Thursday, October 30, 2014

Why you shouldn't do blackface this Halloween.

Attendees of an "Africa-themed" birthday party (Facebook)Halloween is just one day away, so this is a good time to give my PSA about blackface costumes.

"It's no surprise at all that some of our fellow Americans dressed up (and dressed their children up!) like Ray and Janay Rice this month, or that they proudly shared their pictures on Instagram.
Of course they did.

In the weird world of adult Halloween, tackiness pegged to current events is the name of the game. So, this was as predictable as the availability of a "sexy Ebola nurse" getup.

Equally unsurprising: People from all corners of the internet agreed that the Rice costumes were, as Deadspin's Tom Ley put it, "the worst idea." Commenters didn't just criticize the insensitivity of the domestic abuse theme (Rice, of course, was kicked out of the NFL after he knocked his wife unconscious). They chastised the white revelers for painting their faces and bodies black to mimic the Rice's darker skin.

To some of us, it's obvious that wearing blackface is an offensive, bad idea.
People have even made very simple visual aids to communicate this.

But the public service announcements haven't worked. If this season's costumes are any indication, a giant gulf remains between people who understand that blackface is in bad taste, or are willing to defer to black people who tell them so, and people who are still asking "But why?" (You know, the ones who are thinking as they read this, "You say it's racist but I can tell you right now I'm not racist, so it's fine if I wear it! Come on, get over it! Stop with the political correctness! I don't understand how this is offensive! It's a joke!")

For the "why" crowd (and for anyone who feels moved to have a dialogue with one of its members), here's an explanation of what, exactly, is wrong with wearing blackface, on Halloween or ever:

Blackface is much more than just dark makeup used to enhance a costume.
Its American origins can be traced to minstrel shows. In the mid to late nineteenth century, white actors would routinely use black grease paint on their faces when depicting plantation slaves and free blacks on stage.

To be clear, these weren't flattering representations. At all. Taking place against the backdrop of a society that systematically mistreated and dehumanized black people, they were mocking portrayals that reinforced the idea that African-Americans were inferior in every way.
The blackface caricatures that were staples of Minstrelsy (think: Mammy, Uncle Tom, Buck, and Jezebel) took a firm hold in the American imagination, and carried over into other mediums of entertainment.

Blackface has also been seen in Vaudeville Shows and on Broadway. Yes, black actors sometimes wore blackface, too, because white audiences didn't want to see them on the stage without it.
We have blackface performances to thank for some of the cartoonish, dehumanizing tropes that still manage to make their way into American culture.

Beyond that, blackface and systematic social and political repression are so inextricably linked that, according to C. Vann Woodward's history The Strange Career of Jim Crow, the very term "Jim Crow" — usually used as shorthand for rigid anti-black segregation laws in force between the end of Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement -— derives from an 1832 blackface minstrel number by Thomas D. Rice.

There's no way around it: this particular costume choice has a terrible track record.

If respect for people who had to live through a time when blackface went hand-in-hand with day-to-day hateful and discriminatory treatment isn't enough to keep you from wearing it, consider this: there's a case to be made that it's tied up with some of America's worst racial dynamics.
David Leonard, chair of Washington State University's department of critical culture, gender, and race studies, explained it this way in his 2012 Huffington Post essay, "Just Say No To blackface: Neo Minstrelsy and the Power to Dehumanize":
Blackface is part of a history of dehumanization, of denied citizenship, and of efforts to excuse and justify state violence. From lynchings to mass incarceration, whites have utilized blackface (and the resulting dehumanization) as part of its moral and legal justification for violence. It is time to stop with the dismissive arguments those that describe these offensive acts as pranks, ignorance and youthful indiscretions. Blackface is never a neutral form of entertainment, but an incredibly loaded site for the production of damaging stereotypes...the same stereotypes that undergird individual and state violence, American racism, and a centuries worth of injustice.
See the connection?

He told Vox that, today, blackface reinforces the idea that black people are appropriate targets of ridicule and mockery and reminds us of stereotypes about black criminality, and danger. This, says Leonard, can serve to support implicit bias and discriminatory treatment and in areas from law enforcement to employment.

