Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Short take

Staying with the T.V. Land theme, I am writing to praise and not be cynical about American pop culture this time.

In my humble opinion, the Start Trek T.V. series was groundbreaking. Here was a space ship with a crew that included an African American (Uhura), an Asian (Dr. McCoy), and an alien. (Take that Lou Dobbs) Now that bad boy would have been diverse if it was made in 2007 let alone 1966.

Yeah I know those Trekkies can be kind of nutty; but you know what, they can afford to be, because in Star Trek, they chose a pretty good product to embrace.

Besides, that damn Uhura was kind of hot!


mark said...

STar trek is a great show, and uhura was hot. But the next generation is better thean the old start trek.

Nothing from the old star trek can compare to the borg in my opinion.

--Vic said...

A little correction:

Mr. Sulu was the Asian, Dr. McCoy was the "country doctor," and let's not forget our Russian, Chekov. Uhura was, in my opinion, underused. She could've done so much more than answer the line.

Deep Space Nine was a good show too. It was set in the Star Trek world, with Avery Brooks playing the commander of a space station. It was the first time I ever saw a sci-fi tv series with a black man in charge.

Mark, you're so right about the Borg.

Jonathan Potts said...

How many dramatic series of any kind have a black male lead? Granted, all Star Trek series are something of an ensemble. Still, I watch an embarrassing amount of television, and I'm having trouble thinking of an example.

D.R. Scott said...

Don't forget, it wasn't just the multi-cultural casting that was groundbreaking in Star Trek, it was the stories as well.

As Rod Serling did in his classic The Twilight Zone series, Gene Roddenberry used the science-fiction premise of Star Trek to comment on the hot-button issues of the era (the Vietnam war, racism) that never would have gotten past the major TV networks otherwise. Remember "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"? Maybe it was heavy-handed, but damned if it ain't still relevant.

Once you get past the Vulcans, phasers, and warp drive, I think the most mind-blowing idea in Star Trek, was Gene's optimism that the human race would finally reach the stars without blowing itself up first.

I wish I shared his faith. It's kinda difficult these days.

field negro said...

Vic, I stand corrected! Thanks for that info.

I agree with d.r. scott about the creator's optimism of the future. Knowing where the country was in the mid sixties, that's sayiong a lot.

I know one thing; as a black man I would have preferred to be on the Enterprise than in Mayberry any day :)

Kahnee said...

Feild likes Star Trek, now I'm totally in love. LOL! I had to give Star Trek it's props when it chose a Black captain, Captain Sisco(?), to run Deep Space Nine and on top of that he was bad ass! That show made me proud.

The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Field, Captain Kirk sure thought Uhura was hot; he got his groove on with her in one of the episodes, LOL.

Anonymous said...

By the way cpl, that was the first televised inter-racial kiss, between Kirk and Ohuru.

-Caged Lion

rikyrah said...

1. I LOVE the Countdown Clock.
2. I will never get what you will never get. It just makes me go HUH?
3. Star Trek, when I was young, was so cheesy. I'm not a Sci-Fi fan. But, as I got older, I began to respect it, especially as I realize just how shocking it was for ' Back In the Day'. It was unlike anything ever seen on TV at that time.

rikyrah said...


this is for you. I read it, shook my head in disgust, thought of your Killadelphia Murder Count and your recent post about Pee Wee.

Candidates for Mother of the Year 2007

Dragon Horse said...

I'm definately a Trekky...Original Series and New Generation were the best, it is truly the most respectful multiracial/ethnic show on TV...I mean they had a Russian and a black woman officer during the 60's...

FYI for Field

WildMagnolia said...

I've heard that through Star Treks portrayal of the future, specifically their "communicators", they unknowingly created a prototype of todays flip cell phones. I don't know how true that is but it certainly is an interesting thought on how much of an influence they have been on our world. It makes you wonder about what other futuristic ideas will result from tv shows of today.


hottnikz said...

Out of all of the Star Trek episodes that I ever viewed (about 20), I may have heard Uhura speak about ten times.

field negro said...

"Out of all of the Star Trek episodes that I ever viewed (about 20), I may have heard Uhura speak about ten times."

Damn hottnikz, it was 1966 for crying out loud! Cut the Star Trek people some slack. I think that was pre the "Julia" series even :)

Besides, Uhura was kind of hot :)

Dirty Red said...

Hey Field,
I noticed that someone is finally paying attention to what is going on in the streets of Philly. CNN did a story about all the senseless killings this morning. Maybe someone over there is paying attention to your blog. Keep telling the truth man, there are those of us that need to hear it.!!

brotherpeacemaker said...

I love Star Trek. Don't matter which version, Classic, DS9, TNG, Voyager, and Enterprise. They each have their problems but they're all Star Trek. I'm still disappointed the Captain Sisko spent his first two seasons as a commander and had to get his promotion after the fact. And Uhura could've done a lot more than her Lily Tomlin in space impersonation, "Thank you for calling the Enterprise how may I direct your call?" Geordi spent too much time chasing white women while throwing sisters to the curb. And the classic was super sized cheesy with its salt shaker medical scanners. But I love every televised minute of the Star Trek universe.

Just a bit of trivia. There is a book called Vendetta that ties the classic Trek episode Doomsday Device to the borg of TNG. A really beautiful tie in if you ever want to read Star Trek fiction.


Anonymous said...

i, too, love star trek, tng, ds9, and all the movies (i even remember who my date was for i went to the first star trek movie...). there was another show from that era that had a black star, or maybe he was a co-star----mission impossible. i seem to remember there was also a black actor on the land of the giants. well, i guess i am showing my age.

Angie said...

Field, I could never get into Star Trek. Don't know why... I just thought it was weird and boring. Maybe I was too young to get it.

fairlane said...

I love Star Trek, and it reminds me how much television has degenerated over the years.

There are no shows like that anymore.

And Rod Serling was a genius. His observations on the world and humanity still ring true to this day. I guess we haven't changed too much.

Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

07 26 07

Hey FN:
Show you right. If you check out my latest post, you will see that the Star Trek Universe dominates my thinking now! HEHEHHE

petitpoussin said...

For those who loved TNG the most (resistance is futile), this video is a must-see. I kinda want to marry the guy who made it. Kinda.

Myclette the Cocoa Goddess said...

I'm a Trekker (not a Trekkie) and damn proud! I have a red Uhura costume and a science officer patch. Ain't no shame in my game. Nothing beats Star Trek: TOS, but TNG is a distant second.

Villager said...

Shit Field ... I gotta blog on Star Trek instead of Saturday Morning cartoons if I want my Technorati rankings to go up ... judging from the quantity of comments on this 'short take'.

You can add for diversity a gay guy ... as I always think that the Doctor in the original ST was gay.

I enjoyed DS9 ... and I smiled when Avery Brooks shaved his head to get back his 'sexy' from his days playing that private eye sidekick in Boston ... HAWK!

gotta go. peace, Villager

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