Monday, July 23, 2007

Since I am speaking for all black folks

I hereby declare that OJ, Michael Vick, and Mike Tyson ware all innocent of whatever crimes they were charged with committing. And the Duke lacrosse players really did rape that girl, and Bill Clinton did not have sex with that woman... and, well, you get the picture.

Please listen up white folks, I do not speak for all black people, so please stop sending me e-mails about the shit I write and equating whatever I say to world wide black thought! The shit is flattering but trust me, there is quite a medley of black thoughts and ideas out here besides my own.

Now don't get me wrong; I wouldn't mind being the official spokes person for black folks that you would trot out there on CNN and FOX NOISE every night--- lord knows we could use some new ones. But I really don't think my views would be a true representation of the Negro in America. For instance, I know that most black folks are good church going Christians; while I am not sure if there really is a big guy up there playing puppet master with our every move. And if he is up there, does he want us organizing into different teams like the f*****g NFL? I just don't know. I think most black people really love America and consider themselves a part of it. Me, on the other hand, would just as soon open up the borders to the South and North of us, and make this bitch the United States of North America. Yep, world citizen, that's me. I live here, but I think the shit that happens at the UN is just as important as the shit that goes on in Washington. And I love the whole Declaration of Independence thing, but I just can't get over the fact that the people who wrote it weren't quite practicing what they were preaching if you get my drift.

So I hope I made myself clear; when I write I write about the shit I see, and the way I view the world; not as your typical Negro in America. And I suspect that if you were to read the writings from some of these wonderful black blogs on my blogroll, you would get some fascinating perspectives from each of the individuals writing in them as well. I think that these individuals would all tell you the exact same thing; that they are not speaking for an entire race of people. So my advise to you would be to engage them as individuals, listen to their concerns, and take it from there.


fairlane said...

Shit, and I was going to ask you about my black neighbor.

I guess what you're saying is I actually have to talk to them?

There's no 1-800 number or anything I can call?

Let me be the first to apologize on behalf of white people for their rampant ignorance.

If I knew how to stop them I would, but most of them think I'm crazy, and at this point maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Nick Stump said...

Well, you know me by now. I ain't apologizing for nobody but me and my sins are great. What I do know is you have written a powerful statement that should be read by anyone with a heartbeat. Please continue.

CapCity said...

Dayum, well I guess I better stop sending people here when they want to hear MY opinion. LOL! This is funny! But, the sad thing IS most of us get this in our work-places...

field negro said...

fairlane and Nick, I think you two actually DO talk to black people, so where you both are concerned, I am probably preaching to the white members of the choir. But thanks anyway.

"capcity", if your opinions are like mine, I can't believe that you actually have a job :)

LOL at your comments :)

Jose said...


Dude, when I saw the words "field negro" on the top of your blog, i knew you were speaking for all of us black (black latinos as well) people like me. How dare you question whether you speak for all of us or not. Oh man.

While you're at it, can we discuss reparations? Redlining? Decreasing school standards? The negative effects of hip-hop on America's youth? No? OK, just asking.



mark said...

I co-sign with capcity and Jose I have never ever, ever gotten upset or disagreed with you that is because me and you share all of the exact same oppinions as me.

In fact I even agree with you that FRAnk Sinatra is one of the ten best male singers of all time. Wellllllllllll maybe not on Old Blue eyes and he singing ability.

But other than Frank Sinatra we agree on 100% all of the time. Continue to speak for me field that way I can sit on my butt and do nothing.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, it's always easier for white people to over generalize statements made by an African-American as the monolithic thought of all African-Americans, and it frustrates the hell out of them when we won't allow it.

Keep it up, brotha. You wouldn't be doing your job as a blogger if you didn't say stuff guaranteed to piss off those of us not in the know.

Cluizel said...

"And if he is up there, does he want us organizing into different teams like the f*****g NFL? I just don't know."

I like that...

Natalie said...

As a Black blogger who isn't a "Black blogger" I really like this piece. Blogs are a place to just say whatever we want and whatever we are thinking about. You write a post or two about "issues" and people suddenly want you to speak for an entire people. It's crazy.

Kahnee said...

Great Post. I really do wish you were the rep of the entire Black race. Then it would be guarunteed that most of our Black kids would go to school. And BET would show some decent *hit, and the percentage of Black women raising their kids alone would be dramatically reduced. **Sigh**

west coast story said...

The interesting thing about this is that white people who say we all think alike and "one speaks for all" would be insulted by the suggestion that the opinions of any and all other white people represent them. It's a kind of racsim that sees us not as people with indidvidual values and belief systems. How unbelievably ignorant. The older I get, the less tolerance I have for such stupidity. When are people who think like this going to get a clue? And I bet they consider themselves "progressives."

Anonymous said...

This post does to white people what you are saying white are doing to you. You say, "listen up white folks..." as though all white folks think you speak for all black folks and I am white and do not think that at all. A handful of emails does not equal the entire white population.

Myclette the Cocoa Goddess said...

What? Are you saying you're tired of being marginalized? How dare you!

The Humanity Critic said...

