10:08, go back to bed. Your nurse will wake u at 5:00.

Anonymous said...

Are you speaking about the coming agenda 21 FP?

The slaving of Americans into fema camps?

white guy said...

Thanks for the non biased post Field

-white guy

Bill said...

How different the news is when the democrat talking points are off the table.

Washington School Shooter Remembered With Victims
They are all tributes to Jaylen Fryberg, the popular 15-year-old freshman who texted five friends to invite them to lunch Friday and then gunned them down at a table in the school's cafeteria.
While families or friends of shooting victims sometimes express sympathy or forgiveness for the perpetrators, the notion of a mass shooter being memorialized alongside his victims is unusual, experts say.

Not all school shooters are equal to democrats.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 3:32-

already addressed that before my friend. america invading america and putting americans to work. i forget the post at my house...

those that don't get with the new slave program are scheduled for termination. the police is only giving folk previews for how they plan to get down in full view, once martial law gets declared.

all of it is Right in our faces.

there is, of course, a spiritual aspect to it all as well.

yet, we bicker over what color folk are, gender, class, etc.

when at the end of the day, we are all human. THAT should be our focus.

much Love! back to work...

Anonymous said...

Black people shout "Hands up don't shoot" after a thug tries to kill a cop, steal his gun and gets shot charging him.

White people chant - Pant's up Don't loot.

Anonymous said...

Field said, "PIlot, call me when u get here. Love to do lunch."

You sob! I have asked for a lunch with you for years and you have not even given me the courtesy of a response. I always end up having lunch at the vendor outside the courthouse ALONE! This is bullshit! After 7 years on FN I deserve a lunch, you pot-headed-weed-smoking Jamaican.

You have no sense of fairness. Where the hell did you get your law degree, Wal-Mart?

focusedpurpose said...

@6:59pm- Black or White- folk still have lost their lives. no joking matter, really.

@7:28pm- LOL. you jokin', right? the vendor outside the courthouse...don't name call FN, meanie.

i needed that laugh. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Eye opening. Chicago Blacks go off on Democrats and Obama.

Go ahead call them Uncle Toms, I dare you.

Anonymous said...

"Not all school shooters are equal to democrats."

Man, you're such a slave to the wingnut media bloviators. Everything's got to be a conspiracy against poor, unfortunate, oppressed Republicans.

WTF do Democrats have to do with this story? It's not "Democrats" that are sharing fond memories of this school shooter -- it's his actual friends. The kid was popular.

I remarked a couple days ago that it was very unusual that the shooter was popular, because that's not the typical profile for a mass killer. Most mass killers are mentally disturbed social outcasts with free-floating anger at the whole world -- which is why they feel comfortable murdering random people.

The media aren't treating this kid in Washington differently from a white shooter because of his race. The kid simply WAS different from most school shooters, of any race, in terms of his high level of social function. And the media are accurately reporting on that noteworthy piece of information.

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

I remember back in '08 when everything was falling apart. Half the people I know where losing houses or jobs, or income from their jobs. I was sitting around the neighbor's garage exchanging sob stories with a few guys, when our host, a black man, interjected: "looks like we're all n-------s now."

Reminds me of what my dad used to say about race: "Whatever we do to "them", we'll end up doing to ourselves too."


Bill said...

Suspicious cyber activity at White House detected

About time the white house acknowledged it.

October 23, 2014
Something happening here?

A faithful reader who asks us to withhold his name informs us that he has reason to believe the computer network within the Executive Office of the President has been down for close to a week, and staff throughout the various components still lack basic access to their files (though many are now able to access e-mail and the Internet).

Things just keep falling apart under Obama.

focusedpurpose said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eye opening. Chicago Blacks go off on Democrats and Obama.

Go ahead call them Uncle Toms, I dare you.

7:43 PM


they are speaking of the BO/Clarence Thomas types that hold Blacks back.


folk ALWAYS want to fast forward to the poor Black folk in the hood.

i Love these brothas in the video.


ALL things hidden WILL be revealed. the souled out Black devil = Real. it is NOT about color but the Spirit...

wakey wakey Blessed Blacks.

if i told you all of this is written in Scriptures, would folk believe me? folk won't teach it on sun day but it is Right there written in a book.

Anon thanks for sharing that link.


full disclosure:

there are spirits over here that try to take what i say and use it to do harm to His People/my people.

please know:

+ just as soon as He tells me to have fun with it...

ya'll gone look like the dumb dog playing w/ sassy cat that don'


if folk ever seen it happen in Real life, folk already know dumb dogs require rescue/medical attention after a had enough, claws out, sassy cat whack.

folk with an ear best hear.

no sneak attack.

i think bickering over color = dumb.

racist devils that insist...

some of US will righteously bring it.

can you dig it?

when folk take what i say and wick it...

all wicked with it toward His people/my people.

THAT won't stand.

Blessings all!

focusedpurpose said...


i Love you.

do unto others...

the Big Payback is from the Heavenlies, my friend. the Wrath as written is merely lining up. it is a crime of the worse kind that the sons and daughters of Edom go to church on sun day. in this "Chr-stian" nation...


NO ONE will turn their high iqs + superior intellect to KJV Genesis 15:13-14 or KJV Acts 7:6-7 and go hmmmm? 'cause what's written should make the dimmest bulb go on + folk go hmmm?

THIS is why the qlbs tickle me.

THIS is why it is important to not get distracted by the color of folk.

ALL colors hail from Black.


how folk FEEL about that = their personal business.

there is a nation that ALL nations will gather to...

the other white folk, gentiles ALL day= NOT them.

many of that nation have no clue that they, too, have been lied to.

just as esau that knows they are gentile got it comin', as it is written. so does esau that likes to pretend they are Shemites, the Chosen Lights to give His Word/Law to the it is written.

which they are not.

just as Messiah, another Real Shemite called it.

folk are Chosen to share the Good News of His Word. NOT to treat humanity like sheeple to be a part of the fleeced/slave/slaughter herd.

it is written that those that think themselves higher + mightier than His Word WILL be put at His People's feet. those of US that make it through the nonstop press of these last days.

hold fast to our crowns= what we are to do.

His People = natural + spiritual branches. there is NO reason for any to perish.

to those that Love wicked racist lies will perish 'em...

the whole of the Law is to Love Yah + Love one another.

Real simple stuff, really.

the last few threads have been less hateful. hopefully this trend will continue:)

Blessings all!

Anonymous said...

dear brother field,
I am a black member of Anon Inc. I happen to know Kamau Bakari and I must tell you this Negro has a law degree from an accredited college in America. I won't go into the details about which school he graduated from because I don't want to give fertilizer for the racist skinheads on FN to tear the school down.

Anyway, and this is a little complicated, but in doing some research on Blacks who work and are friends of Bundy, it seems some of them might be related to the Bundy family unintentionally...In other words, by accident.

Furthermore, and this is where it really gets complicated, there are some Negroes living in Philly and Chicago who might be distant cousins. The killer about this is that 'dumb Negro' that you call Bakari not only has a relative in Philly, but the relative is male and Jamaican and has a law degree too!

I don't know who that might be but I would or WILL be surprised to find out that you are Bakari's Jamaican cousin.

This possibility has kept me doing some 'round the clock' research. I can hardly wait to find out....I'll let you know.

Anonymous said...

I am Richie Sceuermann Aunt We did march in Easton 11/25 but to stop police burlity
To help as a community to develop an organization to improve the relationship with police and community .
I am starting to believe now that its a conspiracy for lawyer,judges and police officials insurance company
It only cost public money tax dollars