Plus, in a society that allegedly values racial integration, isn't there something unsettling about the idea that the closest thing to an actual black person at your party could be someone smeared with face paint and wearing an Afro wig? Leonard says this creates a false sense of diversity in at atmospheres that include "everything but the actual person, the community, and the culture." Does that sound like somewhere you'd be proud to be?

common refrain in defense of blackface is that it is all in good fun, a joke, harmless, or not done with the intent to bother anyone. Some have even gone farther. Reason's Thaddeus Russell wrote that the practice could be understood as a positive thing:
"We will likely never know what motivates contemporary blackface performers. But those who reject the beliefs planted in our culture by Puritans and Victorians might consider the possibility that, like the originators of the practice, they are joining a 200-year, unconscious struggle for freedom."

But here's the thing: not feeling racist when you're wearing blackface does nothing to change how it affects those who see it (and today, thanks to social media, that doesn't just mean your trick-or-treaters, or the guests at the party you attend — it means the world).

Your innermost thoughts don't change the impact blackface has on the people of all races around you, or the way it reinforces stereotypes and the idea that blackness is, at best, a joke.

"In many ways, one's intent is irrelevant," said Leonard. "The harm, whether it's harm in terms of eliciting anger, or sadness, or triggering various emotions or causing [black people to feel] both hyper-visible and invisible at the same time, is there. When someone says, 'I didn't mean it that way,' well, their real question should be not ‘Did I mean it?' but, ‘Am I causing harm?'
In "Just Say No to Blackface," Leonard wrote that some people feel they should have the option to live in ignorance about what's wrong with blackface. That itself, he argued, says a lot about how racism works:

"The ability to be ignorant, to be unaware of the history and consequences of racial bigotry, to simply do as one pleases, is a quintessential element of privilege. The ability to disparage, to demonize, to ridicule, and to engage in racially hurtful practices from the comfort of one's segregated neighborhoods and racially homogeneous schools reflects both privilege and power. The ability to blame others for being oversensitive, for playing the race card, or for making much ado about nothing are privileges codified structurally and culturally."

So, maybe you don't know anything about the history of minstrelsy, and maybe you don't know anything about the pain and trauma of living in a society that imagines blackness as comical or criminal.

That, according to Leonard, is the problem.

The question, to ask yourself if you claim ignorance is,  he said, "Why do you not know, and what have you done to make sure that you continue to not know?"

After all, embracing the chance to mock, dehumanize, and to dismiss the feelings and demands of others, all while re-imagining history so that only things you deem wrong are wrong, is a pretty great way to perpetuate a racist society that treats black people like crap.

Finally, if you really cannot understand what's wrong with with blackface, challenge yourself to figure out what seems so right about it.  Leonard suggests that blackface fans ask themselves, "Why do I derive pleasure from this? What's the investment in doing it, and what's the investment in defending it?"'

If you can't answer that, but you're still set on doing something predictably offensive, why don't you just go ahead and choose the sexy Ebola nurse outfit instead? [Source]

So there you have it. That is why you should not where a blackface costume this

Finally, I am glad that Eric Frein has been finally caught. It took hundreds of man hours, and millions of taxpayer dollars to bring in this alleged cop killer.

Of course he was brought in alive and without a scratch. (This is what white privilege can get you in America. Or at least that's what they are saying on black twitter.)

He is just lucky that he didn't end up like this guy.

But then.....


Anonymous said...

"Blackface is much more than just dark makeup used to enhance a costume.
Its American origins can be traced to minstrel shows. In the mid to late nineteenth century, white actors would routinely use black grease paint on their faces when depicting plantation slaves and free blacks on stage."

Brother Field, you failed to address the Blacks who support Whites who want to wear black faces and costumes.

You need to check with those weird ass uncle tommin Negroes in Oakland. Anything the wm wants to do that degrades the bm they are all for it.

Ask Doug in Oakland. Of course, if he is unable to handle the truth he will lie.

BTW, FOX has found some Negroes who support black faces for Halloween. Can you believe it?

Anonymous said...

O'Reilly agrees with Eric Holder re: the Ferguson Police. This proves the FACTOR is fair and balanced and not biased like the left.

Mr Field, you and some of your Negro disciples should take a page from the FACTOR, and be honest for a change.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with blackface, no more than any other kind of make up. I think it's hilarious.

Lighten up, and I'll darken up.

Yīshēng said...

I wonder what color sheet QLB is going to wear this year.......

Anonymous said...

If you're an adult and your Halloween costume this year is "black person," then the odds are that you're probably a racist and are unlikely to be swayed by a Vox explainer column informing you that racism is mean.

