Tuesday, June 04, 2013

"Born- free" Becky.

"A tea party witness from Alabama launched into emotional testimony Tuesday as she described her group’s political abuse at the hands of the Internal Revenue Service.

“We peacefully assemble. We petition our government. We exercise the right to free speech. And we don’t understand why the government tried to stop us,” Wetumpka Tea Party President Becky Gerritson said during her opening statement before the House Ways and Means Committee.

“I’m not here as a serf or a vassal,” she went on, beginning to choke up. “I’m not begging my lords for mercy. I’m a born-free American woman, wife, mother and citizen.” [Source]

Excuse me while I throw up.

So am I supposed to feel sorry for Becky? I think not.

Becky, if you think you are being persecuted as a "born-free American",  try being black in your home state of Alabama for one day. Their ancestors were not born free.

Try being Debra Simmons. You were in a five star hotel in D.C. getting all kinds of love from your right wing friends, while Ms. Simmons was getting her ass kicked and tasered in Mississippi for exercising her constitutional rights as well.

Or, try being a Negro anywhere in the city limits of Jasper, Texas, and see how that Constitution thing works out for you when you are catching a beat down in the police station.

Good for representative McDermott for calling bull s*** on what was pure "political theater", and checking patriot Becky for her whining, woe is me, grandstanding.

Of course, some on the right were not pleased, and others like Paul Ryan couldn't resist the opportunity to confirm what Congressman McDermott stated was happening

"McDermott said that liberal groups were also targeted during the administration of President George W. Bush, but there was no outcry by Congressional Republicans at the time. “The Republican were looking for a conspiracy where there isn’t one,” he continued.

“Let’s not forget, this happened under an IRS commissioner appointed by George Bush and was investigated by a Republican inspector general,” McDermott asserted.

“I haven’t heard a single word here about what questions you think we ought to be able to ask you about your tax-exempt request,” he said. “Anything else, like the circus that’s happening in the Oversight Committee or here, is simply political theater.”

“I’m going to deviate from my original question in response to what I just heard,” Ryan said to the laughs and applause of the hearing’s attendees.
So, you’re to blame I guess is the message here,” Ryan said summing his colleague’s argument up to a conservative testifying about the targeting her group had received."

No Paul, you and your clueless colleagues in Washington are to blame for that ridiculous spectacle that was just as much of a waste as a group of IRS agents learning to line dance on our dime.


Anonymous said...

AahaaHaaahaaa! Line dance on our dime!!! That's hilarious Field! Just the way you wrote it!!! Omg! I 'm laughing so hard! I love this blog. You never know what to expect!

Line dancing huh, well ill bet next time it'll be square dancing! And a dosey doe! (No offense to all the square dancers out there, I like it too;))))))

Barry Davis said...

"try being black in your home state of Alabama for one day."

If I were black for one day I'd apply to Harvard and get in for free. Then they'd make me the President of the Law review, and if I could keep from raping a white women, I could be President of the USA someday.

Anonymous said...

Oh it's gonna be one of those nights :))))

Schock and Awe, bitch! said...

LMAO! McVermin got his ass handed to him today!

Paul Ryan administered the Donkey Punch to McVermott, and then Aaron Shock applied the Dirty Sanchez:



That's gotta hurt.

The scumbag democrats are going to run out of Washington on a pole!

Blount said...

Gross irresponsibility and the left-wing hyper-politicization of the Justice Department has engulfed it in a storm of scandal that Eric Holder is unlikely to survive, despite Obama’s continued support. Still, the Department of Injustice presses forward with its Hopey Changey agenda, now with plans to impose sharia on the Internet:

In its latest effort to protect followers of Islam in the U.S. the Obama Justice Department warns against using social media to spread information considered inflammatory against Muslims, threatening that it could constitute a violation of civil rights.

It is now a violation of “civil rights” to exercise constitutional rights. The time is coming to choose between them.

Jay Carney said...

The Obama administration is the most ethical, transparent, and scandal-free administration in history.

