Monday, July 02, 2007

No soap on a string for Scooter!

"I have concluded that the prison sentence given to Mr. Libby is excessive. Therefore, I am commuting the portion of Mr. Libby's sentence that required him to spend thirty months in prison."

And with those words the frat boy commuted the sentence of PRISONER# 28301-016 also known as I Lewis Scooter Libby. So Scooter won't be going to jail after all. God forbid a wealthy white man who rubbed elbows with those in the powerful inner circle of Washington D.C. would go to....agh! Jail! I mean every one knows that jail is a place for real lawbreakers, and not those of Scooter's ilk. So he lied under oath, and participated in secret schemes which cost over 3,400 American young men their lives. Why should these little indiscretions cause this good man to go to jail? Hasn't he and his family suffered enough? I guess the frat boy was just waiting for the Federal Appeals Court to shoot down Scooter's latest appeal and make that 30 month prison sentence inevitable. Hey George, what happened to all those pronouncements about what would happen to people in your administration who broke the law? "Well field, Scooter still has to pay $250,000 and serve two years probation doesn't he." Yes a real dent to the pocket book. Give me a break; old Scooter will raise that money in about a week from his rich Republican friends and cronies. If you had bet that Paris Hilton would go to jail and Scooter wouldn't, then please shoot me an e-mail, I actually know a bookie or two.

"Others point out that a jury of citizens weighed all the evidence and listened to all the testimony and found Mr. Libby guilty of perjury and obstructing justice. They argue, correctly, that our entire system of justice relies on people telling the truth. And if a person does not tell the truth, particularly if he serves in government and holds the public trust, he must be held accountable."

Yes but what is a jury of citizens to you frat boy? The rule of law obviously means nothing to you and your peeps. You smear a CIA agent, trample on the Constitution, and even form a fourth branch of government right under our eyes. And still we do nothing. Honestly folks, when will outrage begin? When are people of conscience in this country going to rise up and say; enough!

And I am not talking about the phony ass Democrats on Capital Hill, like Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. We know they have to show faux outrage, and issue all the right statements with the perfectly placed talking points. I am talking about everyday people who just shrug their shoulders and say; "oh that's just George being George. Yes he is a f**k up, but he is our President and we are at war, so we have to support him". Well that's bullshit, and I guarantee you that we might not think the behaviour of these corrupt and unconscionable people might have an effect on us, but it does. Don't for a minute think that these thugs out here on these streets can't read the news and see what's going on. How do you tell them to stop breaking the law when they see it being broken in the most powerful office in our country with no consequence? When you try to talk to these kids they throw that shit right back at you. They tell you straight up how stacked the justice system is against certain people, and how certain people will always have a get out of jail free card at their disposal. They will tell you how these people will continue to do unlawful shit because,well, this is America, and everybody breaks the law in America. Some people are just more slick when they get their gangster on, and they have a frat boy getting their back.

But I will give it to the frat boy, he has big ones. I mean way to shake your dick at the American people there George. Hey, what the hell, they already don't like you, how much lower can your polls go. That's the way to sure up your base, and throw them a bone. And I must admit; it's a smart move on Karl Rove's part. Now all those Republican candidates won't have to answer that embarrassing pardon Scooter Libby question anymore. As the Guinness guys would say; Brilliant!


Anonymous said...

Somehow, this news missed me today at work. And boy was I pissed off when I got back to my comfy house after ahard day of work to be slapped with such utter bullcrap. I'm outraged! And that's putting it mildly.

I'm a Texas girl. I remember all the people that George allowed to die on death row, just because he supposedly believed that the opinions of the jury should be respected and supported by the leadership of the state. This man is in-freaking-credible!

This further supports my claim that George and his boys helped their buddy Ken escape going to prison. While I'm work, going through a load of bullcrap, Ken is lying up on some beach, laughing at all of our silly butts for thinking he died in Colorado.

I can't believe this. I know I shouldn't be shocked. But I didn't expect this.


Anonymous said...

This is OT, but I wanted to share this outrageous story with you guys. Brace yourself.


Anonymous said...

anything is possible under this administration! Really...should we be surprised?

AKA Lynn

justice58 said...


This is an outrage!

This Administration thinks it's above the law. Libby's commute is a slap in the face of the court system. This was the plan of this Administration from the very beginning.

Respect for the courts....they laugh in our face!

tAnYeTTa said...

i am not surprised at all. i also suspect there will be more of this foolishness coming up real soon. stay tuned!!!!!!!!!! *sigh*

-=Topper=- said...

There are people in this country, maybe too many, that refer to themselves as 'centrist'.