Just saying.

Anyway, after Halloween, it's on to the next blackface holiday: Christmas!

Well, at least that's how the holiday is celebrated in the Netherlands. The Dutch Santa does not have elves, as in the U.S., but instead has Moorish servants called Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) -- who are pretty universally portrayed by white folks in blackface.

This tradition wasn't created for the purpose of antagonizing black people, but I'd have to imagine it freaks out American blacks who happen to be overseas to view what looks like a festive Yuletide minstrel show.

Philly Cheesesteak said...

"The Dutch Santa does not have elves, as in the U.S., but instead has Moorish servants called Zwarte Piet (Black Pete)"

Man, I wish we could have gotten elves to pick our cotton.

focusedpurpose said...

FN that pic of Frein looks like he suffered some violence. so without a scratch= not so much.


let US not focus on race. let US instead cut to the chase...

look at the dates and know that this is Real. where do folk think all the missing folk go?


22 - 29 Sacrifice preparation: kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for human sacrifice.

28 - 30 Satanist high unholy days: Related to halloween. Human sacrifices.

31 All hallow's Eve (Halloween): One of the two most important nights of the year. Attempts are made to break the bond which is keeping the doors to the underworld closed. Blood and sexual rituals. Sexual association with demons. Animal and human sacrifice - male or female.

see more here:

get your kids and pets, folk. grown folk = m.i.a behind this "religion", too.

FN, it was nice of you to take the time to write a whole post 'bout why blackface= unacceptable.

though folk would think with superior intellect + high iqs folk would just get that.

you know, i bet decent Whites are ashamed of these folk.

Blessings all!

focusedpurpose said...

and since folk are fast forwarding to Chr-stmas. that season about trees with baals and all...

notice anything about the dates?


22 Summer Solstice: Animal and human sacrifices are made.

24 Demon revels: Male and female sacrifice.

25 Yuletide: Celebration of the birth of the sun as a young babe to the great goddess. The satanist's own birthday is very important. The satanist says: "Every man is a god if he chooses to recognise himself as one". (LaVey, the satanic bible).

Messiah was not born in December. not sure how folk got on that system. but ok.

those that lead US lead US...


Blessings all!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Dec 23?

When was the Messiah born if not in December?

What about the three wise men who followed the star in December?

FP, it seems to me that if the Messiah wasn't born in Dec 25, then that is a lie and it screws up everything.

What is perplexing is WHY hasn't this been explained over these 2000 years?

It just doesn't make sense.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon 1:00 am-

the feasts and times have been changed. this is written in Scriptures.

you know Easter= celebration of ishtar and bunnies don't lay eggs, right?

much has been lied about. from the history to the traditions.

those that benefit from the lies won't explain as you say. waking up the masses is the exact opposite of what they would like to happen.

though it is happening + will happen even more as the days continue to fly by...shortened time, as it is written.

if you get familiar with the noahide laws, you will see they got some more mischief to fool the masses with ..this, too, is written of in Scriptures when He/His Word says that serpent seed will frame mischief with man laws.

all of these days that have nothing to do with Scriptures = further fleecing of the so called goyim days.

an invitation to retail hail.

folk profit mightily from all the forbidden baal/idolatry.

HOW followers of Messiah or Chr-stians celebrate halloween is beyond me. why the birth day of Messiah- believed to be in September though no one can be certain- would be a consumer free-for-all has never made sense to me either. so Messiah's birth = shopping sprees? really? but then i tend to be too serious and think too much.


to each their own.

no judgment.

free will.

He put it on my heart to share, so i did. what folk do with the information is on them. i would not take another soul's word for it. nor do i expect anyone to take my word for it.


pray without ceasing for Him to show you.


all signs indicate now is high time for US all to do just this. there are soul thieves in the temple.

Blessings + Much Love!

focusedpurpose said...

reading leads me to believe that Messiah was born some time in September, to directly answer your question.

though the names of the days have even been changed. so again, there is no way to be sure.

it is suspect that devil worshipers and followers of Messiah are all on the same schedule. how can that be? then when i read that the synagogue of satan has Chr-stians unwittingly worshiping their father of lies. i can see all the signs. from the nonstop fleecing of the church as it relates to the occupied Promised Land, to the high h-ly days that are clearly baal laden according to what is written.

ancient babylon with it all in folks' faces:(

the Knowledge is being fiddled with...


but you know something?

dna has memory, so some things just won't fly and i can't explain how i know or why. but then i feel like i have been here before. it is quite the sensation when experiencing situations for what should be the first time.

hope that makes sense.

okey doke. done writing in the comment section of FN:) i have another post that should be going up at my house that got stuck...then when i come over here, thoughts are free flowing.



shut yo mouth!