Frustrated Negro said...

They were going to use that Taser No matter what...

Now Thats a True Field Negro...
still making GOOD work count under Fraudulent Al's network...

as for Becky..

She knows where to position herself to get her bread buttered , and toasted...

Especially when the opposite party wants a good scandal...

Whitey's Conspiracy said...

Hey white people, they aren't coming for your guns, but they are coming for your social security & medicare.

Anonymous said...

C'mon man???? House Negro of the day because he wouldn't shake them punk ass "negros" hands. Maybe he thought "the Bitch 'N' you" syndrome might have rubbed off on em'. Remember...Le"Won" did the same thing his last year at cleveland. I don't blame bro from walking off at all. Like Mama always says, if you can't say somethin' nice.....you know the rest.

PilotX said...

Dude, I thought it was just me. When I heard Becky crying about being born free I didn't know if I should laugh or throw up. Reminded me of Deneen Borelli crying about energy independence. And these fools wonder why their groups were targeted. There is no damned constitutional right to tax exempt status. Fools.

PilotX said...

"If I were black for one day I'd apply to Harvard and get in for free."

But you're not, you're an ignorant hillbilly with a third grade education. I guess it's back to making fries there Jethro. Life sucks huh?

Jethro said...

No, life is good because I work like a white man. Sure would be nice to have success handed to me. But you know all about that, don't you X?

Anonymous said...

PilotX, "Dude, I thought it was just me. When I heard Becky crying about being born free I didn't know if I should laugh or throw up. Reminded me of Deneen Borelli crying about energy independence. And these fools wonder why their groups were targeted. There is no damned constitutional right to tax exempt status. Fools."

1:06 AM
Becky was not faking. She was very hurt and you asshole Libs slammed her for being vulnerable. You and Field, have no feelings, no heart.

Republicans are far more open-hearted than you heartless Negroes could ever be! Even Whitey has GOT to agree on this one. This is nothing but reverse racism by FN Negroes. As a BM I am ashamed at the insensitivity of brother Field and PilotX. They bring shame on our race.

Anonymous said...

PilotX, "But you're not, you're an ignorant hillbilly with a third grade education. I guess it's back to making fries there Jethro. Life sucks huh?"

1:08 AM

You must live in a studio shack on the South side of Chicago and hate you are Black.

Anonymous said...

Making it plain

Love it Field love it!! Praise him!

Now here comes the nutty professor to shake it up a bit more and add my CubaLibre to the mix..YES, here i come to PISS off the snakes))))

Last yr i traveled to Israel to visit and was given a new book called God the Blackman and Truth.( new rendition) And i use that book and Message to the black man" to pen my points here today

Bear with me people, you know i like humor and sarcasm, Awe shucks just READ! it and get over it smh

BOO HOO Becky belle:
Hush little pale girl, don't you cry your papa's gonna stick his little head in ya pie
Just think about(oooops think?) all of the people your nasty ilk have ROBBED over the years. And how her daddys, daddy, daddys daddy took thier many strolls to the quarter to rape and defile Afrikas children

And, at the same time while his belle was entertaining an Afrikan male slave by blowing his horn saying I'll sock it to ya daddy!"

Moving right along

Lets break it down and yes the info can be found at tricknology.com Now i warn you to hold your breathe

The euro's tricks are 4ever being shouted to the world , as though they want all people, as they falsely claim, to be free and to live in peace, while they are sitting on and crushing between 25- 35 million Afrikans in Amerikkka lying and claiming 13%
Now, for more than one hundred years, the slave masters crybelles's claim that they are free and that they are trying to treat Afrikans as free people

This kind of rhethoric goes on throughout generations. One generation after another is subjected to this slave way of life in what is called a free world

My people, Afrikan desc and a few pure born people grew up there and died there on the plantations. And none ever knew freedom in amerikkka
My people made amerkkka one of the richest and strongest countrys on earth. amerikkka, in its fear has set up listening devices throughout the earth on land, sea, and in the air, to listen to hear what other nations like Kuba etc are saying about the BUTTnited snakes of amerikkka and planning against this wicked system.

