Friday, February 03, 2017

"Honest mistake"? Or just more "alternative facts"?

Image result for kellyanne lies images I want to stop blogging about Herr trump and his peeps, I really do, but how can I? I mean day after day it's just an abundance of gaffes and blunders coming from camp trump for us bloggers out here.

Sometimes they are serious, and sometimes they are just plain funny.

The latest and most obvious one comes from Baghdad Kelyanne and her claim right out of her "alternative facts" universe, that there was recently a massacre in Bowling Green, Kentucky, and that it was carried out by a couple of Iraqis.  How people can get on television night after night and just tell lies to millions of people with a straight face is beyond me. And probably the saddest part of this story is t hat the host at the time, Chris Matthews, did not even challenge her about her blatant lie.

It's one of those lies the trump people are so good at throwing out there and making it stick. This time, though, the truth was too easily verified for her to get away with it. (If there was a massacre there would be victims, right?) 

So now, because of all the ridicule and outrage, Kellyanne is walking back her lie. Of course she now claims that it was an "honest mistake", but we all know better. (At least most of us do.)

This is a good time to quote Justin Baragona.

"First off, this wasn’t an honest mistake. Not. At. All. Let’s revisit exactly what she said to Matthews: Obama placed a ban after “two Iraqis came here to this country, were radicalized and they were the masterminds behind the Bowling Green massacre.”

She didn’t misspeak. She didn’t screw up her words. She didn’t accidentally conflate two things. She deliberately said that two people came here, became radicalized, and then carried out an atrocity here in the States. This was purposeful. This was no accident. It was meant to cause another reality.
This has been the MO of the Trump team from the get go. Muddy the waters with “alternative facts” and create a collectively confused state of mind within the public at large. Make the mainstream media spend an inordinate amount of time covering and fact-checking these obviously untrue comments. Then let the following interviews with members of the Trump team focus quite a bit on the latest falsity, with the interviewee obfuscating, hitting back and generally complaining about the media’s emphasis on trivial things. Rinse. Repeat. "[Source]

It's actually brilliant if you can get away with it, and they have been doing that for months. 

But I suspect that if you work for Herr trump you have to be constantly defending him and his fragile ego.  It's so bad with the guy that his pal Howard Stern is worried about him. 

Here is a guy that picks a fight with a former actor and governor about a television show at a National Prayer Breakfast for crying out loud. That is just sick. And yet, he gets away with it, because we all just say that it's trump being trump.

Fortunately, it looks like his longtime doctor has given us some clues about what is going on.

"Trump's longtime doctor, Harold N. Bornstein, revealed some surprising facts about the president's health in a series of interviews with The New York Times.

He even shed some light on the president's hair. According to Bornstein, Trump takes a drug for the prevention of hair loss, called finasteride (marketed as Propecia).
"He has all his hair," Bornstein told the Times.

Finasteride was originally prescribed to treat enlarged prostates in men, before it was discovered that a side effect of the drug was an observed reduction of male pattern baldness.

It is now prescribed by dermatologists to treat male pattern baldness, and is one of only four treatments that can be used to combat the condition. This is only one piece of the puzzle when trying to understand the structure of Trump's hair, 

however. Hair surgeon Dr. William Yates has said that it's likely Trump's look can be attributed to an early version of hair transplant surgery, or an expensive weave.

According to Bornstein, Trump also takes a medication for rosacea, as well as one for elevated cholesterol and lipids. " [Source] 

OK, so no harm no foul. A lot of aging narcissistic men like Donald will do anything to keep their hair.

But then you read this:

"Donald Trump takes small doses of the drug finasteride to treat male pattern baldness, the president's former physician told the New York Times.

The drug has been associated with sexual dysfunction and depression.

The revelation that Trump uses a prostate-related drug to grow scalp hair appears to explain why Trump has a very low level of prostate specific antigen, or PSA, a marker sometimes used to diagnose prostate cancer, the Times reported after interviewing Dr. Harold N. Bornstein.
Bornstein, 69, credited the drug with helping him keep his own shoulder-length locks.
"[Trump] has all his hair," Bornstein said. "I have all my hair."