Blessings to you in Abundance Anon. seek and ye shall find is NO lie. the churches are not teaching the Truth about much. hence the post. how would sons/daughters of Edom be so clueless if the Truth was going forth on sun day?

not to pick on Esau. there are lost Black folk that would join the klan if they could.


lost = lost. color is a mere side-note.

Anonymous said...

"Messiah was not born in December. not sure how folk got on that system. but ok."

Some Biblical scholars and historians have come to the conclusion that Jesus was actually born at a different time of year than December. Possibly in the spring.

I knew someone who used to sing a jokey lyric to his Christmas carols:

"God rest ye merry, gentlemen,
Let nothing you dismay
Remember Christ our savior
Was born sometime in May"

It is possible that Christmas is celebrated in December because that is when the Romans already celebrated the pagan holiday of the winter solstice, so Christians hijacked this holiday with some similar symbolism, and converted it to serve their own religion's needs. (The Roman holiday was named "Dies Natalis Solis Invicti" -- birth of the invincible sun god.)

Anonymous said...

"black twitter"....?

Is there a "black google"....???




Who are all these (I guess black) entreprenuers who built these infrastructures....and why do I only hear about it now?

Anonymous said...

Well Mr. Frein doesn't look like he has a scratch or one bruise on him! As the SNL church lady would sarcastically say "how special"

Certainly does not have six bullets with a couple to the apex of the head, which would show he was being shot at as he was on his knees and falling forward to the ground!

But oh well, maybe that was because in Mr. Browns case he didn't shoot one officer dead and left another one critically wounded and still in hospital? Ya think?

Or could it be?...nah....I dunno this bears looking into and analyzing... at the very least, no?

He left one officer dead and one critically wounded and still fighting for his life!!!

I also read that they cuffed him with the dead officers handcuffs as some sort of...tribute or justice, or something...Frankly I don't think the officer would have liked or wanted that, but that's just me...

My,my,my, I can't help wondering how it would have gone down if....oh let me stop...common knowledge!

field negro said...

Ok, so maybe a few "scratches". *WHISTLES AWAY*

Yīshēng said...

Common indeed PR.

PilotX:Freeing slaves from the Republican plantation since the 70's said...

One time a chick in blackface ws explaining how I was the real racist for being offended by her costume. So many clueless folks out there.

Bill said...

If you believe the democrat talking points...

Any day now white people will start rioting and supporting the non-violent Eric Frein being victimized by the government.

Democrat talking points are becoming myths.

Anonymous said...

"He is just lucky that he didn't end up like this guy."

Sad, but it's reality.

Thanks for the analogy.

field negro said...

"Non-violent Eric Frein"? Ok then. All he did was ambush and kill a police officer in cold blood.

I guess not all "non-violence" is created equal to Bill.

Anonymous said...

Yīshēng said...
Common indeed PR.
9:55 AM
Yup,Field and Yisheng! He's one of 'theirs'

señor kinky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

field negro said...
"Non-violent Eric Frein"? Ok then. All he did was ambush and kill a police officer in cold blood.
10:12 AM

Yup, a regular sweetheart that one!

and he would have shot them all,but he had to run. The rest were lucky.

Bill said...

field negro said...
"Non-violent Eric Frein"?

I was mocking the democrat talking point "gentle giant."

I guess not all "non-violence" is created equal to Bill.

You've been paying attention. :)

señor kinky said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
señor kinky said...

White folks need to better understand black sensitivity and black victimization.

So white folks can understand the myth of white privilege and why blacks feel so abused.

Not a scratch?

Sucks to get trapped in your hyperbole. Right field?

I can understand how the left is still smarting over the way their folk hero Christopher Dorner ended.

It's time to move on...

Anonymous said...

What I read in the news reports was that Mr. Frein was in an empty hangar
and that he gave up without any kind of a struggle.

He put his hands up and fell to his knees.and they cuffed him.

This is what I read today.Without a struggle of any kind. So I don't think there were scratches.