People that reside in this land called 'nowhere' live at the intersection of here and now with no regard to the future.

I know of one personally that is stationed in Iraq, he thinks of himself as dislocated and detached.

Frankly I would be livid to be where he is. But to be him, no thought process what so ever, how wonderful it must be. By the way, he is also one of those "I don't see color" types.

these centrists, they truly are the reason this nation is in the condition it is in.

They don't care but then again, they have no conscience.


field negro said...

Yeah I guess like all of you I am not surprised, but still....hey our fellow citizens elected these clowns twice. We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

Angie, you make a good point about the state of Texas, and all those people that they put to death under King George- Some of them probably innocent.And he commutes a 30 month prison sentence for his boy.


Denise said...

Call me crazy, but I don't see the President's intervention as an 'attaboy reward to Libby. On the contrary, Libby has Team Bush by the nutz.

I think he forced a POTUS intervention in exchange for not disclosing the juicy details of the MOUNTAIN of OTHA dirt he knows.

That said, the intervention is completely messed up, especially when one considers the plight of the young brotha in serving time in Georgia for RECEIVING oral sex. The political bus toss by that Sambo AG should never be forgotten.

Libby is a different type of playa. You don't get to his level being nice or fair or none of that. He ain't fallin' on the sword for nobody!

Consider this - the tremendous damage Bush is getting for his invention is apparently a lot less than what would follow if dude were to start running his mouth.
And if that wasn't the case, you can believe, Libby's ass would be on his way to the slammer AND NO ONE WOULD CARE!

I'm not applauding this mess at all, but I understand what it is.

Christopher Chambers said...

Folks, the major GOP candidates aren;t saying shit in public as of now. Even they need time to absorb this. Hillary can't open her mouth due to her hubby's pardon baggage. But here's the chance for our boy Obama to truly shine and grow the fangs we all want him to bare. But alas, he's too busy smiling and being "hopeful." I done with him until he grows the pair he's going to need to do battle with these scumbags.

The kicker in this whole thing--I knew Patrick Fitzgerald at Princeton. He was ahead of me but we had mutual friends. He is a good dude. He's also Republican. So is Judge Reggie Walton--trained by Daddy Bush. I've met the brother. He's more a Bill Coleman/Colin Powell type than anything close to your girlfriend Amy Holmes...but he's still a GOP loyal soldier. Now, imaginehow these m-fs feel this morning? Multiply that by a million and you'll see tha while this energizes the "base" of morons, it's going to tip more intelligent Republicans and independents farther away, and make it that much more difficult for dicks like Fred Thompson to get them back.

And back to Barack--black folks are super-united on this issue. Be a goodtime to jump in and ride that with US in particular. Yet again, dude and Michelle are busy being celebs.

I personally have summoned Optimus Prime and the Autobots to come down to DC and stick some metal feet in some asses, as Barack, nancy, Harry Reid & Crew can't seem to do it, and our noble Congressional Black Caucus is busy hanging with lobbyists and cronies whn not doing their usual--nothing.

natural muze said...

i think denise made a good point. for bush to be taking all of this flack for his interference, libby must really have him by the balls.

i am disappointed in myself for being surprised though. i have to step up my cynicism a bit!

Eddie G. Griffin said...

Please remember, they extol "the rule of law" when they discipline black children for so-called crimes where there are no victims, and a minor misdemeanor can be inflated into a felony, like in the case of ShaQuanda Cotton, the teenager sentenced up to 7 years for pushing a school hall monitor. Now we see sabotage against public's confidence that the US government will be honest and truthful with them. A slap in the face? Or, a good dose of reality?

NSangoma said...

Eddie G. Griffin,

Where ShaQuanda Cotton daddy at?

Would you want ShaQuanda Cotton attending school with your children?

Would you want ShaQuanda Cotton in the same classrooms as your children?

Anonymous said...

Kudos on your latest article. This Republican crony sure got let off the hook. It just goes to show how the upper class and those with cash (white or black) benefit from the huge disparities in penalties between the white collar crimes and those not. Many victimless crimes (such as selling a dime bag for the second time) get way harsher treatment than the obviously more egregious Libby nonsense. It made me think of the Chris Rock's skit where a crack dealer was treated just like a white collar criminal would be under the circumstances. (The police called his house and asked him when he wanted to come in and think they asked him what he wanted to eat). It highlighted the absurdity of it all. It just goes to show that this isnt a government run by the people for the people because we all know that when the people have it our way these guys will get slammed in the court system. Because we people with common sense know that the punishment should fit the crime.