All the while, knowing she is guilty and deserving of death, and that she should be taken and destroyed.

Alas! its happening bit by bit piece by piece section by section state by state.Tornados, hurricanes, floods, bridges crumbling skyscrapers tumbling, hwys breaking down, homes found in sinkholes
Earthqaukes in divers place, hunger murder and the fire next time
Have no fear
The powers that be in ole mother nature are prepared to put up a mighty battle against good and evil.

Sadly many have not the slightest chance/idea today about the power of justice that is working against them, even through the forces of nature. ..
All of this while people like Becky belle are trying to build a stairway to heaven?
Here in the united snakes of Amerikkka the truth is about to make itself known with both the punishment and the destruction of this arrogant, obnoxious, narcissitic unjust shitsrem
i am ready R U?

If not suggestion:
Get in your fox holes/basements take cover, and take your penis pumps with you.

Field Next will be about Queen of the house MO! and how she smacked down a woman whose intention were not bad just poorly timed

Anonymous said...

Making it plain
PUTTING HER OUT Ya don't mess with Michelle She is kick ashes 5'11 and serious!

WASHINGTON -- First lady Michelle Obama's speech Tuesday evening at a private Democratic National Committee fundraiser was interrupted by a protester, who demanded equality for gays and lesbians.

About 12 minutes into Michelle Obama's 20-minute speech, a woman standing at the front of the crowd began yelling for an executive order on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.

"One of the things that I don't do well is this," replied Michelle Obama to loud applause. She left the lectern and approached the protester, inviting the woman to "listen to me, or you can take the mic, but I'm leaving. You all decide. You have one choice."

The crowd shouted that they wanted Michelle Obama to stay, and one woman near the protester said, "You need to go!"

YES! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-22779879

Anonymous said...

GOOD morning amerikkkan boys and gurls U know who i am talking to
What shall i write about today?

Naw hold on, I am going to shift a bit and piss off people so badly that they will run home to their BECKY.

Field u know that u can reign me in at anytime All you have to do is ask..And you my comrade can even TELL me to back off
My king said Woman FN is going to bounce you and i said NOT! he overstands sarcasm and what i am doing. THEY don't get it

Hey people this is not even about me THINK!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Making it plain

pAUL lyin rYAN
Afrikan said
During all of my yrs living in the District paul ryan has lived off the backs to the Afrikan taxpayers in a city that couldn't vote until the VRA.
.He has no skills and no real following other than the gym rats. Even his state voted for pres Barak Hussein Obama What does that tell you?
The man is a liar and his lies have been proven

1. Ryan blamed the US credit rating downgrade on President Obama. But it was caused by the Republican Congress’s threat not to raise the debt ceiling. That is, the fault for the credit rating downgrade from AAA to AA belongs with… Paul Ryan.

2. Ryan continues to claim that President Obama said business owners did not build their own businesses. Obama said that business owners benefit from government infrastructure and programs, which they did not build. No small business owner has built an inter-state highway or bridge, but those are the means whereby their goods get to market. Ryan’s (and the GOP’s) talking point in this regard is a typical Karl Rove Big Lie, and among an informed electorate it ought to discredit them.

3. Ryan depicted Obamacare as virtually a turn to Soviet-style totalitarianism, as incompatible with liberal freedoms for the individual. But the logical conclusion is that Ryan’s running mate, Mitt Romney, turned Massachusetts into a Gulag.

4. Ryan slammed President Obama for not implementing the deficit-cutting measures recommended by the Simpson-Bowles commission. But he himself voted against Simpson-Bowles.

5. Ryan keeps attacking Prsident Obama’s stimulus program now. But in 2002 when then President George W. Bush proposed stimulus spending, Ryan supported it. “What we’re trying to accomplish today with the passage of this third stimulus package is to create jobs and help the unemployed,” Ryan told MSNBC in 2002. Ryan says that the stimulus had not positive effects, while economists say it saved or created millions of jobs and pulled the US out of a near-Depression.