I don't know is if he also said "don't shoot"

And, I would remind all those in black face tonight, to please not walk down the middle of any street if they know what's good for them! and want to see another Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Kinky that link does not work. I tried it and no

field negro said...

Nothing kinky does works. :)

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
Nothing kinky does works. :)
12:00 PM

Ahahaha! I'm not gonna tough that with a ten foot pole! ;*D

You so bad!

focusedpurpose said...


if you stop with the left right bickering and LISTEN to what Dorner was trying to share...

he was addressing a decided US vs them mentality with quite a few police officers. then he proceeded to cite examples of abuse.

the way he handled his grievances = not the best route to take. but some folk don't choose to pray their way through isolation, manipulation, demonic efforts to crush folk spirits, and erase their income.

imagine if you stood up for justice...

then folk went out their way to jack your life up. how would you respond? Fein seems to be the flip side of the same frustrated coin. but then i don't have a great many deets. it just seems to me there is no need to denigrate Dorner to support Fein.

this madness plays into the hands of the spiritual enemy.

we do what we think we must, though.

folk that are willing to die for what they believe get a nod of respect from me. though taking out folk families = low blow, as it relates to Dorner. but then...

all is fair in Love and war, no?

@Anon 6:58am- not sure. so much has been perverted and hidden. these demons that are among US even now, are determined to take US-humanity- out.

so sending US back to May could be a devilish nod to May day. dig a little on that as time permits.

unwitting satanists. that's the condition of many.

there is no way to be certain of Messiah's birthday. folk are playing with the time and Knowledge. just some of the obvious get that forbidden baal away from me= what time it is for me.

other folk may act according to their free will.

i will pray for US all to get through this lie riddled maze/spiritual haze.

switching gears:

looking at the Fein pic posted here...

does anyone else see evidence of facial violence?

or is that just me?

killing folk = forbidden.

Truth be told, though, i don't feel greater grief for the fallen police.

murder is murder.

just as they don't currently get steeper penalties for the non stop abuses some of them reserve the right to commit. i can't get all up in arms when bold souls decide justice is in order. live by the sword die by the sword. brutal officers got it comin'.

bickering over left/right + color= dumb.

this is why the masters that no one can criticize call folk dumb goyim. we tend to spend a lot of time focusing on the distractions they present to US through their heavily manipulated, demon infiltrated media outlets.

when we have had enough...

we (humanity) will come out from under the bus.


Blessings all!

time to get to work...forgive any typos. moving quickly.

focusedpurpose said...


ps. the Romans changed the Sabbath.

the white man that Messiah could NOT have looked like usually has a sundial around his head...on purpose.

roads lead back to Rome...

i Believe Yah and His Word. when He Stands up and claps back at these demons...

it will be ON!

what is really wicked is they already know they are defeated. it is just about deceiving other folk that don't know...

during the monstrous soul snatch that is underway.

create a beautiful day...THAT'S my plan!

field negro said...

"Pole" . Pun intended?

Let me stop. :)

Joe Biden III said...

Hey Field, blackface can be a show of respect for a black person you admire, as in my tribute to Lootie, the face of Katrina:

Whose Your Daddy? said...

In case anyone hasn't figured out what happened to the black family (and soon too the white family), here you go:

Don't think this wasn't intentional.

Cultural Marxism will grind us all into the dirt.

Anonymous said...

field negro said...
"Pole" . Pun intended?
Let me stop. :)
2:17 PM

Weeell, I didn't wanna say it but, yeah, pun intended! :D

field negro said...

Joe, more time working on your physique and less on your racism and it will do wonders for your life there big guy.

Yīshēng said...

Looks like that arrogant (White) nurse in Maine has FINALLY eaten a slice of humble pie no doubt due to all the negative public back lash. And "Molly" will be forgiven of course.

Anyone other than me believes that the Black or Asian nurse infected with Ebola could NOT have acted in a similar way without being publicly lynched and physically assaulted?

Anonymous said...

FP-"not to pick on Esau. there are lost Black folk that would join the klan if they could."

Yes I agree. I encounter them more and more on a daily basis. They are especially prevalent in bay area. I have yet to meet an AA who likes who they are.

Being Black in Oakland is to hate being Black and folks take it out on each other. There is no trust among us. Mistrust is so toxic in black race that Blacks turn to Whites who hate Blacks for assurance and help.