However the drug is associated with several negative side effects, including mental confusion and impotence" [Source]

Now this explains a lot. It all makes sense now.

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Oogly WW said...

KC is one ugly ass white woman!

Boogie oogly oogly said...

This heffa' is the epitome of alternative attractive!

Anonymous said...

I go with lie just like your boy from Cleveland.


Anonymous said...

PX never finished gestating because he got lost on his way from his mother's taint to her pouch.

Anonymous said...

Alternative intelligence^

dinthebeast said...

Tiny, petulant, and limp. And attempting the most massive buggering of the country and its citizens in history to try and compensate. Thanks, Comey. Your time is gonna come.

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Grow a pair Doug. You are a POS, but you can always change.

Brigade Fifteen said...

Best Kellyanne the Liar joke I've seen lately (from Twitter):

"Finding these Bowling Green Massacre jokes to be a little too soon. Out of respect, we should wait until it takes place."

Trump and his other fact-murdering lackey Spicer can't manage to avoid admitting that their Muslim ban is, in fact, exactly that. Even though they still want to pretend it's not a ban on Muslims.

Quoth The Donald: "If the ban were announced with a one week notice, the "bad" would rush into our country during that week. A lot of bad "dudes" out there!"

It is disturbing not only that our president is a vile racist and pathological liar, but also has no idea what quotation marks are for.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Muslims, and fuck faggots like Brigade Fifteen.

Brigade Fifteen said...

Just something interesting to think about: The Holocaust Museum in Washington posts a checklist of the "<a href=">Early Warning Signs of Fascism</a>." From where I'm sitting, Trump checks each and every box, as something that characterizes him and his henchmen or something he'd like to achieve, such as "controlled mass media" (see: Steve Bannon demanding the press should "keep its mouth shut.").

* Powerful and Continuing Nationalism

* Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights

* Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause

* Supremacy of the Military

* Rampant Sexism

* Controlled Mass Media

* Obsession with National Security

* Religion and Government are Intertwined

* Corporate Power is Protected

* Labor Power is Suppressed

* Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts

* Obsession with Crime and Punishment

* Rampant Cronyism and Corruption

* Fraudulent Elections

Brigade Fifteen said...

Early Warning Signs of Fascism

Brigade Fifteen said...

"KC is one ugly ass white woman!"

"This heffa' is the epitome of alternative attractive!"

I'm going with the theory that if you're ugly on the inside for long enough, you become ugly on the outside, too.

This would explain why evil Steve Bannon looks like an inflamed pustule on a hyena's anus.

dinthebeast said...

Well, considering her intended audience, just flat out making shit up on camera is sort of SOP.
It's the very successful Fox News/hate radio business model and social engineering program, which has manufactured an infinitely reprogrammable voting base not just willing to accept the brown firehose of lies they produce on a daily basis, but actually addicted to those lies to the point that they exhibit a horrendous withdrawal symptom in their absence which they will do almost anything, no matter how depraved, to avoid.
That symptom is, of course, thought, and they're not having any of it, because the minute they let that happen, they have to admit that their heroes are all using them and lying to them and that the dirty hippie liberals have been right about them all along, and no death or depravity could be worse for them than that, no matter how true or self evident it is.
So they line up for their buggering one more time.

-Doug in Oakland

Brigade Fifteen said...

P.S. Trump's doctor is a real weirdo who has provided practically zero information on the president's health, other than to say that fat 70-year-old Trump is the "healthiest person ever." So, um, when he claims Trump has all his own hair, we might want to take that with a grain of salt.

I mean, according to Dr. Bornstein, “[Trump] has all his hair. I have all my hair.” But on the subject of Bornstein's allegedly full head of hair, well, you decide.

random said...

Drumpf has united neo Nazis and Zionist pedophiles and is controlled by them just as Obama who as all presidents are selected. Obama was a Zionist puppet but with the albino racist rushing to die to fight and enemy created by the Zionist and willing bowing down before a crypto jew fuherer is predictable. Fool black people with hope fool albinos by appealing to their need for hate. World war 3 brought to you by a failed actor as world war 2 was brought by a failed painter also a khazar. Say tricks just updated for this generation of sheeple

It's Yīshēng, Stalking B*cthes said...