6. Even more embarrassing, in 2010, Ryan asked for $20 million in stimulus money from Obama for companies in his district, then repeatedly denied requesting stimulus funds. He finally admitted he had done so, but continues to slam the stimulus program as a failure (even though the economy pulled out of a Depression as a result of it).

7. Ryan slammed President Obama for the closure of an auto plant that closed in late 2008 under George W. Bush. Ryan’s running mate, Mitt Romney, opposed Obama’s actual auto bailout, which was a great success and returned Detroit to profitability.

8. Paul Ryan charges that Barack Obama has ‘stolen’ $700 billion from medicare for his Obamacare. In fact, these expense reductions do not cut Medicare benefits, and, moreover, Romney and Ryan supported these reductions! The difference is that they would give the savings to the affluent, whereas Obama uses them to cover the presently uninsured.

9. Ryan continues to push his longstanding plans for a steal-from-the-elderly-and-give-to-the-rich medicare plan, which President Obama warned would cost ordinary recipients over $6000 a year extra. Politifact checked and rated Obama’s charge as correct, though they noted that the figures referred to CBO analyses of Ryan’s last plan, not his ‘new’ one, which hasn’t been subjected to similar analysis. Ryan certainly recently put forward a plan that would cost ordinary people that much extra.

10. Ryan neglected to note that under the tax plan he favors, Gov. Mitt Romney would pay less than 1% in annual federal taxes, highlighting Romney’s already low rate compared to ordinary Americans (slightly lower than Ryan’s own!) and putting the spotlight back where Ryan’s appointment was supposed to misdirect it.


Anonymous said...

Boo hoo Poor becky

Now we all know why she is upset Its not the IRS


The house negros have abandoned the ship

field negro said...

I swear Anon@1:49 is messing with me.

MatanzasGV said...


Why aren't the europeans talking about this..Are they humans do they feel the pain of others are they sensitive kind compassionate..HUSH Milagros..Most are spending time trying to figure out how to use a penis pump smh vs being concerned about another human esp a woman

Its on now! But trust me it will happen again. WHY you ask, because of euro mans hate, racism and the need to put their small heads and big bellys up against a real womans body is in their DNA.

Every man get tired of looking a touching a flat ass..

playing dominoes any players out there? hehehehehe make my day!

Anonymous said...

what if the irs stalks u next???

all oppression is wrong and contagious!!!

only racist/homohating/sexist fools make oppression a contest...
what a gd shame!!!

poor blacks have been MORE oppressed by hobama than any other americans!!!

yet, hobama nazis diss those who tell this truth like they were black tea partiers....even as they STILL SUICIDALLLY dare to refuse to belatedly brew black tea!!!







Anonymous said...

hobama has failed!!!

cc china/destroyt


Anonymous said...

being the loyal benghazi video liar/fall gal has paid off for fired rice...

cc africom



Anonymous said...

king hobama strikes again!!!

shame how sell outs cash out!!!!



Anonymous said...

conspiracies are real

see that cia bankster hobama's owners/rulers:



Anonymous said...


Obama has the arrogance of the shameless.

Anonymous said...

Uhh...HUH ?!?

unbelievable... said...

New day, new scandal:

Report: Leon Panetta revealed classified SEAL unit info

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta revealed the name of the Navy SEAL unit that carried out the Osama Bin Laden raid and named the unit’s ground commander at a 2011 ceremony attended by Zero Dark Thirty filmmaker Mark Boal, according to a draft Pentagon inspector general’s report obtained by a watchdog group.

Panetta also disclosed classified information designated as “top secret” and “secret” during his presentation at the CIA awards ceremony, says the draft IG report published Wednesday by the Project on Government Oversight.


Jay Carney said...

This means nothing!