We are in a fix called hell...I believe our people are on the brink of hopelessness. What else is there when you hate yourself and there is no God? Blog on FN?

Bill said...

When PBS is pointing out democrat hypocrisy....

SEN. KAY HAGAN (D-NC): North Carolina is this purple state, but I feel very good about where we are. I do think that this out of state money is something that I’m very disappointed in. But it is because of the Supreme Court –

GWEN IFILL, PBS: But you’ve benefited from it as well?

HAGAN: You know, I think no matter who gives money it should be disclosed and I think it should be transparent. I’ve got legislation in the Senate that would do just that. Thom Tillis doesn’t support that. We’ve got to let the American public know who is putting this money forward. If you think about it, you’ve got a handful of the wealthiest people in this country that are dictating what 350 million hear and see on TV and that’s wrong. To me, that’s not democracy.

IFILL: But as long as that money is coming from people who support you it’s okay?

HAGAN: You know, I certainly wish that we could have disclosed where people — where no matter who gives money the public knows and follows that. That’s why I support this bill.


The democrat wished she could do the right thing, IF only there was a law to force her.

Anonymous said...

My dear FP, thank you for the info re: the Messiah, his birth, and the holidays which are pagan holidays from the days of the Romans.

My, my. Roman has had an impact on the entire world. I really did not realize just how powerful they were. Considering we are celebrating false birthdays of the Messiah and probably others to 'please' a dead Rome of long ago is amazing.

But then again, Christians have been losing ground for centuries, to favor Rome....maybe a thousand years?

Makes me wonder about religion and what to believe about the Messiah. If they will change birth dates, what the Messiah looked like: 'White' with a perfectly trimmed beard and well-kept hair, with an expensive beautiful robe, and perfectly manicured fingers, with a gorgeous sundial glow around his head....

Well, if one buys into it, then white privilege began long before America.

Anonymous said...

FP, "@Anon 6:58am- not sure. so much has been perverted and hidden. these demons that are among US even now, are determined to take US-humanity- out.

so sending US back to May could be a devilish nod to May day. dig a little on that as time permits.

unwitting satanists. that's the condition of many.

there is no way to be certain of Messiah's birthday. folk are playing with the time and Knowledge. just some of the obvious get that forbidden baal away from me= what time it is for me.

other folk may act according to their free will.

i will pray for US all to get through this lie riddled maze/spiritual haze"

FP, thank you so much for responding to my questions. It gives me pause and helps me to question what is true and what is not. Your honesty and words of insight and wisdom lets me know that there is at least ONE spiritual warrior out there with faith and willing to put their life on the line for the HIS sake.

"Unwitting Satanists"...yep, that's what is happening to the human race and they are multiplying at a phenomenal rate...Maybe time IS speeding up. It sure feels that way to me. I am surprised so-called Science has not mentioned anything about it.

But then again, how could they without sounding a little religious and spiritual? That's a no-no in Science.

Funny thing about Science. It was born out of religion, an off-spring of religion against religion. I wonder if anyone has noticed that Science is wrong over 50% of the time?

Why? Because we humans are wrong most of the time.

As I age toward inevitable death I am coming to the conclusion that the human race knows very little but has the self-proclaimed arrogance to decide there is no God.

I love you, FP but disagree the Satanists have already lost the war. I mean, I just don't see it. Humans have too much proclivity to do bad and wrong things...they are too selfish and fearful to be otherwise. T forgot to add in "ignorance". When humans conclude that our existence is unknown but certain that there is no God,,,,that is not only ignorance, but arrogance and gambling with one's soul that there is No GOd.

Hmmmmm. I wonder which has the better odds of saving a soul? God or Powerball?

FP, peace and love to you. Thanks for coming to FN. This is the place the Word needs to be heard. It helps to shake up the followers of Lucifer..although it sure looks like Lucifer is holding his own in this war.

I hope and pray I am very very wrong.

field negro said...

Anon, please pray for me as well.

I am but a humble field Negro toiling in these fields of Babylon.

Anonymous said...

"I was mocking the democrat talking point "gentle giant."

Because to Bill walking in the street while Black and shooting cops is the same thing. It must hurt to be so stupid.

Anonymous said...

{"So white folks can understand the myth of white privilege and why blacks feel so abused."

Since Kinky is exposing so called myths maybe he can finally shoot down the knockout game BS.