I feel you, I'm tired of being the voice of black america to all the white people I know..

Woozie said...

My friend, Mr. O'Reilly told me that-a negroes like yourselfs was my liberal hippy scum voice. Since Massa Murdoch don't let me use the computuh, you gots to speak for me.

-Concerned House Negro

west coast story said...

Anonymous, your response is exactly why I don't post on white websites or blogs. I never said ALL white people. I'm the one who has spent most of my life being marginalized. It is INFURIATING how you can make this somehow a case of you being victimized.

I said white people who say, blah, blah. I said white people who think like that, blah, blah. I'm tired of that reactionary crap. And I'm not going to be nice about it because I know what I said and I did not indict all white people. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary. time for a break from the internet. I come here because it's a refuge from that same old tiresome horse manure and here you come.

field negro said...

"This post does to white people what you are saying white are doing to you.."

Yes you are right.....bad field Negro :)

"West coast story" you have to thicken your skin and move on. You comments are far too valuable to lose because of your frustrations.

Anonymous said...


White folks can't seem to shake the O.J. Simpson issue no matter how hard they try! Of course there going to write you with complaint about him, they're still no over the shyte. I was reading about the recent tragedy in which a prominent physician's family was slain in a robbery, and several of the posters some how wrote in and started claiming about O.J. Simpson...go figure? Even with Robert Blake, Phil Spector, Chris Benoit, and etc., they can't shake the juice and feel that all black americans support that sorry KNEEGROW.

Anonymous said...

ahhh, sorry for the typos!! SMILE

X. Dell said...

Brilliantly said.

justice58 said...


Speak your mind. I'm listening & I love it.

Nick Stump said...

I like coming here. There is a real discussion on race. My eyes were opened many years ago, but I find I need to see more and read more and read this blog with the same regularity I read white blogs. I forget when I read Kos that I'm reading a predominately white blog.

It hit me last night, that if white people had the same percentage of their young men incarcerated as does the black community, I would be declaring revolution. These are real problems in America and though those black men in prison are perceived to be a black problem, it's my problem too and it grieves me that this county that has always claimed to be such a great country is lost and until we can solve this problem.

How do we move on to single payer insurance. How can we talk about economic justice when justice at it's most basic is unavailable to such a large percentage of our people? How can we even discuss immigration when we have not dealt with our own people who came to these shores in slaves ships, in a sick forced immigration.

Sometimes, I shudder a bit when I hear the words whitey or white people said with the vehemence I read here. If positions were reversed, I would be even more angry. But that's OK, I can adjust my comfort zone, for there is much here for me to see.

I'm living in a nice house with a good woman. I've spent my life playing music and writing, the very two things I dreamed of doing all my life. Those opportunities did not fall in my lap--I had to work hard for them. But how many are there out there with different skin than me, have those same opportunity?

I do know one thing. When I build my blog to sell my little books and records, I will link to this and other black blogs, something that would have never occurred to me before. I want other white people to get out of their comfort zone.

I did some work with the Jim Webb campaign in Virgina in 06. I'm glad to see Webb talking about incarceration now, and seeing him talking about economic justice. I think many white people never think about it because it's not happening to them.

I'm a hillbilly from Eastern Kentucky. I can't make a claim for all hillbillies, but I can say a good percentage of my fellow Appalachians have experienced some of the same injustice Field talks about here. It's not the same. Hillbilly can pass for white, at least til we open our mouths and then some of the old inbred, ignorant, lazy stereotypes creep up in people's heads. I don't like it, cause I love my people and most of them I know are not like the Little Abners or the monster who shot Medger Evers. Many of them have worked side by side with black Americans in the coal miner and as was said by a wise man one, "When we come up from underground, we're all black, and as they're all equally screwed by the big energy corporations, and all smother to death from black lung. I don't feel like anyone has much advantage there.

Jim Webb says if black people and hillbillies ever sit down at the table together, they could take this country over. There are many mostly white people in power who would not like to see such a thing happen. I hope as time goes on, and we grow to know and respect the other, that maybe someday, maybe in my daughter's time, such a great thing could happen. I know it would make me very happy.

field negro said...

Thanks x-dell, Justice 58, and anon.I guess I will stick my neck out and say that on most issues I can speak for you guys too.

And especially thanks to nick stump! Because until more people in the majority population start understanding this race "thing" in America; we will never have that discussion about race that everyone is always talking about.

Just remember though, I am just one black man with my own crazy way of looking at things ;)

DivineLavender said...

I think I want to give up on the USA and move to Canada.

Is it better for us up there? Maybe I should consider Cuba, also.

Lawrd SOME Beige people live in a clear bubble......You said it all and I agree. Yet, you aren't my spokesman for my view points.

It kinda like how millions of people did not elect George Dubbwa Bush is suppose to be my "elected" president. I didn't choose him either.

How much does it cost to relocate were enlighten Beige folks live?

I am open to suggestions!

plez... said...

thanks for the thoughtful post, but at the beginning, i was afraid you were going to ask us to start referring to you as Rev. Field! *smile*

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