I guess PEEOTUS prefers his female employees "dress like women" so it's easier to "grab their pu$$ies"!!

Josh said...


* Powerful and Continuing Nationalism - Used to be called American pride until you progressive liberals started calling it racist, fascist xenophobia to actually take pride in your nation. You morons show more respect to literal Muslim theocracies than America. True story.

* Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights - Do what now? WTF... whose human rights is Trump denying?

* Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause - It's actually your side doing this, calling every single person not on your side a fascist Nazi, and sucker-punching them at random in the streets.

* Supremacy of the Military - Trump wants to get out of wars, not start them. You're thinking about Hillary and Obama's obsession with fighting Russia.

* Rampant Sexism - Right in the pussy! Sexism = right-wing male who's not a feminist. About as meaningless a label as "racism" these days.

* Controlled Mass Media - Dafuq? What's with this projection? Mainstream media was so in the tank for Clinton that you have them fucking admitting to it.

* Obsession with National Security - Obvious communist-created "fascist" list is obvious. ANY sovereign nation needs strong national security, you lunatics. Sovereignty needs to be protected.

* Religion and Government are Intertwined - Better speak to Muslim nations about this one. Doesn't fit America and hasn't for centuries.

* Corporate Power is Protected - Hillary was the biggest corporate shill in history, besides Obama. LOL

* Labor Power is Suppressed - Yep, communist-created list confirmed HARD! But, anyway, Trump's trying to bring jobs BACK to the US. Nonsensical.

* Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts - When the supposed "intellectuals" are the REAL fascists (just ask Winston Churchill), they should be disdained. And as far as the "arts" go, Hollywood has been campaigning against Trump and for Clinton for a long time. What's he supposed to do? Embrace them?

* Obsession with Crime and Punishment - Yeah, because laws are stooopid, duh! No nation needs a strong rule of law. Just look at Chicago and how they're a shining example for the entire world. Just think of how awesome it would be if the whole nation was just like that! Dumbasses who want to punish criminals. Makes me sick.

* Rampant Cronyism and Corruption - Again, this sounds more like Obama and Clinton.

* Fraudulent Elections - LOL! Pure projection. How many illegals voted Trump, I wonder?

The centipede has two hollow fangs and is quicker than it looks. Watch out. God Emperor Trump bites.


random said...

Left wing right wing same racist bird same master and a Goldman Sachs cabinet as well as all drumpf children are married to jews and have you noticed the air strikes, botched Yemen raid war is his business as an albino zombie with no life you should have ample time to find this out on your own

Flying Junior said...

Ms. Conway has some serious right-wing cred. I learned that her husband, George T. Conroy III served as a legal advisor to Paula Jones in her lawsuit against President Clinton. So these are some folks that were in on the ground floor when it came to the vile corruption of the republican party. Lies, innuendo, false facts, it's in her blood.

BTW, Kellyanne was cute enough as a young woman. She is physically fit. She is only fifty years old. She should be in her full flower as a beautiful woman. Instead, you see what time has done to her. Like a grotesque mask in a bad Twilight Zone episode, she has let her inherent choices of evil, deception and corruption to rob her of any semblance of beauty or feminine grace. I think she's twice as ugly as she was one year ago when she started working for the monster.

James Bold said...

"It's actually brilliant if you can get away with it, and they have been doing that for months."

As I write this, it is wee hours of February 4, 2017.  Trump has been in office for 10.5 days of January and a little over 3 days of February, a total of less than 2 weeks.  What are these "months" that Feeled is talking about again?

Oh, right... "black delusion" is a bookmark tag because it's so damn true and relevant.

Regarding the sentiment in the armed forces of the USA, I'll quote this from elsewhere:

"I have laughed at the idea of the military bombing US citizens because I found it more likely that my fellow airmen would stab the officer who dared give such an order than comply."

