Thursday, July 19, 2007

Michelle Malkin the lier! (or "liar" for woozie)

Michelle Malkin and her right wing loony friends are all liers! Here is why:

Remember the story of Air Force Senior Airman, Jonathan Schrieken, who was shot in the driveway of his Willingboro New Jersey home by a man named Matthew Marren? If you don't, you probably don't read right wing blogs or listen to right wing talk radio. This case became a cause celebre for all the "wingnuts" from California to Maine. They declared that Schrieken was shot by an anti war nut who wanted to kill a military person on the 4th of July. They based their Twilight Zone worthy assumptions on a note that was found in his car, and an aunt who said that the shooter wanted to make a statement on Independence Day. They went on to lambaste and excoriate the New York Times, and the main stream media (God I hate that phrase) for burying the story. And Malkin, the forked tongue one (literally...think about it) declared: "Now imagine the scenario flipped. What if a soldier had attempted to murder a peace activist over the holidays in order to make a statement?" This ignoramus went on to declare in her post; that if this happened, "the Times would be holding a front page vigil, and Katie Couric's brow would be furrowed for a week,"

Now, as it turns out, the right wing spoke a little too fast. Here are some facts: The shooter did not know Matthew Marren from the man on the moon, and he certainly did not know that he was in the military. (Schrieken was not in uniform when he was shot)The Prosecutor in the case said that; "Marren's final words were rambling, and there was no mention of the military, the war in Iraq, or the victim being a soldier." The Prosecutor went on to say that it was an act of "random violence."

Not good enough for Ms. Thing and her crazy ass crew of right wing nut jobs. God forbid some guy with mental problems just decides to shoot a stranger at random, and then take his own life. Nope, Malkin and her ilk had to create something, they had to stir up more division, and create an anti war bogeymen when there really was none.

"Turns out the guy left a couple of suicide notes stating how much he hated the military and he wanted to go out making a statement, so he chose to make his statement on Independence Day trying to kill a soldier." Michelle, that's a lie, and you know it.

This is one of those times when I hate the fact that this blog is not more popular, because tonight I am calling out Michelle Malkin, and unfortunately, she won't even know it. If she did, she would know that I dare her to back up all the statements she made about this case, and to debate me on its issues and merits-we can do it over the net or in person, I think I could stand to look at her for a few minutes; just a few- I dare her to prove the ignorant and nescient statements she made on her blog, and to back up her sky is falling bullshit with some facts.
But it won't happen, because Michelle and her wingnut friends will be chowing down on crow for the next few weeks. And I guess it's kind of hard to debate someone if you have a big ass crow stuck in your mouth.


we saw that... said...

great post FN

DivineLavender said...

Dayum...I was here yesterday and the count was four more! Dang!

We saw that;....your image is frightening.....I need to click off! Those eyes....the same...


Jose said...

This is good. What's funny is that even if you get accredited fact-checkers to prove your argument, the right wingers still find a way to say "that's wrong" (that's a f9/11 reference :-P)

anyways, good post, good sir ...

Villager said...

Your blog is more popular than you know. I'm sure that she is aware that you called her out. She won't acknowledge it. No ratings in it for her.

Stay strong Field!

Miss Profe said...

Well, Field, this is the same woman who believes that we should re-instate the internment camps of WW2. Has she looked in the mirror, lately? She herself would have been placed in one of those camps.

Thank you for calling Michelle out.

field negro said...

divine, actually about two of those killings happened since my last post.(I told you I can't keep up) And according to one local paper it's actually 227. Hey man, we are in crisis mode here.

BTW, I love we saw that's logo. Keep looking at it; it keeps changing from the "frat boy" to the fuhrer. Funny ass stuff!

Thanks Jose! And Villager, there would be ratings if she embarrassed some obscure afrosphere blogger. But you and I both know this would never happen ;)

miss profe, I remember that declaration from Ms. Thing.Only in America I guess.

djtyg said...

Funny that the right makes this shit up but ignores the real right-winged terrorism being waged on our own soil by white supremists and violent anti-abortion groups.

They should try policing their own shit for a change.

Denise said...

Has she looked in the mirror, lately? She herself would have been placed in one of those camps.

She has a white spouse which, for her, translates into "honorary white" status.

Same for Dinesh D'Sousza, Clarence Thomas, Tiger Woods... In other words: THEY TRIPPIN'

:: eye roll::

Kahnee said...

Great post.

we saw that... said...

heh heh thanks divine.

as far as getting these peoples attention -- we've found that the best way to get someones attention whether its a politician, big company etc is to post something about them -- because they all have google and yahoo etc news alerts set to their names so they get an email alert within minutes of a blog posting.

we've noticed this over and over again.

Woozie said...

What's a lier?

field negro said...

Ok wise guy woozie, you caught that. Yes I just added an R to lie insead of of liar (the correct spelling)but hang with me on that will ya. It's one of those words like "coonization" that just flows out when I am writing.

If you want I will amend the title just for you :)

field negro said...

OK woozie you are in my title now because of your prim and proper ways. (Geeez the readers of this blog are getting way too sophisticated, no more "Urban Dictionary" uses allowed I guess)

I don't want any other English majors freaking out on me :0

dc_speaks said...

um...great post field.

i loved it.

Christopher Chambers said...

We'll get the word out...

Connecticut Man 1 said...

"This is one of those times when I hate the fact that this blog is not more popular,"

I hate to be the one to break it to you Field, but your traffic is on a steep upward climb month after month...

Don't sell yourself short. You might be surprised at some of the "BIGGER BLOGS" that are reading you. :)

field negro said...

Thanks Ct.Man, for showing me love over on some of the popular liberal blogs.

Don't think I don't see you.

BTW, and I going to have to put you and some of my other white friends into "whiteness protection"? It seems some of your fellow citizens in the majority don't appreciate you posting over here.

But don't worry, we have your back :)

Hey Chris, I know you are the man down in D.C., can't you make that debate between me and Malkin happen?

-=Topper=- said...

I think you'll like this field.

One of my better psp works. But as far as Malkintwit, O'really, Limbo, and the ilk, what more do they have.

Lies is all they have. They can't tell the truth. That would be against the Fuhrer and you can't have that.

I love your sidebar poster of Fox news. A no spin zone? It's all they can do.

As for Michele she hasn't matured beyond the age of 18.


Myclette the Cocoa Goddess said...

Didn't you know? Being a popular, ultra-conservative, female journalist (and I use the term lightly) isn't about writing about the boring truth, it's about who can stir up the most controversy. They report about as many facts as Jayson Blair did in his heyday.

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