Darrel Issa never returned the hammer he borrowed from his neighbor in 1971!


Frustrated Negro said...


Since you had nothing for my evidence about this administrations blatant criminality...

Heres an excerpt that details Why I call out O-bomber every day on his BS...

Im speaking DIRECTLY to...

Pilot X

Black America’s long legacy of opposition to U.S. military adventures abroad “has been destroyed under Obama,”

African Americans “see everything through a prism of PROTECTING him.

There are now 30 million Secret Service agents in the Black community who think they have to throw themselves in front of Obama and defend him from his critics,”

“It’s killed Black politics.” Margaret Kimberley (BlackAgendaReport)

Cause after he is out of office The two groups that will have the political power once held by black people will be Latinos, and the LGBT community....

Shirley Sherrod said...

EPA acknowledges releasing personal details on farmers, senator slams agency

The Environmental Protection Agency acknowledged Tuesday that it released personal information on potentially thousands of farmers and ranchers to environmental groups, following concerns from congressional Republicans and agriculture groups that the release could endanger their safety.

According to a document obtained by FoxNews.com, the EPA said “some of the personal information that could have been protected … was released." Though the EPA has already sent out the documents, the agency now says it has since redacted sensitive details and asked the environmental groups to “return the information.”

But Sen. John Thune, who originally complained about the release, slammed the EPA for trying to retroactively recover the sensitive data.

"It is inexcusable for the EPA to release the personal information of American families and then call for it back, knowing full well that the erroneously released information will never be fully returned," he said in a statement to FoxNews.com. "While EPA acknowledging that it erred is a first step, more must be done to protect the personal information of our farmers and ranchers now and in the future. I will continue to demand answers from the EPA on how this information was collected and why it is still being distributed to extreme environmental groups to the detriment of our farm and ranch families."

Gee, I hope there weren't any Black farm families affected by this, that would be serious...

Jay Carney said...

Shirley you jest...We are certain these environmentalist groups will return all the personal information we sent them on these farmers.

The EPA was just responding to a YouTube video about pesticides.

Darrel Issa's high shcool algebra teacher said he use to copy his homework.


Ace Freeley said...


Inspector General Report Concluding that Leon Panetta Leaked Top Secret Info on Bin Ladin Raid, Including Name of SEAL Team 6 That Executed It, Was Completed Long Ago But Delayed Until Now

This report was published before the election, but withheld from the public until now.

Wow, that sort of sounds like they did with the IRS IG report.

It also makes the administration sound absurd when it claims it's "just trying to protect national security" when it spies on James Rosen and AP. They don't mind politically-helpful disclosures of classified material.

Jay Carney said...

That's just partisan politics! Secretary Panetta was just responding to a You Tube video of the bin Laden raid.

Darrel Issa once narced on his brother for eating some cupcakes.

Adrian Fernandez said...


I may be a lay person understanding Constitutional Law; however, doesn’t this ruling go against the Fifth Amendment of incriminating oneself? Borrowing form my students’ current vernacular: Isn’t this a “mad scary” precedent for all American citizens?

Anonymous said...

Brother Field, Miguel spoke quite frankly on this video regarding Negroes being the most judgmental people on the planet. He also said that we have been programmed to hate ourselves. Many Blacks tweeted back, saying they agreed.

I have been saying that truth on FN for years. But your response to me has been "anon, you are not Black, you are White." Anyway, here's the link:


feeled kneegrow said...

Adrian Fernandez said...
Isn’t this a “mad scary” precedent for all American citizens?

Whatever President Obama wants is for the best.

Obeying the government is FNB.

Anonymous said...

This mornin before I even eats my oatmeal I smoke a Cuban cigar, and sacrifice my favorite fighting cock ( and you all knows how I loves cock) to my jungle gods and axes them for the strengths to fight the vicious cave men's. After that I watchs some dog jumping videos while diddling the nappy dugout. Soon after that I got down to the real bidness of hating on some stale pale mofckrs( my spelling) just spkngh8topwr. Hehehe. Took .my kings big bone up my even fatter ass,and went right back to hating on some honkys. Haha checkmate caveman . Now I challenge you to play twister. I take no prisoners.