BRA is OVAH, and U niggaz is phukked; U just don't realize it yet.  Those of you who can get to Kingston, or Port-au-Prince, or Monrovia will escape the Wrath of the Awakened Saxon.  You will instead enjoy the resentment of your fellow Africans, something a large number of Tutsis would warn you about after their experience with Hutus.

I'd suggest painless ends of your own, but I can't think of any that your pitiful intellects could carry out without errors.

Princess Josh=Queen James said...

Wow, James and Josh stopped fucking each other long enough to post more stupid shit to expose how stupid white boys are.

Queen James is an idiot said...

Can someone remind me again in what mystical, magical, magistical world James has an IQ of 150?
150 IQ bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!

I bet even his butt buddy Josh doesn't believe that shit. Or do you? Josh, do you believe James has an IQ of 150?

Anonymous said...

When do you stop lying feelz? When have you ever "walked back" your alternative news and facts? Oh well, carry on.

mike from iowa said...

Barbie Goebbels was on fake news whining how Drumpf and his spokespeople aren't being accorded the respect she claims they deserve. Not only an ugly old hag, but clueless which apparently is a genet-ic flaw in wingnuts.

She did finally get one thing correct. There were two Iraqis that had slipped through the cracks. They were the reason the Obama administration re-vetted 58000 refugees in 2011- the revet wingnuts claimed was a 6 month ban on Iraqis. a blind squirrel occasionally can find a nut, Barbie Goebbels accidently got one piece of one story right.

mike from iowa said...

Lookee here who has been paid by George Soros- none other than Drumpfuck. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahaaha!

Manifest Density said...

The frequency of racist rants by the neuropeon is in inverse proportion to their status in "mainstream" society.

SmellyAnne Conway reminds me of the female gremlin Greta.

The Purple Cow said...

4th February 2017. Meters of wall built = 0

The Donald said...

4th February 2017. Meters of wall built = 0
Hey buddy, we use yards here!

mike from iowa said...

Dey done be a honest bone indat ugggggly woman's

Brat Drumpf is having a twitter conniption because a dumbass dubya appointed judge hurt his widdle fe-fes some more. Drumpf can't legally keep visa holders out of America because it is a violation of the executive order on executive orders and is clearly unconstitutional to genets.

mike from iowa said...

Manifest Density said...

....and his royal imperial travesty precedent don "the neon con" trump, reminds me of the mogwai Stripe, except Stripe didn't dye his hair.

Brigade Fifteen said...

"She did finally get one thing correct. There were two Iraqis that had slipped through the cracks. They were the reason the Obama administration re-vetted 58000 refugees in 2011- the revet wingnuts claimed was a 6 month ban on Iraqis. a blind squirrel occasionally can find a nut, Barbie Goebbels accidently got one piece of one story right."

I seriously doubt it was "accidentally" in this case. The most effective liars start with a kernel of truth. So two guys had been connected by some forensic evidence with some sort of violent extremism overseas, and she deliberately inflated that into an actual terrorist attack in America. There is no way you come up with the totally fictional "Bowling Green Massacre" by accident. That's not an "oops"; it is a lie.

Kellyanne the Liar simply figures, correctly, that the Trumpkins are too dumb to go looking for the truth. This is for their consumption and theirs only. If everyone else is outraged that she's spinning more tall tales, she doesn't give a fuck. It's ONLY about keeping the Trump fanboys on side.

mike from iowa said...

The Donald said...
4th February 2017. Meters of wall built = 0
Hey buddy, we use yards here!

10:22 AM

Hey, buddy-you need miles and miles of fence down there. One yard you won't get through, guaranteed, belongs to the Hunt family. dumbass dubya's effort had to make allowances for that open border. Bwahahahahaha!

Brigade Fifty said...

The essence of leftism is to shift the consequences of one’s sins off of oneself (or off of one’s underclass proxies), and onto an innocent third party, regardless of said party’s consent or lack thereof. Abortion arises from the same instinct which seeks to pay the improvident out of the confiscated coffers of the thrifty, or spare a mugger his deserved prison sentence at the expense of the general public’s safety. The leftist dreams of the Brave New World when “All men are paid for existing, and no man must pay for his sins”.