One more thing Field, Its nice to find your blog. I agree with many of the things you have to say but I find some of your assertions way over the top. I think you try to hard to look for a racism cause to too many of the issues facing this country. Oh, and one more thing. With regard to this Cutts guy, you said "America already let one black guy go free, they arent going to do it again." I dont think "America" let him go. I think that a racist jury did. Of the deciding jury, there was only one white. There were eight black women alone. Another interesting point about that was when the verdict was read, one juror (black male) stood up and made a fist to celebrate "black power." So, if the make up of the Bobby Cutts jury is similar, I bet everything that he walks. Im surprised that you didnt factor in the power of "the jury of your peers" card, especially as a lawyer. Is it because you are loath to admit that racism isnt just a white problem?

mark said...

"Oh, and one more thing. With regard to this Cutts guy, you said "America already let one black guy go free, they arent going to do it again." I dont think "America" let him go. I think that a racist jury did. Of the deciding jury, there was only one white. There were eight black women alone"

mark bey: My man first all I am black and I think OJ should burn in hell, if bobby cutts is guilty he should burn in hell as well. Also The black jury that you called racist were americans, selected to preside over the trail by an american justice system so its not fair to imply that OJ was let off of the hook. Oj got the same treatment thousands of whiteboys got for killing black folk.

Also the prosecution f#cked that case up and gave it to OJ on a silver platter.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...


It's time someone slapped the Boy King senseless and allow him to feel the feeling of true hopelessness.

Just like he's been making us experience it for the last seven years.

There IS A GOD. He may administer justice in ways we haven't even considered yet.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Denise, thanks for pointing out the fact the Scooter could have taken a lot of Bush Cartel with him if they'd let him go to jail.

John Dean didn't fall on his sword, either; when he realized Nixon was going to let him take the rap for Watergate, his first statement was, "Get me to a phone, I'm calling Sam Irvin and make a deal!"

Libby would have done the exact same thing, and they couldn't have had him killed for it, either, because if they had, there would be more stink to it than Fred Thompson's Aqua Velva cologne.

This may be the straw that breaks this camel's back.

But then again, I've thought that about the leak when it first happened, and Rove has managed to duck indictments on this, email shredding, politicizing the Justice Department, Halliburton - you name it.

Christopher Chambers said...

Mark--yep. That OJjury was basically walking through an door opened by inept prosecutors and a pub seeking judge, and the verdict was a f*ck you to white America. Had nothing to do with the case.

The right wing bloggers aare saying the Libby jury was some sort of marion Barry clone group. More bullshit. They weren't. And as I said, Fitzgerald is a Republican, and so's Reggie Walton (though that brother's rethinking that now--I hve it on good authority).
If no crime's been committed then the White House should have no problem with releasing requested info and the interviews with Dubya and Cheney, right?

By the way I stand by my Obama dig, and I did steal the Rove photo for my blog.

Interesting point about ShaQuanda Cotton. I'll be a douchebag and say yeah, without more info I guess i wouldn't want her to be in class with my kids. I need the Drop Squad. hahahah

Liz said...

Yeah, put the Jena Six into jail but let Scooter Libby walk...happy Independence Day everyone. But the truth will come out somehow. Folks can't keep secrets in our society. It's the impact of tabloids. Everybody's looking for the latest scoop and someone's going to sell George and Cheney out one of these days. (We hope)

By the way, thanks for making me the blog you're feeling. Trust me, the admiration is mutual!

rikyrah said...

Pissed,but not surprised.

Denise is indeed right.

Scooter singing one stanza meant that a WHOLE lot of folk WOULD BE GOING TO JAIL.

That much is clear.

I'm through with Impeach Bush.



fairlane said...

"This Administration thinks it's above the law."

Justice 58,

They don't "think" they're above the law, they are above the law.

The one time a Bush crony is going to be held accountable and the Fuck Commutes his sentence. You know he's going to Pardon him before it's all over.

What else is left for them to do?

Illegal war, illegal wiretapping and monitoring of citizens, constant violations of the Constitution. I could spend a week listing crap.

It's like we have the fucking Mob running the country.

Shit, I don't even know what else to say about this administration. Straight up Criminals.

Anonymous said...

If I were the parent of a schoolmate of ShaQuanda Cotton, I might not be completely pleased with her being in my kid's class. I'm not sure. However, I would definitely not want my kid to be in the same classroom with the white girl who burned her family's house down- and was given probation by the same judge who sentenced Cotton.

Anthony Redmon said...

Field you have hit the nail on the head again. It seems I get more accurate news from your site that in all the "faux" news stations combined. Keep preaching brother, because we as a people, black and white, need to wake up and smell the bullshit that is glued under our noses. Our voices and our opinions do count, it just takes unity to get them all heard.

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