" Chevy MonteNegro SS "

Jay Carney said...

We need more people like Chevy MonteNegro SS in our country. Millions and millions more. We are a nation of immigrants - crazy, mean-spirited, penis obsessed immigrants - yearning to collect benefits. That is why congress has got to pass immigration 'reform' acceptable to the President. Immediately.

Obey us, It will all be over soon.

Don't let Darrel Issa stop the glorious future we have planned.


Anonymous said...

Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first president after independence and the person most identified with the creation of the Organization of African Unity, came to disapprove of the way that certain African leaders had abandoned the African revolution.

is concern was that they were failing their people by initially “checking with Washington, London and Paris before making decisions,”

In March “well-behaved African heads of state ... (were) rewarded by Barack Obama with a chance to meet with him in groups of four and have their picture taken with him,” reported Africasacountry.com.

“It’s like meeting Beyonce, but you get to call it a state visit.”

And what made matters worse is that they just sat there with folded hands like American subjects, beaming as the president read their accomplishments.

“The wider symbolism was unmistakable,” wrote Elliot Ross,

“These guys, Obama is saying, work for me. African visitors (unlike other heads of state) can be received in groups, as, they’re all Africans, don’t need to be spoken to individually.

Politics? Negotiations?

They’re just happy to be here.”

Adrian Fernandez said...

Bet anyone a Cuban sandwich that the potentiality for police abuse will occur once DNA evidence is starting to be stored. Samples will mysteriously disappear and end up at various crime scenes. Pandora’s Box has been open let the Chaos begin.

Anonymous said...

Does a Cuban sandwich have much penis on it?

Anonymous said...

mucho penis, carumba.

field negro said...

Adrian, I co-sign with you. This latest ruling from the supremes is not good.

"Whatever President Obama wants is for the best.

Obeying the government is FNB."

You might want to check how your wingnut appointments on the court voted.

Isaiah said...

Scalia, the hardest-core 'wingnut' of them all, voted against the decision.

PilotX said...

Cooking fries like a white man huh? I wouldn't know anything about that, I have a real job Bubba.

PilotX said...

Sooooo Frustrated, Barack isn't liberal enough for you? Just curious. You seem to be obsessed with him. Is there anyone else in government who irks you or is this your main squeeze?

MatanzasGV said...

Field i co-sign with you and others who are living breathing supporters for abolishing the dp
Milagros said
We are still in struggle

And you know why i am struggling with this in light of how the Gov of Fla wants to advance the killings of row inmates
We have been meeting daily about strategy and we have asked the Gov for a reprieve on his decision


Field i knew that Judge Scalia would possibly vote as he did via his comments back in DC. yrs ago

i was in Alabama, then with a colleague of OURS Brian Stevenson, working to save lives, the same as now but only as an employee

In 2002 in his dissenting opinion, Scalia argued that such individuals should not escape execution because “deservedness of the most severe retribution [the death penalty], depends not merely (if at all) upon the mental capacity of the criminal ... but also upon the depravity of the crime.”


i will return

MatanzasGV said...

Why is it that the only people who worry about PENIS envy have small heads maybe its time for a new penis pump

just sayin lmao poor thing

Anonymous said...

that bankster hobama stacked the scotus ro pass hobamacare

cc the racist kagen and the corporatist sotomayer

that is what should vex u fn

cc your premiums/2014-2016+ sticker shock etc




MatanzasGV said...

The last word Goodbye

Cavadias Bryant said...

These crackkkers kill me one biracial president and they go ape shit crazy no what f**k all ya'll devils, these Teabaggers are the most racist homophobic backwood fools on earth, did Congress state that the IRS director that looked into there fillings was a 21 year veteran who is a very conservative Repuke??? of course not to busy trying to embarrass Obama lying devils!!!