Notwithstanding the propaganda of the “Religious Left”, this bears no relationship to traditional Christian Charity, in which Bob willingly bears the consequences of Ted’s folly himself out of love for Ted. In leftism, by contrast, Bob forces Alice to pay for Ted’s sins, whether she wants to or not, then congratulates himself on his moral superiority over heartless and selfish skin-flints like Carol who objected to his scheme. Fulton Sheen used to refer to this disease as “False Compassion”, which is as good a summary of the character of leftism as I have ever heard.

Porter said...

It’s difficult for me to believe that liberals actually love their kids less. Though there’s enough evidence to make the effort fruitful. I think generally the right looks for politics that make a better life for their children, while the left looks for children that make a better life for their politics.

Anonymous said...

Listen to our fascist Presdient:

"We are a nation of immigrants.. but we are a nation of laws"

"Our nation is rightly disturbed by the large numbers of illegal aliens entering our country...

Illegal immigrants take jobs from citizens or legal immigrants, they impose burdens on our taxpayers...

That is why we are doubling the number of border guards, deporting more illegal immigrants than ever before, cracking down on illegal hiring, barring benefits to illegal aliens, and we will do more to speed the deportation of illegal immigrants arrest for crimes...

It is wrong and ultimately self-defeating for a nation of immigrants to permit the kind of abuse of our immigration laws that has occurred in the last few years.. and we must do more to stop it."

Bill Clinto SOTU address, 1996

Anonymous said...

kellyanne is hot!!

mike from iowa said...

Here is one thing Drumpf can honestly lay claim to-

7. George Orwell’s “1984” sales jump 9,500 percent

mike from iowa said...

Porter said...
It’s difficult for me to believe that liberals actually love their kids less. Though there’s enough evidence to make the effort fruitful. I think generally the right looks for politics that make a better life for their children, while the left looks for children that make a better life for their politics.

Porker sez wingnuts forcing babies to be born, then not wanting them to have food or clothing or shelter or insurance or education until such age they become cannon fodder for right wing illegal wars or they are old enough to be executed whether the black ones are guilty or not. You care so much for them kids.

mike from iowa said...

Kellyanne is burning in hell for lying. Of course she is hot.

mike from iowa said...

Well, in fact, Kelleyanne was right: THERE REALLY WAS A BOWLING GREEN MASSACRE.

September 3, 2016
Ohio State Buckeyes — 77
Bowling Green Falcons — 10

No word on radical Muslim terrorist deaths.

Brigade Fifteen said...

Critics charge that Trump is looting the country to enrich his friends. Trump counters that he's looting the country to enrich his friends.

Brigade Fifteen said...

New Yorkers gather for a mock vigil in Manhattan for victims of the "Bowling Green Massacre."

Oh the humanity ...

Hopefully, a crowdfunding site will be created so that wingnuts can give generously to the loved ones of the victims of this terrible tragedy. It's the decent thing to do.

Anonymous said...

@Brigade Fifteen year old: Try pulling your panties out of your twat.

dinthebeast said...


-Doug in Oakland

Brigade Fifteen said...


-Doug in Oakland"


Someone should make that sign for real and post it outside the White House.

Fake News Update said...

This weeks fake news roundup:

Uhleekh M'Baahles said...

Turns out those "Russian Hackers" might have been the Pakistani IT guys the democrats in congress hired who just got arrested:

Well, well, well.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Caller huh? Yawn

Anonymous said...

President Trump looks like he is stepping in it. He tweeted that he ordered a travel ban while his ministry of disinformation said it wasn't. I guess we're not properly indictrinated yet. Back to room 101.
On another note why the need for so many executive orders? Doesn't the President's party control congress? Does he not trust his party?


James Bold said...

<Black thought process>

Obviously, when we do it, it's an honest mistake.  But when Kellyanne Conway confuses Bowling Green with the San Bernardino massacre, or the Ft. Hood massacre, or the Orlando Pulse massacre, or the Boston Marathon massacre, or the Chattanooga massacre, or the Little Rock almost-massacre, it's obviously malicious.  Because White people never screw up.