Joe Biden III said...

field negro said...

Joe, more time working on your physique and less on your racism and it will do wonders for your life there big guy

Gaining weight for the role is part of my dedication to getting it right.

My racism is in tip-top shape.

Bill said...

Joe Biden III said...
Gaining weight for the role is part of my dedication to getting it right.

Tater Tots and mayonnaise?

focusedpurpose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
focusedpurpose said...


not sure how to read your comment.

so, suffice it to say:

thanks for sharing your thoughts.

those of US that seek Him/His Word will find Him and the Boldness to call things what they are.

the Truth doesn't change depending on who is listening or speaking. worrying about offending folk is keep the lies alive.

now folk know Good and well that the depictions of Messiah are the relatives of the white folk that rendered the images.

Messiah was a Blessed Black man. He was murdered. His image and teachings painted white. the book of Enoch was "lost" on purpose because it tells clearly what the devil looks like for Real.

the people Messiah came for won't help each other 'cause we prefer to emulate everything BUT the Good of other nations. we appear to have a love affair with the devil, too. look around.

despite all of this...

i Believer that Yah will turn this madness around.

there is an expiration date for all injustice on the earth. that's what's written.

this last sentence goes for the other Anon as well:

it is impossible to please Almighty Yah without Faith.

we that are with Him/His Word, walk by Faith...not by sight.

Blessings all!

focusedpurpose said...

forgive typos. too tired to correct. hope folk can get the point anyways.

Anon that is going by what you see...

flip to the back of the book. see who wins. you either Believe or you don't.

i Believe despite all i think i see.

Anonymous said...

FP, "it is impossible to please Almighty Yah without Faith.

we that are with Him/His Word, walk by Faith...not by sight."

Thanks for the reminder. What can I say? Sometimes I am too human, too fearful, too prideful, too angry and too full of racial attacks against Blacks that I forget that God is in charge, not me.

Following the Path of God has not been easy for me.

focusedpurpose said...

Anon @ 9:11pm-

it is not easy for me either. this Yah Path of Righteousness.

PLEASE know this.

know also: i am the LEAST likely candidate for Yah to choose to send with a message 'bout anything.

i like to do my own thing...

a LOT.

a loner to the 100th power.

i trashed a comment earlier that was the epitome of the OPPOSITE of a soft answer turns away wrath, earlier. it occurred to me that a week of hackery and other fawkery might be taking a toll on me/my temperament.

DAILY i do that which i do not want to do. even if only in my head. though today was a day that ish got said.

it is a source of soul perturbing frustration, really. then super Christians weigh in to add to my angst. i'm 'bout to tune them out.

for Real.

heathens i expect not to get it. since Messiah was kicking it with them and NOT the religious people, imma 'bout to be a mini Messiah on that tip. 'cause the religious program = most damaging head trip.

someone sent to my phone today the importance of Patience.

having it for oneself being key.

this walk/life/journey is NOT for the faint of heart.

the fact that you are self aware = more than 1/2 the battle.

i, too, sometimes REALLY am over Blessed Black people.

all people in fact.

i wonder aloud why Yah Loves US so.

then i dial it back with the Scripture written on my heart that informs that His Ways are higher than mine.

His Thoughts as well.

though i go boldly before His throne and make it known that if He could just put His foot on the justice accelerator and punch it one.Good.time...

that would be Great;)


He tells me to go sit down.


i Love Him so. the fact He hasn't reached out and hit me one Good time with His Mighty Get Right Power = Grace.

i am Grateful beyond measure.

focusedpurpose said...
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Anonymous said...

Why does it have to be offensive to wear brown makeup and go as a character I admire like Muhammad Ali for Halloween- how does one propose I should look or make myself up to be him? How about the movie WHITE CHIC's did anyone call them out for "WHITE FACE" ...oh please,...I am so tired of the crying about everything that a white person does if we even think about or mention a black person. It's time to get over the petty BS and start focusing on the real racial issues. What everyone doesn't realize is by crying over the things that are not really an issue the real ones get lost in the pettiness. Going out with make up on to look the part of a great person of color is not and should not be a racial problem, please people stop being victim all the time, be ok for once with a white person even thinking about a black person. It's getting old already and it's going to back fire!!!! I am going as the great Muhammad Ali and I am wearing brown make-up...and I am proud! Get over it.....