</Black thought process>

"Trump and his other fact-murdering lackey Spicer can't manage to avoid admitting that their Muslim ban is, in fact, exactly that."

So when did President Trump ban French, British, Indonesian, etc. Muslims from entering the US again?

If all the countries with active terrorist movements are Muslim countries, whose fault is that?  You obviously think it's the President's.  I'd love to hear how you think he did it.  It would be even more entertaining than the usual word-salad psychobabble around here.

And faced with the man putting forth 1000% effort to make good his campaign promises, he fumes:

"our president is a vile racist and pathological liar"

Black people ALWAYS project.  B15's entire list of "signs of fascism" actually applies to Obozo/Clinton (esp. re: corruption, media sycophancy and voting fraud), not Trump.  This is part of why this blog is so funny.

Josh and James are bitches said...

No keyboard warrior, white assholes like yourself project shit onto other people but with such a low IQ you can't figure that out. BTW when are you going to mount that gun on the back of your pickup with no wheels and start your race war? Oh that's right, NEVER! You'll just sit around with your girlfriend Josh and make hollow threats online. You're a joke.

Bring it bitches said...

Here's some more lunacy from Josh
"Kek help you undermanned, undertrained, low-IQ buffoons if those on Trump's side ever start fighting back. It will not be pretty. "

Because like James' dumb ass Josh thinks only dimwitted white males have weapons. If they try this shit they'll find out the what's what. If you guys don't believe me try that dumb shit and let's get it started or are all you white racist types typical keyboard warriors?

Josh is a racist bitch said...

I guess Josh finally brough her sheet out of the closet and let her full racist flag fly after years of her saying she was not a racist. Purple Cow was right about her all the time.

mike from iowa said...

James Bold wah, freaking, wah! I'm much too bwilliant to waste my talents here. At least the darkies are friendly here. Outside they might be mean to me. Oh whatever shall I do?

Pay Up, Suckers said...

The federal judge in Seattle who blocked the executive order banning travelers from seven predominately Muslim countries might've been responding to something specific: The motion argued Trump's executive order had been harmful because it impacted major tech companies in the state of Washington, including Microsoft.

From the motion: Washington's technology industry relies heavily on the H-1B visa program. Nationwide, Washington ranks ninth in the number of applications for high-tech visas. Microsoft, which is headquartered in Washington, employs nearly 5,000 people through the program. Other Washington companies, including Amazon, Expedia, and Starbucks, employ thousands of H-1B visa holders. Loss of highly skilled workers puts Washington companies at a competitive disadvantage with global competitors.

It was in response to the motion from Washington that the judge ultimately ruled that "the States have met their burden of demonstrating that they face immediate and irreparable injury as a result of signing and implementation of the Executive Order," citing its harm on the state's public universities -- and on its tax base. And Attorney General Bob Ferguson told GeekWire that he gave some credit for the judge's ruling to the declarations of support filed by Amazon and Expedia which specifically say that "Microsoft's U.S. workforce is heavily dependent on immigrants and guest workers. At least 76 employees at Microsoft are citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, or Yemen and hold U.S. temporary work visas."

Once again, your masters have their puppets dancing on string. Your mouths say civil rights for Muslims, but the music says cheap labor for billionaires.

James is a bitch said...

James is a fucking moron. Just like his ilk they only target old women in church because they know what time it will be if they try some shit on the rest of us. We're in the military, we're in police forces, we're in all kinds of positions to pick off the James Bitches of the world. Wanna see? Just try it bitch! But we know you won't because you are such a bitch! You and Josh? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Both of you girls would have broomsticks shoved up so far, wait a minute, you two pansies might enjoy that.

Josh is an ugly bitch said...

Is Kellyanne Conway an example of how white women are so much more attractive than women of color according to Josh? Ewwwwww. I bet Josh looks just like her stringy headed nasty ass. Nah, I'll keep Gabrielle Union and you can keep those skinny hag looking bitches. Yuck!

Josh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mike from iowa said...

This is phunny- The public disapproves of Trump's ban on muslims entering the country (the most controversial of his executive orders). By a 22 point margin (57% to 35%), they believe the ban goes against the founding principles of the country. They also don't think christianity should be given preference over other religions by a whopping 80 point margin (88% to 8%).

Approval for Drumpf is exactly split between the 2 parties. 84% of wingnuts approve. 84% of Dems disapprove.

Josh said...


eat shit loser said...

dumbass from iowa said...
This is phunny- The public disapproves of Trump's ban on muslims entering the country (

WRONG: Americans APPROVE of ban 57% to 33%!

dinthebeast said...

So Kellyanne, that massacre, it didn't happen to be on Saturday night did it?

-Doug in Oakland

Anonymous said...

Wow Doug.

Field Negress said...

Malcolm X's daughter and granddaughter charged with stealing and abusing pit bulls:

Daniel said...

The courts are literally taking Democrat policies and codifying them into law. There is now a right to become a refugee. The judiciary is irremediably broken. Our immigration is out of control. The two together will destroy this nation.

mike from iowa said...

The public disapproves of Trump's ban on muslims entering the country (the most controversial of his executive orders). By a 22 point margin (57% to 35%), they believe the ban goes against the founding principles of the country. They also don't think christianity should be given preference over other religions by a whopping 80 point margin (88% to 8%).

They also don't want any new Supreme Court justice to vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade by a 24 point margin (54% to 30%).

Trump is trying to make good on some promises he made to his right-wing supporters during the campaign -- but it is turning a majority of the country against him.

The charts above are from a new CBS News Poll -- done on February 1st and 2nd of a random national sample of 1,019 adults, with a margin of error of 4 points.

Josh said...

Sadly, these polls were never conducted when it was Obama banning refugees. Not a single progressive here ever even knew about it. You've all been cramming ever since, soaking up MM and HuffPo and CNN and copying them verbatim to tell us all how it's different "because reasons."

And you can see why social science is a bunch of pure bullshit. People honestly frame the question as "Muslim ban" and then act like it's about hating Trump that a majority of Americans don't agree with banning people based on religious grounds. LOL

The question should be, "Do you agree with temporarily halting visitors to America from nations who support and fund terrorists?"

But, no. The next honest progressive will be the first.

Brigade Fifteen said...

"The courts are literally taking Democrat policies and codifying them into law. There is now a right to become a refugee. The judiciary is irremediably broken. Our immigration is out of control. The two together will destroy this nation."

Idiot. There has been a right to be a refugee for a long time, based on our having signed international treaties, which have the effect of law.

Such as, say, the 1951 Refugee Convention That treaty's only been around for, oh, six decades.

The fact you don't know what civil liberties are and think it's perfectly fine to shit on anyone brown or non-Christian, and are thus shocked and dismayed when you prevented from doing so, only proves you are both racist AND ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Trump and his cult followers don't merely live in a world of "Alternative Facts."

They live in an Alternate Reality.

A really scary Twilight Zone-style Alt. Reality for the Alt. Right.

James Bold said...

"BTW when are you going to mount that gun on the back of your pickup with no wheels and start your race war?"

The race war is already on.  Has been since the "long hot summers" of the 60's.

Baltimore was a battle in the race war.  Ferguson, a battle before that.  The various TNB justified with "justice for Trayvon", skirmishes before that.

You were trying to injure and kill White people.  Why?  Because you hate.  What you didn't notice is that you were destroying every shred of moral authority which got you the Civil Rights Act of 1965 and what followed.

The majority of America no longer sees you as victims deserving compensation.  We see you as spoiled brats at best, and understand that many of you are outright criminals.  Our well of sympathy for the "poor, downtrodden African" is dry.  YOU drained it.

The last battle in the race war was fought 11/8/2016, at the ballot box.  You lost big.

The face of Washington is changing.  The key position is Attorney General, who heads the DOJ and through it the FBI.  That is where almost all of your defenses are.  Were.  Those defenses are being bulldozed as I write this.

The NEXT time you act out like Baltimore or Ferguson, watch out.  Nobody has your back anymore.  And, unlike noopid stiggers like yourself, the likes of me don't have to go into your territory looking for trouble.  You bring it to us.  When we shoot your asses off it will be with the full backing of a DOJ Civil Rights Division that supports White victims of racist Blacks.

And then when you riot because your homies came home from their raid in body bags, we can either put down your riot (with more body bags) or just withdraw civilization and proceed straight to the endgame.

BTW, there's a Caterpillar backhoe parked in a field maybe a mile from where I'm sitting now.  It hasn't moved in a week.  If we needed a mass grave here, we could have one on a day's notice.  Sleep on that.

Is James a Bitch? said...

Sleep in what? The fact that you've been here for years and you've done ezactly what? Let's see, other than sucking Josh's pussy I can see nothing discernable on your part. I mean you "claim"to be able to put up 100K, which of course only your dimwitted gurlfriend actually believes but what else you got? You certainly don't have an IQ of 150, spuuuuugh, sorry couldn't help but laugh. How about this James, if you don't start your little war within a week then you will forever be known as a bitch just like all the other fake ass white "warriors". Soooooo, are you going to get your big tough ass off Josh's couch and do something this week or just be a bitch? (100K says continue to be a bitch)

Anonymous said...

Kellyanne is the golden girl.She knows how to read the landscape and get people elected.

She proved all the "experts" wrong."They" know she has the gift to read people and play a better chess game.

progressives got kicked so hard in the balls they are still gobsmacked!!

mike from iowa said...

Hames needs to start digging a grave by hand. That is the only type job Drumpf and his give the wealth to the wealthy band of robbers will leave behind. James, Josh and Porker can sniffle as they lay to rest the shattered dreams of voting for a fucking moron like Drumpf. Bwahahahahaha....hey wait a minute, these bitches be taking us down with them. Now that ain't phunny!

Anonymous said...

Fuck James!

mike from iowa said...

Ain't no doubt- Barbie Goebbels is uglier than nine miles of rough road. Inside and out.

mike from iowa said...

Drumpf precedential approval rating lowest since the YIWB-1953

And Frederick Gouglass is still doing good work and getting talked about.

mike from iowa said...

Stolen from Madd Magazine back in the 60s (if memory serves)

I gotta right to rub her out
She's gotta right to moan and sigh
I gotta right to rub her out
and throw her in the river

She was my true love Kellyanne(Emmylou in the original)
I thought she walked with style and grace
but anyone with such a face
belongs down in the river.


James Bold said...

"I mean you "claim"to be able to put up 100K, which of course only your dimwitted gurlfriend actually believes"

How much do you want to bet that I can't write a personal check for that much right now?  Post your GPG public encryption key as proof of identity and let's do this.

"but what else you got?"

Wouldn't you just love to know?

"Soooooo, are you going to get your big tough ass off Josh's couch and do something this week"

You tell someone over and over again that THEY are going to do something to establish the casus belli (because they always do, it's just a matter of when and where)... and he demands to know when I am going to do something.  Complete incomprehension.

On the other hand, riling you dimwits up can only bring that day closer.  So this action you're looking for?  You're looking at it.  You just don't understand what you're seeing.

mike from iowa said...

I can make my dick at least twice as long as yours by folding it in half and then folding it in half again.

James Bold said...

tl;dr version:  "muh dik".  You are a living, mouth-breathing stereotype.

field negro said...

Hey James, when the race war starts, will I still be able to get thin crust pizza pies from my Sicilian brothers? Or will they be on the white side?

field negro said...
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James Bold said...

The race war has been cold-to-lukewarm since the 60's.  Should it go hot, you won't have to worry about ordering pizzas; you'll either be in Jamaica, or worrying about how you'll get to the airport without having your head shot off.

This is what you want White people to worry about.  Turnabout is fair play.

field negro said...

Pretty sure I will make it to the airport without getting my "head shot off". And the airport is actually far away from my house.

You wingnuts and your delusions are hysterical.😂

Anonymous said...

You'll think we're delusional, until Your Skin Is Your Uniform and Shit Gets Real.  At that point you won't get out alive without at least one change of underwear.

But that's the way you wanted it.